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qu1j0t3schestowitz: 28 02:58
TechrightsSocial@kgosztola: At CIA's request, WaPo withheld name of acting CIA clandestine service chief involved in torture tapes destruction 28 02:58
TechrightsSocial-> Title: Washington Post Agreed To Withhold Acting Clandestine Service Chief's Name At CIA's Request .::. Size~: 187.53 KBMar 28 02:58
qu1j0t3 28 03:01
TechrightsSocial@smarimc: So, you guys, remember how Iceland had a great new constitution in the works? The ruling parties just killed it. They decided to sell out.Mar 28 03:01
schestowitz 28 15:07
TechrightsSocialTitle: Diaspora* / Sign in .::. Size~: 10.83 KBMar 28 15:07
schestowitz"What do you think about the city of London? How do you compare it to Manchester? I'm considering to move within a few days, looking for a programming job (or something temporary), but I'm not quite sure yet..."Mar 28 15:07
schestowitzManchester is not as expensive to live in as LondonMar 28 15:07
schestowitz 28 15:08 I notice that a lot of the "Google vs privacy" lobby is actually connected to its biggest river, Microsoft. FB, 'Consumer' 'Watchdog'...Mar 28 15:08
schestowitz"Mar 28 15:11
schestowitzAgreed! Microsoft cares a lot about cloud computing, and anyone who cares about the viability of cloud computing has to care about the free flow of personal data across national boundaries, so they also have a lot at stake in how the EU's proposed data protection regulation turns out, even if they don't always (or ever) agree with Google.Mar 28 15:11
schestowitzWhat a wide range of privacy experts have concluded (and these include data protection authorities, experts from the Internet Society, and others I meet at APEC and OECD) is that trans-border accountability is overall a much better approach to protecting privacy than relying on the European Commission to make "adequacy" determinations. The problem with the EU's traditional approach (as per the 1995 Directive) is that it Mar 28 15:11
schestowitzdepends greatly upon the notion that the EU can and must stop data from leaving the physical boundaries of the EU in order to prevent it from being "transferred" to a country that lacks "adequate" privacy protections (meaning, usually, lacks a law that looks more or less exactly like EU member state data protection laws). Insisting on trying to keep data within the borders of the EU runs totally counter to cloud computing as Mar 28 15:11
schestowitza business model and creates legal barriers to trade as well as essential exchange of information for purposes of cyber security, financial market regulation and a wide variety of other international activities. But more importantly, it's just not enforceable.Mar 28 15:11
schestowitzA few months ago in Jakarta, there was a meeting of the APEC E-Commerce Steering Group Data Privacy Subgroup, at which a representative of the French DPA, CNIL, explored the possibility of interoperability between the APEC Cross Border Privacy Rules and the EU's system of Binding Corporate Rules. (see 28 15:11
schestowitzsystems-between-europe-and-the-as/). This is terrific work. The DPAs are growing to like these sorts of trans-border accountability mechanisms because it helps them make better use of their limited resources and extends their trans-national reach.Mar 28 15:11
TechrightsSocialTitle: News - CNIL - Commission nationale de l'informatique et des libertés .::. Size~: 20.34 KBMar 28 15:11
schestowitzIndustry likes it, too. The vast majority of industry actors actually don't mind data protection regulation as a general concept. Their customers are demanding more privacy protections, so a lot of what is required or may be required in EU regulation is stuff they're going to have to do anyway. What drives industry nuts are the legal restrictions on movement of data across national borders. In general, the insistence on Mar 28 15:11
schestowitzmaking the Internet respect national borders kind of defeats the whole purpose of the Internet.Mar 28 15:11
schestowitzSo, there's a lot of good stuff in the EU proposal, including Reding's apparently pretty strong commitment to making Binding Corporate Rules a more viable and less bureaucratically cumbersome option than they currently are. But the problem is, there's still this undercurrent of "adequacy" orthodoxy in EU dialogue, which seems less concerned with what is a good and efficient means of protecting privacy and more concerned with Mar 28 15:11
