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IRC: #boycottnovell-social @ FreeNode: May 27th, 2013

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qu1j0t3  Councillor Doug Ford, the mayor’s brother and co-host, said 80 per cent of journalists are “nasty son-of-a-guns.” Rob Ford interjected: “Bunch of maggots.” After a brief pause, he added, “Sorry, maybe I shouldn’t have said that.” May 27 00:04
qu1j0t3  Doug Ford later asked listeners to contact him with any personal information about members of the media. He accused unnamed reporters of using cocaine themselves. May 27 00:05
qu1j0t3  Rob Ford read out the names of councillors who handed him another legislative defeat last week by voting against allowing expanded gambling at Woodbine racetrack. Doug Ford said the “vast majority” of councillors “couldn’t get a job” outside politics. He also pledged to reveal damaging information about any councillors who criticize him and his brother. May 27 00:06
qu1j0t3...interesting...May 27 00:06
qu1j0t3  “I can go through all 44 councillors right now, folks — and I’m sure I could do it, but I’m not going to. But I have a message for the councillors: you want to keep throwing stones, I’m going to throw boulders right back at you. It’s very simple,” Doug Ford said. May 27 00:06
qu1j0t3...May 27 00:06
schestowitz> Roy,May 27 01:08
schestowitz> May 27 01:08
schestowitz> I have taken your methodology to control M$ FUD that worked for you on your Techrights blog as a suggestion to Mr. Robert Pogson as public Comment #59:May 27 01:08
schestowitz> May 27 01:08
schestowitz> 27 01:08
TechrightsSocialTitle: Page not found Robert Pogson .::. Size~: 30.19 KBMay 27 01:09
schestowitz"May 27 01:10
schestowitzThe continued FUD (another word for lying as demonstrated by certain personae posting in your blog comments sections with fictitious names, who denigrate any individual on forums and feedback commentaries who speak favorably of an alternative operating system or software suite, or who criticize Microsoft very well indicate the source.May 27 01:10
schestowitzThus, may I suggest as a prudent move, if you would consider to have all posters be registered prior to posting. In speaking the truth and with civilized discussion, there is no need for anonymity or censorship (short of abuse) and it would help to eliminate the cowardly behavior that I have seen by certain commentators on your blog.May 27 01:10
schestowitz"May 27 01:10
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schestowitz 27 01:14 "Operation Tripwire" -- the FBI, the Private Sector, and the Monitoring of #Occupy #WallStreet #tripwire #fbiMay 27 01:14
TechrightsSocial-> Title: "Operation Tripwire" -- the FBI, the Private Sector, and the Monitoring of Occupy Wall Street | PR Watch .::. Size~: 69.28 KBMay 27 01:14
schestowitz"They should watch Patrick Howley, Assistant Editor of The American Spectator "May 27 01:14
TechrightsSocialTitle: DC Protest Pepper Spray Incident Incited By Agent Provocateurs | AmpedStatus .::. Size~: 31.11 KBMay 27 01:14
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schestowitzqu1j0t3: 27 01:57 To me, the principal reason for boycotting #GMO is not health but justice; the idea behind GMO is genetically-monopolised food.May 27 01:57
schestowitzgood points thereMay 27 01:57
schestowitz"May 27 01:58
schestowitzthe education system is one of propaganda, brainwashing and indoctrination. So is the MSM. The history books have been rewritten to favor the victors and serve to perpetuate their stolen empire.May 27 01:58
schestowitzWhy do people not see it? "Stupid" might be one word for it, or one could just as easily say, gullibility, lack of curiosity, lack of an iron will, or herd-following sheep.May 27 01:58
schestowitzAlso cognitive dissonance, normalcy bias. People's beliefs are derived from what is easiest for them to believe, not what is logical or factual or reasonable. People are extremely social, and herd oriented. People used to be informed by family upbringing and tradition, and books, and religion. Now we are informed by government-financed education, and TV corporate media.May 27 01:58
schestowitz"May 27 01:58
schestowitz"People's beliefs are congruent to what is least-stressful for them to believe, particularly social pressure, not what is logical or factual or reasonable. People are extremely social, and herd oriented. People used to be informed by family upbringing and tradition and religion. Now we are informed by government-financed education, and corporate media."May 27 01:58
