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IRC: #techbytes @ FreeNode: July 26th, 2013

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_0bitcountschestowitz, honest request from a listener of the oggcast: please fix the sound. Quality is awful, really painful to listen to.Jul 26 21:43
_0bitcountAnd the subject of the programs is just too important to dismiss.Jul 26 21:44
_0bitcountThat said, thank you for your work.Jul 26 21:44
schestowitzthanksJul 26 22:44
schestowitzYes, this series which had poor sound quality is now finished, the next will be videos and the sound quality goodJul 26 22:45
_0bitcount "Kim Sung Jobs left the helm for Kim Sung Cook to run,"  +1  :)Jul 26 22:47
_0bitcountI look forward to the new season.Jul 26 22:48
MinceR:DJul 26 22:50
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