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schestowitz 26 01:23
TechrightsSocial@Patrick Vossen (pdvossen)'s status on Saturday, 25-May-13 23:46:13 UTC - Yes, it is frustrating.May 26 01:23
TechrightsSocialNot a dent?May 26 01:23
schestowitz 26 01:23
TechrightsSocial@Patrick Vossen (pdvossen)'s status on Saturday, 25-May-13 23:49:28 UTC - I am actually hoping with Google Chrome or Chromium that we will see that adobe flash will become unnecessary in the future.May 26 01:23
schestowitz 26 01:23 My Fav Desktop 2013 kde is wipes the floor with the restMay 26 01:23
TechrightsSocial-> Title: My Fav Desktop 2013 | .::. Size~: 29.23 KBMay 26 01:23
schestowitz"XFCE and OpenBox forever..."May 26 01:23
*schestowitz has quit (Quit: Konversation term)May 26 01:24
XFaCE[08:37:39 PM]<schestowitz> "XFCE and OpenBox forever..." {05/25/13 [08:23:52 PM]}May 26 02:06
XFaCEdamn straight royMay 26 02:06
XFaCEopenbox is canadian after all ;)May 26 02:06
qu1j0t3XFaCE: hiMay 26 02:12
XFaCEqu1j0t3: hiMay 26 02:12
*schestowitz (~schestowi@unaffiliated/schestowitz) has joined #boycottnovell-socialMay 26 02:17
schestowitzUS hypocrisy 26 02:18
TechrightsSocialTitle: Chinese hackers who breached Google gained access to sensitive data, U.S. officials say - The Washington Post .::. Size~: 203.09 KBMay 26 02:18
schestowitz 26 02:26 A New X.Org-Free Wayland LiveCD Released #wayland #gnu #linuxMay 26 02:26
TechrightsSocial-> Title: [Phoronix] A New X.Org-Free Wayland LiveCD Released .::. Size~: 19.94 KBMay 26 02:26
schestowitz"I'm happy with X"May 26 02:26
schestowitz 26 02:26 News service served with cease and desist after server access #candd #scripps #YourTelMay 26 02:26
TechrightsSocial-> Title: News service served with cease and desist after server access - The H Security: News and Features .::. Size~: 56.78 KBMay 26 02:26
schestowitz"yet another attack on whisteblowers/journalists acting in the public interest."May 26 02:26
schestowitzNew Linux FUD from "Linux Advocates" 26 02:27
TechrightsSocialTitle: A Failing Grade for Ubuntu 13.04 Raring Ringtail From Dedoimedo ~ Linux Advocates .::. Size~: 234.58 KBMay 26 02:27
schestowitz 26 02:50
TechrightsSocialTitle: Scalia questions CTIA’s ‘secret’ identity - In the Loop - The Washington Post .::. Size~: 166.29 KBMay 26 02:50
schestowitzPJ: Another scary example of judicial technical cluelessness. CTIA has been around since 1984, and for sure Justice Scalia could have noticed that 'CTIA - The Wireless Association' is trademarked. Note the R in a circle? So had he bothered to check, he'd have realized that it's no secret what it stands for, as the owner of the registrant owner of the mark is listed as the Cellular Telecommunications & Internet Association. May 26 02:50
schestowitzBut how clueless do you need to be not to know what CTIA is? I seriously hope that courts decide to take this problem by the horns and realize that they do need help to understand technology, so they don't make even more serious errors when deciding issues they do not on their own understand."May 26 02:50
*qu1j0t3 doesn't know what CTIA isMay 26 02:50
schestowitz 26 03:20 "Truly disgraceful behaviour by the Swiss authorities." in Switzerland, banks run the nation (also abroad, see Romney funders)May 26 03:20
schestowitz"Banks rule the world..."May 26 03:20
TechrightsSocial-> Title: Craig Murray  » Blog Archive   » Looking for Gulnara .::. Size~: 59.86 KBMay 26 03:20
schestowitzMore so where bans are the main industryMay 26 03:20
schestowitzqu1j0t3: I didn't know what it was eitherMay 26 03:20
qu1j0t3Gulnara.May 26 03:20
qu1j0t3ugh, what an unpleasant individualMay 26 03:20
qu1j0t3i tweeted alink to the disgusting TeliaSonera (.se) bribesMay 26 03:21
qu1j0t3they paid Gulnara & her dad over $e00 million in bribesMay 26 03:21
qu1j0t3300May 26 03:21
qu1j0t3via SwitzerlandMay 26 03:21
