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qu1j0t3schestowitz: May 10 02:35
TechrightsSocial@EARNEST_CYBORG9: I took a crack at fixing TIME's cover 10 02:35
TechrightsSocial-> Title: Twitter / EARNEST_CYBORG9: I took a crack at fixing TIME's ... .::. Size~: 39.12 KBMay 10 02:35
qu1j0t3eikonos: ^^May 10 02:35
eikonoshahaMay 10 02:45
qu1j0t3  "the Facebook Home app, which can be installed on select Android phones, has now fallen to the No. 338 ranking in the category of free apps. That’s 200 spots lower than it ranked just two weeks ago.May 10 03:18
qu1j0t3  "Even worse: More than half of Facebook Home’s 15,000 user reviews give the app just one star. May 10 03:19
eikonosouchMay 10 03:25
qu1j0t3schestowitz: May 10 03:25
TechrightsSocialTitle: Pakistan’s highest court rules U.S. drone strikes illegal - .::. Size~: 143.37 KBMay 10 03:25
qu1j0t3not just "Naughty."May 10 03:25
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oiaohmqu1j0t3: a lot of drone strikes are illegal by basic international conventions.May 10 04:06
oiaohmqu1j0t3: You are not to engage civilians in combat unless it cannot be avoided. May 10 04:07
qu1j0t3oiaohm: inorite?May 10 04:08
qu1j0t3i didn't think it was a highly controversial positionMay 10 04:08
oiaohmqu1j0t3: 10 04:10
TechrightsSocialTitle: Log In - The New York Times .::. Size~: 10.43 KBMay 10 04:10
qu1j0t3oiaohm: sorry, i don't read the NYTMay 10 04:11
qu1j0t3oiaohm: it's a 10 year old positionMay 10 04:11
oiaohmThat is the USA documented bombing funrals.May 10 04:11
qu1j0t3oiaohm: not very controversialMay 10 04:11
qu1j0t3oiaohm: yes, i am familiar with itMay 10 04:11
qu1j0t3oiaohm: also "two tap" tactics employed by USMay 10 04:11
qu1j0t3oiaohm: which is, i guess, what one might call an "aggravated war crime"May 10 04:11
qu1j0t3i believe the famous collateralmurder video documented the two tap.May 10 04:12
oiaohmBlowing up a car leaving a funeral with target in it is one thing.May 10 04:12
oiaohmBlowing up a funeral that will be a mix if cilvilans and targetsMay 10 04:12
oiaohmThat is not on by UN treaties.May 10 04:13
oiaohmYou got a drone on station you can hold fire for a clearer shot.May 10 04:13
qu1j0t3sounds awesomeMay 10 04:14
oiaohm"double-tap" is illegal or legal depend on where you use it.May 10 04:15
qu1j0t3i seeMay 10 04:15
oiaohmIts legal to double-tap a mil base.May 10 04:15
oiaohmBecause everyone in there should be combatants.May 10 04:15
qu1j0t3yeahMay 10 04:16
oiaohmIts not legal to double-tap a cilivian event.  Just to make sure target you hit first is dead.May 10 04:16
qu1j0t3good pointMay 10 04:16
qu1j0t3i don't think that is why they did itMay 10 04:16
qu1j0t3the dialogue ont he video seems to showMay 10 04:16
oiaohmUSA usage of double-tap is more illegal than legal.May 10 04:16
qu1j0t3they simply aimed at most carnageMay 10 04:16
qu1j0t3they didn't care about any targetsMay 10 04:17
oiaohmIe a double-tap in a terorset training camp is legal.May 10 04:17
qu1j0t3it is?May 10 04:17
qu1j0t3how?May 10 04:17
qu1j0t3we're way off in la-la land with that kind of argument.May 10 04:17
qu1j0t3the la-la-land that was created by Bush adminMay 10 04:17
oiaohmNo CIAMay 10 04:17
qu1j0t3sure, all of it.May 10 04:18
qu1j0t3it's not a legal argument.May 10 04:18
oiaohmOk who was in charge of the drone strikes.May 10 04:18
qu1j0t3Pakistan has done the first stepMay 10 04:18
oiaohmNot the USA mil.May 10 04:18
qu1j0t3this brief to the CIA to kill foreigners is newMay 10 04:18
oiaohmCIA had been given full drone control.May 10 04:18
qu1j0t3so, itmay be a legal loophole _within the US_May 10 04:18
qu1j0t3but they will not withstand international lawMay 10 04:18
oiaohmWrong CIA has killed foreigners for years.May 10 04:18
qu1j0t3I KNOW THAT.May 10 04:18
oiaohmDefine kill.May 10 04:19
qu1j0t3well, okay,maybe it's only new that it's publicMay 10 04:19
