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sebsebseb Aug 18 00:43
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schestowitz 18 00:56
TechrightsBot-tr@schestowitz: Success: Samsung’s #GPL Violation and Subsequent Leak Officially Mean #xFAT Driver is Being Made Free Software 18 00:56
TechrightsBot-tr-> | Success: Samsung’s GPL Violation and Subsequent Leak Officially Mean exFAT Driver is Being Made Free Software | TechrightsAug 18 00:56
schestowitz 18 00:57
TechrightsBot-tr@schestowitz: Reminder of Patent Lawsuits From Proxy Entities #swpatsAug 18 00:57
TechrightsBot-tr-> | Reminder of Patent Lawsuits From Proxy Entities | TechrightsAug 18 00:57
schestowitz 18 00:58
TechrightsBot-tr@schestowitz: Microsoft’s Emerging Attacks on Google: Bogus DMCA Notices, Fabricated Quotes, Bogus & Baseless Antitrust Complaints 18 00:58
TechrightsBot-tr-> | Microsoft’s Emerging Attacks on Google: Bogus DMCA Notices, Fabricated Quotes, Bogus and Baseless Antitrust Complaints | TechrightsAug 18 00:58
schestowitz 18 00:58
schestowitzThat;s simply untrueAug 18 00:58
schestowitzI RTs/re-shared something about privacy the other say, but 99%n of what I say is positiveAug 18 00:59
JimmyCarterhas anyone eved sued for GPL violations?Aug 18 01:05
JimmyCarterwould you have to show damages?  how would that workAug 18 01:05
qu1j0t3yes, many timesAug 18 01:07
qu1j0t3google Harald WeiteAug 18 01:07
qu1j0t3and usually wins, afaikAug 18 01:07
qu1j0t3JimmyCarter: , oops WelteAug 18 01:08 | GPL Violations homepage       -     The projectAug 18 01:08 | Harald Welte's blog  [ ]Aug 18 01:08
JimmyCarternice yeah im checking thatAug 18 01:09
JimmyCarteri dont see any $s awarded thoughAug 18 01:09
JimmyCarteri see temporary injunction against further distribution of offending productAug 18 01:09
JimmyCarterBy June 2006, the project has hit the magic "100 cases finished" mark, at an exciting equal "100% legal success" mark. Every GPL infringement that we started to enforce was resolved in a legal success, either in-court or out of court.Aug 18 01:10
qu1j0t3i don't know if damages is really possible, but IANALAug 18 01:10
JimmyCarter 18 01:11 | GPL Violations homepage       -     GPL Violations Legal FAQ  [ ]Aug 18 01:11
JimmyCarterwell if the offending companies dont have to pay money its not that strong of enforcementAug 18 01:12
JimmyCarternonetheless the injuctions and public shaming is lot better than nothingAug 18 01:12
amarsh04they have usually been required to demonstrate GPL compliance on an ongoing basis alsoAug 18 02:57
amarsh04brb, loading new kernelAug 18 02:57
amarsh04actually, no... still building a kernel that I want to loadAug 18 02:58
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JimmyCarterhm anyone know bankruptcy lawyer?Aug 18 08:02
JimmyCarteri want to explore scenario where we dont bail banks out in financial crisisAug 18 08:02
amarsh04now restarting for a new kernelAug 18 08:06
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*DaemonFC remembers why he got rid of cable....Aug 18 09:00
DaemonFCThey either cancel or end up ruining all my favorite shows.Aug 18 09:01
DaemonFCIt's easier and cheaper to just get the DVD set after they've done that.Aug 18 09:01
schestowitzJimmyCarter: so you need to hire someone when you go broke?Aug 18 09:38
schestowitz 18 09:38
TechrightsBot-tr@axiomfinity: @JorgeStolfi @schestowitz I doubt itAug 18 09:38
iophk 18 09:45 | GeoCities - Archiveteam  [ ]Aug 18 09:45
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JimmyCarterthe FDIC is insuring 10 tril in deposits with 50 bil in assets and a law saying it can borrow 500 bil from treasuryAug 18 10:55
JimmyCarterso if the big banks fails the big question is what happens to peoples depositsAug 18 10:56
JimmyCarteri think under bankruptcy law citizen's deposits should be treated equally to other creditors such as derivative contracts with other banksAug 18 10:56
JimmyCarterso how much money everyone loses will somewhat come down to bankruptcy proceedingsAug 18 10:57
JimmyCarterhow much of the banks assets go to main st versus wall st and whether FDIC can make up differenceAug 18 10:58
JimmyCarterprobably good chance of equitable outcomeAug 18 11:01
JimmyCarterpeople will be hella pissedAug 18 11:02
