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IRC: #boycottnovell @ FreeNode: July 19th, 2013

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schestowitz> I just deleted 225 User Registrations requesting registration to my web log.Jul 19 02:07
schestowitz>  Jul 19 02:07
schestowitz> Is there anything I can do to stop the flow as it is increasing  daily.Jul 19 02:07
schestowitzI would say, filter or remove notifications of User Registrations and just ignore them. Don't let that take up your time, it's hard to stop those from coming. The weakness is, spammers exist.Jul 19 02:07
schestowitz> We are getting back to our normal routine after a 4 week vacation on theJul 19 02:10
schestowitz> West Coast.Jul 19 02:10
schestowitzIf I recall correctly, your nephew lives there. Maybe one day we too will meet him and his wife.Jul 19 02:10
schestowitz> Rachelle graduated high-school and will be attending college in theJul 19 02:13
schestowitz> fall. She was in an honors program that allowed her to attend a localJul 19 02:13
schestowitz> college to take a couple of courses before graduation. She has theJul 19 02:13
schestowitz> Schestowitz brains and good looks, biologically she is connected to yourJul 19 02:13
schestowitz> Sorogon roots.Jul 19 02:13
schestowitzThey used to say she looked like Rose. I never saw a photo of Rose in her younger days, though. I think the same is true of Betty. I see more of Scott in Michael.Jul 19 02:13
schestowitz> My sister's children... all with surname Klein:Jul 19 04:49
schestowitz> Jul 19 04:49
schestowitz> Linda lives in Los Angeles. She is a producer of the hit TV show Grey'sJul 19 04:49
schestowitz> Anatomy and if you Google her you will find an extensive media biography.Jul 19 04:49
schestowitz> Jul 19 04:49
schestowitz> Sammy Lives in Tustin California. He is  General Manager of a NissanJul 19 04:49
schestowitz> Dealership.Jul 19 04:49
schestowitz> Jul 19 04:49
schestowitz> Freddie lives in Santa Monica, California and is a helluva nice guy butJul 19 04:49
schestowitz> can't seem to find himself.Jul 19 04:49
schestowitz> Jul 19 04:49
schestowitz> Warren lives in Las Vegas. He shared a home with my sister who diedJul 19 04:49
schestowitz> several weeks ago. Warren is in the Real Estate business; he is fluentJul 19 04:49
schestowitz> in French and Japanese. In his college days he was an exchange studentJul 19 04:49
schestowitz> and studied in Japan; naturally he does well with Asian clients.Jul 19 04:49
schestowitzI am curious about the phrase "can't seem to find himself" and I often see it used to imply that those who can't make a big impact on society or hoard money "can't seem to find [themselves]," which is in practice quite different. A lot of hippies can be labelled as such even if they are a lot happier than an average USians on anti-depressants. It is possible that Fred "can't seem to find himself," but I am curious as to whether FredJul 19 04:51
schestowitzhimself would say so.Jul 19 04:51
schestowitz 19 05:37
TechrightsBotTitle: Urban Splash continues debt talks | Online | Property Week .::. Size~: 24.05 KBJul 19 05:37
schestowitz"Northern developer Urban Splash is in crunch talks to restructure a £113.6m loan facility, accounts filed with Companies House at the end of December show."Jul 19 05:37
schestowitz"Regeneration development firm Urban Splash is attempting to renegotiate the terms of its debt with its funders after revealing that it lost £15.4 million in the year to March 2012."Jul 19 05:38
schestowitz 19 05:38
TechrightsBotTitle: Log-in to read more about Urban Splash losses prompt debt negotiations .::. Size~: 29.62 KBJul 19 05:38
schestowitz 19 05:39
TechrightsBotTitle: Urban Splash sees losses and debts increase  | News | Architects Journal .::. Size~: 25.92 KBJul 19 05:39
schestowitz"Manchester-based regeneration specialist Urban Splash has posted another set of gloomy figures which show an increase in losses to £15.4 million"Jul 19 05:39