schestowitzThat is very well put and I wholeheartedly agree. Truth is not loyalty, lies are sometimes called "patriotism".May 27 01:58
eikonospeople are pack animalsMay 27 02:10
qu1j0t3schestowitz: health can't be neglected as a reason, though. May 27 02:41
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qu1j0t3schestowitz: May 27 03:36
TechrightsSocial@rechelon: "If Watergate happened today, there'd be a 5 minute segment on Democracy Now and an article by Glenn Greenwald."May 27 03:36
qu1j0t3 May 27 03:43
TechrightsSocialTitle: Virginia Lt. Gov. Candidate E.W. Jackson: Gays Are "Ikky" | Mother Jones .::. Size~: 86.83 KBMay 27 03:43
qu1j0t3 May 27 03:47
TechrightsSocial@pigworker: Dear #NHS, have I told you lately that I love you?May 27 03:47
schestowitzreferring himself as a third person 27 03:50
TechrightsSocialTitle: Red Flag Privacy Warning: Google+ Hangout Has Gone Proprietary ~ Linux Advocates .::. Size~: 234.71 KBMay 27 03:50
schestowitz 27 03:50
TechrightsSocialTitle: A Breach of Public Trust: Proprietary Google+ Hangouts ~ Linux Advocates .::. Size~: 233.95 KBMay 27 03:50
schestowitz 27 03:52
TechrightsSocialTitle: LXer: A Failing Grade for Ubuntu 13.04 Raring Ringtail from Dedoimedo .::. Size~: 13.66 KBMay 27 03:52
schestowitz"Looks like someone finally made a 10.000 dollar donation to, given the fact it's still alive and kicking."May 27 03:52
schestowitz"Now, why would anybody review a review? And why would anybody read the review of a review? I give this article 0 out of 10."May 27 03:52
schestowitz"I have used Ubuntu 13.04 and I found it to be the best version of it yet. It works as it has always done (well always since Unity has been around) but now it is quick."May 27 03:52
schestowitz 27 03:52
TechrightsSocialTitle: LXer: The alternative...: It Seems I Won't Be Writing For Linux Advocates After All .::. Size~: 13.18 KBMay 27 03:52
schestowitz"Caitlyn can always write for Everyday Linux User ( Have to say it might not increase your career prospects or credibility but there are no rules, no censorship and alas there is no money but I'm not about to go under if Everyday Linux User fails. It makes enough to pay the hosting fees. I don't do it for the money. I have a job for that."May 27 03:53
schestowitz"Thanks, Gary. I have seven offers of places to write at last count. Considering the traffic my blog is suddenly getting maybe I should just continue there. Anyway, I'll evaluate the alternatives and make decisions in the next few days."May 27 03:53
schestowitz 27 03:53
TechrightsSocialTitle: LXer: Actually, no, I won't be joining Linux Advocates: Caitlyn Martin Joins Linux Advocates .::. Size~: 15.24 KBMay 27 03:53
schestowitz"It seems Mr. Schmitz posted his announcement that I was to join his site in way more places than I would have imagined. I did ask him to remove his announcement and he did from his own site, but did not follow up on other sites where the announcement was posted. This sets the record straight"May 27 03:53
schestowitzTrying to legitimise selfMay 27 03:53
schestowitz"Well, that was short-lived. He's already scrubbed the page."May 27 03:54
schestowitz"My fault. I corrected the link. My blog post was the correct oMy fault. I corrected the link. My blog post was the correct one."ne.May 27 03:54
schestowitz"schestowitz: I won't be writing there and I should have listened to you and to Andrew Wyat up front. "May 27 03:55
TechrightsSocialTitle: The Linux Works .::. Size~: 46.72 KBMay 27 03:55
schestowitzme:  I made the same error you made by not listening to 3 victims before me. it's an ego-trip site, where he also refers to himself as a third person.May 27 03:56
schestowitz"May 27 03:57
schestowitzMay 24, 2013May 27 03:57
schestowitz8:08 PM EDT A triad of telling snippets from the above-linked piece on 'The Linux Works' blog:May 27 03:57
schestowitz    Quoting:Last week I had announced in the LXer forums that I would be a contributing author to Linux Advocates. That was followed by a post announcing that I would be joining their team. I was honestly excited about this. I felt that writing for Linux Advocates would add credibility to my stories and bring me back some of the wider audience I had when I wrote for O'Reilly Media. The additional exposure would help me marketMay 27 03:57
