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qu1j0t3schestowitz: Pearson is one of the scammers that Gates Foundation works with.. Apr 21 00:42
TechrightsSocialTitle: Statistical Errors Keep 4700 K-3rd Students From NYC 'Gifted' Programs - Slashdot .::. Size~: 287.25 KBApr 21 00:42
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qu1j0t3schestowitz: 21 03:36
TechrightsSocial@SethTisue: “[the shutdown of Boston] trains a population to freak out over minor risk and to trust blindly in authorities” 21 03:36
TechrightsSocial-> Title: security theater, martial law, and a tale that trumps every cop-and-donut joke you've ever heard | Popehat .::. Size~: 203.26 KBApr 21 03:36
qu1j0t3 21 03:39
TechrightsSocial@JamesGleick: More than 80,000 people have Followed Dzhokhar Tsarnaev in the last 24 hours. Is it because they think he's about to start tweeting?Apr 21 03:39
qu1j0t3schestowitz: 21 05:45
TechrightsSocial@Ingeborgborg: @ggreenwald Post July 22nd, Norway gave Breivik a good lawyer, a fair trial and human punishment. He took 77 lives, but we kept our dignity.Apr 21 05:45
schestowitz 21 12:14 #Archos intros affordable smartphone threesome the company is a longtime supporter of #LinuxApr 21 12:14
TechrightsSocial-> Title: Archos intros affordable smartphone threesome .::. Size~: 60.17 KBApr 21 12:14
schestowitz"Apr 21 12:14
schestowitzExactly. The problem is they assume most people are too ignorant to care about "technical stuff". In other words: they think we're dumb. And most people don't really care. Apr 21 12:14
schestowitzAnyhow, even with "full" info on a back it's still not really a full info. It is usually very general info about "technology behind series A/X", not about specific manufacturer, or even architecture.Apr 21 12:14
schestowitz"Apr 21 12:14
schestowitz"I hope they stop that kind of stuff soon. It's not just x86 anymore. Architecture is important."Apr 21 12:14
schestowitz"Of course it is. I've spent countless hours trying to figure out exact arch and and type of the CPU used in one of the tablets I wanted to buy. So yeah, it's that bad."Apr 21 12:14
schestowitz 21 12:15 You see? You can be religious but not an asshole. #atheism #atheist #religion #jew #judaism #hasidic #hasidism #jesus #god #rightsApr 21 12:15
TechrightsSocial  Photo by 21 12:15
schestowitz"There is nothing inherently cruel about kosher slaughter... in actuality, cruelty to animals is completely against halakah. Jews can't even go hunting if they stay completely kosher. Cruelty in kosher slaughterhouses is chillul hashem (an insult to God), but sadly happens..."Apr 21 12:15
schestowitz 21 12:35 You see? You can be religious but not an asshole. #atheism #atheist #religion #jew #judaism #hasidic #hasidism #jesus #god #rightsApr 21 12:35
TechrightsSocial  Photo by 21 12:35
schestowitz"Apr 21 12:35
schestowitzif a man actually practices his beliefs, and teaches people by example, instead of preaching to them   Apr 21 12:35
schestowitzthen i think he is a good man, even if i don't agree with his waysApr 21 12:35
schestowitz"Apr 21 12:35
schestowitz"Apr 21 12:35
schestowitzif a man actually practices his beliefs, and teaches people by example, instead of preaching to them   Apr 21 12:35
schestowitzthen i think he is a good man, even if i don't agree with his waysApr 21 12:35
schestowitz"Apr 21 12:35
schestowitz"You can just choose to be really passive-aggressive about it."Apr 21 12:35
schestowitz 21 12:36 #Apple Finally Reveals How Long #Siri Keeps Your Data #apple listens to users. #privacyApr 21 12:36
TechrightsSocial-> Title: Apple Finally Reveals How Long Siri Keeps Your Data | Wired Enterprise | .::. Size~: 118.3 KBApr 21 12:36
