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schestowitz 01 17:52
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schestowitz"Palace fan --> RT @schestowitz: CAFC Impedes Progress & Helps Extortion Against Linux/Android … #cafc #linux #android"Jul 01 17:52
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schestowitz 01 17:59 Resistance 01 17:59
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schestowitz"LOL! Gotta love geek humor."Jul 01 17:59
schestowitz 01 18:23
schestowitz"Awesome."Jul 01 18:23 "First one home" 01 18:23
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schestowitz 01 18:23 Ed Snowden is not a tray TOR, he's a TOR rorist, using privacy to protest against the war on privacy. #tor #privacyJul 01 18:23
schestowitz"Maybe he'll find a really good Ecaudorian RealTOR? <cringe>"Jul 01 18:23
schestowitz 01 18:24 European Commission responds to NSA spying allegations - video #eu #nsaJul 01 18:24
TechrightsBot-> Title: European Commission responds to NSA spying allegations - video | World news | .::. Size~: 93.26 KBJul 01 18:24
schestowitz"NSA spying on EU citizens was not worthy of a mention."Jul 01 18:24
schestowitz 01 18:25 NSA spying row: bugging friends is unacceptable, warn Germans #germany #nsaJul 01 18:25
TechrightsBot-> Title: NSA spying row: bugging friends is unacceptable, warn Germans | World news | .::. Size~: 140.82 KBJul 01 18:25
schestowitz"General Election coming up in Germany: showtime."Jul 01 18:25
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schestowitz> Hi RoyJul 01 20:11
schestowitzHi Annie. Thanks for the response. I thought you had chosen not to answer. I'm glad I was wrong.Jul 01 20:11
schestowitz> Apols for the tardy response - I have been travelling and then swampedJul 01 20:11
schestowitz> in writing for the last couple of days.Jul 01 20:11
schestowitzI saw you on video last week (RT) and shared publicly. I knew you would be most most suitable to contact because you know the system from the inside and are not part of it.Jul 01 20:12
schestowitz> The area you are involved in will be of interest to the authorities -Jul 01 20:12
schestowitz> they are finally waking up to the need to, at least, engage with theJul 01 20:12
schestowitz> hacktivist/tech community.Jul 01 20:12
schestowitzThe person whom I suspect was acting as an informant _on us_ for several years (he is still around and has a generic name, he did act as an informant on other groups) did, at one stage, urge me not to associate with Anonymous in any way. That was in early 2011 after I had expressed strong support for Julian Assange, esp. amid the Net storm of late 2010. I believe it was shortly afterwards, IIRC amid the Mark Kennedy scandal, that I Jul 01 20:12
schestowitzbegan asking him some questions which made me suspicious. He wasn't evasive, but he did acknowledge that he met Mark Kennedy on several occasions. Jul 01 20:12
schestowitz> That said, I would be deeply surprised if anyone undercover were quiteJul 01 20:12
schestowitz> so open to you, even if he were to see you as on-side somehow, whichJul 01 20:12
schestowitz> would be surprising given your Twitter record as far as I can see.Jul 01 20:12
schestowitz> Unless he is going "native" a la Mark Kennedy, which could beJul 01 20:12
schestowitz> interesting or unless he was grooming you for potential recruitment asJul 01 20:12
schestowitz> a source.Jul 01 20:12
schestowitzInteresting.Jul 01 20:12
schestowitzI would not be useful to them as a source requiring a "buddy" because I am exceedingly transparent already (e.g. in 4 IRC channels that I run and publish the logs of on a weekly basis).Jul 01 20:12
schestowitzAs I recalled it this morning, the time this person approached us was roughly the same time I promoted and commented on the leaked (and published by Wikileaks) MoD manual. That was in 2009. I don't think there is a correlation there, but bear in mind I had already leaked some large documents (one over 6,000 pages) in prior years to expose corruption. My sources were never discovered; some used Hushmail.Jul 01 20:12
schestowitzWhile we're having this encrypted channel of communication I might as well mention that someone I know here in Manchester said his brother was pursued for recruitment after he had cracked  BT equipment (on his own). He said to me that they then tried to hire him (not sure which agency), but required that he becomes ultra-secretive about it; he got all startled and worried (perhaps also because he had committed crimes) and declined Jul 01 20:12
schestowitzthe offer. On another occasion I was put in contact with a spook (they told me he was wearing multiple hats) to explain to him some corruption I was covering regarding BBC coverage. That was around 2007. After a long phonecall he asked me to send him textual evidence, so I did.Jul 01 20:12