schestowitztrying to limit the access of certain big US commercial actors (like Google and Facebook) to the EU marketplace. So, yes, Google is probably a bit obsessed with the EU's proposed Regulation, but in their defense, the EU's proposed Regulation and its proponents are also a bit too obsessed with Google and Facebook. They're not even looking at how some of these proposals could affect small businesses in Europe, including some Mar 28 15:11
schestowitzwho, ironically, might someday challenge Google's or Facebook's dominant market positions. Mar 28 15:11
schestowitzCheck this out:Mar 28 15:11
schestowitz 28 15:11
schestowitz"Mar 28 15:11
TechrightsSocialNot a web page! Aborting application/pdf typeMar 28 15:11
schestowitz 28 17:39
schestowitz"Mar 28 17:39
TechrightsSocialTitle: Diaspora* / Sign in .::. Size~: 10.83 KBMar 28 17:39
schestowitzThe rent there is insane! Do you have any experience in the city?Mar 28 17:39
schestowitzI'm wondering how long it takes to find a simple temporary job. One week or two? Is that realistic?Mar 28 17:39
schestowitzI figure the market in Manchester is alot slower. A friend of mine lived there though and said it's an awesome city.Mar 28 17:39
schestowitz"Mar 28 17:39
schestowitzWorking in London as a non-EU citizen is not simple; even if so, competition is high. Mar 28 17:39
schestowitz 28 17:41 "Our NSA is not monitoring the Internet here in the United States" ~Rogers. Oh really? So who is it monitoring then? Is it CIA now?Mar 28 17:41
schestowitz" "Mar 28 17:41
TechrightsSocialTitle: American Gangster (7/11) Movie CLIP - Don't Lie to Your Mother (2007) HD - YouTube .::. Size~: 195.62 KBMar 28 17:41
schestowitzLOLMar 28 17:43
schestowitz"I should have said I'm German. :)"Mar 28 18:19
schestowitz"Hope I'm not bothering you. I just wonder what you think, since you're a software engineer from the UK and have some experience..."Mar 28 18:19
schestowitzgerman citizens are well regarded in this market, can approach a company for hiring while in Germany, but the German economy is better, why relocate?Mar 28 18:20
qu1j0t3eikonos shared this 28 18:59
TechrightsSocialTitle: The Gay Marriage Rush | Matt Bors .::. Size~: 24.13 KBMar 28 18:59
qu1j0t3schestowitz: welcome my friend eikonos Mar 28 18:59
qu1j0t3schestowitz: typical canadian socialistMar 28 18:59
eikonosi'm a social libertarianMar 28 19:33
eikonosis that a thing?Mar 28 19:34
qu1j0t3sounds like just libertarianMar 28 19:35
qu1j0t3it's a philosophy that doesn't admit much dilutionMar 28 19:35
eikonosyou probably don't believe in compassionate conservatives eitherMar 28 19:36
eikonos:PMar 28 19:36
qu1j0t3you got that right :)Mar 28 19:36
qu1j0t3eikonos: but the Easter Bunny is legitMar 28 19:40
schestowitz 28 21:16
TechrightsSocial@PeerlessPower: @schestowitz: Sorry to hear your fish died. What kind of fish was it?Mar 28 21:16
schestowitz 28 21:17
TechrightsSocial@myfairobserver: @schestowitz You might be interested in our article to North Korea. Please let us know what you think about it: 28 21:17
TechrightsSocial-> Title: Tension in Season for the United States and North Korea | Fair Observer° .::. Size~: 106.13 KBMar 28 21:17
eikonosNK is such a strange thingMar 28 21:23
qu1j0t3so is USAMar 28 21:23
eikonosobviously they have a ton of problems, like not being able to feed themselvesMar 28 21:23
eikonosbut the USA being upset about NK is like Microsoft being concerned people will switch from Windows to graphing calculatorsMar 28 21:24
qu1j0t3both NK and USA could feed themselvesMar 28 21:26
qu1j0t3but thye choose not toMar 28 21:26
qu1j0t3NK isn't an aberration, historically speakingMar 28 21:26
schestowitz 28 21:27
TechrightsSocialTitle: Diaspora* / Sign in .::. Size~: 10.83 KBMar 28 21:27
schestowitz"I'm in Portugal currently, and under financial crisis."Mar 28 21:27
schestowitzI have some friends from Portugal here. Some had thought about going to .pt, but no more after the crisis (wealth passage) beganMar 28 21:28
schestowitzqu1j0t3: rightMar 28 21:28
schestowitzbut the US also has some issues less urgent than famineMar 28 21:28
schestowitzthey have far more empty houses than homeless peopleMar 28 21:28
schestowitzsome die in the coldMar 28 21:28
schestowitzJust had a couple of friends over, one is from HK, they're highly populated thereMar 28 21:29
schestowitzhalf the people possibly in the black market, not documentedMar 28 21:29
schestowitzwe wert to Chinatown earlier, lots of people work in family businesses there, probably without British law taking effectMar 28 21:29

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