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IRC: #boycottnovell @ FreeNode: August 1st, 2013

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schestowitz> Dear Roy,Aug 01 18:51
schestowitz> Aug 01 18:51
schestowitz> Do you know of a way I could post on cola without revealing who I am?Aug 01 18:52
schestowitz> I've been looking at the services provided by MaskMe, and wondering ifAug 01 18:52
schestowitz> they might work.  I'm fairly naive about this.Aug 01 18:52
schestowitz> Aug 01 18:52
schestowitz> The trolls think that Roy Culley is still posting, anonymously, and theyAug 01 18:52
schestowitz> may be right.Aug 01 18:52
schestowitz> Aug 01 18:52
schestowitz> Thanks, and best wishes,Aug 01 18:52
schestowitzAnonymous speech is important, but I never used it. I guess I'm not afraid of retribution. People can identify the voice based on language, style, and knowledge. So one's anonymous voice depends not only on technical means but also on the message itself. Moving from non-anonymous to anonymous (and not self-censoring to hide style) is hard, but posting anonymously all along might work. Microsoft astroturf agents, like the ones Aug 01 18:52
schestowitzrecently caught in Reddit (they admitted this), rely on anonymity for bad purposes.Aug 01 18:52
schestowitzMy opinion is, COLA is filled with very venomous bullies who generally make it worthwhile posting elsewhere. Sooner or later they leak or unmask everyone.Aug 01 18:52
schestowitz 01 20:45 Open source is the dominant warfighting doctrine of the 21st century #opensource #freedomAug 01 20:45
TechrightsBN-> Title: Power the edge and open source culture | .::. Size~: 51.76 KBAug 01 20:45
schestowitz"Not our favorite case study but says a lot about security, flexibility and reliability."Aug 01 20:45
schestowitz 01 20:45 reshared: >"In fact, more #encryption will probably only make the #privacy crisis worse than it already is.' His argument takes a few turns, but centers on a scenario that is a bit too easy to imagine: a government coercing software developers into disabling their encryption: 'There are a whole host of things one could buy to weaken encryption. I would contact providers of popular cloud and "whatever-as-service"Aug 01 20:45
TechrightsBN-> Title: More Encryption Is Not the Solution - Slashdot .::. Size~: 300.14 KBAug 01 20:45
schestowitz"As long as open source cryptography software remains available, this argument seems flawed. One reason the U.S. export ban on cryptographic software was abandoned was that developers simply developed it outside the country."Aug 01 20:45
schestowitz 01 20:46 What makes me curious is, why did Jim Lynch, a GNU/Linux proponent, decide to smear it 90% of the time under IDG as his employer?Aug 01 20:46
schestowitz"Could be a pattern, establish credibility then FUD. Could be that the publisher rejects the reviews. It's hard to tell when you are dealing with a liar like Microsoft."Aug 01 20:46

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