qu1j0t3like, at what point did the Swedes fail to stop and consider, if you have to pay $300 million to enter a market to a torturing, killing dictator and his mentally ill daughter, WHETHER MAYBE YOU SHOULDN'T BE THERE AT ALL?May 26 03:22
qu1j0t3good old SwedenMay 26 03:22
qu1j0t3i think gulnara is one of the most morally debauched people i've ever heard ofMay 26 03:23
schestowitz 26 03:30
TechrightsSocialTitle: Why Google's Display Ad Business Drew FTC Antitrust Probe - Forbes .::. Size~: 98.29 KBMay 26 03:30
schestowitz"[PJ: Find out who leaked it to the media, and you'll likely be able to figure out the rest. It's not even a real investigation yet, just a complaint being investigated, but it's immediately headlines?] "May 26 03:30
schestowitz 26 03:32
TechrightsSocialTitle: How to learn the periodic table in 3 minutes | Crave - CNET .::. Size~: 72.9 KBMay 26 03:32
schestowitzI prefer Lehrer'sMay 26 03:32
schestowitz 26 04:42 #apple + #microsoft = backdoor 26 04:42
TechrightsSocial-> Title: Apple closes QuickTime vulnerabilities on Windows - The H Security: News and Features .::. Size~: 52.67 KBMay 26 04:42
schestowitz"Is there any reason to still be running QuickTime on Windows anyway?"May 26 04:42
qu1j0t3hahaMay 26 04:43
qu1j0t3is there any reason to still be running Windows anyway?May 26 04:43
qu1j0t3| @sister_sage        Gee Bono, what made ya join the dark side? / Celeb Bono        May 26 04:45
qu1j0t3|                     Partners with Monsanto, G8, to Biowreck Africa                 May 26 04:45
qu1j0t3|                                                    May 26 04:46
TechrightsSocialTitle: Celeb Bono Partners with Monsanto, G8, to Biowreck Africa .::. Size~: 64.75 KBMay 26 04:46
qu1j0t3| ........................................                      May 26 04:46
qu1j0t3Bono was always a dumb cuntMay 26 04:46
TechrightsSocialTitle: Twitter / sister_sage: Gee Bono, what made ya join ... .::. Size~: 57.35 KBMay 26 04:46
*pidgin_log has quit (Quit: Leaving.)May 26 04:48
*pidgin_log ( has joined #boycottnovell-socialMay 26 04:49
qu1j0t3 | @jeff_kaye          US/UN forces in Korea flew 1,040,708 sorties and dropped       May 26 05:15
qu1j0t3 |                     386,037 tons of bombs and 32,357 tons of napalm                May 26 05:16
qu1j0t3 |                                                    May 26 05:16
TechrightsSocialTitle: Japanese and American War Atrocities, Historical Memory and Reconciliation: World War II to Today :: JapanFocus .::. Size~: 512.27 KBMay 26 05:16
qu1j0t3 | ........................................                      May 26 05:16
TechrightsSocialTitle: Twitter / jeff_kaye: US/UN forces in Korea flew ... .::. Size~: 57.17 KBMay 26 05:16
qu1j0t3 26 05:46
TechrightsSocial@GreeGreece: Obama committing war crimes: US Analyst 26 05:46
TechrightsSocial-> Title: PressTV - Obama committing war crimes: US Analyst .::. Size~: 19.07 KBMay 26 05:46
schestowitzThe Irnian press has its own propaganda tooMay 26 06:29
schestowitzNeeds to be balanced against oither nations' propagandaMay 26 06:29
schestowitzPressTV calls many people "US analysts"May 26 06:29
schestowitzOnly when they slam the US over henious crimesMay 26 06:30
schestowitzNever will you see criticism of the Iranian gov. in PressTVMay 26 06:30
schestowitzI personally only cite PressTV when there is no alternative source, but I also don't think it should be bannedMay 26 06:30
schestowitzI spoke to an Iranian girl on Friday night, I explained to her the pros and consMay 26 06:30
schestowitzShe was surprised to see I know some of the history, but she too was defensive of the gov. that made her weak a full-cosy sheet ("sloth")May 26 06:31
schestowitz 26 06:32
TechrightsSocial@Robert_J_M_T: RT @schestowitz: "Luke Coffey, "Margaret Thatcher Fellow", says "Withdrawing U.S. Forces from Europe Weakens America" - so?" @LukeDCoffeyMay 26 06:32
