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IRC: #boycottnovell @ FreeNode: July 22nd, 2013

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schestowitz 22 06:22
TechrightsBotNot a Diaspora post?Jul 22 06:22
schestowitz"Perhaps today, but I would be surprised if the technology did not develop into something more usable in the near future."Jul 22 06:22
schestowitz 22 06:22 reshared: #torontopigsave do what they can to ease the suffering of #pigs confined in containers without ventilation on route to being slaughtered. #vegan #animals #crueltyJul 22 06:22
TechrightsBot-> Title: Water for pig angel victims in Toronto's heat wave - YouTube .::. Size~: 113.28 KBJul 22 06:22
schestowitz"Organic vegan is the only answer now...."Jul 22 06:22
schestowitz"Organic fruitarian, because plants and single-celled lifeforms deserve to live in peace too."Jul 22 06:22
schestowitz"Unfortunately, the word 'organic' has been abused to the point where it's difficult to tell if you're really getting organic."Jul 22 06:22
schestowitz"There is a @Vegetarian Ecofeminists group for those of you on ~friendica for any who choose to go that way."Jul 22 06:23
schestowitz"Is there a group for vegan non-ecofeminists, by the way?"Jul 22 06:23
schestowitz'I used to have one. Then I discovered vegetarian ecofeminism and found it a better representation of why I'm vegan. So when I moved over from I made it what it is now."Jul 22 06:23
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