schestowitzIt's amazing how many businesses operate at a lossJul 19 05:39
schestowitzand debt-saddled, tooJul 19 05:39
schestowitzA friend og mine who was a bank manager (head of branch) said that at some stage they let the banks lend out 40-50 times what they POSSESS!Jul 19 05:40
schestowitzAnd originally, back in the days, it was 1:4Jul 19 05:40
schestowitzI asked him, why can't I make you a loan of a million pound? Because I'm not a banker...Jul 19 05:40
schestowitzAnd I'd go to jail for it, bankers cam'tJul 19 05:40
schestowitzExcept MadoffJul 19 05:40
schestowitz 19 05:42
TechrightsBotTitle: Liverpool Preservation Trust: Urban Splash....Are They Drowning in Debt? .::. Size~: 124.91 KBJul 19 05:42
schestowitz"Our Architectural Saviours Urban Splash are now in talks with their bankers to ensure that it does not breach its banking covenants. They have promoted themselves as the darling boys of trendy heritage.....milking the public grant system.... in my opinion. I personally put a lot of time into saving the Littlewoods Building from demolition when I picked up a planning application to demolish it. They were supposed to have acquired itJul 19 05:42
schestowitzbut it seems they have now abandoned the project. "Jul 19 05:42
schestowitz"Property developer Urban Splash is in talks to renegotiate its debt pile after breaching its loan covenants during another year of tough trading."Jul 19 05:43
schestowitz 19 05:43
TechrightsBotTitle: Urban Splash renegotiates debt after losses grow to £15.4m - Manchester Evening News .::. Size~: 141.76 KBJul 19 05:43
schestowitz"Jul 19 05:44
schestowitzDuring the year to March 31, losses grew from £9.4m to £15.4m, despite revenues rising from £29.1m to £33.6m.Jul 19 05:44
schestowitzThe group's debt rose by £8m from £234m to £242m and the accounts, posted on December 20, reveal £206.8m is now repayable on demand.Jul 19 05:44
schestowitz"Jul 19 05:44
schestowitzSee, I'd never get uitJul 19 05:44
schestowitzHow some businesses can just operate as loss leadersJul 19 05:44
schestowitzUnder the mere assuption they may be able to pay  back loans and actually become profitableJul 19 05:45
schestowitzA bubble economyJul 19 05:45
schestowitzThat's today's worlfJul 19 05:45
schestowitzBut then again, debt iis fictional anywayJul 19 05:45
schestowitzWeird stuff and pseudo 'science' of "economics"Jul 19 05:45
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schestowitz 19 18:02
TechrightsBotNot a Diaspora post?Jul 19 18:02
schestowitzEverything you need to know about PRISMJul 19 18:02
schestowitzThe Verge - 19 18:02
TechrightsBotTitle: Everything you need to know about PRISM | The Verge .::. Size~: 115.22 KBJul 19 18:02
schestowitzH/T Dr. Roy Schestowitz (罗伊)Jul 19 18:02
schestowitz"Jul 19 18:02
schestowitz 19 18:02 reshared: UK courts & ISPs don't just censor our internet, they #censor court orders so we can't see what they censor: #lawJul 19 18:02
TechrightsBot-> Title: Open Rights Group - ORG asks court for web blocking documents .::. Size~: 25.37 KBJul 19 18:02
schestowitz"You'll be safer if you don't know what they're not telling you."Jul 19 18:02
schestowitz 19 18:12 Mozilla's #Firefox Privacy Plans Draw More Objections from Ad Community which makes #mozilla lovableJul 19 18:12
TechrightsBot-> Title: Mozilla's Firefox Privacy Plans Draw More Objections from Ad Community .::. Size~: 38.19 KBJul 19 18:12
schestowitz"You know you're heading in the right direction when..."Jul 19 18:12
schestowitz 19 18:13 Jul 19 18:13
TechrightsBot  Photo by 19 18:13
schestowitz"There's something very "George Michael" about that photo..."Jul 19 18:13
schestowitz 19 18:20 reshared: UK courts & ISPs don't just censor our internet, they #censor court orders so we can't see what they censor: #lawJul 19 18:20
TechrightsBot-> Title: Open Rights Group - ORG asks court for web blocking documents .::. Size~: 25.37 KBJul 19 18:20
schestowitz"Ignorance is bliss.....sure..."Jul 19 18:20
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