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XFaCEschestowitz: 15 03:26
TechrightsBot-trTitle: Language Matters: Framing The Copyright Monopoly So We Can Keep Our Liberties | TorrentFreak .::. Size~: 62.69 KBJul 15 03:26
XFaCEschestowitz: His suggestions sound familiar no? :)Jul 15 03:26
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DaemonFC 15 05:29
TechrightsBot-trTitle: Microsoft Cuts Surface Tablet Prices Amid Weak Demand - Bloomberg .::. Size~: 143.97 KBJul 15 05:29
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schestowitzRMS:Jul 15 06:58
schestowitzRe: Microsoft's paying people to post attack commentsJul 15 06:58
schestowitz> Can you tell me the URL for the article about that?Jul 15 06:58
schestowitzGood morning, Richard.Jul 15 06:58
schestowitzThere are many such stories. Some of them I've put in this index:Jul 15 06:58
schestowitz 15 06:58
TechrightsBot-trTitle: AstroTurfing - Techrights .::. Size~: 26.41 KBJul 15 06:58
schestowitzThe latest major incident (there are many but this one is recent) involved paid Microsoft agents in Reddit (they contract an outside agency to hire another agency). Here is my coverage of it:Jul 15 06:58
schestowitz 15 06:58
schestowitzI am pretty certain -- and have been certain for years (with my older friends agreeing) -- that many of the attacks on you, especially in the comments (be it about your appearance, something you did a long time ago, something you didn't really say etc.), are posted by paid agents. I hope you can recall the HBGary scandal where Greewald, Assange etc. were targeted for smearing by sockpuppets. I believe that someone from the Anonymous Jul 15 06:58
schestowitzcollective hacked a system to leak evidence of this.Jul 15 06:58
TechrightsBot-trTitle: Microsoft Crime Persists: AstroTurfing a Regular Practice, Reddit Full of Paid Microsoft AstroTurfers | Techrights .::. Size~: 108.57 KBJul 15 06:58
schestowitzI know the feeling of being smeared as I too was a target and at times I caught people who smeared me, exposing them as Microsoft employees (whereupon they fled).Jul 15 06:58
schestowitz 15 07:03 To find out if a connected computer is under surveillance, ping and from it. Sites abundantly use those.Jul 15 07:03
schestowitz"Thank you kindly for that, sir."Jul 15 07:03
schestowitz 15 07:03 Does the #nsa get direct/semi-direct (e.g. broken 'encryption') access to Google's MAC database? Wait and see. 15 07:03
TechrightsBot-tr-> Title: Google Street View logs WiFi networks, Mac addresses • The Register .::. Size~: 44.38 KBJul 15 07:03
schestowitz"I never understood why this was a big deal. I'd think you could get the same or better information from the user's ISP."Jul 15 07:03
schestowitz"It's not about being rational. It's about hoovering up every possible bit of data. And they've convinced themselves with their 'sophisticated algorithms' that they know what they're doing."Jul 15 07:04
schestowitz"Jul 15 07:04
schestowitzI'd actually like a map of wifi and think collecting the information is a useful service.Jul 15 07:04
schestowitz"Running a WiFi network with no password is the only way to resist being a footsoldier in the War on Sharing." "French and Irish Internet subscribers, like those everywhere, should run WiFi nets without passwords so as to avoid being instruments of unjust state power. Both file sharing and Internet anonymity are at stake." http://www.stallman.Jul 15 07:04
schestowitzorg/archives/2013-may-aug.html#10_July_2013_%28France_stopped_punishing_file-sharing_with_disconnection_from_Internet%29Jul 15 07:04
TechrightsBot-trTitle: 2012: March - June Political Notes - Richard Stallman .::. Size~: 1149.69 KBJul 15 07:04
TechrightsBot-trCouldn't resolve host 'www.stallman.' ( http://www.stallman. )Jul 15 07:04
schestowitzabout an hour ago Jul 15 07:04
schestowitz"Jul 15 07:04
schestowitz 15 07:15 Eric Raymond: "Further confirmation, if any were still required, that Steve Ballmer is an idiot." #microsoftJul 15 07:15
TechrightsBot-tr-> Title: Eric Raymond - Google+ - Further confirmation, if any were still required, that… .::. Size~: 398.93 KBJul 15 07:15
schestowitz"I'd love to know what else esr said, but I won't follow a link that touches [the G-name] anymore. Any other soundbites of interest?"Jul 15 07:15
schestowitzIt's a short statement and a linkJul 15 07:15
MinceR 15 07:25
