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qu1j0t3eikonos: "As departing McGill University principal Heather Munroe-Blum told a Toronto audience last week, it's no longer as easy as it was a couple of decades ago to use an evidence-based approach to discuss public policy. Media bombard people with disparate messages, and make it difficult to sort fact from fiction.Apr 10 01:05
qu1j0t3"And fiction becomes fact in 30 seconds, and fact becomes obliterated," she said, in reference to the Quebec demonstrations on tuition rates.Apr 10 01:05
qu1j0t3The Harper government has mastered this strategy, declaring that it is investing record amounts in science even as it shuts down world-renown environmental and ecological research site,Apr 10 01:05
qu1j0t3Read more: 10 01:05
TechrightsSocialTitle: Harper's style starts to chafe .::. Size~: 180.1 KBApr 10 01:05
qu1j0t3XFaCE: ^^Apr 10 01:05
qu1j0t3scary article.Apr 10 01:06
qu1j0t3schestowitz: 10 01:12
TechrightsSocial@grinhoyz: #Thatcher broke glass ceiling for women "in the sense that all the women beneath her were blinded by falling shards": 10 01:12
TechrightsSocial-> Title: Russell Brand on Margaret Thatcher: 'I always felt sorry for her children' | Politics | The Guardian .::. Size~: 235.25 KBApr 10 01:12
XFaCEqu1j0t3: veryApr 10 01:15
XFaCEqu1j0t3: people are staring to become wary, says the articleApr 10 01:18
XFaCEthey'll be very wary when the side-effects of cutting food inspection agents occurApr 10 01:19
eikonosalready occurred twiceApr 10 01:19
eikonosand people diedApr 10 01:20
eikonosthis latest round of cuts are probably going to lead to more deathsApr 10 01:20
eikonosconsidering that people died within a year of each of the previous cutsApr 10 01:21
eikonoswe need unit testing for our political policiesApr 10 01:21
eikonosrussel brand is an astonishingly good writerApr 10 01:26
eikonosbest thing i've read all dayApr 10 01:32
qu1j0t3:)Apr 10 01:35
qu1j0t3XFaCE: yeah cutting food inspections. what a genius idea. meanwhile, $1b of drones and $65b of useless fighter jets? Apr 10 01:36
XFaCEqu1j0t3: hey hey tho, the people who died will no longer to be supported by our socialist systemsApr 10 01:39
XFaCEwe save money!Apr 10 01:39
XFaCEOh wait, they were also tax payersApr 10 01:39
XFaCEhmmmApr 10 01:39
XFaCEwow, it seems like cutting food inspectors is just plain stupidApr 10 01:39
eikonosyou'd have to have your head up your harper to think it was a good ideaApr 10 01:46
abeNd-orgyou arent a taxpayer if you are the one getting all the entitlements, then why would such a person care?Apr 10 01:56
abeNd-orgeveryone else is too busy working for a living to rise upApr 10 01:57
qu1j0t3yeah it's kind of like we gave these motherfuckers keys to the Ferrari and went back to watching tv.Apr 10 02:00
qu1j0t3the TV says "it's okay the car is alright never you mind"Apr 10 02:00
abeNd-orgsame with the shit filled food & other products the FDA pushes on us saying it is safeApr 10 02:03
abeNd-orgmeh, time to take a break from the computer & go read, adiosApr 10 02:04
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qu1j0t3good pointApr 10 02:27
qu1j0t3 10 03:38
TechrightsSocial@juengova:  〇      ٠      ๏   . °                    °               •    ٠     °     ๏      •          〇           ๏ .Apr 10 03:38
MinceR 10 07:07
TechrightsSocialNot a web page! Aborting image/jpeg typeApr 10 07:07
schestowitz 10 09:06 reshared: good statement to death of maggy #thatcher: 10 09:06
TechrightsSocial@BenjiWilliamson: #nowthatchersdead We can have her funeral handled by the lowest bidder. It's what she would have wanted.Apr 10 09:06