qu1j0t3good pointMay 10 04:19
qu1j0t3in any caseMay 10 04:19
oiaohmThere are ways to take out targets mind and leave them alive.May 10 04:19
qu1j0t3international law will shut them down, it's just a matter of how long it takesMay 10 04:19
qu1j0t3Pakistan has done *something* at leastMay 10 04:19
oiaohmEMP pulse right place on brain and you forget everything.May 10 04:20
oiaohmFor good.May 10 04:20
oiaohmThe rules of engagement have not kept up with the weapons.May 10 04:20
oiaohmWhen the drones did not carry weapons it was fine for the CIA to control them.May 10 04:20
oiaohmAs soon as the drones had been given payload they should have been moved under direct mil command.May 10 04:21
oiaohmqu1j0t3: there is a worse problem.  CIA and MI6 are in the drug trade.May 10 04:22
qu1j0t3no shitMay 10 04:22
oiaohmqu1j0t3: best thing we could do shut down of these intelegence groups down and restart them.May 10 04:23
qu1j0t3no, skip the restartingMay 10 04:23
oiaohmWe do need intelegence collecitonMay 10 04:23
qu1j0t3we do?May 10 04:23
oiaohmWe don't need the dealing in drugs and other evil things.May 10 04:23
qu1j0t3you're going to have to convince me...May 10 04:24
qu1j0t3does China need intelligence collection?May 10 04:24
oiaohmAustralia has one of the better behaved intelligence groups.May 10 04:24
oiaohmWe do need records of who are war criminals and so on.May 10 04:25
qu1j0t3that can be obtained through overt meansMay 10 04:25
oiaohmWhen it came to east temor convert means was required. May 10 04:26
oiaohmAnd some of our near by countries.May 10 04:26
oiaohmBut this is not huge bribe in convert or buy and sell drugs convert.May 10 04:27
oiaohmqu1j0t3: really some of Australia best operatives are non overt means the media.May 10 04:27
oiaohmThey cannot get everywhere information is need from.May 10 04:28
oiaohmqu1j0t3: yes there is a need for intelligence organizations.  Licensed to kill most likely not. May 10 04:30
oiaohmSome people are only going to talk if they know no one is going to find out what they said.May 10 04:30
oiaohmqu1j0t3: please don't think Australia media is angels.   Something that upset china at the olympics.  Was australia media crews giving out pillows with embed mics and sending those straight up to stat and back to Australia for processing. May 10 04:32
oiaohmqu1j0t3: the Australia version of embedded spy.May 10 04:33
qu1j0t3i know plenty of shit about Australia, don't worry.May 10 04:34
oiaohmqu1j0t3: the way our spys operate odd ball.May 10 04:37
oiaohmAll the time of the cold war Australia had direct intel from inside russia.May 10 04:37
oiaohmThis kind of collection is not funding drugs or anything else.  Its classic old school spy work.  Take idientity sneak in collect information sneek out.May 10 04:38
oiaohmThat is what most countries intelegence groups should be done.May 10 04:39
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schestowitz> Hi, Roy,May 10 08:41
schestowitz> May 10 08:41
schestowitz> This is a non-credit course and it show that even though things areMay 10 08:41
schestowitz> getting fucked up badly at UMich, not everything is screwed:May 10 08:41
schestowitz> May 10 08:41
schestowitz> 10 08:41
TechrightsSocialTitle: University of Michigan LSAIT Research Systems Group .::. Size~: 9.15 KBMay 10 08:41
schestowitzMichigan is not messed up as a whole, but Detroit got the reputation of a Hellhole now. Two weeks ago I asked a waitress who said she had come from Ohio about Michigan. A lot of people seem to be escaping the US; and even when they try to get back they soon realise there's nothing in those areas of the "land of opportunity".May 10 08:41
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schestowitz 10 12:51
TechrightsSocial@Bodyeuh: Alat pendeteksi praktek curang 'copy-paste' dokumen RT @schestowitz: 10 12:51