schestowitz 26 06:32
TechrightsSocial@laurelrusswurm: TWENTY FOUR witnesses testify in secret? ♻ @schestowitz #manning trial more like Iranian trial. #Assange sues DOD 26 06:32
TechrightsSocial-> Title: Julian Assange Sues Military Over Bradley Manning Trial Secrecy .::. Size~: 352.99 KBMay 26 06:32
schestowitz 26 06:33
TechrightsSocial@Satipera (satipera)'s status on Saturday, 25-May-13 15:27:15 UTC - @Schestowitz another forseen problem with British foreign policy.  This resource war has not made citizenz safe, just the opposite.May 26 06:33
*oiaohm ( has joined #boycottnovell-socialMay 26 09:44
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*oiaohm (~oiaohm@unaffiliated/oiaohm) has joined #boycottnovell-socialMay 26 09:44
schestowitz 26 15:05
TechrightsSocial@rixstepnews: @schestowitz It's always OK. Most things are OK. Unless you're told you have to shoot another bloody messenger.May 26 15:05
schestowitz 26 15:05
TechrightsSocial@matthew_darcy: @directhex what's going on with the boycott  Novell boys?.....all seem quietMay 26 15:05
qu1j0t3eikonos:  ' I’m getting to the point where I think we should add startup to the list of banned words. “High-risk small company”? That’s fine. “Experimental niche endeavor”? Go for it. However, I think it’s time to retire both the word and the baggage associated with “startup”. 'May 26 17:16
qu1j0t3eikonos: great blog - i linked you the other day to an article on itMay 26 17:16
TechrightsSocialTitle: Michael O. Church | Rants, essays, and diatribes. .::. Size~: 130.88 KBMay 26 17:16
qu1j0t3schestowitz: needs upvoat 26 18:05
TechrightsSocialTitle: Brian Browne Walker's answer to Silicon Valley: What's the dark side of Silicon Valley? - Quora .::. Size~: 53.18 KBMay 26 18:05
schestowitz 26 18:48 Action against Monsanto 26 18:48
TechrightsSocialNot a web page! Aborting image/jpeg typeMay 26 18:48
schestowitz"Yes. Big agri-business is having a long reaching detrimental effect on many aspects of our food production and supply. I live in a rural area in Australia and the number of dairy farms here that are going broke because of price fixing is just horrible. These are people whose families have been in the business for generations. Even though they adopt more technology and chemical practice, they still get run off the land by May 26 18:48
schestowitzprice fixing and competition, not to mention dumping of subsidised products."May 26 18:48
schestowitz 26 18:49 "Unity-based flavor of Raring Ringtail... not Kubuntu or Xubuntu, which are quite alright really, deserves 0/10." 26 18:49
TechrightsSocial-> Title: Ubuntu 13.04 on me high-end box - 'orrible .::. Size~: 24.13 KBMay 26 18:49
schestowitz"I think I'll stick with Kubuntu, thanks. Unity still makes me think of windows 8."May 26 18:49
schestowitz 26 18:49 To me, the principal reason for boycotting #GMO is not health but justice; the idea behind GMO is genetically-monopolised food.May 26 18:49
schestowitz"@dysphoria knows what goin on here. How do people not seem to see this?"May 26 18:49
schestowitz 26 18:50 Pirate Bay Blessing Propels New BitTorrent Tracker to Great Heights prioritising HollywoodMay 26 18:50
TechrightsSocial-> Title: Pirate Bay Blessing Propels New BitTorrent Tracker to Great Heights | TorrentFreak .::. Size~: 107.99 KBMay 26 18:50
schestowitz"ALL HAIL DEMONII!"May 26 18:50
schestowitz 26 18:50 Lunar eclipse near ocean 26 18:50
TechrightsSocialNot a web page! Aborting image/jpeg typeMay 26 18:50
schestowitz":O Beatiful!"May 26 18:50
schestowitz 26 18:51 The "top rated smartphone" runs android 26 18:51
TechrightsSocial-> Title: Samsung Galaxy S4 named top smartphone by Consumer Reports - .::. Size~: 37.54 KBMay 26 18:51
TechrightsSocial-> Title: Samsung Sells More than 10M Galaxy S 4 Smartphones in a Month | News & Opinion  | .::. Size~: 174.49 KBMay 26 18:51