schestowitzmy consulting business which brings Linux and FOSS solutions to businesses and organizations looking to reduce IT costs and enhance the reliability, stability and security of their IT infrastructure.May 27 03:57
schestowitz    Quoting:Only then did I really read and digest everything else Mr. Schmitz wanted me to do, like setup an account in his domain so that I could have a Linux Advocates e-mail address. He also wanted me to install a Zemanta plugin for Chrome. I have deliberately chosen not to use Chrome (an article about that soon) and wasn't happy about that at all. I went to install the Zemanta plugin for Firefox instead and was presentedMay 27 03:57
schestowitzwith a Microsoft-style End User License Agreement (EULA). As many in the open source community would expect, that set off all sorts of red flags for me.May 27 03:57
schestowitz    Quoting:Suddenly, I found myself reading a license agreement for a proprietary piece of software that explicitly had terms relating to collecting and retaining data.May 27 03:57
schestowitz    I felt deeply uncomfortable and didn't go through with the installation. It's one thing to be forced to use proprietary software to service a client or do work required by an employed. It's quite another for someone who is getting my labor at no cost and benefiting from it to demand I install something on my own system. I first asked if Zemanta was mandatory and then wrote a follow-up e-mail making clear that I wasn't May 27 03:57
schestowitzabout to install it.May 27 03:57
schestowitz    Mr. Schmitz' response was direct and to the point. If I can't accommodate how he chooses to run his site then I should go elsewhere.May 27 03:57
schestowitzSimilar to one of the above commentator's pieces from nearly three years ago, Latest Examples of Microsoft’s “Embrace, Extend, Extinguish” (EEE), shall the current case be an ongoing example of Advocate, Advertise, Antagonize (AAA) by the original self-proclaimed Linux "advocate" who is the very subject of this thread ???May 27 03:57
schestowitz"May 27 03:57
schestowitz"May 27 03:57
schestowitzFrom what I can gather, Zemanta is a tool designed to increase a blog's audience via the gathering of data inside of their own network of bloggers (which you join by installing the software and using it on your own blog etc...) and search engine optimization.May 27 03:58
schestowitzBasically, what happens is that related content pops up as one is writing a particular blog post and/or article. It can act as a glorified tool of link bait.May 27 03:58
schestowitzI personally don't know the effectiveness of the software in question, though they do have a slick ad for it that can be viewed here:May 27 03:58
schestowitz 27 03:58
TechrightsSocialTitle: WordPress › Editorial Assistant by Zemanta « WordPress Plugins .::. Size~: 35.14 KBMay 27 03:58
schestowitzIt's also available for other platforms such as Blogger, Tumblr, etc....May 27 03:58
schestowitzI'm not so sure that such a tool is appropriate for a Linux Advocacy site. Then again, I'm not the one who runs said site in the first place, so it's clearly not my call. With that said, I personally wouldn't be using a tool such as Zemanta on my own site in the first place, because:May 27 03:58
schestowitz1.) It uses e107, so it's not compatible as far as I know.May 27 03:58
schestowitz2.) I run a personal blog using WordPress, and there's already an SEO plugin at work. I've surfed plenty of times and became annoyed at the ads taking up my screen space, so on my own personal blog, I choose not to have any ads anyway.May 27 03:58
schestowitz3.) Link baiting can be fun, but if the source turns out to be inaccurate, there goes your credibility.... straight down the toilet.May 27 03:58
schestowitz"May 27 03:58
schestowitz"May 27 03:58
schestowitzAlthough I can't comment on this article as I haven't read it and will not be doing so it seems to me folks should just stay away from LinuxAdvocates and simply not give it the traffic he appears to crave, I stopped going yonks ago simply because very few of the articles made sense in regards to advocating linux which is IMO a serious misnomer.May 27 03:58
schestowitzI do wish though that Lxer had some kind of article voting system (karma) or at least a source filter to prevent certain articles being visible. May 27 03:58
