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schestowitz 12 01:13 Some controversial changes in #gimp shame, I made about 10,000 images with it...Apr 12 01:14
TechrightsBot-> Title: Penguin Pete's Blog - Why Does the Gimp Development Team Hate Gimp? .::. Size~: 26.66 KBApr 12 01:14
schestowitz"Apr 12 01:15
schestowitzI wrote this 3 years back when it would have been easy to incorporate into Gimp a check box - so people that saved in jpg all the time using gimp on a regular basis could still do soApr 12 01:15
schestowitzover 3 years agoApr 12 01:15
schestowitzOkApr 12 01:15
schestowitzctrl+e ......... works a treat afterApr 12 01:15
schestowitzthe initial exportApr 12 01:15
schestowitzctrl+shift+e ...Apr 12 01:15
schestowitzBut its still not good for me doing multiple edits and wanting to save as jpg ...... I post on forums trying to show how good Gimp is and that it can do everything that photoshop can do ....Apr 12 01:15
schestowitzIf I use this latest save routine .... I lose the edge because I get annoyed with it ....Apr 12 01:15
schestowitzI cannot work very well when annoyed .....Apr 12 01:15
schestowitzYour poll is even saying 1 in 6 users do not like the new method .... 15 % at the moment ....Apr 12 01:15
schestowitzCannot a check box be added in the save option for jpg's .... so at least we have the choice ..... of how we the user would like to save our files ....Apr 12 01:15
schestowitz 12 01:15
schestowitzI stopped photo editing and the site I was on that was so much fun to use and share on seemed to die a death shortly after me and another guy left ..... as we used to learn and have fun together there while hopefully helping others too .......Apr 12 01:15
TechrightsBotTitle: Poll results: What do you think about the... — .::. Size~: 29.5 KBApr 12 01:15
schestowitzOdd that the developer chose a option to use that seemed to relate to what a windows user would consider to be standard for them .... and refused to even understand the annoying so called feature he added was not a feature at all ........Apr 12 01:15
schestowitz"Apr 12 01:15
schestowitz!Apr 12 01:31
TechrightsBotTitle: ALERT-Japan Deploys Patriot Missiles - EVACUATION - YouTube .::. Size~: 105.5 KBApr 12 01:31
schestowitz 12 01:42 Some controversial changes in #gimp shame, I made about 10,000 images with it...Apr 12 01:42
schestowitzI found this ......... non xcf ..... Gimp a fork ........Apr 12 01:42
TechrightsBot-> Title: Penguin Pete's Blog - Why Does the Gimp Development Team Hate Gimp? .::. Size~: 26.66 KBApr 12 01:42
schestowitz 12 01:42
TechrightsBotTitle: mskala/noxcf-gimp · GitHub .::. Size~: 70.68 KBApr 12 01:42
schestowitzPower of FOSS< one developer helps many othersApr 12 01:42
*abeNd-org has quit (Quit: Leaving.)Apr 12 02:38
schestowitz> Hi, Roy,Apr 12 11:43
schestowitz> Apr 12 11:43
schestowitz> Below is something I am planning to add to my wikibook on OpenSSH.  DoApr 12 11:43
schestowitz> you have any suggestions about the content?  Also, I renewed theApr 12 11:43
schestowitz> expiration date on my PGP key the other day.  Your cache might need toApr 12 11:43
schestowitz> be refreshed from the key server.Apr 12 11:43
schestowitztest...Apr 12 11:43
schestowitz"Apr 12 11:48
schestowitz*Revised* text below:Apr 12 11:48
schestowitz ==Managing Keys==Apr 12 11:48
schestowitzWhen working with keys there are some basic, common sense actions thatApr 12 11:48
schestowitzshould take place to prevent problems. Keys should use strongApr 12 11:48
schestowitzpassphrases.  If autonomous logins are required, then the keys shouldApr 12 11:49
schestowitzfirst be loaded into an agent and used from there.  See ssh-add(1) toApr 12 11:49
schestowitzget started from there.  It uses sh-agent(1) which many systems alreadyApr 12 11:49
schestowitzhave installed and some have running by default.Apr 12 11:49
schestowitzKeys should always be stored in protected locations, even on the clientApr 12 11:49
schestowitzside. This is especially important for private keys.  The private keysApr 12 11:49
schestowitzshould not have read permissions for any user or group other than theApr 12 11:49
schestowitzowner.  They should also be kept in a directory that is not accessibleApr 12 11:49
schestowitzby anyone other than the owner in order to limit or prevent exposure.Apr 12 11:49
schestowitzOld and unused keys should be removed from the server.  In particular,Apr 12 11:49
schestowitzkeys without a known, valid purpose should be removed and not allowed toApr 12 11:49
schestowitzaccumulate.  Using the comment field in the public key for annotationApr 12 11:49
schestowitzcan help eliminate some of the confusion as to the purpose and ownerApr 12 11:49
schestowitzwhen time has passed.  Along those lines, keys should be rotated atApr 12 11:49
schestowitzintervals.  This gives a chance to remove old and unused keys.  It isApr 12 11:49
schestowitzalso an opportunity to review access needs, whether access is requiredApr 12 11:49
schestowitzand if so at what level.Apr 12 11:49
schestowitzFollowing the principle of least privilege can limit the chance forApr 12 11:49
schestowitzaccidents or abuse.  If a key is only needed to run a specificApr 12 11:49
schestowitzapplication or script, then its login options should be limited to justApr 12 11:49
schestowitzwhat is needed.  See sshd(8) for the authorised keys file format sectionApr 12 11:49
schestowitzon key login options.  For root level access, it is important toApr 12 11:49
schestowitzremember to configure /etc/sudoers appropriately.  Access there can beApr 12 11:49
schestowitzgranted to a specific application and even limit that application toApr 12 11:49
schestowitzspecific options.Apr 12 11:49
schestowitz"Apr 12 11:49
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schestowitz 12 20:54 ![](   #gifApr 12 20:54
TechrightsBotNot a web page! Aborting application/xml typeApr 12 20:54
schestowitz"yep, that was a 3 for oner"Apr 12 20:54
schestowitz 12 20:55 How stores spy on you #privacy also compromised by discount cards (selling one's privacy away, e.g. Nectar)Apr 12 20:55
TechrightsBot-> Title: How Stores Spy on You - Consumer Reports .::. Size~: 120.08 KBApr 12 20:55
schestowitz"I never use discount cards, or rewards cards, or "I'm a commodity to benefit the store" cards. If at all possible (meaning almost always) I pay cash and refuse to give any biometric information at the checkout."Apr 12 20:55
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