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schestowitz> No commentAug 13 06:53
schestowitz> Aug 13 06:53
schestowitz> -------- Original Message --------Aug 13 06:53
schestowitz> Subject: Bill Gates funds scheme to spray artificial 'planet-cooling'Aug 13 06:53
schestowitz> sulfur particles into atmosphereAug 13 06:53
schestowitz> Date: Tue, 13 Aug 2013 01:38:39 +0200Aug 13 06:53
schestowitz> From: <>Aug 13 06:53
schestowitz> Aug 13 06:53
schestowitz> 13 06:53 | Bill Gates funds scheme to spray artificial 'planet-cooling' sulfur particles into atmosphere  [ ]Aug 13 06:53
schestowitz 13 06:59 reshared: more accurate...Aug 13 06:59
schestowitz"I think it is far less tolerant or disrespectful to inculcate children to show reverence to anything so clearly contrary to the faculty of their own reason."Aug 13 07:00
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schestowitzIn 2009, the government census reports that 74.2% of residents were of Chinese, 13.4% of Malay, and 9.2% of Indian descent,[147] while Eurasians and other groups form 3.2%.Aug 13 17:57
schestowitz 13 17:57 | NO TITLEAug 13 17:57
schestowitzwowAug 13 17:57
schestowitzAticle leads to 13 17:58 | Irreligion - Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaAug 13 17:58
schestowitz"Irreligion (adjective form: nonreligious or irreligious) is the absence of religion, an indifference towards religion, a rejection of religion, or hostility towards religion.[1] When characterized as the rejection of religious belief, it includes atheism, religious dissidence and secular humanism. When characterized as hostility towards religion, it includes antitheism, anticlericalism and antireligion. When characterized as Aug 13 17:59
schestowitzindifference to religion, it includes apatheism. When characterized as the absence of religious belief, it may also include agnosticism, ignosticism, nontheism, religious skepticism and freethought. Irreligion may even include forms of theism depending on the religious context it is defined against, as in 18th-century Europe where the epitome of irreligion was deism"Aug 13 17:59
schestowitz 13 18:15 | Things to be thankful for as we celebrate 48 years of independence. Majulah Singapura! | life one degree north, one-o-three degrees east  [ ]Aug 13 18:15
schestowitz 13 19:24 The courage of Bradley Manning will inspire others to seize their moment of truth #truth #patriotismAug 13 19:24
TechrightsBN-> | The courage of Bradley Manning will inspire others to seize their moment of truth  [ ]Aug 13 19:24
schestowitz"they should have a get-away plane ready."Aug 13 19:24
schestowitz"Aug 13 19:27
schestowitzThey should not sacrifice themselves for others, no matter how good it makes the group ego feel about itself to see the individual life eviscerated in classical transference of their cowardice. If a person chooses to do or not do something in accordance with their own conscience is one thing, sacrificial offerings to the false beliefs of a collective is quite another.Aug 13 19:27
schestowitzThe informants lives are placed at risk trusting the worst liars, thieves and murderers on the planet, conversely THE best liars, thieves and murderers on the planet, if you observe without ethical bias.Aug 13 19:27
schestowitzEveryone sees things like this go on everyday, outside of active war theaters and in the first world the violations of ethics are not directly violent and so we pretend they are not what they are: evil acts of evil people. Oh, it is just a pen from work. Oh, it is just a book my friend loaned me, oh well dropped it in the lake. oh, it is just a little white lie that her ass isn't fat and I still want her but I have already decided Aug 13 19:27
schestowitzwho I am going to cheat on her next with. oh, it is just a little white lie that I think he is manly and have already decided who i am going to cheat on him with next.Aug 13 19:27
schestowitzChanging the system by pointing out the system is exactly like everyone knows it is in the darkest part of the night, pretending that reality does not exist at the water cooler at work the next day is ludicrous. The system will resonate at the exact frequency of its participants, and the majority of human beings are ignorant, uneducated monkeys masquerading as reasonable people to hide the ugliness of their true selves who will harmAug 13 19:27
schestowitzanyone to enrich themselves if they think they will not be punished for it.Aug 13 19:27
schestowitzPlaying MMO bonus: learning exactly what this species is really like in disembodied mediums where they have no fear of corporeal consequences.Aug 13 19:27
schestowitzThe nsa is not going to be punished by the system that continues to fund them by extorting funds from everyone in the area until everyone in the area stops paying them. Did you here the IRS won't explain why they need ar-15s for "standoff capabilities?" 13 19:27 | IRS Needs AR-15′s For “Standoff Capabilities”? | Ben Swann Full Disclosure  [ ]Aug 13 19:27
schestowitzWant to bet why I think they think that? The minute the load of bread is so expensive that they must choose between feeding soldiers and feeding the wage-slaves babies, I guarantee babies will starve before soldiers.Aug 13 19:27