schestowitz"The answer is: way too long. Actually, they should only keep it as long as the processing of the message/instruction goes. No more than that. And no, they don't need it to improve their services for other users using these very recorded messages. This could be always achieved by saving results to the text files with logical "0" or "1". Keeping the whole recorded voice instructions doesn't make any logical sense, because it Apr 21 12:37
schestowitzneeds to be pre-processed again everytime you want to use it [... in order to "improve" other people's service]. Thus, the real reason they keep it so long has nothing to do with usability/service improvement."Apr 21 12:37
schestowitz"Who else will be receiving your data in those 2 years? And how long will they keep it?"Apr 21 12:37
schestowitz 21 12:47 #ibm was lobbying for #cispa like it lobbies for #swpats (software patents) also helped Nazis count political prisoners...Apr 21 12:47
schestowitz"Godwin point !"Apr 21 12:47
TechrightsSocial-> Title: IBM executives head to Washington to press lawmakers on cybersecurity bill - The Hill's Hillicon Valley .::. Size~: 75.19 KBApr 21 12:47
schestowitzIt's different from Godwin's LawApr 21 12:48
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schestowitz 21 14:11 Lucas Nussbaum is new Debian leader #debian #gnu #linux #bsdApr 21 14:11
TechrightsSocial-> Title: Lucas Nussbaum is new Debian leader .::. Size~: 135.33 KBApr 21 14:11
schestowitz"Very well. I don't know this man, but he was elected by community in a democratic way, so I have no problem with that. Let's hope he'll serve a great DPL!"Apr 21 14:11
qu1j0t3schestowitz: 21 16:35
TechrightsSocial@SYoungReports: While you were fixated on the Boston manhunt, US House of Reps passed a bill to allow warrantless wiretapping of electronic communications.Apr 21 16:35
qu1j0t3 21 17:27
TechrightsSocial@sergeybratus: One part of being party media is losing the ability to cover actual news. Worked for Pravda, works for CNN.Apr 21 17:27
schestowitz 21 17:44 Computers Are Not Darwin Machines #evolution #fossApr 21 17:44
TechrightsSocial-> Title: Computers Are Not Darwin Machines - Evolution News & Views .::. Size~: 28.66 KBApr 21 17:44
schestowitz"Apr 21 17:44
schestowitzlol!Apr 21 17:44
schestowitzand then if we say to others that evolution news is a trap, we sound like we're saying evolution is a trap, thus falling further into their trap. So we gotta keep our traps shut to avoid the trap.Apr 21 17:44
schestowitz"Apr 21 17:44
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qu1j0t3 21 17:59
TechrightsSocial@SenSanders: No one who is serious about protecting the future of our planet and reversing global warming could support the #KeystoneXL pipeline. #NoKXLApr 21 17:59
qu1j0t3 21 18:01
TechrightsSocialTitle: Maslow XXI C. - Boing Boing .::. Size~: 55.49 KBApr 21 18:01
schestowitzMinceR: I'm away till May. If your IRC client logs this channel, then I'll just ask for the logs next month for the online logs to be complete. I have ISP issues. Thanks.Apr 21 18:02
qu1j0t3schestowitz: bon journéeApr 21 18:12
qu1j0t3bonne*Apr 21 18:12
MinceRschestowitz: i'm logging, i'll give you logs on request. have fun.Apr 21 18:18
qu1j0t3 21 18:22
TechrightsSocialTitle: discarded image|discarding images (FB’s facial recognition…  (St. Ursula and her...) .::. Size~: 75.92 KBApr 21 18:22
schestowitz 21 18:29
TechrightsSocial@Metztli_IT: ♺ @schestowitz Another #GNU/ #Linux #Gentoo Hardened month has passed Wow! Exciting title ;-) #securityApr 21 18:29
TechrightsSocial-> Title: Another Gentoo Hardened month has passed | Simplicity is a form of art… .::. Size~: 19.19 KBApr 21 18:30
schestowitz 21 18:30
TechrightsSocial@candtalan: .@schestowitz @Ingeborgborg And you kept your civillisationApr 21 18:30
schestowitzfuuuuuu http://portsaid-su 21 18:54
TechrightsSocialCouldn't resolve host 'portsaid-suhttp:' ( http://portsaid-su )Apr 21 18:54
schestowitz 21 18:54
TechrightsSocialTitle: Port Said_Suez Canal: Biggest Ship In The World .::. Size~: 71.01 KBApr 21 18:54