TechrightsBot-trNot a web page! Aborting image/jpeg typeJul 15 07:25
schestowitz"LOL, I don't think heLOL, I don't think he ruined his life at all. I think he's got it MADE!" ruined his life at all. I think he's got it MADE!Jul 15 07:26
schestowitz 15 07:26
TechrightsBot-trNot a tweet?Jul 15 07:26
schestowitzMinceR: NRA logicJul 15 07:26
schestowitzSilly PR: 15 07:31
MinceRuh huhJul 15 07:36
MinceRnot shifting the blame to inanimate objects is NRA logic :>Jul 15 07:36
MinceRexcept of course for the fact that the NRA is trying to put the blame on movies and video gamesJul 15 07:37
MinceRboth sides seem to think that these triggers press themselvesJul 15 07:37
schestowitz 15 07:53
TechrightsBot-trNot a web page! Aborting image/gif typeJul 15 07:53
schestowitz 15 07:57 Edward Snowden's Statement In Moscow's #Sheremetyevo Airport #audioJul 15 07:57
TechrightsBot-tr-> Title: SoundCloud - Hear the world’s sounds .::. Size~: 7.8 KBJul 15 07:57
schestowitz 15 07:58
TechrightsBot-trTitle: 2013-07-12 Snowden statement at Sheremetyevo | WL Central .::. Size~: 17.8 KBJul 15 07:58
schestowitz 15 07:58 Most disgusting reactions to #Zimmerman acquittal 15 07:58
TechrightsBot-tr-> Title: Most disgusting reactions to Zimmerman acquittal - .::. Size~: 138.01 KBJul 15 07:58
schestowitz"Some people had fireworks. There were reports from around the country and I heard a small display here in Fairhope."Jul 15 07:58
schestowitz 15 07:58 Eric Raymond: "Further confirmation, if any were still required, that Steve Ballmer is an idiot." #microsoftJul 15 07:58
TechrightsBot-tr-> Title: Eric Raymond - Google+ - Further confirmation, if any were still required, that… .::. Size~: 398.97 KBJul 15 07:58
schestowitz"Jul 15 07:58
schestowitz> Further confirmation, if any were still required, that Steve Ballmer is an idiot.Jul 15 07:58
schestowitz>Jul 15 07:58
schestowitz> Very occasionally the thought steals up on me that I loathed Microsoft less when it was competently evil. I generally lie down until the feeling passes.Jul 15 07:58
schestowitz 15 07:59
TechrightsBot-trTitle: Say What? 12 Moments of Nonsense in Microsoft's Reorganization Memo .::. Size~: 97.65 KBJul 15 07:59
schestowitz"Jul 15 07:59
schestowitzUseful link, added to drafts...Jul 15 07:59
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schestowitz 15 08:57
TechrightsBot-trNot a tweet?Jul 15 08:57
schestowitz"so, what does all this do to risk statements in financial reports, for companies using Microsoft?"Jul 15 08:57
schestowitzIf those companies rely on privacy, stability, low exit barrier etc. then reliance on Microsoft won't bode wellJul 15 08:57
goblin_A reliance on Microsoft never bodes well.Jul 15 09:04
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iophk 15 09:42
TechrightsBot-trTitle: Android At Risk Of Getting Banned In India By The Goverment | Muktware .::. Size~: 63.88 KBJul 15 09:42
schestowitz"I wonder what the legal criteria for having to disclose risk factors involving data security are. Is it in GAAP? "Jul 15 09:43
schestowitz 15 09:44
TechrightsBot-trTitle: NO TITLE .::. Size~: 0.24 KBJul 15 09:44
schestowitzhi _GoblinJul 15 09:44
_GoblinhiJul 15 09:45
_GoblinI see you've some video's coming up with RMS... Great stuff!Jul 15 09:46
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MinceRgeekingsJul 15 09:51
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iophk 15 10:02
TechrightsBot-trTitle: Piracy: Not Even God Himself Can Stop It | TorrentFreak .::. Size~: 167.18 KBJul 15 10:02
iophk 15 11:20
TechrightsBot-trTitle: Raided Subtitle Site Crowdfunds Grand Relaunch | TorrentFreak .::. Size~: 132.57 KBJul 15 11:20
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iophk 15 13:32
TechrightsBot-trTitle: Jolla integriert Wayland in Sailfish OS - Pro-Linux .::. Size~: 45.03 KBJul 15 13:32
iophk 15 13:39
TechrightsBot-trTitle: X successor Wayland 1.2 arrives - The H Open: News and Features .::. Size~: 55.21 KBJul 15 13:39
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__martin__oh lord.. suing customs in order to ban more freely devices.. Jul 15 15:49
__martin__schestowitz: you looked at those scoracle guys playin' volley i linked last time? xDJul 15 15:49
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iophk"A recent announcement shows they are reorganizing. This may mean their SEC filings will no longer list “Windows” as a line-item… They hide their price to consumers. They seem intent on hiding the bad news for the client division from investors. We should know in a week whether that is true."Jul 15 16:34
