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schestowitz 07 00:16
TechrightsSocial@Jose R Rodriguez (metztli)'s status on Saturday, 06-Apr-13 23:01:51 UTC - ♺ @schestowitz Elections are fine, even if… #corrupt…provided vote is the 'right' way… #cia mentality…i.e !Mexico's 2012 #fraud-elected @EPNApr 07 00:16
schestowitz 07 00:16 Something for the weekend, Sir... #Photo  #Photography  #Photographer  #mywork  #London  #Chelsea #callGirl #CallCardsApr 07 00:16
TechrightsSocial  Photo by 07 00:16
schestowitz"Junkies run a scam where you superglue one digit, wedge a plastic card into coin return slot, leave it a day or so, then come back with pliers remove plastic card and get a torrent of coins, diminishing returns these days I'd imagine but it still goes on... Borough of Kensington & Chelsea employ people to go round taking call girl cards down, they get replaced almost immediately... A friend of mine (a woman as it happens) Apr 07 00:18
schestowitzhas been collecting these cards for decades, she literally has a couple of thousand all nicely presented in photo albums, I've been trying to convince her to turn them into a coffee table book : ) Of course a lot of people use them as public conveniences too, . When I was a kid in the fifties they were always immaculate, replete with a complete set of telephone directories and the old button A, Button B phones where you only Apr 07 00:18
schestowitzpaid for the precise duration of the call. The old red boxes are few and far between these days, and the newer booths are constantly vandalised, sadly I think they are on the way out..."Apr 07 00:18
schestowitzYes, end to anonymous calls. I too think I got some coins stuck in by vandalism, so I'm reluctant to use booths anymore.Apr 07 00:18
qu1j0t3ironic reallyApr 07 00:22
qu1j0t3it's a bit like the copper-thieves tooApr 07 00:22
qu1j0t3eikonos: i notice Surrey BC had an incidentApr 07 00:22
qu1j0t3eikonos: $16,000 of damage to four school light poles, for $200 of copperApr 07 00:22
eikonosouchApr 07 00:24
eikonosnot a lot of moneyApr 07 00:24
eikonoswhen you say, "incident in surrey", i immediately think "drug dealer(s) shot, injured, perhaps killed with a pistol or maybe a drive-by with an automatic weapon"Apr 07 00:25
eikonosor the time 6 people including a couple guys who were there to fix the furnace were all shotApr 07 00:29
qu1j0t3eikonos: well, it's of that levelApr 07 00:31
qu1j0t3eikonos: except nobody diedApr 07 00:31
qu1j0t3eikonos: it's reassuring in a way that all the BS is concentrated Apr 07 00:31
qu1j0t3eikonos: in fact this seems to happen in most (all?) countriesApr 07 00:32
qu1j0t3eikonos: there are parts of USA where the police do not goApr 07 00:32
qu1j0t3eikonos: i think they are called sacrificial zones or somethingApr 07 00:32
qu1j0t3eikonos: basically they're just abandoned to lawlessnessApr 07 00:32
qu1j0t3eikonos: i always predicted favelas in Canada Apr 07 00:33
qu1j0t3eikonos: probably already existApr 07 00:33
eikonoshurray for austerityApr 07 00:34
qu1j0t3yesApr 07 00:35
qu1j0t3exactlyApr 07 00:35
qu1j0t3and they can always blame the victimsApr 07 00:35
qu1j0t3"look, we gave them phone boxes, and they just put glue in them"Apr 07 00:35
qu1j0t3"so we're taking them away"Apr 07 00:35
qu1j0t3"we gave them schools, and they stole the wires"Apr 07 00:36
qu1j0t3this is very similar to the rhetoric used against Native CanadiansApr 07 00:37
qu1j0t3"we've subsidised these people for years and they are clearly not worth it, look, no Silicon Valley has erupted in the Indian lands... so they can get out of the way, preferably disappear, so we can destroy their land for tar sands oil"Apr 07 00:37
schestowitzqu1j0t3: 07 01:21
TechrightsSocialTitle: Public Declaration: Solidarity against police repression in Montreal: We will not submit to the municipal by-law P-6 | Convergence des luttes anticapitalistes - CLAC-MONTRÉAL .::. Size~: 19.28 KBApr 07 01:21
MinceR 07 01:22
TechrightsSocialTitle: How the Alphabet Was Born from Hieroglyphs | The BAS Library .::. Size~: 143.49 KBApr 07 01:22
schestowitz 07 01:32 Three #Ubuntu #Linux versions will reach end of life in May opportunity to move to #debian 7.0?Apr 07 01:32
TechrightsSocial-> Title: Three Ubuntu Linux versions will reach end of life in May | PCWorld .::. Size~: 62.92 KBApr 07 01:32