schestowitz"May 27 03:58
schestowitzI have been advocating GNU/Linux full time and beyond  (for no pay) for  nearly a decade now and not once did I come across Dietrich.May 27 03:59
qu1j0t3schestowitz: 27 04:04
TechrightsSocial@pk11: How wealth of Silicon Valley's tech elite created a world apart 27 04:04
TechrightsSocial-> Title: How wealth of Silicon Valley's tech elite created a world apart | Technology | The Observer .::. Size~: 120.42 KBMay 27 04:04
qu1j0t3| @GreeGreece         Amazon workers strike in Germany              May 27 04:08
qu1j0t3|                     By Michael Regens     May 27 04:08
qu1j0t3| ........................................     May 27 04:08
TechrightsSocialTitle: Amazon workers strike in Germany - World Socialist Web Site .::. Size~: 45.95 KBMay 27 04:08
qu1j0t3^ wow schestowitz May 27 04:08
TechrightsSocialTitle: Twitter / GreeGreece: Amazon workers strike in ... .::. Size~: 56.88 KBMay 27 04:08
qu1j0t3  "During the 2012 Christmas season, some 5,000 foreign contract workers were employed at Amazon’s German branch under conditions of what one reporter called “modern slavery”—more than 2,000 of them at the Bad Hersfeld warehouse alone.May 27 04:09
qu1j0t3 | @MAK7591            FBI investigating alleged gun resales by L.A. SWAT, SIS          May 27 04:16
qu1j0t3 |                     officers                                  May 27 04:16
TechrightsSocialTitle: FBI investigating alleged gun resales by L.A. SWAT, SIS officers - .::. Size~: 159.79 KBMay 27 04:16
qu1j0t3 | ........................................                        May 27 04:16
TechrightsSocialTitle: Twitter / MAK7591: FBI investigating alleged gun ... .::. Size~: 60.28 KBMay 27 04:16
qu1j0t3  "While accounting for the weapons, Lt. Armando Perez discovered that SWAT members had purchased an unknown number of pistols from the gun maker Kimber Manufacturing and were "possibly reselling these Kimber firearms for large profits to people outside of Metro SWAT," according to the lawsuit and Bustamante's report.May 27 04:18
qu1j0t3Sales records indicated that as many as 324 pistols had been purchased from Kimber, Bustamante reported. There are only about 60 officers in SWAT, and the guns were intended to be used by the officers while on duty.May 27 04:18
qu1j0t3  "Amazon has for years systematically practised so-called wage dumping (Lohndumping) and used Germany’s unemployed as an unpaid labour force. Mediated by the employment agency, workers are “incorporated” into the warehouses for a limited period without any pay, and then dismissed. The employment agency punishes any worker who refuses to work for Amazon by reducing their benefits.May 27 04:21
qu1j0t3...?!May 27 04:21
qu1j0t3  "Instead of directly working for Amazon, the workers were first engaged by a German temporary employment agency. In this way it was possible to arbitrarily fire them within 24 hours’ notice and send them back to their home countries. Many workers often had to work for weeks at a time without a break.May 27 04:25
qu1j0t3They were allegedly placed in overcrowded quarters where they were constantly searched and controlled by company guards. Searches of the separate flats of the workers were also said to have been made in their absence. Reporters of Radio Hesse revealed that one of the security firms, H.E.S.S. Securities, had “many connections” with the extreme right-wing milieu. Rudolf Hess (Heß) was theMay 27 04:25
qu1j0t3name of Hitler’s deputy. Many of the guards wore demonstrably Nazi symbols.May 27 04:25
qu1j0t3 .... whaaaaat?May 27 04:25
oiaohmqu1j0t3: yes slave labour is alive and well.May 27 04:25
qu1j0t3this is a dystopian movie, no?May 27 04:25
qu1j0t3this is fucked upMay 27 04:25
oiaohmqu1j0t3: being unemployed in Australia over a particular age you have todo 20 hours a week something.May 27 04:26
oiaohmFor regestered not for profit.May 27 04:26
oiaohmYou do get to choose the not for profit.May 27 04:26
qu1j0t3well, Amazon is certainly a for-profit.May 27 04:26
oiaohmqu1j0t3: german system not that good.May 27 04:26
qu1j0t3how the fuck do they corral unemployed for free work?May 27 04:26
qu1j0t3this is _fucked up_May 27 04:26
oiaohmDon't think for a second that australians not not screwed up either.May 27 04:27
oiaohmNot for profit can be doing tasks for a company for profit.May 27 04:27
