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TechrightsBNTitle: How to Survive a Deposition: Eight Great Tips  - Law Tips of the Week - Mock Trial Skills - TRIAL SKILLS LIVE MOCK TRIAL .::. Size~: 59.72 KBAug 10 21:04
schestowitz"Okay. This is really important. The opposing attorney is going to do his/her best to make you feel foolish for not being able to answer a question. No matter how nice they are to you or how disappointed they sound by your inability to recall details from 15 years ago, don’t give into the pressure. Always keeps answers within the scope of your knowledge. For example, if they ask you about correspondence that you received several Aug 10 21:04
schestowitzmonths ago, you can answer by simply stating: I would need to review the correspondence. It’s the opposing attorney’s job to pressure you into answering questions that are beyond the scope of your knowledge. If you keep that in mind then you won’t allow yourself to be pressured into answering a question that you are not in a good position to answer. "Aug 10 21:04
schestowitz 10 21:05
TechrightsBN@JPBarlow: The NSA Panopticon would be bad enough if it worked. But it doesn't. Or they'd know which embassy, if any, is the target.Aug 10 21:05
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TechrightsBNHello World! I'm TechrightsBN running phIRCe v0.71Aug 10 21:31
schestowitz 10 23:45 The smallest and best new Android phones you can buy aren’t small at all #android #linuxAug 10 23:45
TechrightsBN-> | The smallest and best new Android phones you can buy aren’t small at all | Ars Technica  [ ]Aug 10 23:45
schestowitz"never been a fan of Android..."Aug 10 23:45
schestowitz 10 23:46 The problem with listening & tracking devices is that their screens are still too small. Tablets are better, more like PCs, easy to type on.Aug 10 23:46
schestowitz"Aug 10 23:46
schestowitzMine was a gift. It's too bad Microsoft taxed it. It was handsome hardware at the time and it is still rugged.Aug 10 23:46
schestowitzNow you can get a OLPC tablet that's almost as nice and comes with cameras. I got one of those for my seven year old daughter and I'm watching it. The girls like it but some of the games are advertise at them.... It's not a free software device like the laptop mostly was.Aug 10 23:46
schestowitz"Aug 10 23:46

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