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schestowitz> I was disappointed to see Google change its menuing, so to access it required going to their continuation menu. Also they revised their viewing interface from threaded to a less desirable useless format. If select an individual message and want to print it, it lacks basic header info to include time posted.May 25 22:21
schestowitz> May 25 22:21
schestowitz> Overall, the major ISP's by discontinuing bundled NNTP access also contributed to killing it.May 25 22:21
schestowitz> May 25 22:22
schestowitz>>> Much of the search engine results have cleaned upon my name...May 25 22:22
schestowitz> May 25 22:22
schestowitz> I think you did the right thing. It is more important to have a good reputation, and not let Microsoft ruin it for you. Also, your Techrights blog and other blogs have helped to populate search engines to clean up the results, something I lack. (However, I am retired now and not in any immediate hurry for a secondary employment.) Also, it documents along with Groklaw and a few other sites, the truth of the anti-FOSS/Linux May 25 22:22
schestowitzshenanigans of Microsoft, Apple and others, which shows up in search engine results.May 25 22:22
schestowitz> May 25 22:22
schestowitz> Wish you and your spouse a blessed marriage and future. SincerelyMay 25 22:22
schestowitz 25 22:26
schestowitz"This guy is a new age welfare bum. Instead of spending time finding a job he stood up a free blog and has done nothing but demand money and bully people who don't give him his way. He is only an advocate to himself, he does not care at all about foss, just the content of his bank account. Welcome to welfare bum 2.0..."May 25 22:26

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