qu1j0t3this is Foxconn like conditions in GermanyMay 27 04:27
qu1j0t3or worse, in the case of exploitation of unemployedMay 27 04:27
oiaohmThe thing here in Australia you get to choose.May 27 04:27
qu1j0t3oiaohm: good pointMay 27 04:27
qu1j0t3     oiaohm | Not for profit can be doing tasks for a company for profit.        May 27 04:27
qu1j0t3oh manMay 27 04:28
oiaohmGermany the employment agency chooses for you.May 27 04:28
qu1j0t3i thought _last week_ was disturbing.May 27 04:28
oiaohmSo amazon line employment agency with silver.May 27 04:28
oiaohmqu1j0t3: ok the USA system is worse.May 27 04:29
oiaohmYou can end up on the street with no money for food.May 27 04:29
oiaohmqu1j0t3: this is a question of how bad do you want it to sux.May 27 04:29
oiaohmqu1j0t3: consider this.  German forced to work for amoson or USA homeless forced to go around handing out papers to sex joints.May 27 04:30
oiaohmqu1j0t3: Really the germans are not the worst done by.May 27 04:31
qu1j0t3that sounds like a false dichotomy to me.May 27 04:33
qu1j0t3why are they the only choices?May 27 04:33
oiaohmIts a simple nasty reality.May 27 04:36
oiaohmAmazon in gemany also does not get to choose the staff they get.May 27 04:37
oiaohmAbout the only ones in the USA who don't choose are the ones that want people to hand out and place out sex industry based flyiers and the like.May 27 04:38
oiaohmqu1j0t3: Australia we have quite a few choices.May 27 04:38
oiaohmqu1j0t3: USA system suxs balls because if you fall there is no support there.May 27 04:39
oiaohmGemany does have the decency that what ever you are forced todo is not public. May 27 04:40
oiaohmqu1j0t3: remember the germans still get government benifits so they still got something to feed and house self with.May 27 04:41
oiaohmqu1j0t3: under the USA system you might only make enough to eat.May 27 04:42
qu1j0t3this still stinksMay 27 04:42
qu1j0t3to high heavenMay 27 04:42
oiaohmI know it stinks.May 27 04:42
qu1j0t3the foreign workers are even worse off than the unemployed, looks likeMay 27 04:42
oiaohmYep the foreign workers were worst off than the unemployed.May 27 04:43
oiaohmThe unemployed still was getting enough money for food and accomendation.May 27 04:43
oiaohmOk not from amazon.May 27 04:43
oiaohmqu1j0t3: how the unemployeed is treated in most countries stinks.May 27 04:44
oiaohmqu1j0t3: sad part is foreign workers can be treated even worse.May 27 04:45
oiaohmqu1j0t3: USA slave labour is those poor homeless on the street.May 27 04:48
schestowitz[04:25] <qu1j0t3> name of Hitler’s deputy. Many of the guards wore demonstrably Nazi symbols.May 27 05:43
schestowitzIronic that Nazi sympathisers complain about slave labourMay 27 05:43
schestowitzI had aheard about this whole Amazon security link to right-wing racistsMay 27 05:43
schestowitzthis is old news, months oldMay 27 05:43
schestowitznow they strike back at Amazon, trying to make Amazon look like the offending party with 'slave labour'May 27 05:44
schestowitzgermany is not where people out of an amazon job would struggle to pick up a jobMay 27 05:45
schestowitzif they can't find a job in an economy or around 5% unemployment, then it's because they're f**ing Nazis, not because jobs are missing, or because of their attitudinal issue of self-supremacy May 27 05:45
schestowitzGermany granted citizenship to many Turks who now work on heavy industries; if "Aryan"  Germans wanted to pick up those roles, they would have...May 27 05:46
schestowitzThe same people imprisoned people whom they viewed as "lesser people" and used them for hard labour (also in countries like France, where they produced many weapons) and some of them they later dumped like sheep because the cost of resources wasn';t seen as worthy oft he yield/output of labourMay 27 05:47
schestowitzThat's what nationalism to the extreme leads toMay 27 05:47
schestowitz 27 05:50 Opportunistic politicians try to pass snooping laws, exploiting last week's incident, where killers already tracked, proving snooping failsMay 27 05:50
schestowitz"Can we just drop this fallacious shit of "one tragedy = loss of liberty for everyone" all together? Just about everything the #Fortune500 media cynically exploits to advance class warfare is less dangerous than dying from bee stings, or falling down the stairs. I'm sick of it."May 27 05:50
MinceR 27 06:39
