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IRC: #boycottnovell @ FreeNode: May 20th, 2013

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schestowitzcopilotco and techrights are not reachable.May 20 00:17
schestowitzI cannot reach the sites via HTTP, but SSH and pinging from the serverMay 20 00:17
schestowitzto the domains work fine. Odd one...May 20 00:17
schestowitzI have just tried finding a fix for almost an hour. It seems like a networking and maybe firewalling issue. Nothing can reach the Internet-facing IPs from the outside... and I don't know why.May 20 00:56
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schestowitz 20 21:30 reshared: I've spent the last week evaluating replacement OS's for my geriatric #Macbook Core Duo (2006 vintage).  Toward that end, I installed #Debian #Wheezy on a USB drive (which proved non-trivial to boot--use #rEFIt and MBR partition to get it working), and lived with it for a few days. For nostalgic reasons, I hoped that Debian would work well, as it was the first distribution I really spent time with, back iMay 20 21:30
schestowitzMy Macbook is actually a mixture of parts from two identical machines... which became necessary after the mainboard in my original failed (probably the disk controller)... and possible, after my wife bought a Macbook Air. I am also trying to keep this machine out of the scrap heap as long as possible, and with 32-bit support dying out in the OS X world, moving to GNU/Linux is part of that process.May 20 21:31
schestowitz@marc, my point about hoping for Debian's success was a bit vague. I know the core Debian packaging and related technologies are excellent. They are, in fact, what led me away from Slackware, ...May 20 21:31
schestowitz"May 20 21:31
schestowitz 20 21:54 MPEG-LA Ruined the Licence of WebM, Made it Less Freedom-Respecting #mpegla #swpats #webm #vp9May 20 21:54
TechrightsBot-> Title: MPEG-LA Ruined the Licence of WebM, Made it Less Freedom-Respecting | Techrights .::. Size~: 95.52 KBMay 20 21:54
schestowitz"Ogg Theora works great for me."May 20 21:54

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