qu1j0t3 the blue eyesApr 21 19:28
TechrightsSocialTitle: Werner-von-Braun-TIME-Feb-17,-1958 | Flickr - Photo Sharing! .::. Size~: 218.32 KBApr 21 19:28
schestowitzpost-whitewashApr 21 19:39
schestowitzafter he had helped bomb LondonApr 21 19:39
qu1j0t3yeahApr 21 19:47
qu1j0t3but the blue eyesApr 21 19:47
schestowitz> Hi, Roy,Apr 21 20:26
schestowitz> Apr 21 20:26
schestowitz> Have a good vacation this week and next.Apr 21 20:26
schestowitz> Apr 21 20:26
schestowitz> We're getting the long days already.  It's 10-ish and still light out.Apr 21 20:26
schestowitzIn Finland it must be getting as late as midnight with still some light in sight. Here it's around 10:30 at the latest, even though some days I could see it approaching 11 and still seeing some light over the horizon (depends on pollution and weather).Apr 21 20:26
schestowitzExpecting to have 36 or so degrees next week. Manchester has been cold until recently. I am leaving later tonight.Apr 21 20:26
schestowitzqu1j0t3: not blue?Apr 21 20:26
schestowitzDId they modify it?Apr 21 20:26
schestowitz 21 20:28 Computers Are Not Darwin Machines #evolution #fossApr 21 20:28
schestowitz"So the creationists have gone meta?"Apr 21 20:28
TechrightsSocial-> Title: Computers Are Not Darwin Machines - Evolution News & Views .::. Size~: 28.66 KBApr 21 20:28
schestowitzqu1j0t3: "Conquering space for NASA."Apr 21 20:33
schestowitzLOLApr 21 20:33
schestowitzNASIApr 21 20:33
schestowitzthey post-Nazi brain drainApr 21 20:34
schestowitzthe Soviets and CIA fought over who gets whatApr 21 20:34
MinceR 21 21:06
TechrightsSocialNot a web page! Aborting image/jpeg typeApr 21 21:06
qu1j0t3schestowitz: i think they emphasised itApr 21 21:10
qu1j0t3schestowitz: ironic really given the cliché of blond-blue-eyed AryanApr 21 21:10
qu1j0t3schestowitz: i think the entire motive of the TIME piece was to cement his image as 'one of US'Apr 21 21:10
qu1j0t3schestowitz: I expect the text follows this Apr 21 21:10
qu1j0t3schestowitz: would be interesting to analyseApr 21 21:10
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qu1j0t3XFaCE: 21 22:51
TechrightsSocialTitle: Bring back the trains, St. Marys musician pleads to Via Rail | Toronto Star .::. Size~: 69.18 KBApr 21 22:51
qu1j0t3  "longtime sport shooting advocate Gerry Gamble says the Conservatives have decided to start keeping their gun reforms low key so as not to inflame the non-gun-owning public.Apr 21 22:54
qu1j0t3The Coalition for Gun Control predicts that ending the gun registry will result in more gun crime and says Conservatives with an eye on the next federal election are worried about the optics of dancing on the registry’s grave.Apr 21 22:54
qu1j0t3 Apr 21 22:54
TechrightsSocialTitle: Tories yanked media splash on the eve of destroying gun registry data | Toronto Star .::. Size~: 62.25 KBApr 21 22:54
qu1j0t3Fuck HarperApr 21 22:54
MinceRbut use protectionApr 21 22:55
qu1j0t3yes, i'll wear goggles and be holding a chainsawApr 21 22:56
MinceR:)Apr 21 22:58
qu1j0t3 Apr 21 23:13
TechrightsSocial@ImranRaja123: “@guardian: Last British resident in Guantánamo 'may never be allowed home'” @georgegallowayApr 21 23:13
TechrightsSocial-> Title: Twitter / ? .::. Size~: 22.84 KBApr 21 23:13
qu1j0t3 Apr 21 23:14
TechrightsSocial@soniafaleiro: No apology for the family of #SunilTripathi from media outlets that claimed he was the #Boston bomber. 21 23:14
TechrightsSocial-> Title: My Innocent Brother Was Made Into a Bombing Suspect: Sunil Tripathi's Sister Speaks | Mother Jones .::. Size~: 88.81 KBApr 21 23:14
qu1j0t3 Apr 21 23:21
TechrightsSocial@irevolt: Going from having suspects to LET'S WATERBOARD HIM MAKE HIM TALK SEND HIM TO GITMO HE'S NOT A 'REAL' AMERICAN NO TRIAL JUST KILL HIM #MuricaApr 21 23:21

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