TechrightsSocialNot a web page! Aborting image/jpeg typeMay 27 06:39
MinceR 27 06:42
TechrightsSocialNot a web page! Aborting image/jpg typeMay 27 06:42
*oiaohm has quit (Remote host closed the connection)May 27 07:10
qu1j0t3 27 07:22
TechrightsSocial@ChadAustinSD: "We're doing what's best for you by locking you in a cage." -A thing people actually believe.May 27 07:22
schestowitzMinceR: lol dentedx2May 27 08:44
schestowitz 27 08:52
TechrightsSocialNot a web page! Aborting image/jpeg typeMay 27 08:52
schestowitz 27 08:52
TechrightsSocialNot a web page! Aborting image/jpeg typeMay 27 08:52
schestowitz"How poetic."May 27 08:52
MinceR:)May 27 09:45
schestowitzqu1j0t3: CNN whitewashMay 27 11:04
schestowitz 27 11:04
TechrightsSocialTitle: Bill Gates Fast Facts - .::. Size~: 37.46 KBMay 27 11:04
schestowitz"Has donated more than $26 billion dollars to philanthropic causes through the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation."May 27 11:04
schestowitzLOLMay 27 11:04
schestowitzProfited May 27 11:04
schestowitz 27 11:19
TechrightsSocialTitle: ongoing by Tim Bray · Being Google .::. Size~: 19.81 KBMay 27 11:19
schestowitz 27 11:42
TechrightsSocialTitle: LXer: De Ja Vu: Ubuntu 13.04 on me high-end box - 'orrible .::. Size~: 12.66 KBMay 27 11:42
schestowitzMost of us on here will probably already have seen this review already thanks to the Linux Advocates article released earlier on.May 27 11:42
schestowitzI have to say that I am using a fairly high end laptop and experienced no problems at all with Ubuntu 13.04. In fact I would say it is the best version I have ever used. It is much better performance wise than previous versions.May 27 11:42
schestowitz"May 27 11:42
schestowitzDysphoric review of a key distro - sure to be picked up by a Linux "advocacy" site. Sounds legit...May 27 11:43
schestowitz 27 12:19
TechrightsSocialTitle: ## #Tibet vs #Pal... .::. Size~: 9.26 KBMay 27 12:19
schestowitzThe analogy is not a proper one. The scenarios are different.May 27 12:19
schestowitz 27 12:28
TechrightsSocialNot a web page! Aborting image/jpeg typeMay 27 12:28
MinceR 27 12:50
TechrightsSocialTitle: If Carpenters Were Hired Like Programmers | DawO_od .::. Size~: 25 KBMay 27 12:50
schestowitzMurdoch is grooming anti-WL film 27 13:18
TechrightsSocialTitle: 'Wikileaks' Holds Water | We Steal Secrets | The Hangover Part III | Before Midnight | The English Teacher | By John Anderson - .::. Size~: 265.7 KBMay 27 13:18
*trmanco (~trmanco@unaffiliated/trmanco) has joined #boycottnovell-socialMay 27 13:24
schestowitz 27 13:46
TechrightsSocialTitle: WikiLeaks Suspect Won’t Be San Francisco Pride Parade Marshal « CBS San Francisco .::. Size~: 97.98 KBMay 27 13:46
schestowitzit wasn't an errorMay 27 13:46
schestowitzSome more intervention and spin from CBSMay 27 13:46
schestowitzThe Russians have their own Fox '\news' 27 14:19
TechrightsSocialTitle: Russia to cut the budget of CIA? - English .::. Size~: 53.43 KBMay 27 14:19
schestowitz 27 14:19
TechrightsSocialTitle: CIA Candidates:  Begin Preparing for the CIA Exam Now with the Help of Gleim, the Experts in CIA Review; Save Over 33% on The Highly Recommended 16th Edition - Times Union .::. Size~: 63.84 KBMay 27 14:19
schestowitz 27 14:33
TechrightsSocialNot a web page! Aborting image/jpeg typeMay 27 14:33
schestowitz 27 14:35 ‘Defensive’ Software Patents Useless Against Patent Trolls #swpats #uspto #patenrtrollMay 27 14:35
TechrightsSocial-> Title: ‘Defensive’ Software Patents Useless Against Patent Trolls | Techrights .::. Size~: 102.68 KBMay 27 14:35
schestowitz"Whoever ends up owning those 'defensive' patents may (end I think usually will) end up a troll themselves."May 27 14:35
XFaCEqu1j0t3: 27 15:08
TechrightsSocialTitle: Michael Geist - The Canadian Government's Embarrassing Opposition to Security Breach Disclosure Legislation .::. Size~: 53.81 KBMay 27 15:08
XFaCEqu1j0t3: but are you really surprised?May 27 15:08
qu1j0t3no :)May 27 15:09
qu1j0t3schestowitz: Another reason not to use Windows; I already assumed this was beign done: 27 15:52
TechrightsSocial@jeffreycarr: “Using automated hacking tools, NSA cyberspies pilfer 2 petabytes of data every hour from computers worldwide.” 27 15:53
TechrightsSocial-> Title: How the U.S. Government Hacks the World - Businessweek .::. Size~: 75.5 KBMay 27 15:53
qu1j0t3 27 16:00
TechrightsSocialTitle: Woolwich murder: we must use reason to beat terrorists | Terry Eagleton .::. Size~: 69.89 KBMay 27 16:00
