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roy_I also had many misunderstanding with this "feature" until I disabled it completely.Aug 23 17:44
roy_> People have a decade and a half of whitewashing, reputationAug 23 17:44
roy_> management, marketeering, astroturfing and spin to forget how reviledAug 23 17:44
roy_> Bill Gates and M$ were by the end of the 1990's.  Everyone saw theAug 23 17:44
roy_> writing on the wall for M$.  It was having its lunch eaten by Linux inAug 23 17:44
roy_> the server market, it was facing breakup in the US courts, and itAug 23 17:44
roy_> posted an $18 billion loss.  IMHO Gates stepped down to let BallmerAug 23 17:44
roy_> ride it into the ground, preferably protracting the ride as long asAug 23 17:44
roy_> possible.  M$ failure to go under can in part be attributed cult-likeAug 23 17:44
roy_> devotion and corruption around the world.  However, looking backAug 23 17:44
roy_> through several of the news leaks, it is also clear that the abilityAug 23 17:44
roy_> to sell back doors to governments and other interests has probablyAug 23 17:44
roy_> been as big or greater savior.Aug 23 17:44
roy_> Aug 23 17:44
roy_> M$ has, again, run a loss.  Ballmer's restructuring is probably oneAug 23 17:44
roy_> way of hiding what is losing money and, maybe, how much market the twoAug 23 17:44
roy_> cash cows (OEM/Windows and file format/Office) have lost just now.Aug 23 17:44
roy_Has Microsoft just reported yet another quarterly loss? I thought that was a while back, before even the Surface fiasco...Aug 23 17:44
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