TechrightsSocial-> Title: Is It Journalism, or Just a Repackaged Press Release? Here's a Tool to Help You Find Out - Rebecca J. Rosen - The Atlantic .::. Size~: 141.64 KBMay 10 12:51
schestowitz 10 12:51
TechrightsSocial@PeerlessPower: @schestowitz: gotta love it when you offer to give someone Libre Office rather than MS Office, and they want an unlicensed copy of MS...May 10 12:51
schestowitz 10 12:52
TechrightsSocial@PeerlessPower: @schestowitz: yes, but don't you find it more appetizing than a slaughterhouse? I'd rather eat the beef from a bull that died in combat.May 10 12:52
schestowitz 10 12:52
TechrightsSocial@PeerlessPower: @schestowitz: when I see a bullfight, I get hungry, unless the bull wins and then I lose my appetite.May 10 12:52
TechrightsSocial@PeerlessPower: @schestowitz: that's like complaining that the wine isn't chilled enough while you're on the Titanic.May 10 12:52
TechrightsSocial@PeerlessPower: @schestowitz: if you think it's bad to omit the word slavery from history books, take a look at what NOI teaches children.May 10 12:52
TechrightsSocial@PeerlessPower: @schestowitz: this nation is about to come apart. I just hope it stays together until The Annointed One (BHO) retires.May 10 12:52
TechrightsSocial@PeerlessPower: @schestowitz: for that matter, take a look at what Israelis are teaching their children.May 10 12:52
schestowitz 10 12:52
TechrightsSocial@PeerlessPower: @schestowitz: I think some spices would conceal any subtle difference of flavor. The slaughterhouse is a much worse place to die.May 10 12:53
TechrightsSocial@PeerlessPower: @schestowitz: the cattle must be able to smell their doom on the way into the slaughterhouse. It's much better to die under open sky.May 10 12:53
schestowitz 10 12:54 #xfce Stable releases! #gnu #linuxMay 10 12:54
TechrightsSocial-> Title: Stable releases! - An Xfce glob .::. Size~: 11.04 KBMay 10 12:54
schestowitz"xfce-panel looks great on PekWM, the only problem is i can't have it kept on top"May 10 12:54
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schestowitz 10 18:31
TechrightsSocial@mattcutts: Blaming Google for your site being hacked is like blaming a mirror for a bad haircut: please don't shoot the messenger.May 10 18:31
schestowitz 10 18:38
TechrightsSocial@Sander (sandersch)'s status on Friday, 10-May-13 15:23:47 UTC - @jwildeboer I did not know you worked for @schestowitz Does he pay you?May 10 18:38
schestowitz 10 18:40
schestowitz May 10 18:40 HTTP error codes 10 18:40
TechrightsSocialNot a web page! Aborting image/jpeg typeMay 10 18:40
TechrightsSocialTitle: HTTP Status Cats API .::. Size~: 7.39 KBMay 10 18:40
eikonosLOLMay 10 18:41
schestowitz 10 18:42 100 of UK's richest people concealing billions in offshore tax havens just billions? Or a trillion plus?May 10 18:42
schestowitz"Does this actually mean that the super rich are collecting more and more interest from 'us' who are , in turn, all in debt to them ? They will just have to keep lending us money at higher and higher interest rates for us to keep paying them back ! If we all opted out of the system their money would be worthless ?"May 10 18:42
TechrightsSocial-> Title: 100 of UK's richest people concealing billions in offshore tax havens | Politics | The Guardian .::. Size~: 190.64 KBMay 10 18:42
schestowitz"Nick, the interest is driven by inflation. Only government inflation, and taxes (like death taxes) can take the $5M the middle class will make in their lifetimes.--------------------------------------------------On the winning side, the more money a manager has to manage, the harder it is to make big returns. I can make 100% per year with the little I manage, but pros with $500M would be hard pressed to make 35%. Once you May 10 18:43