schestowitzi 27 16:44
TechrightsSocialNot a web page! Aborting image/jpeg typeMay 27 16:44
schestowitzSeems reasonably plausible. Let's base a religion on this belief...May 27 16:44
schestowitz 27 16:45 BBC Blatantly Biased Corporate News channel .......... Very little at all to do with anything that relates to what the people want to see or need to see .......... to be informed about their own actions to  put right problems in their own country. The News is showing the interests of large corporations and the interests of Military government. Trying to pick some stories out that relate to the marches agMay 27 16:45
TechrightsSocial-> Title: monsanto bbc - Google Search .::. Size~: 64.38 KBMay 27 16:45
schestowitzThe BBC is a longtime pusher of GMO. I wrote some articles about it. Actually, since the BBC gets massive payments from Bill Gates, expect never to see any coverage not favourable towards GMO.May 27 16:46
schestowitz 27 17:52
schestowitzHmm ... then Roy is obviously wrong. You're wrong to make that connection there, Roy. It's not even remotely similar, as I've explained. Also, the sources you gave weren't really accurate on this subject.May 27 17:52 From outsourced death camps to #torture : #poland in headlines again,Amnesty-International-challenges-Polands-slow-CIA-prisons-probe,Prosecutors-applying-to-extend-CIA-prison-investigationMay 27 17:52
schestowitz@pskosinski - accept my apologies, sir. The fact that this kind of connection was really made wasn't clear to me from the start.May 27 17:52
TechrightsSocial-> Title: Amnesty International challenges Poland's 'slow' CIA prisons probe - :: News from Poland .::. Size~: 62.64 KBMay 27 17:52
TechrightsSocial-> Title: CIA's 'extraordinary rendition' flights mapped - Berkshire Eagle Online .::. Size~: 83.69 KBMay 27 17:52
schestowitz"May 27 17:52
TechrightsSocial-> Title: Prosecutors applying to extend CIA prison investigation - :: News from Poland .::. Size~: 60.59 KBMay 27 17:52
schestowitzThe connection is this: the Nazis outsourced their camps to countries like Poland. Likewise, the CIA uses Poland to outsource torture, which is illegal in the US.May 27 17:52
schestowitz"May 27 17:54
schestowitz@marc -- See, Roy proved me right and you wrong on his own. Awesome.May 27 17:54
schestowitzIf someone calls it outsourcing he really needs some history lessons. And if I hear something like this again and again, try to explain and it doesn't help… you know.May 27 17:54
schestowitz"May 27 17:54
schestowitz 27 17:54 Pro- #assassination #hogwash from the #bbc - that's what taxpayers pay for. 27 17:54
TechrightsSocial-> Title: BBC News - Barack Obama defends 'just war' using drones .::. Size~: 118.92 KBMay 27 17:54
schestowitz"Obama, king of the Drones, and Champion to the Jihadist.. is a Socialist."May 27 17:54
schestowitz 27 18:07 Pro- #assassination #hogwash from the #bbc - that's what taxpayers pay for. 27 18:07
TechrightsSocial-> Title: BBC News - Barack Obama defends 'just war' using drones .::. Size~: 118.93 KBMay 27 18:07
schestowitz"Oh? So he's going to nationalise all the corporations in the USA? In that case corporate america would hate him. And jihadist are lovers of socialism? Perhaps this is why people equate conservatism with brain-damage."May 27 18:08
schestowitz 27 18:09 [RT] Techrights Advises UEFI Forum to Withdraw ‘Secure’ Boot Support #uefi #linuxMay 27 18:09
schestowitz"Wow, nice work. Congratulations on getting the interview and thanks for doing it."May 27 18:09
TechrightsSocial-> Title: Techrights Advises UEFI Forum to Withdraw ‘Secure’ Boot Support | Techrights .::. Size~: 104.51 KBMay 27 18:09
qu1j0t3 May 27 18:10
TechrightsSocial@jjarichardson: British Muslims honourably fought against fascism in World War II. Today, EDL thugs give Nazi salutes. I know who the real traitors are.May 27 18:10
qu1j0t3 May 27 18:11
TechrightsSocial@UpikTips: Discover whether you can achieve an orgasm using just your mind by visualising a 50ft barbed wire fence around the entire British coastlineMay 27 18:11
qu1j0t3 May 27 18:15
TechrightsSocial@DianaAlmallah: There are going to be hijabi's who won't leave their houses in fear of being attacked. EDL you bastards .May 27 18:15
schestowitz 27 18:35 reshared: <br><br><br> ![]( ![](![]( ![](    <br><br><br> ***These are my babies. No one can tell me otherwise.***  ![](  [... ... via.](<br><br><br><br><br><br>May 27 18:35