schestowitzI generally assume a lot of people out there deserve no trust because I have heard stories and seen stuff. My wife's cousin was also approached; secret agencies wanted to recruit her as an informant (snitching on relatives), but she declined. Seeing how many people secretly worked as informants in the Stasi era (as per Wikipedia), I imagine quite a few people out there are moles. Wikileaks or the Icelandic press recently revealed Jul 01 20:12
schestowitzthe identity of a young FBI mole that Assange alluded to last year (unless there were more moles). Julian Assange and his mother occasionally retweet me, so I assume they know whose side I'm on.Jul 01 20:12
schestowitz> But this is just my private speculation, not linked toJul 01 20:12
schestowitz> anything I may have seen at my former employers!Jul 01 20:12
schestowitzThe dilemma I have is, should I turn the tables and make a fuss about it? Even if I had sufficient evidence, I think it would be better to be a "good boy", warn my colleagues about untrusted 'comrades', and politely move on. Vindication wouldn't help, would it? My goal is to continue my research for decades to come without getting into trouble.Jul 01 20:12
schestowitz> The recent Peter Francis undercover cop scandal is interesting inJul 01 20:12
schestowitz> demonstrating how they will use such access to smear people and bendJul 01 20:12
schestowitz> the rules.Jul 01 20:12
schestowitzIt seems like the agent provocateur approach. Or rather, it's a derivative of sorts. I get the impression that some moles would throw out there some radical or racist remarks/suggestions to see who within the group is a "threat" (e.g. yelling back "yeah, let's do it!").Jul 01 20:12
schestowitzThere are no radical elements in our group, but in the past we had issues with foul-mouthed people who pretended to represent us and did us a huge disservice, including some scandals. They would go out there insulting people while pretending to be tied to us. Some people also left comments under my name, using Nazi insults (I'm German BTW) against friends/allies of mine. Some created many accounts in social media, trying to Jul 01 20:12
schestowitzembarrass me under my name (I filed abuse reports to terminate half a dozen of those accounts).Jul 01 20:12
schestowitzI don't have enough experience with all those dirty tactics. When I was younger I read about IP addresses belonging US army bases posting stuff about Castro being transgendered, which is a lesson I also carried with me (how far they would go to discredit) and later I saw the HBGary scandal unfolding. Some people spent years trying to push the transgendered/gay/insane/other fabricated insults against me, planting fake 'evidence' in Jul 01 20:12
schestowitzthe Web, sometimes using my own name.Jul 01 20:12
schestowitzI did spent several years researching how /corporations/ (software in particular) used PR agencies to do this. I used leaked material and antitrust/unsealed material to prove it, but I don't know how army/police/state are acting. There is less regulation there, if any...Jul 01 20:12
schestowitz> This is purely between us, it goes without saying.Jul 01 20:12
schestowitz 01 20:16 The British Military Gives the United States Back Doors Into All of Its Computers #uk /#us #nsa #windows #microsoftJul 01 20:16
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schestowitz"De facto global governance in the service of the technocratic elite and other plutocrats, and their collective insanity."Jul 01 20:16
schestowitz 01 20:16 #NDA admits lying without quite admitting it 01 20:16
TechrightsBot-> Title: National Security Agency takes surveillance fact sheets off website - .::. Size~: 96.3 KBJul 01 20:16
schestowitz"Jul 01 20:16
schestowitznot only the NSA - the following interview was subject of articles in the and which are meanwhile taken off, but still else to find in the net and on D*Jul 01 20:16
schestowitz (may be posted by others already earlier)Jul 01 20:16
schestowitzcf.:Jul 01 20:16
TechrightsBotTitle: Former NSA contractor warns of “murky” interception arrangements » The Privacy Surgeon .::. Size~: 47.85 KBJul 01 20:16
schestowitz (de; Welt)Jul 01 20:16 reshared: Das müsste der zensierte Springer Artikel sein. Offenbar soll vertuscht werden, dass die Bundesregierung Teil der Spionageallianz ist! Dafür wird nun auch schon das Grundgesetz gebrochen? Echte Demokratie jetzt -- "Deutschland soll den US-Geheimdienst seit Jahren heimlich mit Daten versorgen. Das behauptet ein ehemaliger NSA-Agent. Die Empörung deutscher Politiker über die USAJul 01 20:16