iophk 15 16:34
TechrightsBot-trTitle: Page not found  |   Robert Pogson .::. Size~: 27.52 KBJul 15 16:34
iophkIt might be a good way to hide big losses.Jul 15 16:34
iophkSo much for the HP ChromebooksJul 15 17:17
iophk 15 17:17
TechrightsBot-trTitle: Former Microsoft exec Ray Ozzie named to HP board - GeekWire .::. Size~: 114.37 KBJul 15 17:17
MinceRalso for hp android tablets?Jul 15 17:18
iophkCan't see how he'd like them any better.Jul 15 17:19
iophkbut the chromebook is the more pressing threat, cutting into notebook sales with vista8Jul 15 17:20
iophkIf too many people are seen to be using non-M$ systems on "real" computers then that might prompt others to start looking into options.  Jul 15 17:21
iophkM$ can't survive a test comparison with other systems.Jul 15 17:21
__martin__moles everywhere xDJul 15 17:21
__martin__google mandates some blobbed firmware in their coreboot impelementation afaikJul 15 17:22
__martin__recently P.J. from Groklaw shared her views on chrootin' from ChromeOS into different GNU/Linux distro..Jul 15 17:23
iophk 15 17:24
TechrightsBot-trTitle: Groklaw - My Excellent $199 Chromebook Adventure ~pj .::. Size~: 127.85 KBJul 15 17:24
iophkIt's hard to find the low-end Chromebooks in some stores.  I think they sell the higher priced onces to limit their competitiveness.Jul 15 17:25
iophkFor most users the $199 ones do more than enough.Jul 15 17:25
__martin__in my country there's none of chromebooks nor firefoxos handhelds Jul 15 17:33
__martin__thou more laptops are offered without an os =PJul 15 17:34
iophkwhitebox is okJul 15 17:43
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iophk 15 18:35
TechrightsBot-trTitle: Log In - The New York Times .::. Size~: 10.45 KBJul 15 18:35
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__martin__DAMN this is HUGEJul 15 18:38
__martin__ 15 18:38
TechrightsBot-trTitle: New Bluetooth, audio, TPM requirements coming for Windows 8 devices | ZDNet .::. Size~: 77.31 KBJul 15 18:38
__martin__mandated TPM chips in openly discussed manner.. Jul 15 18:38
__martin__unlike hiding Secure|Restricted|Boot behind sec. issues xDJul 15 18:38
__martin__beginning with 2k15..Jul 15 18:39
__martin__mandatory* // perhaps for you guys it's not even "news"Jul 15 18:40
__martin__jono: polite of you saying decent words about recently passed away rivaling company package management developer lead.. Jul 15 18:42
jonothanks __martin__Jul 15 18:43
jonoI don't see Fedora as a rival, just an alternative choiceJul 15 18:43
iophk__martin__: "In January 2015, TPM 2.0 will be required on all certified Windows devices, Sabow said. TPM, or Trusted Platform..."Jul 15 18:44
iophkPalladium is back.Jul 15 18:46
__martin__just another way-opener to small-to-mid distributors of DIY parts / assembled boxes e.g. ZaReason, ThinkPenguin, Garlach44, Lemote..Jul 15 18:48
__martin__unless general population IQ drops down rapidly thanks to pr0n && refined carbsJul 15 18:49
iophkIt depends on how tight a grip M$ has on the OEMs still.Jul 15 18:49
__martin__jono: does canonical ltd. plan on using bazaar vcs for the foreseeable future or opt in for git/hg migration wagon goin'?Jul 15 18:50
jono__martin__, BZRJul 15 18:51
__martin__another slashdot msft entryism.. 15 18:55
TechrightsBot-trTitle: Maybe Steve Ballmer Doesn't Deserve the Hate - Slashdot .::. Size~: 300.29 KBJul 15 18:55
__martin__but in comments one guy nailed it all.. with his responseJul 15 18:56
__martin__ArcadeMan: Slashdot, where Microsoft is Satan, Google is Evil, Apple is the Devil and open-source projects are pointless because thousands of programmers pulling in different directions.Jul 15 18:56
__martin__K. S. Kyosuke: Just like the universe is pointless because thousands of galaxy clusters pull in different directions...hey, wait a minute...Jul 15 18:56
__martin__;)Jul 15 18:56
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__martin__jono: thanks for reply, no offense meant ~ but mark should double-check to what cluster-farms the data from lenses flow.. if jeff-o-b follows the steps of leisure suite larry, then world's not gonna be a better place for future generation raised on mesh-networked XO's in an ideal caseJul 15 19:12
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sebsebsebhiJul 15 20:04