schestowitzget to $10B+ you're lucky to beat inflation by 10% per year.------------------------------------------------------Obviously, all the rich have to do is go to a country where there is no tax, no death tax, and beat the market and the inflation there.-----------------------------------------------------On Interest rates: they are actually very very low Nick, which has more to do with governments creating inflation and printing May 10 18:43
schestowitzmoney to themselves. That's good, the middle won't pay higher interest rates. But it will drive up real estate prices and keep lots of us renting. However, there is a balancing effect by the markets, which naturally adjusts to allow folks to have a basic lifestyle at a decent price.-------------------------------------------------------But the government and the bankers want your nest egg! They want you at your job working May 10 18:43
schestowitzfor them month to month."May 10 18:43
schestowitz 10 18:45
TechrightsSocial@Yan__EL: @schestowitz Destroy social accounts of GoldmanSachs #OpGm #OpESR #OccupyTheBanks 10 18:45
TechrightsSocial-> Title: Opération Goldman .::. Size~: 57.97 KBMay 10 18:45
schestowitz 10 18:46
TechrightsSocial@laurelrusswurm: RT @x11r5 Been debugging some #techrights hangups, ran #tcp i/o line for linking detectors together. Perfect for hacking :3May 10 18:46
schestowitz 10 19:10 reshared: #beautystandards #eatingdisorders #bodyimageMay 10 19:10
TechrightsSocial  Photo by 10 19:10
schestowitz"Did it? I didn't notice."May 10 19:10
qu1j0t3XFaCE: May 10 19:28
TechrightsSocialTitle: Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s support slipping with key Conservative constituencies: Hébert | Toronto Star .::. Size~: 72.79 KBMay 10 19:28
eikonosharper is just the disaster that right-wing politics in canada neededMay 10 19:32
MinceRbut will canada survive that disaster?May 10 19:34
qu1j0t3not in its present form :(May 10 19:36
qu1j0t3but he warned usMay 10 19:36
qu1j0t3 May 10 19:36
TechrightsSocialTitle: Canadian Issues: You won’t recognize Canada when I get through with it | 404 System Error .::. Size~: 80.82 KBMay 10 19:36
eikonoscanadians are too complacentMay 10 19:38
qu1j0t3everybody isMay 10 19:38
qu1j0t3and that's the thesis of that column, actuallyMay 10 19:38
qu1j0t3scroll to the bottomMay 10 19:38
eikonosnot the frenchMay 10 19:38
eikonosthey'll protest anythingMay 10 19:38
qu1j0t3well the French are doing better yesMay 10 19:38
qu1j0t3all English speaking fuckers bought into this disasterMay 10 19:38
qu1j0t3UK, AU, CA, USA, all basket casesMay 10 19:38
eikonosyeahMay 10 19:38
qu1j0t3turns out language is the medium for transmitting fascismMay 10 19:39
qu1j0t3non-english speaking countries have an immune barrierMay 10 19:39
eikonosbut maybe things couldn't get better until they got so bad we needed to do somethingMay 10 19:39
qu1j0t3it's permeable, but the effort is greaterMay 10 19:39
eikonosthe french did have a revolutionMay 10 19:39
qu1j0t3eikonos: yepMay 10 19:39
eikonoswe need one of thoseMay 10 19:39
qu1j0t3we doMay 10 19:39
qu1j0t3again, that's how that column starts :)May 10 19:39
eikonosi read the headlineMay 10 19:39
qu1j0t3it starts with we need a Revolution and ends with "look in the mirror"May 10 19:39
eikonosi mean urlMay 10 19:39
qu1j0t3i cut out all the middleMay 10 19:40
qu1j0t3which is a catalogue of creeping fascismMay 10 19:40
MinceRi don't see that immune barrierMay 10 19:41
MinceRnot in hungary or in franceMay 10 19:42
qu1j0t3MinceR: i'm thinking more of Mexico and South AmericaMay 10 19:42
qu1j0t3which aren't immune to fascismMay 10 19:42
qu1j0t3but have a resistance to English speaking fascism (i.e. USA driven)May 10 19:42
MinceRno country seems immune to fascismMay 10 19:42
qu1j0t3they are not.May 10 19:42
MinceRit seems to be taking overMay 10 19:42
MinceRthe planetMay 10 19:42
qu1j0t3but I'm talking about a specific kindMay 10 19:43
qu1j0t3the English speaking kind May 10 19:43
qu1j0t3from USAMay 10 19:43
