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*Topic for #boycottnovell-social is: | Channel #boycottnovell-social for | Communication about anything, including Microsoft, Novell, and Free software :: please also join channels #techrights and #boycottnovellApr 15 00:28
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schestowitz 15 01:43 Testing embedded pics.. ![Alt Text]( 15 01:43
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schestowitzHitler wasn't for gun control. The opposite is true. This reminds me that many theists say he was an Atheist even though he did a lot of what he did with Christianity on his side (unlike Stalin).Apr 15 01:43
schestowitz 15 01:44 In neo-Soviet classroom? Books that read people #surveillance #stalin #dreamApr 15 01:44
schestowitz"Apr 15 01:45
schestowitzIn Soviet Russia, students read books!Apr 15 01:45
TechrightsSocial-> Title: Log In - The New York Times .::. Size~: 10.51 KBApr 15 01:45
schestowitzIn post-national Globalism, books read You! Such is life in Moscow.Apr 15 01:45
schestowitz"Apr 15 01:45
schestowitz"Apr 15 01:46
schestowitzI must read more - the girl with the dragon tattoo was good and the trilogy is hard to put down once you have read one ...... need to find more books like that - but unfortunately the author died - think he got a little to close to the TRUTH in Sweden .... who knows ... but the head of the Police was arrested on a similar line of events .... just coincidence maybe . ( but well worth the read and drawing parallels is not hard Apr 15 01:46
schestowitzto do .... )Apr 15 01:46
schestowitzNever had a book read me yet - as far as I know ... and not got a ipad or kindle.Apr 15 01:46
schestowitz"Apr 15 01:46
schestowitz 15 01:47 Where should we tilt the public budget? War industry (killing poor people who disobey plutocrats' will) or neglected poor people (welfare)?Apr 15 01:47
schestowitz"Apr 15 01:48
schestowitzWell, in the economic zones that develop toys and life-extension technology for said plutocrats (and the robotics/software to replace said pesky upper working class professionals needed for such things), you pay just enough welfare to the urchins to keep them from mobbing the worker-bees outside Starbucks (and to prevent a crisis of consciousness), then, leverage the poor to kill themselves until the robots are ready to wipe Apr 15 01:48
schestowitzthe entire slate clean outside of the special economic zones.Apr 15 01:48
schestowitz#NWOApr 15 01:48
schestowitzOh, totally forgot to mention the other temp workers needed to manage perception, manufacture consent, make suicide nets and bobbles, spy, enforce, guard, imprison, spin, obfuscate and stock the white-slave trade (women and children).Apr 15 01:48
schestowitz"Apr 15 01:48
schestowitz 15 04:52 ![obama]( #Obama #money #debts #finance #USA #kids #children #dollar #fail #system #capitalism #economyApr 15 04:52
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schestowitz 15 07:37 #Bitcoin crashes, losing nearly half of its value in six hours but let's not forget the steep climbApr 15 07:37
TechrightsSocial-> Title: Bitcoin crashes, losing nearly half of its value in six hours | Ars Technica .::. Size~: 38.88 KBApr 15 07:37
schestowitz"Value is a subjective term. bitcoin has lost none of it's value for me. If you're a speculator, you deserve what you get. Bitcoin isn't a commodity, it has no use except as money, so buying it as an speculative investment is a fools game, particularly if you are seeking to turn it back into Statist fiat. Buy bitcoin only if you seek to use it as money and only if you don't intend to trade it back into fiat. I own a lot of Apr 15 07:39
schestowitzbitcoins and these charts for me are meaningless as I don't give a ** what the price of BTC in $ is. I own bitcoin as I believe it is a better form of money and, in time, access and ease of use will dramatically improve. As it slowly grows in uptake, it shall gain stability through the complexity of the marketplace and the desire of those who use it to pit the speculators against themselves.""Apr 15 07:39
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MinceR 15 15:12
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schestowitzThings I haven't found time to keep track of in recent years: Novell, Microsoft, copyright cartel news. Things I failed to keep up with in past weekend: diaspora, buying tablets, exercise, sleep. Need vacation... one more week to go. Plan is to go swim with dolphins, not booked yet.Apr 15 15:22
schestowitz 15 15:23 "Real news" (it says so) #cher #mirror #uk #tabloid #thatcherApr 15 15:23
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qu1j0t3 15 19:45
TechrightsSocial@newsycombinator: Linode hacked, CCs and passwords leaked 15 19:45
TechrightsSocial-> Title: Linode hacked, CCs and passwords leaked - Slashdot .::. Size~: 56.39 KBApr 15 19:45
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003612 8/<g:/ 9/XFaCEg8/>g equ1j0t3: well
003617 8/<g:/ 9/XFaCEg8/>g eI said trudeau would win in 2011
003621 8/<g:/ 9/XFaCEg8/>g eand there we go

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