schestowitz"Shame so much of its success and marketing is based on proprietary customisations, but still the hardware is excellent, and it's a great deal more open than its Apple competitors"May 26 18:51
qu1j0t3schestowitz: May 26 19:26
TechrightsSocial@moronwatch: Dear Dave C, I'm so horrified by the knife murder of a man in Woolwich that I demand you take all my rights away. Yes, all of them. Now.May 26 19:26
qu1j0t3  "Few people would be surprised if Mayor Ford steps down for one of two reasons: Either he is leaving to spend more time with his family; or Prime Minister Stephen Harper has appointed him to the Senate." -- eikonosMay 26 19:52
qu1j0t3  "I think the attacks on Mayor Ford should be cut back or eliminated. I believe Ford is the worst mayor the City of Toronto has ever had but this publicity is harming Toronto’s image throughout the world. Mayor Ford will not resign and continues to ignore the articles on his boorish behaviour. His fan base will not be influenced by this publicity so why keep exposing the mayor’s foolishMay 26 19:55
qu1j0t3behaviour?May 26 19:55
qu1j0t3... wat.May 26 19:55
qu1j0t3are they waiting for him to lose an election????May 26 19:56
eikonosi dunnoMay 26 20:22
eikonosnothing can be done, so we should just ignore the problem and hope it goes awayMay 26 20:28
eikonoshow can TO be the fourth largest north american city?May 26 20:32
*oiaohm has quit (Ping timeout: 256 seconds)May 26 20:33
schestowitz 26 20:33 "Linux Advocates" is to #Linux what "FOSS Patents" is to FOSS (it's a Microsoft-funded pro- #swpars l& anti #android lobbying site)May 26 20:33
schestowitz:Is Linux Advocates Microsoft funded?"May 26 20:33
schestowitz"May 26 20:33
qu1j0t3eikonos: not difficult... wipe out LA and NY and there's not that much left...May 26 20:34
schestowitzLinux Foundation is partly Microsoft-funded (through events). When coming under pressure from the community, LA was asked to hide/remove endorsement from LF.May 26 20:34
eikonosand mexico cityMay 26 20:35
eikonosso i guess that's the fourMay 26 20:35
eikonosthree, ratherMay 26 20:35
qu1j0t3oh, right.May 26 20:35
eikonoshuh.. i thought US cities were much largerMay 26 20:35
qu1j0t3Mexico City isn't even that much larger than TorontoMay 26 20:35
eikonosreally?May 26 20:35
qu1j0t3about 50% largerMay 26 20:35
qu1j0t3GTA is ~ 5.5 million i think. Mexico City is 8.85May 26 20:36
eikonosmc has 19 millionMay 26 20:37
qu1j0t3not according to wikipeidaMay 26 20:37
qu1j0t3probably depends how you countMay 26 20:37
qu1j0t3GTA Is the 'high' figure for TOMay 26 20:37
qu1j0t3the 'low' figure is a bit over 2 mlnMay 26 20:38
eikonoscia factbook has 19 mil for mxMay 26 20:38
eikonossame with this 26 20:38
TechrightsSocialTitle: City Populations, Largest Cities of the World - .::. Size~: 34.34 KBMay 26 20:38
qu1j0t3yeah but they are clearly using different criteria from Wikipedia's figureMay 26 20:38
eikonosbut on that page, TO has 6May 26 20:38
qu1j0t3sureMay 26 20:38
qu1j0t3sorry, not wikipedia. this is on google's sidebar. 8.851 (2010)May 26 20:39
qu1j0t3area: 1.485 km^2May 26 20:39
qu1j0t3what area does CIA give?May 26 20:39
qu1j0t31,485 km^2May 26 20:39
qu1j0t3toronto GTA 7,124 km^2 hahaMay 26 20:39
qu1j0t3much lower densityMay 26 20:40
qu1j0t3unsurprising. Mexico City is very denseMay 26 20:40
eikonosthe mayor of toronto is very denseMay 26 20:41
eikonos:PMay 26 20:41
qu1j0t3sighMay 26 20:41
qu1j0t3  “If you were born around 1960 or afterwards, you spent your adult life in the vertigo of that unwinding,” writes Packer in his prologue. “You watched structures that had been in place before your birth collapse like pillars of salt across the vast visible landscape ...May 26 20:42