schestowitz"my brother, who I brought to Linux, is still using 10.04 ubuntu. i've doing my best to coax him into newer...and am honestly curious to see what option he chooses of the the many i gave him...he may or may not be aware of his guinea-pig nature..."Apr 07 01:32
schestowitz 07 01:34 Bradley Manning: ‘New York Times’ Endorsed Source, or Traitor? #pentagon paper after the #pentagonpapers incidentApr 07 01:34
TechrightsSocial-> Title: Bradley Manning: ‘New York Times’ Endorsed Source, or Traitor? .::. Size~: 67.9 KBApr 07 01:34
*eikonos has quit (Remote host closed the connection)Apr 07 01:35
schestowitz"Apr 07 01:35
schestowitzThey have not allowed him to defend ..... by refusing them to show what if any damage 6 month old documents did .......Apr 07 01:35
schestowitzThere is one fact that still has not been taken up - if it was a illegal war .... and a real WAR never existed ,,,,,,, there was never a real enemy.Apr 07 01:35
schestowitzThe people that plotted and brought down the twin towers ... they came from a Group created by the CIA .... so who aided the enemyApr 07 01:35
schestowitzWho gave the terrorists their passports to enter the USA .... is that not aiding the enemy .... need to go to Jedha then find why mike springman was over ruled for denying said passports .... to people who clearly should not have got them ..........Apr 07 01:35
schestowitzWho aided the Enemy more the ones that allowed the terrorists in the ones that trained and paid for their training .........Apr 07 01:36
schestowitzOr the guy that came clean on it all ...........Apr 07 01:36
schestowitz"Apr 07 01:36
schestowitz 07 01:36
TechrightsSocialTitle: hilary clinton we created - Google Search .::. Size~: 69.11 KBApr 07 01:36
schestowitz,or.rApr 07 01:36
TechrightsSocialTitle: mike spillman - Google Search .::. Size~: 64.82 KBApr 07 01:36
schestowitzThe passport argument is new to me. Could they gather sufficient evidence to deny entry with plausible reason?Apr 07 01:36
schestowitz"Apr 07 01:37
schestowitz@ Artim .... they used to state that if you are testing that you should know what you are doing and be a experienced user .....Apr 07 01:37
schestowitzSeems they have dropped that line though that surprises me ........ but by the time it gets to Beta most of the worst bugs should have been found by the experienced users that are on it for 5 months or so before it gets to Beta stage.Apr 07 01:37
schestowitz 07 01:37
schestowitzWith older versions though they tend to be more stable .... but they may not always support the latest hardware ......Apr 07 01:37
TechrightsSocialTitle: Beta Testing Extraordinaire with Ubuntu Quality «  Ubuntu QA Website .::. Size~: 7.9 KBApr 07 01:37
schestowitz"Apr 07 01:37
schestowitz 07 09:51 From The Great American Fraud, 1905 - Why Medicine Should Not be Run Like a Business "One of the most disgusting and disgraceful features of the patent medicine business is the marketing of letters sent by patients to patent medicine firms Correspondence is solicited by these firms under the seal of sacred confidence.  When the concern is unable to do further business with a patient it disposes of the patienApr 07 09:51
TechrightsSocial-> Title: The Great American fraud - Samuel Hopkins Adams - Google Books .::. Size~: 112.23 KBApr 07 09:51
schestowitz"Apr 07 09:52
schestowitzDoctors and the public need protection from both unethical businessmen and corrupt government.Apr 07 09:52
schestowitzPrivate medicine is good if it is properly regulated and it's not incompatible with decent public health care. Private hospitals thrived in Louisiana even though Long built good public facilities. Needless to say, the private facilities were competitive. With proper regulations, they can be ethical because they will be run by doctors instead of businessmen.Apr 07 09:52
schestowitzI don't really know much about Soviet medicine but I suspect it's an example of what happens with unregulated monopoly business. I'm told by someone who was treated in Soviet hospitals that the party had good facilities for themselves but could barely keep clean water available to the rest. With a tight state monopoly, the state behaves like a single, inefficient company. We might get something similar if we let health Apr 07 09:52
schestowitzinsurance companies collude and run everything.Apr 07 09:52