schestowitz"Aug 13 19:27
schestowitzThe following are suggestions which conclude GPLv2 would be best. Also, earlier today in techrights (now in front blog page) I published a detailed analysis of the matter.Aug 13 20:27
schestowitz-------- Original Message --------Aug 13 20:27
schestowitzSubject: Re: Fwd: Re: Fwd: dead lettersAug 13 20:27
schestowitzDate: Tue, 13 Aug 2013 22:10:31 +0300Aug 13 20:27
schestowitzTo: Roy Schestowitz <>Aug 13 20:27
schestowitzHi, Roy,Aug 13 20:27
schestowitz2.3.51 was the latest the plain v2 license with the 'or later' clause.Aug 13 20:27
schestowitz2.4.0 is the first with the v2-only preamble.Aug 13 20:27
schestowitz 13 20:27
schestowitz 13 20:27
schestowitzKernel 2.4.0 is from 04 Jan 2001, kernel 2.3.51 is from 11 Mar 2000.Aug 13 20:27
schestowitzSo it has been that way for a long while.Aug 13 20:27
schestowitzFor compatibility, v2 would be the way to go for the kernel moduleAug 13 20:27
schestowitzespecially since Linus has been so clear about it after the GPLv3Aug 13 20:27
schestowitzplanning came to the forefront:Aug 13 20:28
schestowitz 13 20:28 | LKML: Linus Torvalds: Re: GPLv3 Position StatementAug 13 20:28
schestowitz> Actually 2.2.x would be better than 2.3.x since 2.2 was production.Aug 13 20:37
schestowitz> In that series, it seems that there was no special preamble to theAug 13 20:37
schestowitz> license:Aug 13 20:37
schestowitz> Aug 13 20:37
schestowitz> 13 20:37
schestowitz> Aug 13 20:37
schestowitz> 2.2.26 was the latest in that series, being from 24 Feb 2004Aug 13 20:37
schestowitz> Actually 2.2.x would be better than 2.3.x since 2.2 was production.Aug 13 20:44
schestowitz> In that series, it seems that there was no special preamble to theAug 13 20:44
schestowitz> license:Aug 13 20:44
schestowitz> Aug 13 20:44
schestowitz> 13 20:44
schestowitz> Aug 13 20:44
schestowitz> 2.2.26 was the latest in that series, being from 24 Feb 2004Aug 13 20:44
schestowitzDo you have the full tree/commit history from which to deduce which programmers are responsible for GPL violations? Diffs on the original files and the code in the driver can help show, in more concrete terms, how Samsung violated the GPL and thus justify the publishing of the code under the GPLv2 (for forking and use by others).Aug 13 20:44
schestowitzRemember that many people, unlike Samsung, do not have to go through 'official' channels to "licence" some ridiculous patents, so to them having such code might be a handy way to make FAT de facto gratis (leading, inevitably, to a race at the bottom which cheapens Microsoft's patent traps and renders them obsolete perhaps).Aug 13 20:44
schestowitz(me)Aug 13 20:44
schestowitz 13 20:46 | fix the d_make_root bug ·  884c91a · rxrz/exfat-nofuse · GitHub  [ ]Aug 13 20:46
schestowitz"This code was originally under a Samsung proprietary license, all you've done is strip all traces of that license and threw a GPL tag on it."Aug 13 20:46
schestowitz 13 20:46 | Samsung proprietary code violation · Issue #5 · rxrz/exfat-nofuse · GitHub  [ ]Aug 13 20:46
schestowitz"Issue raised on gpl-violations's legal mailing list. "Aug 13 20:47 | Licensing stolen/leaked code as GPL  [ ]Aug 13 20:47
schestowitz"Tha fact that what Microsoft or Samsung do is illegal doesn't give you the right to do something illegal also."Aug 13 20:47
schestowitzUntrueAug 13 20:47
schestowitzParagon and Tuxera have also got proprietary drivers like thisAug 13 20:48
schestowitzNow, without Microsoft, there can be a gratis implmentationAug 13 20:48
schestowitz"Aug 13 20:49
schestowitzOh I'm so sick and tired of license purists and license debates. The code was in there with the kernel and it therefore GPL even if Samsung labeled it as such or not.Aug 13 20:49
schestowitzIf Samsung has a problem with this being GPL they should say so if they keep quiet it means they're OK with it and that's that.Aug 13 20:49
schestowitzDistributing this code is another matter though and that could prove tricky because of patent concerns with MS.Aug 13 20:49
schestowitzIn the end I don't care much, we have the code and that's what counts. I wish we has something similar for NTFS too.Aug 13 20:49
schestowitz"Aug 13 20:49
schestowitz"You also can't just point to a piece of code and retroactively declare it to be distributable under the GPL without the copyright owner's agreement. Even if the GPL applies, there's more than one way for them to be in compliance."Aug 13 20:50
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schestowitz 13 21:18 | What's Your Favorite FOSS or Linux Blog? « FOSS ForceFOSS Force  [ ]Aug 13 21:18
schestowitz"Aug 13 21:18
schestowitzGroklaw and Techrights.Aug 13 21:18
schestowitzThere is simply no better page to find out what is happening in Linux, FLOSS, etc than the Techrights News Roundup links page… none. Not even close.Aug 13 21:18
schestowitzIts updated regularly and its very nicely organized so if I want general Linux news or want to see whats up with KDE or servers or lets say kernel, I can just scroll down to see what is happening on taht subject throughout the net.Aug 13 21:18
schestowitzKeep this link handyAug 13 21:18
