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IRC: #boycottnovell-social @ FreeNode: May 19th, 2013

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qu1j0t3schestowitz: sounds like Lanier. He often makes the point that the 'net was public funded (not private) from the outset and all the billionaires (zuck, bezos, page, etc) piggyback off it.May 19 00:57
schestowitz 19 01:06 reshared: #humor #pz_humorMay 19 01:06
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schestowitz"May 19 01:06
schestowitzCan you imagine what it must look like to whoever she has sex with? Watch that gif again after reading this...May 19 01:06
schestowitzScary.May 19 01:06
schestowitz"May 19 01:06
schestowitz 19 01:07 reshared: #righttoknow #gmoMay 19 01:07
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schestowitz"...or they've passed laws banning the producers from labelling their food as non-gmo (whoops! how did that happen?)"May 19 01:07
schestowitz"May 19 01:11
schestowitzFunny thing about names. You name someone Truth, turns out to be a lair. You name someone Brave, turns out to be a coward. And so it goes.May 19 01:11
schestowitzIf LA was to mention what is great about Linux along with what is not so great, I think most Linux users would be more appreciative. But to totally concentrate and exaggerate things that are bad makes it obvious that "Linux Executioners" is more indicative and telling name of what the LA site is all about.May 19 01:12
schestowitz"May 19 01:12
schestowitz"May 19 01:13
schestowitz>> p.s.: I should be writing, at least as a guest, on Linux Advocates shortly.May 19 01:13
schestowitzGreat! Now vampire Dietrich can Live again through using you, the admitted BloodRed Hat advocate, to suck out more clicks for the LA site *he* owns (indirect link-baiting?), as well as to provide a certain degree of cloaking for his selectively eliminating any and all rationally discoursing comments he happens to disapprove of, e.g., those of Schestowitz and lietkynes above. Fangs alot, caitlyn! ;|May 19 01:13
schestowitzp.s. to others: When, oh when, will she ever learn?May 19 01:13
schestowitz2c on this.May 19 01:13
schestowitz"May 19 01:13
schestowitz"All Linux advocates in the site (except Ken) have left. Caitlyn should be careful to agree with the freeloader (of articles) 100% of the time. If at one time she does not, e.g. if she says "Fab is not a troll" (after Schmitz decided to troll and attack him publicly), then she's out, account suspended! Some people refuse to learn from the experience of others."May 19 01:19
schestowitz-meMay 19 01:19
schestowitz"May 19 01:19
schestowitz.... hmmm, seems to me as if one of Mister Schmitz's new discussion-squelching tactics on LA besides doing direct Link-Baiting is to get ANOTHER writer, this time around caitlyn, to do his dirty work. Sorta like a proxy service here.... he still has the leverage of selectively deleting comments anywhere on the blog *he* owns with which he happens to disagree, e.g., like thenixedreport's above.May 19 01:19
schestowitzA Daffy Duck DITHHHPICABLE is what I say!May 19 01:19
schestowitz"May 19 01:19
schestowitz"May 19 01:20
schestowitzWhatever the actual pedantic definition of censorship is, it is obvious to me that LA Schmitz still CLEARLY prefers Link-Baiting and deleting comments from his own blog with which he disagrees, rather than debasing himself to actually respond within LXer using rational points of discussion.... at least so far to date. I even doubt that I'm the only one who expects him to post YET ANOTHER link bait like that which stimulated May 19 01:20
schestowitzthe whole 'Vocal minority' thread over the last day or so.May 19 01:20
schestowitzNext one sure to arrive any day now.......May 19 01:20
schestowitz"May 19 01:20
schestowitz"If Schmitz manages to pseudo-""censor-out"" comments he happens to find distasteful even on *caitlyn's* writings at Linux Advocates (like he did to schestowitz above) and readers avoid even caitlyn's writings on the site 'cause of this, then would this avoidance be GIRLcotting rather than Boycotting LA?? ;D"May 19 01:22