schestowitz (fr & en; 01 20:16
schestowitz"Jul 01 20:16
TechrightsBotTitle: #PRISM and Guests : Au moins 7 pays européens auraient des accords avec la NSA  : Reflets .::. Size~: 84.7 KBJul 01 20:16
schestowitz"Jul 01 20:18
schestowitzWell those reports are probably true.Jul 01 20:18
schestowitzThe German government sent all the Stasi data (details over East German citizens) to the USA. Also, Germany recieves data the NSA about its own citizens - so they did know about this and they are profitting from it. Echelon has been known about for a long time.Jul 01 20:18
schestowitzThe scandal broke when it was discovered that NSA was spying on USA citizens - not Europeans. The fact is that in those articles above the ex-NSA guy did not provide proof - just like Andrew Gilligan did not provide proof that that intelligence files had been sexed up - but that does not mean it is not true. We just have to consider the feasability of the matter.Jul 01 20:18
schestowitzGiven that the German government gladly received data over its own citizens that had been obtained illegally and knowingly tolerated this (Echelon), then we can conclude that the accusations are feasible.Jul 01 20:18
schestowitzThe ex-NSA agent has been the victims of ad hominem atacks which is the normal procedure nowadays for dealing with people who are "off message" - and he is, being a supporter of Palestine.Jul 01 20:18
schestowitz"Jul 01 20:18
schestowitz"I considered the case that it might not be true; nonetheless were from the very beginning of the NSA disclosures rumours around in different articles, that German intelligence is working via NSA still up to now, due to restrictions by the German Grundgesetz (constitution). M. in B. is on election campaign, as everyone knows, and both magazines are very well aware about what they are doing, when they first publish these kind of Jul 01 20:19
schestowitzarticles and take them later by lack of proof again off. The whole issue ends for the international media conglomerates (for Germany mainly Springer and Bertelsmann) up with the strategic question, how to assure for Germany a neoliberal great coalition in the coming election results of this autumn; they will try everything to handle the ongoing disclosures by this premiss."Jul 01 20:19
schestowitz"Jul 01 20:20
schestowitzWell "lack of proof" is a joke. First you have the ex-NSA agent testimony as a witness. Secondly, if he had proof, he would be in the same situation as Edward Snowden - accused of being a spy. You are not allowed to possess "proof". That's spying.Jul 01 20:20
schestowitzRegarding the Datenschutzgesetzt, I think you are being naïve. All that Frau Merkel needs is "deniability" and if any proof is found that that the BND is obtaining information illegally, then it probably didn't start under her government in any case - but probably under Helmut Schnidt during the Baader-Meinhof era. There's no rocket science here - as long as no one is stupid enough to use data obtained illegally, no one will find Jul 01 20:20
schestowitzout - unless there's a german Snowden. however, Snowden was a contractor, whereas those working in the BND are civil servants (Beamten) so that possibilty is small. And if it happened? Say the info came from the USA or blame a previous government.Jul 01 20:20
schestowitzI think the time has come to be precautionary - after that is what the governments are telling us to do..Jul 01 20:20
schestowitzIt is objectively feasible, very feasible that people are being spied upon by their governments and the data passed to NSA, especially in Germany which passed on the data from East German citizens to the USA, accepted stolen from NSA about its own citizens and which was essentially, in international security matters, occupied by the USA for 40 years. To express distrust of an ex-NSA and to have trust in such a government really Jul 01 20:20
schestowitztakes the breath away.Jul 01 20:20
schestowitzFinally, it might not be the BND, but MAD and be then covered by cooperation with NATO etc. Since the spying in Brussels involved NATO, that is quite realistic.Jul 01 20:20
schestowitz"Jul 01 20:20
schestowitzI remember when some Alan guy from NetworkWorld (FOSS-hostile) slammed RMS over political viewsJul 01 21:14
schestowitzWTF...Jul 01 21:14
schestowitzIDG is syndicated in Google news based on the promise of being technical news siteJul 01 21:14
schestowitzBut the author used his plastform there to slam RMS over didsagreement on politicsJul 01 21:15
schestowitzThat's like someone slamming some Arabic CEO for wearing some ethnic type of garmentJul 01 21:15
schestowitzIDG is a joke..Jul 01 21:15

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