schestowitzIn a completely unregulated place, quacks medicine and science aside with advertising and lawsuits. The parallels between quack medicine and non free software stand out when you read about how bad patent medicine really was.Apr 07 09:52
schestowitz"Apr 07 09:52
schestowitz 07 09:57 I notice that a lot of the "Google vs privacy" lobby is actually connected to its biggest river, Microsoft. FB, 'Consumer' 'Watchdog'...Apr 07 09:57
schestowitz"Wow! And you somehow found your way to Diaspora. I feel like I'm in pretty esteemed company here."Apr 07 09:57
schestowitzDiaspora weeds out the things that are deterrences in sites that make it easier to enter (just flock with the herd)Apr 07 09:58
schestowitz> Hi, Roy,Apr 07 11:09
schestowitz> Apr 07 11:09
schestowitz> I wrote to Christian Engstroem asking if there was any news about a Apr 07 11:09
schestowitz> respons from the EU parliament's president about the mail blocking Apr 07 11:09
schestowitz> incident last month:Apr 07 11:09
schestowitz> Apr 07 11:09
schestowitz> 07 11:09
schestowitz> ils-containing-the-word-gender-on-internationa-womens-day/ Apr 07 11:09
TechrightsSocialTitle: European Parliament blocks emails containing the words ”gender stereotypes” on International Women’s Day | Christian Engström, Pirate MEP .::. Size~: 74.56 KBApr 07 11:09
schestowitz> Apr 07 11:09
schestowitz> 07 11:09
schestowitz> esident-on-blocking-of-emails-from-citizens-mepblock/ Apr 07 11:09
TechrightsSocialTitle: Letter to the EU parliament president on blocking of emails from citizens #mepblock | Christian Engström, Pirate MEP .::. Size~: 67.43 KBApr 07 11:09
schestowitz> Apr 07 11:09
schestowitz> He said that there has been no response to his letter/fax yet but that he Apr 07 11:10
schestowitz> has sent a reminder.Apr 07 11:10
schestowitzExcellent. Well, that in itself is a form of admission that his allegation is likely true.Apr 07 11:10
schestowitz 07 12:14 reshared: Apr 07 12:14
TechrightsSocial  Photo by 07 12:14
schestowitz"And mother awaits them ... ! beautiful."Apr 07 12:14
schestowitz 07 12:42 Something for the weekend, Sir... #Photo  #Photography  #Photographer  #mywork  #London  #Chelsea #callGirl #CallCardsApr 07 12:42
TechrightsSocial  Photo by 07 12:42
schestowitz"Not fast enough for some people it seems..."Apr 07 12:42
schestowitz 07 12:42 reshared: vielleicht hat @{Faldrian ;} ja bloß nicht mehr #owlies gesehen, weil sie sich versteckt haben.. ;D | #eule #cute #owl #owlspora #tierchen #photo #canon #cameraApr 07 12:42
TechrightsSocial  Photo by 07 12:42
schestowitz"That's what we can call a "close up image"! ;)"Apr 07 12:42
schestowitz 07 12:48
TechrightsSocial@jpetrise: @husfus @jlankinen have a look at techrights dot org and see if your of the same opinion afterApr 07 12:48
MinceR 07 13:53
TechrightsSocialNot a web page! Aborting image/jpeg typeApr 07 13:53
schestowitzgot this message from RMS:Apr 07 15:42
schestowitzRe: I appreciate your articleApr 07 15:42
schestowitz> You put the issue very well.Apr 07 15:42
schestowitzThank you. I have been writing several short articles which shed light on the origins of free (as in freedom) operating systems and what motivates them. I put those articles in sites that are 'hostile', too.Apr 07 15:42
schestowitz"Linux Advocates" is a site which tries to portray GNU as "Linux", but having been invited to contribute to that site I now write a lot of stuff there which introduces readers to GNU (I cross-post in Techrights). So far it has had the intended effect; people who come to a "Linux" advocacy site are made aware of what others deny them of knowing.Apr 07 15:42
schestowitz 07 16:25 Number of people sent to prison over #libor #corruption is still zero. 07 16:25
TechrightsSocial-> Title: Libor scandal - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia .::. Size~: 172 KBApr 07 16:25
schestowitz"Apr 07 16:25
schestowitzWhen you are in the same gang .... you let off your own.Apr 07 16:26
schestowitzAs I said before it becomes so obvious the money people ......Apr 07 16:26
schestowitzBANKS - OIL - LAW ......... & ( POLITICS this should be distant ) but its not in the USA as most get OIL money ...... check out DIRTY MONEY.Apr 07 16:26
schestowitz 07 16:26
schestowitzOnce you know that .........Apr 07 16:26