schestowitz"At her expense, of course."Apr 10 09:06
schestowitz 10 09:06 reshared: #GlenGreenwald ### #MargaretThatcher and misapplied death etiquette The dictate that one 'not speak ill of the dead' is (at best) appropriate for private individuals, not influential public figures News of Margaret Thatcher's death this morning instantly and predictably gave rise to righteous sermons on the evils of speaking ill of her. #British #Labour MP Tom Watson decreed: "I hope that people Apr 10 09:06
TechrightsSocial  Photo by 10 09:06
schestowitz"Common sense."Apr 10 09:06
TechrightsSocial-> Title: Margaret Thatcher and misapplied death etiquette | Glenn Greenwald | Comment is free | .::. Size~: 141.89 KBApr 10 09:06
schestowitz 10 11:16 reshared: ![]( #Image #Picture #Photo - #Cute #Caracal #Cubs [Full Picture]( 10 11:16
TechrightsSocialNot a web page! Aborting image/jpeg typeApr 10 11:16
TechrightsSocialNot a web page! Aborting image/jpeg typeApr 10 11:16
schestowitz"I love cats"Apr 10 11:16
schestowitz 10 11:18 reshared: Apr 10 11:18
TechrightsSocial  Photo by 10 11:18
schestowitz"Sad but true, like the Obushbama ;-)"Apr 10 11:18
schestowitz 10 11:21 reshared: Thatcher's Dogma Paved Way for Financial Crisis ----- Margaret Thatcher enforced essential reforms to revive the British economy, but the nation paid a heavy price for her rigorous laissez-faire dogma. _Thatcherism no longer provides solutions to today's problems_. ___In fact, they argue, it even caused some of them___. 10 11:21
TechrightsSocial  Photo by 10 11:21
TechrightsSocial-> Title: German Press Commentary on the Legacy of Margaret Thatcher - SPIEGEL ONLINE .::. Size~: 49.86 KBApr 10 11:21
schestowitz"No doubt"Apr 10 11:21
qu1j0t3 eikonos Apr 10 14:01
TechrightsSocial@hellonheelz: Yep, little Georgie Bush and his partners in crime already have done that. #republican #gop #tcot 10 14:01
TechrightsSocial-> Title: Twitter / hellonheelz: Yep, little Georgie Bush and ... .::. Size~: 64.94 KBApr 10 14:01
schestowitzqu1j0t3: 10 14:28
TechrightsSocialTitle: Document: Canada Considering Cyprus-Style 'Bail-In Regime' .::. Size~: 45.67 KBApr 10 14:28
schestowitzBanning of teachers: too sensitive, THINK ABOUT THE CHILDREN,7340,L-4366352,00.htmlApr 10 15:20
TechrightsSocialTitle: Teacher demonstrates Nazi selection process in classroom - Israel News, Ynetnews .::. Size~: 50.94 KBApr 10 15:20
schestowitz!google cows cows cowsApr 10 18:43
TechrightsSocial[1] - cows & cows & cows - YouTube | 10 18:43
TechrightsSocial[2] - 2:36 Minecraft Cows & Minecraft Cows & Minecraft Cows ... - YouTube | 10 18:43
TechrightsSocial[3] - Kids React to Cows & Cows & Cows - YouTube | 10 18:43
TechrightsSocial[4] - cattle - Wiktionary | 10 18:43
schestowitzSequeal 10 18:48
TechrightsSocialTitle: Baaa - YouTube .::. Size~: 206.94 KBApr 10 18:48
schestowitzsequelApr 10 18:48
schestowitz 10 19:05 #Mozilla #Firefox 23 Will Block Mixed SSL Content and ads/cookies 10 19:05
TechrightsSocial-> Title: Mozilla Firefox 23 Will Block Mixed SSL Content - InternetNews. .::. Size~: 29.82 KBApr 10 19:05
schestowitz"I think such behavior is already present in Chrome and even in IE, so it's Mozilla that's catching up with this not the other way around."Apr 10 19:05
TechrightsSocial-> Title: Mozilla Stands Firm on Firefox Cookie Blocking, Despite Protests .::. Size~: 39.23 KBApr 10 19:05
MinceR 10 19:37
TechrightsSocialTitle: Why the mantis shrimp is my new favorite animal - The Oatmeal .::. Size~: 15.86 KBApr 10 19:37
schestowitz 10 19:49