TechrightsSocialNot a web page! Aborting image/gif typeMay 27 18:36
TechrightsSocialNot a web page! Aborting image/gif typeMay 27 18:36
TechrightsSocialNot a web page! Aborting image/gif typeMay 27 18:36
TechrightsSocialNot a web page! Aborting image/png typeMay 27 18:36
TechrightsSocial-> Title: These are my babies. No one can tell me otherwise. - Imgur .::. Size~: 39 KBMay 27 18:36
schestowitz 27 18:43 #RaspberryPi makes wardriving cooler #linuxMay 27 18:43
TechrightsSocial-> Title: Raspberry Pi makes wardriving cooler ~ Linux and Life .::. Size~: 47.61 KBMay 27 18:43
schestowitz"That article is not cool at all. People should share their wireless networks and security comes from running the right software and having communications encrypted end to end. I am much less afraid of my neighbors observing and abusing my network than I am of my ISP and non free software owners. People are welcome to poke around my home network because I use ssh for machine to machine communications and don't have private May 27 18:45
schestowitzinformation in places that can be observed by the public. WEP and WPA are bandaids to bigger security problems with Microsoft Windows and websites like ATT that are irresponsible with user accounts."May 27 18:45
eikonos 27 19:12
TechrightsSocialNot a web page! Aborting image/jpeg typeMay 27 19:12
qu1j0t3:-(May 27 19:31
qu1j0t3nice one, Britain: May 27 19:37
TechrightsSocial@nickgriffinmep: #Sky lead story another stabbing in Woolwich. "No stabbing in Woolwich" would be news. Since being swamped with Africans it's - like Africa!May 27 19:37
qu1j0t3Countries that one would be embarrassed to be associated with: UK; Canada; USA; AustraliaMay 27 19:37
qu1j0t3non-exhaustive listMay 27 19:37
eikonoscan we just say, The Stupid, It Burns? (TSIB) from now on to save time?May 27 19:38
qu1j0t3 May 27 19:38
TechrightsSocial@glynmoody: Woolwich murder — the “why?” should be obvious - yup: Blair's ridiculous line actions abroad have no consequencesMay 27 19:38
TechrightsSocial-> Title: Woolwich murder - the "why?" should be obvious - Using Our Intelligence .::. Size~: 71.13 KBMay 27 19:38
qu1j0t3schestowitz: May 27 19:41
TechrightsSocial@sam_a_voice: Exclusive: How MI5 blackmails British Muslims - Home News - UK - The Independent via @independentMay 27 19:41
TechrightsSocial-> Title: Exclusive: How MI5 blackmails British Muslims - Home News - UK - The Independent .::. Size~: 134.62 KBMay 27 19:41
qu1j0t3 May 27 19:47
TechrightsSocial@christineestima: At Rob Ford's press conference: "Sorry I'm late, I had trouble finding a vein." #topoli #robfordMay 27 19:47
qu1j0t3 May 27 19:56
TechrightsSocial@barryeisler: Obama: "We can't stay at war forever. Now 'scuse me while I go secretly drone kill some folks." Progressives: "Hallelujah!"May 27 19:56
qu1j0t3 May 27 20:13
TechrightsSocial@USDroneWarDept: Not all of our surveillance will come from drones.  You don't have any idea how F'd you are. 27 20:13
TechrightsSocial-> Title: Your phone may not be safe at protests | Privacy SOS .::. Size~: 29.72 KBMay 27 20:13
qu1j0t3 27 20:16
TechrightsSocialTitle: Brian Browne Walker's answer to Silicon Valley: What's the dark side of Silicon Valley? - Quora .::. Size~: 55.43 KBMay 27 20:16
qu1j0t3  "Meanwhile, two people have been arrested on suspicion of arson after a fire was discovered shortly before 10pm on Sunday at the Grimsby Islamic Cultural Centre in Weelsby Road.May 27 21:10
qu1j0t3The blaze was extinguished and no one was injured, Humberside police said. In a statement, the force said it was too early to speculate why the fire was started but added that police were aware of a number of messages posted on social media sites.May 27 21:10
qu1j0t3 May 27 22:05
TechrightsSocial@UsmanUziRana: EDL members attacking Asians on the London Underground. Absolutely disgusting. 27 22:05
TechrightsSocial-> Title: Two video clips of #EDL member 'Cobz Smith' attacki... on Twitpic .::. Size~: 61.12 KBMay 27 22:05
eikonosqu1j0t3: one of my friends gets annoyed when i post about politics on FB, and i posted that wizard of oz cartoonMay 27 23:32
eikonoshe made some dismissive comment, so i replied, "pay no attention to the man behind the curtain"May 27 23:33
eikonosis arson terrorism?May 27 23:33

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