iophk 15 20:17
TechrightsBot-trTitle: Patent Trolls Are Now Crushing Parts Of The Developer Economy - Forbes .::. Size~: 106.68 KBJul 15 20:17
MinceRmicrosoft >> 15 20:20
TechrightsBot-trNot a web page! Aborting image/jpeg typeJul 15 20:20
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DaemonFCWow. That was fast.Jul 15 20:34
DaemonFCGot one of my rebates a week after sending it in. :)Jul 15 20:34
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sebsebseb Jul 15 20:34
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DaemonFCThe local (city) police and the county Sheriff's department are merging some of their operations to save money.Jul 15 21:24
DaemonFCThey said that they hit the caps on all of the taxes that they were allowed to take, and revenue was still declining, because people are leaving and the ones who are left have less money to tax.Jul 15 21:25
DaemonFCHigh tax rates and bad jobs typically cause everyone who can leave to leave.Jul 15 21:25
DaemonFC ZOMG PINK PONIES says:Jul 15 21:42
DaemonFCI'm not going to bad mouth Social Security, even if people over 65 do have a propensity to bite the hand that is feeding them.Jul 15 21:42
DaemonFCThey worked for it, and they earned it. The fact that they're still getting it each month means that they have Democrats to thank for that (some Democrats anyway, certainly not the DINOs like Obama who have mastered the art of talking like a liberal and acting like a moderate Republican).Jul 15 21:42
DaemonFCThe Republicans are going to shut down Social Security if they ever win all the marbles again. That fact should horrify anyone who has that as their main/only income. We're talking about the psychopaths in Congress that want to shut down food stamps but keep the $37,000-per day subsidies for millionaires who happen to own a farm. Jul 15 21:42
DaemonFC ZOMG PINK PONIES says:Jul 15 23:11
DaemonFC 15 23:11
TechrightsBot-trTitle: Drug Tests, Personality Exams, and Other Hoops You Must Jump Through to Become a Convenience Store Clerk .::. Size~: 60.87 KBJul 15 23:11
DaemonFCWalmart puts potential employees through this crap.Jul 15 23:11
DaemonFCIt's actually funny. Do they *expect* that anyone is going to answer questions asking them if they like to break the law, use drugs, and steal from their employer in the affirmative?Jul 15 23:11
DaemonFCGawker: "Getting a job selling Slurpees is a more invasive process than becoming a Congressman."Jul 15 23:11
DaemonFCYeah. It's not about whether or not most people use drugs, or if those drugs have any particular impact on their reliability as an employee. It's mostly just about having control and keeping people in line by putting them through the indignity of making them pee in cups for you. If you can make them drop their pants and pee in a cup, you can dehumanize them in just about any way. Jul 15 23:11
DaemonFCMost companies don't actually drug test people after they're initially hired unless they want to get out of paying for a workplace accident. That includes Walmart.Jul 15 23:11
DaemonFCDrug tests cost them about $30-40. Why do it unless it's an excuse out of paying their medical bill when a truck comes in where the warehouse improperly stacked a pallet, which falls over on them and causes $12,000 worth of medical bills?Jul 15 23:11
DaemonFCI've seen that sort of thing happen so many times.....Jul 15 23:11
DaemonFCOf course, the drug test usually comes back clean, which pisses Walmart off even worse. Now it has to pay the medical bills and put the employee on light duty!Jul 15 23:11
DaemonFCManagers basically cross their fingers and hope the guy was smoking pot three weeks ago so they can just abandon them and hire someone else.Jul 15 23:11
DaemonFCMost workplace accidents have nothing to do with drugs. It has more to do with the corners the company itself was cutting to save time and money. Jul 15 23:11
DaemonFC ZOMG PINK PONIES says:Jul 15 23:14
DaemonFCWell, depression is a major problem in the United States for the same reason it was in Soviet Russia.Jul 15 23:14
DaemonFCYou have a better chance of becoming a millionaire through the state lottery than by working hard, playing by the rules, and trying to earn your way there. It's the sign of a hugely corrupt system and society. Jul 15 23:14
MinceRgnJul 15 23:20

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