TechrightsSocial@°\•/° (vlax)'s status on Wednesday, 10-Apr-13 18:45:41 UTC - @schestowitz indeedApr 10 19:49
schestowitz 10 19:49
TechrightsSocialTitle: Conversation - .::. Size~: 12.69 KBApr 10 19:49
schestowitz 10 19:51
TechrightsSocial@ggreenwald: Most amazing part of drone debate: not even CIA, let alone citizens, know who they're killing, yet people insist: we're killing Terrorists!!Apr 10 19:51
MinceRyet another example of GM microorganisms being useful >> 10 19:52
TechrightsSocialTitle: Chymosin - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia .::. Size~: 62.22 KBApr 10 19:52
schestowitz 10 19:52
TechrightsSocialTitle: Obama’s drone war kills ‘others,’ not just al Qaida leaders | McClatchy .::. Size~: 88.87 KBApr 10 19:52
schestowitz 10 20:11 A "desktop Linux revival?"  I never knew it went away.... 10 20:11
TechrightsSocial-> Title: Could the Chromebook spark a desktop Linux revival? .::. Size~: 179.06 KBApr 10 20:12
schestowitz"Apr 10 20:15
schestowitzI don't mind font stuff, and GNU/Linux is way better than other systems I have to use. I've got one set of fonts for Konqueror and Dolphin and another for Pidgin. I have a dark theme for KDE and a default theme for GNOME. This has not bothered me too much because each application is the right tool for the job I'm doing and the differences make the tool better or I'd change it. All in all, font handling is excellent. I even Apr 10 20:15
schestowitzlike the fonts Eterm uses, and I use Eterm in a different way than I do Konsole. Eterm, I use for quickies, Konsole I use for everything else, especially man page reading. Abundance is a good thing like that, it gives me choices.Apr 10 20:15
schestowitzI use E16 for the pagers and practical task management as explained here,Apr 10 20:15
schestowitzhttp:// 10 20:15
schestowitzexcellent border control, composite and other effects are nice but desk space and layout are what keeps me using it.Apr 10 20:15
schestowitz"Apr 10 20:15
schestowitz"I agree it's a matter of taste and preferences, so two points here: (a) Personally, I want this. ;) I have had it, using Unix desktops with said constellations of applications (Xaw, Motif, ...), each of it looking completely different. No issue in applications looking different for an actual (use case) reason but applications just looking different for mere technological incompatibilities (different UI toolkits) kinda sucks Apr 10 20:15
schestowitzto me. (b) In our environment, I tried using such a setup with end users who aren't tech people, who are not Windows or Apple lovers and generally open towards technology that gets the job done. The idea of mixing KDE and GNOME apps failed, there, right for that reason. "Why does 'Save' look different in there?" ... "Why is the order of 'Save'/'Cancel' buttons in that 'Save as...' filechooser different in two of these Apr 10 20:15
schestowitzapplications?" ... "Why do I have these folder 'bookmarks' in the left bar of my file browser appearing in each and every 'Load'/'Save' dialog except for these two apps?" ... Choice or not, for an end-user desktop this is simply inconsistency. Fine with me as far as I am concerned, just a bit annoying if I have to choose to either have a consistent look-and-feel or applications that to the job right. But consistency, human Apr 10 20:15
schestowitzinterface design is important about building desktops for end users in my opinion. Or, on the other side, the simple understatement that Linux ain't a desktop for end users who see these requirements, that would be a valid thing too."Apr 10 20:15
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