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IRC: #boycottnovell @ FreeNode: July 23rd, 2013

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schestowitz[07:34] <ziggyfish> Hey, just an an update to this, Just another update on this, the policy past the next stage (the biggest hurdle), but it was amended by me to review the lifetime of software patents. This means that it is party policy to review the lifetime of software patents. This gives me the flexibility to advocate that software patents should have a 0 year life time ;). From here it goes to a review committee Jul 23 08:51
schestowitz[07:34] <ziggyfish> which I just happen to be a member of ;), and the chair has requested me to report it to the relevant minister. Then legislation is formed and it goes to the parliament, so we are getting closer in Australia to doing something about software patents. I was talking to some industry leaders, and also patent lawyers, and they agree with my approach, so I do have some backing in Australia, so things arJul 23 08:51
schestowitz[07:34] <ziggyfish> e looking very good.Jul 23 08:51
schestowitz[08:51] <schestowitz> Sure, NZ is going through some similar process of explaining to Parliament why swpats are bad.Jul 23 08:51
schestowitz"Hi Roy, This is Josh from the Midland gym, if you still remember me. I hope all is well, it has been a while. "Jul 23 09:54
schestowitzI might have some project coming, some time in Sept. :-)Jul 23 09:54
schestowitz 1.       Where are the website and the back-end database hostedJul 23 23:38
schestowitz> (UltraMAP offices/datacenter / cloud / etc.)Jul 23 23:38
schestowitz> Jul 23 23:38
schestowitz> Could you provide some more information about the Bytemark setup?Jul 23 23:38
schestowitz  Jul 23 23:38
schestowitzLet's start with DNS. Here is the whois output:Jul 23 23:38
schestowitz   Domain Name: ASSET-MONITOR.NETJul 23 23:38
schestowitz   Registrar: CRAZY DOMAINS FZ-LLCJul 23 23:38 is British and the Name Server would quite likely be native, which means that those with access to domain/DNS requests are ISPs and some intelligence agencies like GCHQ/NSA, not any other party. Jul 23 23:39
schestowitzDNS/domain: spied onJul 23 23:39 and ns2 are being used by Bytemark (see below)Jul 23 23:43
schestowitzWeb site:Jul 23 23:43
schestowitzThe hosting of the site is by Bytemark.Jul 23 23:43
schestowitzIP address 23 23:43
schestowitzHosting country  UKJul 23 23:43
schestowitzNetblock Owner Bytemark Computer Consulting LtdJul 23 23:43
schestowitzNameserver ns1.dnspackage.comJul 23 23:43
schestowitzReverse DNS 23 23:43
schestowitzApache-Coyote/1.1 is running on Windows Server 2008 and the risk level is considered to be low.Jul 23 23:44
schestowitzCoyote is an Apache Tomcat component and JBoss JavaBeans open-source software application server is a JavaBeans open-source software application server. The Client-Side uses JavaScript, a web browser Open source programming language commonly implemented as part of a web browser. JavaScript does not really compromise privacy and security except when it interacts with third-party services in the mashup, Jul 23 23:47
schestowitznotably Google.Jul 23 23:52
schestowitz"Cloud" is a vague term to be using, but all the pertinent parts are located in one datacentre or another, with only two major parts: 1) datacentres used by Bytemark in the UK and 2) datacentres of Google, which can be based anywhere depending on their load and the user's (site visitor's) location. Google works under PRISM rules (NSA programme), so basically there is logging by government agencies of everything a user does. In the Jul 23 23:52
schestowitzUK there is centralisation of data relating to vessels. This data stays in the UK, at the datacentre of Bytemark. Having said that, the data is arriving via feeds from other places and is being passed not as securely as one might hope. The one thing which stays secure is client-specific data like assets, even though Google might get that data through the APIs.Jul 23 23:52
schestowitzThe database contains historical data and it is strictly contained inside the datacentre in the UK, controlled by UltraMAP but potentially accessed at the endpoints in the datacentres (by datacentre operator or Byemark) to cooperate with datacentre-wide monitoring. It is possible, although not very likely, that such data will be collected by Google as well, but it is unlikely that Google retain data to that degree. They could in Jul 23 23:56
schestowitzessence reconstruct the data based on the canvas of Google Maps.Jul 23 23:56
schestowitzBytemark setup:Jul 23 23:58
schestowitzEach machine is a physical machine, not virtual (????), which means that there is no potential sharing or cracking across virtual instances.The databases and the site hosting are separate and so is the backup server, which is also on the same premises.Jul 23 23:58
schestowitzVirtual setups include only um-vm-app1 at this stage.Jul 23 23:59

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