TechrightsSocialTitle: Dirty Energy Money - Oil Change International .::. Size~: 28.5 KBApr 07 16:26
schestowitzOIL companies pay lobbyists and politicians lots of MONEY ..... Politicians make Law ... the Law courts follow up on any rules passed by Politicians ..... then the people who get in the way - get moved out of the way ....... simple as.Apr 07 16:26
schestowitzThe actions they take makes more sense - but changing them requires more money than people are willing to part with ... the people pay for the fuel .... that money is the money that is used to control the politicians.Apr 07 16:26
schestowitzAll you can work out - is that they are charging far too much for the OIL ........ which leaves people with little money ... and little power to change things .......Apr 07 16:26
schestowitzAs OIL runs out they will sit in a very sticky place - unless they can find some other energy to control us with ...... but we do benefit as without the DRUG we have become so used to - we see no other way now .......... we are hardly going back to horse and carriage until we are forced to ..... as for electric ..... the same people that pay the politicians - control what is and what is not allowed into the market.Apr 07 16:26
schestowitzor ........... everything is fair and everybody gets a equal chance at competing with them ..........Apr 07 16:26
schestowitzLook through the videos on You-Tube at all the ideas that go no where because the money needed to back them would need to come from the people ........ this is controlled by the Government which is controlled by the OIL money ........Apr 07 16:26
schestowitzThere used to be a few that stood up and spoke out .... but like with any gang .... the voices that are heard are the ones with the most power ....... which then equates to who has the most MONEY ...... to throw at the Politicians.Apr 07 16:26
schestowitzThe only real chances exist in other countries that are not governed in the same ways.Apr 07 16:26
schestowitzThat is why the major developments in fuel economy came from outside of the USA as prices for fuel were much worse for people in other countries .........Apr 07 16:26
schestowitz"Apr 07 16:26
XFaCEqu1j0t3: it's down to youApr 07 16:37
qu1j0t3schestowitz: rt'able 07 16:37
TechrightsSocial@SusanPotter: "same-sex marriage threatens traditional marriage because it challenges ideas about proper gender roles" 07 16:37
TechrightsSocial-> Title: Same-Sex Marriage Does Threaten “Traditional” Marriage | Nursing Clio .::. Size~: 199.5 KBApr 07 16:38
schestowitz 07 16:56 reshared: #humorApr 07 16:56
TechrightsSocial  Photo by 07 16:56
schestowitz"Oh no no no. FOSS is a cancer that infects everything it touches."Apr 07 16:56
qu1j0t3 07 16:57
TechrightsSocialTitle: Voucher school history book: Hippies didn't bathe, worshipped Satan .::. Size~: 195.03 KBApr 07 16:57
qu1j0t3schestowitz: 07 16:59
TechrightsSocialTitle: My Lai 45 Years Later—And the Unknown Atrocities of Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan - The Daily Beast .::. Size~: 59.13 KBApr 07 16:59
XFaCE 07 17:00
TechrightsSocialTitle: CNBC Admits We're All Slaves To Central Bankers - YouTube .::. Size~: 195.06 KBApr 07 17:00
XFaCEAt 1:00Apr 07 17:00
XFaCEschestowitz: qu1j0t3 there you goApr 07 17:06
schestowitz 07 17:10
TechrightsSocial@candtalan: @schestowitz And therefore, exquisitely easy to subvert...Apr 07 17:10
qu1j0t3 07 19:35
TechrightsSocialTitle: A secret deal on drones, sealed in blood  | Toronto Star .::. Size~: 84.57 KBApr 07 19:35
schestowitz 07 19:41 **I believe (John Lennon**<BR> ![]( <BR> #saying #quote #lennon #openmindApr 07 19:41
TechrightsSocialNot a web page! Aborting application/xml typeApr 07 19:41
schestowitz"I rode my unicorn to work today!"Apr 07 19:41
schestowitz 07 23:58 ### #Hackers shut down #TelAvivStockExchange, El Al websites #Hack comes in the wake of series of #cyberattacks over the past two weeks, and only a day after #Hamas calls for harsher hacking attempts against #Israel. 07 23:58
TechrightsSocial  Photo by 07 23:58
TechrightsSocial-> Title: Hackers shut down Tel Aviv Stock Exchange, El Al websites - Israel News | Haaretz Daily Newspaper .::. Size~: 204.86 KBApr 07 23:58
schestowitz"Trying to make sense out of this based on the comments on various websites is impossible."Apr 07 23:58

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