MinceRhow is that different?May 10 19:43
qu1j0t3it's harder to blanket the mediaMay 10 19:43
qu1j0t3if the country doesn't speak EnglishMay 10 19:43
qu1j0t3sure, it still happens, but slowerMay 10 19:43
qu1j0t3and by differnet meansMay 10 19:43
MinceRthe usa controls the eu as well, not all of which is english-speakingMay 10 19:43
qu1j0t3the first most potent means is English speaking media.May 10 19:43
qu1j0t3^^^May 10 19:43
qu1j0t3that's why UK fell firstMay 10 19:43
qu1j0t3MinceR: yes, that doesn't contradict anything i am saying.May 10 19:44
MinceRthey're connected by other means tooMay 10 19:44
qu1j0t3I know.May 10 19:44
qu1j0t3i've been studying this a long time :-)May 10 19:44
qu1j0t3the first most basic takeover is via the mediaMay 10 19:44
qu1j0t3in EnglishMay 10 19:44
qu1j0t3other means are employed elsewhereMay 10 19:44
qu1j0t3where you can't reach the population directly, you just bomb themMay 10 19:44
qu1j0t3the control of europe is easy to trace, anywayMay 10 19:45
qu1j0t3via NATO and backwardsMay 10 19:46
qu1j0t3through the warsMay 10 19:46
qu1j0t3it's well known historyMay 10 19:46
qu1j0t3i'm not really talking about that threadMay 10 19:46
qu1j0t3more New WorldMay 10 19:46
qu1j0t3to take over south america, they tried violence, not MurdochMay 10 19:46
qu1j0t3you can now reach the middle class of south america via TV< and this is workingMay 10 19:47
MinceRthere's also control via the UNMay 10 19:47
qu1j0t3there are more satellite dishes than houses with doors, in brazilMay 10 19:47
MinceR(WIPO, for example)May 10 19:47
eikonosit should be illegal for our govts to negotiate secret treatiesMay 10 19:49
eikonosits un-fucking-democraticMay 10 19:49
MinceRindeedMay 10 19:49
eikonoscompletely and obviously against the very principleMay 10 19:49
qu1j0t3+1May 10 19:50
qu1j0t3we're a LONG way down this rabbit holeMay 10 19:50
qu1j0t3in canada this now happens without parliamentMay 10 19:50
qu1j0t3FIPPA is the shining exampleMay 10 19:50
qu1j0t3that's a lost war, to china, on paper. while harper celebrates the fucking 1812 war May 10 19:51
XFaCEqu1j0t3: and TPPMay 10 19:51
XFaCE 10 19:51
TechrightsSocialTitle: Michael Geist - Canadian Government Establishes Two-Tier Approach for Trade Talks: Insiders and Everyone Else .::. Size~: 53.4 KBMay 10 19:52
qu1j0t3yeahMay 10 19:53
qu1j0t3and a thousand other crimesMay 10 19:53
schestowitz" 1&1 were my first web-hosting company. They called in debt collectors when I refused to pay them for a service they weren't giving me. Read up before choosing a hosting company, but that's neither here nor there ;) " 10 21:32
TechrightsSocialTitle: 301 redirect with 1&1 Apache Web Server forum at WebmasterWorld .::. Size~: 11.19 KBMay 10 21:32
schestowitzThey suckMay 10 21:32
schestowitzno option for 301 redirect for merging in case of www canonical dupesMay 10 21:33
schestowitzand even cpanel has that built inMay 10 21:33
schestowitz 10 21:34
TechrightsSocialTitle: How can I do a 301 redirect on 1and1 my website personal? - Yahoo! Answers .::. Size~: 57.3 KBMay 10 21:34
schestowitzme: "I have come to section IV in the Word file, but I cannot complete III so easily because 1&1's panel does not give the options cPanel et al. include to deal with canonical forms. I did some searching on the Web (other people having similar issues) and I also put .htaccess files with redirections instructions (see below), but 1&1 seems to take no notice of them. Is MOD_REWRITE (or whatever Apache mods are relavant) enabledMay 10 21:43
schestowitzby 1&1? If not, manual page-by-page editing may be needed, either at anchor level (changing links) or meta/head, so as to rewrite each page request as per link. With a migration to Drupal it would be a lot simpler, e.g. editing the page/article template."May 10 21:43

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