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schestowitz 07 16:21 Researchers in Japan used MRI scans to reveal the images that people were seeing as they entered into an early stage of sleep. Writing in the journal Science, they reported that they could do this with 60% accuracy. 07 16:21
TechBytesBot-> Title: BBC News - Scientists 'read dreams' using brain scans .::. Size~: 83.46 KBApr 07 16:21
schestowitz"Apr 07 16:22
schestowitzIf every brain is the same than that would work to an extent .... but with every persons brain being different and so many connections - is it not like trying to work out how a computer gets the graphics to the screen ... by looking at the way the main processor works and ignoring the eye that takes in the information.Apr 07 16:22
schestowitzSimilar to ignoring the screen on a computer that outputs the information ..... unless someone works out the way the eye and the brain interact ..... will it ever be possible to get visual information from a persons brain onto a screen.Apr 07 16:22
schestowitzThe information coming in is a known as they use shapes ..... to identify what they need to look for ......Apr 07 16:22
schestowitzSo as with a computer if you have a screen you can see a 2d visualization .....Apr 07 16:22
schestowitzAt some point the way the information enters the eye is hitting a 2d plane like a sheet of glass in space ....... time is a duration and each plane would be processed much like a gif is on a computer.Apr 07 16:22
schestowitzI think the place to look would be on that plane where the visual information is hitting on input ....... rather than what happens in the processor afterwards - as like with a computer there are many different computers too all wired slightly differently .... but the output the screen is the thing where it all makes the picture.Apr 07 16:22
schestowitzSimilar with the eye .... the input ... a dream must reflect back memory or stored visual signals recorded in the brain - reflections of our past stored in the brain - like a reverse projection of that data back from the brain to the eye.Apr 07 16:22
schestowitzLike with a photographic memory - you can play back the things that you saw at a prior time in your life.Apr 07 16:22
schestowitzThe eye must also be able to see things projected back from the brain onto that same plain at the back of the eye ....... that to me would be the place to look ..... how you would do that is beyond me though - just the logic seems to point away from looking at the most complex parts of the brain to work it all out.Apr 07 16:22
schestowitzHow you would work out the light waves and points of interference with that plane would be hard though.Apr 07 16:22
schestowitzAll good stuff .....Apr 07 16:22
schestowitz"Apr 07 16:22

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