qu1j0t3   the farms of the Carolina Piedmont, the factories of the Mahoning Valley, Florida subdivisions, California schools. And other things, harder to see but no less vital in supporting the order of everyday life, changed beyond recognition — ways and means in Washington caucus rooms, taboos on New York trading desks, manners and morals everywhere. When the norms that made the old institutionsMay 26 20:42
qu1j0t3useful began to unwind, and the leaders abandoned their posts, the Roosevelt Republic that had reigned for almost half a century came undone. The void was filled by the default force in American life, organized money.”May 26 20:42
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qu1j0t3  "I didn’t feel that I had much to add to the policy debates about problems like inequality, polarization, the hollowing out of the middle class, institutional decay. Instead what I wanted to do was describe what it’s been like to live in America over the past generation, from the late 1970s to the present, which has basically been the period of my adult life. May 26 21:24
*trmanco ( has joined #boycottnovell-socialMay 26 21:31
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qu1j0t3 May 26 22:03
qu1j0t3 26 22:03
TechrightsSocialTitle: Petition | Opera Software: Open sources of Presto engine | .::. Size~: 83.52 KBMay 26 22:03
eikonos 26 22:12
TechrightsSocialTitle: Treating poverty works like medicine, doctors say - Health - CBC News .::. Size~: 56.95 KBMay 26 22:12
qu1j0t3no shitMay 26 22:13
eikonosexactlyMay 26 22:13
eikonosnice to see some recognition of it on cbcMay 26 22:13
qu1j0t3yeah, CBC ran something else against the orthodoxy this week as wellMay 26 22:36
qu1j0t3WEIRDMay 26 22:36
qu1j0t3 May 26 22:39
TechrightsSocial@GaeMar01: Pistorius's uncle, Arnold #Pistorius, gave only a four-word statement in response: "Oscar is tax compliant." after paying £69,169 fineMay 26 22:39
qu1j0t3 May 26 22:45
TechrightsSocial@TSAmedia_JonA: TSA Week in Review blog post: Record 65 Firearms Discovered In Carry-on Bags (including 5 in Atlanta) 26 22:45
TechrightsSocialFailed to connect to 2607:f8b0:400e:c01::79: Network is unreachable ( )May 26 22:46
qu1j0t3 May 26 22:49
TechrightsSocial@GOOD: People Are Awesome: Former NASA engineer is sending that teen arrested for doing a science experiment to space camp. 26 22:49
TechrightsSocial-> Title: People Are Awesome: Teen Arrested For Science Experiment Now Heading to Space Camp | Science on GOOD .::. Size~: 25.77 KBMay 26 22:49
qu1j0t3 May 26 22:50
TechrightsSocial@tomflem: Nigel Wright faces conflict of interest questions over Barrick Gold links Connecting the dots: #Harper & corruptionMay 26 22:50
TechrightsSocial-> Title: Nigel Wright faces conflict of interest questions over Barrick Gold links - Need to know, Uncategorized - .::. Size~: 63.87 KBMay 26 22:50
qu1j0t3 May 26 22:53
TechrightsSocial@TSAmedia_JonA: TSA found this loaded 9mm in a carry-on bag at Hartsfield-Jackson yesterday, the 36th gun of 2013 at ATL. 26 22:53
TechrightsSocial-> Title: Twitter / TSAmedia_JonA: TSA found this loaded 9mm in ... .::. Size~: 39.49 KBMay 26 22:53
*trmanco has quit (Quit: A TLS packet with unexpected length was received.)May 26 23:38
qu1j0t3  " I had this vision after the financial crisis that the leading Wall Street bankers would do what their Japanese counterparts did and essentially bow deeply from the waist and ask for forgiveness from society. That would have been the most appropriate response. We don’t need to prosecute you. We just want you to ask for forgiveness.May 26 23:42
qu1j0t3  "  Not even close. There is no sense of shame at the high altitudes of our society. Certain social norms and taboos have disappeared. The idea has gone missing that there are certain things you really shouldn’t do, like firing 20 percent of your workforce while giving yourself a big raise as a CEO, which is a very common thing. Forty years ago people didn’t do that. May 26 23:43

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