schestowitzI, like Caitlyn, disregarded advice from 3 Linux advocates and carried on writing until one day I made the "offence" of defending a fellow Linux advocate, FabMay 19 01:23
schestowitz 19 01:25
TechrightsSocial@chasebockman: @schestowitz Indeed : )( :May 19 01:25
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qu1j0t3schestowitz: a new form of robbery... May 19 02:49
TechrightsSocialTitle: UK Consumers Reporting Contactless Payment Errors - Slashdot .::. Size~: 271.05 KBMay 19 02:49
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schestowitzme: @support #identica has always been timing out when trying to download my data. "The service is temporarily unavailable."May 19 09:29
schestowitz 19 09:30 reshared: seriously considering this :DMay 19 09:30
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schestowitz"What a brilliant idea for a courtyard or balcony."May 19 09:30
schestowitz 19 09:31 Strongbox and Aaron #Swartz oddly enough from #wikileaks foe, Kevin PoulsenMay 19 09:31
TechrightsSocial-> Title: Strongbox and Aaron Swartz : The New Yorker .::. Size~: 112.14 KBMay 19 09:31
schestowitz 19 09:31
TechrightsSocialTitle: The worsening journalistic disgrace at Wired - .::. Size~: 170.26 KBMay 19 09:31
schestowitz 19 10:03
TechrightsSocialTitle: Snapchats Don't Disappear: Forensics Firm Has Pulled Dozens of Supposedly-Deleted Photos From Android Phones - Forbes .::. Size~: 111.13 KBMay 19 10:03
schestowitz 19 10:51
TechrightsSocialTitle: Facebook's General Counsel Ullyot to Depart the Company - Kara Swisher - Social - AllThingsD .::. Size~: 61.83 KBMay 19 10:51
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qu1j0t3eikonos:  great read 19 18:18
TechrightsSocialTitle: From Hooligan: How I Got Kicked Out of the Supreme Court | James BovardJames Bovard .::. Size~: 75.72 KBMay 19 18:18
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schestowitz"I think the good Doctor has already raised this point previously - these tax proceeds would go to the labels by in large, not the artists, and would be enforced politically (not fake left-right, but top-down)."May 19 20:18
schestowitz 19 20:18 reshared: #Copyright cartel extortion labelled ‘Culture Tax’ (euphemism) 19 20:18
TechrightsSocial-> Title: Apple Inc. (AAPL) Could Be Subject To 'Culture Tax' In France .::. Size~: 76.15 KBMay 19 20:18
schestowitz 19 20:18 reshared: Biometric Database of All Adult Americans Hidden in Immigration Reform population controlMay 19 20:18
TechrightsSocial-> Title: Biometric Database of All Adult Americans Hidden in Immigration Reform | Threat Level | .::. Size~: 118.99 KBMay 19 20:18
schestowitz"It's for our safety."May 19 20:18
schestowitzJob Creators...May 19 20:18
schestowitz… "No wonder there are no girls left in D*. Why not tag it appropriately?"May 19 21:14
schestowitzfrom sfw: 19 21:15 #photo #foto © #robert #sterling #herronMay 19 21:15
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qu1j0t3:[May 19 21:18
qu1j0t3watMay 19 21:19
schestowitz"Whatever... :)"May 19 21:23
qu1j0t3what?May 19 21:23
qu1j0t3somebody responded with.. Whatever?May 19 21:23
schestowitzMy timeline is filled with about 4 NSFW things right now, none of which tagged NSFW. I can see why this may actually reduce the appeal of the site.May 19 21:23
qu1j0t3somebody needs a fist to the balls and a quick banning.May 19 21:23
schestowitz"Oops...I reshared a similar photo. Time to figure out NSFW"May 19 21:24
qu1j0t3rightMay 19 21:24
qu1j0t3rules without enforcement don't work with the current version of humans.May 19 21:24
schestowitzWhen the wife is around I don't want vaginas, tits, strippers and others hanging about unexpectedly just because I follow people who don't make use of tags. In general, I limit myself to bikinis at the furthest, unless it's art-related. May 19 21:25
schestowitz 19 21:27
TechrightsSocial@laurelrusswurm (laurelrusswurm)'s status on Sunday, 19-May-13 20:22:17 UTC - @schestowitz perhaps not.  If Yahoo poisons #Tumblr it would make buying it pointless.May 19 21:27
TechrightsSocial@Satipera (satipera)'s status on Sunday, 19-May-13 20:16:16 UTC - @Schestowitz Is Techrights down?May 19 21:27
schestowitz 19 21:30
