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schestowitz 21 18:48 Pizza casing 21 18:48
schestowitz""I hack on pizzas!""Jun 21 18:48
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schestowitz 21 18:49 How to fight PRISM his PC got backdoored by the governmentJun 21 18:49
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schestowitz"Strange. Firefox doesn't want to open GIF files as a next tab."Jun 21 18:49
schestowitz 21 18:49 Human nature 21 18:49
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schestowitz"Steve seems to be a decent man. It's really not his fault that this technology is being used by people against other people. It's just human nature"Jun 21 18:49
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schestowitz 21 19:16
TechrightsBotTitle: GCHQ taps fibre-optic cables for secret access to world's communications | UK news | .::. Size~: 132.8 KBJun 21 19:16
schestowitz:"I think they're working under the premise that everyone is guilty until proven innocent, after lengthy surveillance.......A bit like the Stasi."Jun 21 19:16
schestowitz"The thing that surprises me most about this is that everyone is surprised that the internet is being used to spy on us. After all, who invented the internet?"Jun 21 19:16
schestowitz"That's not the issue. The point is the scale of it, the fact that it is being done in a blanket manner, without any democratic safeguards or supervision. Yes, many of us figured it was going on, but now we not only know for sure, we also know the extent of it. The question is, now that we are all suspects, what do we want to do about it?"Jun 21 19:16
schestowitz"Absolutely unbelievable. And here we are supposed to be living in a democracy."Jun 21 19:17
schestowitz"Jun 21 19:53
schestowitzThis is true but there is more to corporate intrusion than advertising. The more exposure to commercial TV my kids have, the more helpless they seem. The attitude of, "I'm bored, someone do something for me," is baked into the programming itself. You can see the same criticism of entertainment and public meeting spaces all the way back at the Athenian agora, and similar motives were at play, but today Disney and others have all the Jun 21 19:53
schestowitzadvantages of broadcast, the scientific method and vast resources to expend on both. I'm happy to say that my kids are still able to entertain themselves all day with nothing more than each other and an open field.Jun 21 19:53
schestowitzhttp:// 21 19:53
schestowitz"Jun 21 19:53
schestowitz"Oh yeah, the corporate jerks are also perverting education the same way. I've seen charter schools using collective punishment but all schools are flooded with messages of fear and panic. There's a big difference between that and the message of Girl Scouts, which is a bit authoritarian much healthier."Jun 21 19:53
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