schestowitz 13 21:18
schestowitzand you will be able to quickly finding dozens upon dozens of links to various sites and blogs.Aug 13 21:18
schestowitzIf someone knows anyone else who does such a good job, Id be more than happy to take a look.Aug 13 21:18 | News Roundup | Techrights  [ ]Aug 13 21:18
schestowitzThe problems with the Techrights news roundup is that it can take up A LOT, I mean A LOOOOOT of your time and just reading the small writeups is sometimes more time than I have in a day so it helps me find teh ones that I can afford to read when time is scarce.Aug 13 21:18
schestowitzYou know how I found this article?Aug 13 21:18
schestowitzYup, its in the Links for 31/7/2013Aug 13 21:18
schestowitzits the 4th link (out of god knows how many) and this was the text that he had that brought me here:Aug 13 21:18
schestowitz———–Aug 13 21:18
schestowitzWhat’s Your Favorite FOSS or Linux Blog?Aug 13 21:18
schestowitzIn other words, we’re not talking about the big websites that cover GNU/Linux and the FOSS world. We’re excluding popular Linux aggregators such as LXer, Linux Today or Tux Machines. Also excluded are the big all-things-to-all-people tech news sites, like ZDNet and CNET, that do as good a job covering FOSS and Linux as they do covering all other tech sectors. We’re also not talking about the great Linux information sites such Aug 13 21:19
schestowitzas Linux Magazine, Phoronix, LWN and too many more to mention. Sites maintained by GNU/Linux distros are, too, not part of this discussion.Aug 13 21:19
schestowitz——-Aug 13 21:19
schestowitzI thought it was interesting and clicked on the link (the mouseover shows me what the site is).Aug 13 21:19
schestowitzi dont have any loyalty to any blog (i am subscribed to Seigos excellent youtube videos and that bearded guy who does TWIL but I skip most of his stuff while I listen and relisten Seigos when I just rip teh youtube and play it again on my mp3 player) because not everything is great and most big sites are just not worth it all the time.Aug 13 21:19
schestowitzthis way allows me to be able to scope whats out there all over rather that go to each site individualy. it saves a lot of time but like I said… even reading just the link headers is time consuming.Aug 13 21:19
schestowitz"Aug 13 21:19
schestowitz> Congratulations.  Getting ranked with Groklaw is quite an achievement!Aug 13 21:42
schestowitzThe daily links are important side effect of me researching for input/output.Aug 13 21:42
schestowitz 13 21:44 | Google shields open source cloud tech from patent trolls • The Register  [ ]Aug 13 21:44
schestowitz 13 21:50 | 'Linux Advocates' Looks For Angels « FOSS ForceFOSS Force  [ ]Aug 13 21:50
schestowitzWe're going on vacation August 29th-Sept. 9th. I don't know how to easily enable access (keys only) to the server, but it's possible that it won't be necessary given the server's stability and Tracy's access to it. Somone else might want a key added for access to the server...Aug 13 22:07
schestowitz"Aug 13 22:09
schestowitzA few months ago, while doing my daily web perusing to keep up-to-date on FOSS stuff as well as to update our Twitter and Facebook news feeds, I began running across a Linux blog I hadn’t seen before called Linux Advocates. The site caught my eye because it was well designed and laid-out–not just another generic WordPress blog, if you catch my drift.Aug 13 22:09
schestowitzOther than that, there was nothing that was really exceptional about the site. It was just another Penguinista blog by a blogger, Dietrich Schmitz, who was unfamiliar to me. His writing was strong, even if he did sometimes seem to be lacking in how-it-really-works insight.Aug 13 22:09
schestowitzHe learned quickly, however. Very quickly. It wasn’t long before Linux Advocates started showing-up more often in my morning web surfing. The writing and quality of articles improved and the major Linux news aggregators began paying attention by publishing links to selected articles. It was obvious; the site was progressing.Aug 13 22:09
schestowitzThen, a few weeks back, the site unwittingly got caught in the middle of some silliness that exploded and threatened to go viral, when an amateur blogger in a snit wrote a blog claiming censorship by Schmitz, who had evidently deleted some comments the blogger had posted to the Linux Advocates site. Aug 13 22:09
schestowitz"Aug 13 22:09
schestowitz"He penned a kiss-and-make-up reply, that was also published by the folks at Techrights–much to the chagrin of the self-styled rough trade crowd on the forums who thrive on flame wars."Aug 13 22:10
schestowitz"He’s also started adding guest bloggers, which is something we’ve been planning to do here at FOSS Force as well, and has managed to put together a pretty impressive roster which includes Dr. Roy Schestowitz from Techrights, Robert Pogson and several others. In addition, Ken Starks from The Blog of Helios has been taken on as a “regular contributing” author."Aug 13 22:11
schestowitzThat site is pretty much dead nowAug 13 22:11
schestowitzand not covering FOSS anymoreAug 13 22:11

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