TechrightsSocial@laurelrusswurm: @schestowitz perhaps not.  If Yahoo poisons #Tumblr it would make buying it pointless.May 19 21:30
schestowitz"Looks pretty safe to me lol"May 19 21:31
schestowitz 19 21:32
TechrightsSocial@حالة lnxwalt (lnxwalt280) (lnxwalt280) في يوم Sunday, 19-May-13 20:28:15 UTC - 280: @laurelrusswurm @schestowitz Yahoo is where companies go to die. So far, Flickr is the exception.May 19 21:32
schestowitzRobert Sterling Herron is pretty much art related: 19 21:36
TechrightsSocialTitle: Robert Herron - Hello .::. Size~: 18.55 KBMay 19 21:36
schestowitz"How do you make a post NSFW?"May 19 21:36
schestowitz21:34] <schestowitz> any maintenance ongoing? I cannot reach the site via HTTP, but SSH and pinging from the server work fine.May 19 21:37
schestowitz[21:35] <schestowitz> copilotco dot com - sameMay 19 21:37
schestowitz"You can use the tag #nfsw when posting."May 19 21:40
schestowitz 19 21:58
TechrightsSocialTitle: Open Source Code Makes Google Apps a Cinch .::. Size~: 47.47 KBMay 19 21:58
schestowitzWHy are they picking on Google and not Microsoft  or APple?May 19 21:59
schestowitz 19 22:00
TechrightsSocial@Jose R Rodriguez (metztli)'s status on Sunday, 19-May-13 20:52:32 UTC - Eric #Schmidt may snub David #Cameron over Google's House of Commons grilling ♺ @Independent @schestowitzMay 19 22:00
TechrightsSocial-> Title: Google boss Eric Schmidt may snub David Cameron over company's House of Commons grilling - UK Politics - UK - The Independent .::. Size~: 133.53 KBMay 19 22:00
schestowitzWhy are they picking on Google and not Microsoft  or Aaple?May 19 22:00
schestowitz 19 22:13
TechrightsSocialTitle: NO TITLE .::. Size~: 8.83 KBMay 19 22:13
schestowitz 19 22:30
TechrightsSocial@Jose R Rodriguez (metztli)'s status on Sunday, 19-May-13 21:18:09 UTC - In "'creation myth' of capitalist patriarchy", rich & powerful men like #BillGates own life through #patents & #IP 19 22:30
TechrightsSocial-> Title: We don't need GM bananas for iron deficiency   - Opinion - Al Jazeera English .::. Size~: 115.99 KBMay 19 22:30
schestowitzI just saw an article which paints him with the gek mythMay 19 22:30
schestowitz 19 22:53
TechrightsSocial@Kuro Sawai (kuro)'s status on Sunday, 19-May-13 21:38:43 UTC - In the century of economic warfare the !USA treat  their citizens like enemies in former wars. What do you think?May 19 22:53
schestowitz 19 22:53
schestowitz"May 19 22:53 reshared: #man who #stripped #naked in #airport to #protest #tsa found #not #guilty of #public #indecency. 19 22:53
TechrightsSocial  Photo by 19 22:53
TechrightsSocial-> Title: Portland's airport stripper John Brennan convinces judge nudity was protest against TSA | .::. Size~: 100.27 KBMay 19 22:53
schestowitzWTF is public indecendy? come on, USA. Searching through people's private lives, treating everyone as a potential terrorist IS HUGE INDECENCY. USA's version of "democracy" is completely flipped-out democracy, almost totalitarian, with the everlasting excuse: "we protect you from the bad guys. Give up all your rights".May 19 22:53
schestowitzIt's imperialism combined with totalitarist approach.May 19 22:53
schestowitzBravo for this brave man.May 19 22:53
schestowitz"May 19 22:53
schestowitz 19 23:23
TechrightsSocial@Kuro Sawai (kuro)'s status on Sunday, 19-May-13 21:38:43 UTC - In the century of economic warfare the !USA treat  their citizens like enemies in former wars. What do you think?May 19 23:23
schestowitz 19 23:24 reshared: #syrian #swanlake #photo #foto © #moustafa #jacoubMay 19 23:24
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schestowitz"should have a 'noted' not a 'like' a la fairybook"May 19 23:24
schestowitz May 19 23:47
TechrightsSocialTitle: A Facebook Update In Real Life - YouTube .::. Size~: 212.13 KBMay 19 23:47
schestowitzLOLMay 19 23:47
schestowitzthat's why it's better to host one's own stuffMay 19 23:47
schestowitz[21:34] <schestowitz> any maintenance ongoing? I cannot reach the site via HTTP, but SSH and pinging from the server work fine.May 19 23:47
schestowitz[21:35] <schestowitz> copilotco dot com - sameMay 19 23:47
qu1j0t3host your own stuff?May 19 23:48
qu1j0t3i guess soMay 19 23:48

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