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schestowitz 09 18:12 A "desktop Linux revival?"  I never knew it went away.... 09 18:13
schestowitz"Apr 09 18:13
TechrightsBot-> Title: Could the Chromebook spark a desktop Linux revival? .::. Size~: 183.16 KBApr 09 18:13
schestowitzWith "X" I actually meant "X11" (and Wayland / Mir). Which is possibly one thing where we're pretty much at it, standards and all. "Y" as as successor of "X" never made it. Much of the Linux "desktop" actually lives off the idea that, at the core, all these things are X11 applications, and that, on top of X11, you can do virtually anything ranging from twm and plain xlib to KDE and Qt. So far, this is the lowest common denominator Apr 09 18:13
schestowitzfor Linux GUI applications. Everything else "above" is thoroughly fragmented, and always has been, on Unix. Remember Athena Widgets, Tcl/Tk, plain Xlib, Motif/Lesstif - most of the Unix desktop always has been an ugly, awkward mess of applications, each of them providing its very own look and feel, its very own understanding of selection, drag-and-drop, navigation, all the like. Don't know about you, but I am pretty happy this has Apr 09 18:13
schestowitzchanged, even though by now it's still far from perfect. But at least we can do things like inter-application drag-and-drop without too much pain. ;)Apr 09 18:13
schestowitzI generally don't disagree with your point. You are right. But it misses where we initially started. We started talking about whether or not there is a "desktop Linux revival". All these things - developers being volunteer enthusiasts doing as they like - are perfectly valid from my point of view, and I won't at all argue against these. But if this is the status quo, we indeed should give up thinking about whether "desktop Linux" is Apr 09 18:13
schestowitzanything even worth talking about. But from some point, however, at least to me this is a dangerous thing for the FOSS community in general: Earlier, I have seen many situations in which people argued pro FOSS because applications built in a collaborative process by people who also want to use them could be better than applications built by hired hands for the sole purpose of being sold. At some point I guess we can be pretty happy Apr 09 18:13
schestowitzthat not everyone in the past decided to start her/his own, otherwise there wouldn't be no KDE, GNOME, Xorg or even Linux. ;)Apr 09 18:13
schestowitz"Apr 09 18:13
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schestowitz>> Hi, Roy,Apr 09 21:11
schestowitz>> Apr 09 21:11
schestowitz>> It looks like articles are archived at  Here isApr 09 21:11
schestowitz>> one:Apr 09 21:11
schestowitz>> Apr 09 21:11
schestowitz>> 09 21:11
schestowitzI saw this subsite before.Apr 09 21:11
TechrightsBotTitle: :: Detroit high school opens its desktops .::. Size~: 81.5 KBApr 09 21:11
schestowitz>> Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be a way to navigate, browser orApr 09 21:11
schestowitz>> search the articles.  You have to know apriori that a particular articleApr 09 21:11
schestowitz>> exists.Apr 09 21:11
schestowitzDo the old URLs (now broken?) redirect to the new address?Apr 09 21:11
schestowitz  Apr 09 21:11
schestowitz> It looks like the softers might have gotten to that particular school:Apr 09 21:11
schestowitz> Apr 09 21:11
schestowitz> 09 21:11
TechrightsBotTitle: NO TITLE .::. Size~: 2.07 KBApr 09 21:11
schestowitz> Apr 09 21:11
schestowitz> The Gates Foundation has been very aggressive in the Detroit area sinceApr 09 21:11
schestowitz> 2008 or so.  And as usual part of the agenda is fighting FOSS.Apr 09 21:11
schestowitzDetroit was once ahead of the rest, with electric cars and stuff. It hardly progress since. Big territory, not many people anymore, so easy to conquer. BillG is not the only 'drug dealer' in town and he spreads his drugs digitally.Apr 09 21:11
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