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DaemonFCJimmyCarter, The recent regulations mean that all you're actually guaranteed is to be a forced investor in the bank that is failing.Aug 18 11:32
DaemonFCYou could end up holding bank shares that are worth pennies on the dollar.Aug 18 11:32
DaemonFCIt's better to not leave any more money in the bank than you absolutely have to.Aug 18 11:33
DaemonFCJimmyCarter, The funny part is that while private investors lost a lot of money in bank operations during the crash, the shares that the government bought in the bailout are now mostly worth more than it paid for them.Aug 18 11:34
DaemonFCAlso, there are the dividends that get paid out.Aug 18 11:34
DaemonFCThe GMAC mess actually made the government a $1.5 billion profit in share value and about $4.5 billion in dividends on those shares that were paid to the Treasury.Aug 18 11:35
DaemonFCOf course, on the scale of the US federal government, that's not a lot of money.Aug 18 11:35
DaemonFCThey spend that much in a matter of a couple of minutes. :)Aug 18 11:35
DaemonFCThe federal government is used to getting away with spending a lot more than it takes in because favorable conditions and the ability to endlessly inflate money has permitted it so far.Aug 18 11:36
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DaemonFCThere's no guarantee that interest rates will stay low, and there's no guarantee that purchasers of government debt will always see it as the best option for investment.Aug 18 11:38
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DaemonFCIf it becomes so out of control that it becomes a bad investment that loses a lot of its value, then people could simply stop buying it up, making tax increases mandatory.Aug 18 11:38
DaemonFCPeople have an aversion to direct taxation, but stealing the value of money they already possess seems to be less noticeable.Aug 18 11:39
DaemonFCPeople bitch because "those greedy companies" are raising their prices, but they don't understand that this is part of what funds the banking system and the government.Aug 18 11:39
DaemonFCThe idea that inflation is needed to compel people to spend is just pure bullshit.Aug 18 11:41
DaemonFCPeople are going to spend money no matter what happens, as long as they have money, wants, and needs.Aug 18 11:41
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JimmyCarterthe bailout is misnomer because it was more like bridge loansAug 18 12:02
JimmyCarterpart of QE is the real bailout, evidence by the trillions in mortgage backed securities now on the fed's balance sheetAug 18 12:03
JimmyCarterinflation only affects savings in currency, if you live paycheck to paycheck doesnt matter.  but when it comes to savings i think theres something to argument that it encourages capital to be productiveAug 18 12:05
DaemonFCQE isn't making the toxic debt disappear, it's just moving it somewhere else.Aug 18 12:07
DaemonFCThe Fed's balance sheet is just a temporary storage device.Aug 18 12:07
DaemonFCEventually, they'll repackage all of it and try to find more people who are stupid enough to buy it.Aug 18 12:08
DaemonFCOf course they will.Aug 18 12:08
DaemonFCIf human nature was changing, then there's be no reason for the same scams to work over and over again, even when people were warned or had good reason to be suspicious.Aug 18 12:09
DaemonFCTen years from now, they'll have no problem unloading all of it.Aug 18 12:09
JimmyCarterwell my point is they bought the MBS from banks for way more than market value, ie free checksAug 18 12:09
JimmyCarterthats the actual bailoutAug 18 12:09
DaemonFCWell, the better way to stop it would have been to declare all of the debt void and allow anyone invested in it to lose everything.Aug 18 12:10
DaemonFCThe problem really is that it ended up everywhere.Aug 18 12:11
DaemonFCIn retirement plans and pension funds, among other places.Aug 18 12:11
schestowitzNightmare...,,20076102,00.htmlAug 18 12:12 | How to Install a Dishwasher | This Old House  [ ]Aug 18 12:12
schestowitzBailing out on the idea... pipes messAug 18 12:12
DaemonFCI've never had a dishwasher.Aug 18 12:13
JimmyCarteri have one but as far as i can tell its crap Aug 18 12:14
DaemonFCIt's just not a huge amount of effort to wash dishes by hand when you're single.Aug 18 12:14
JimmyCartermaybe im not doing it rightAug 18 12:14
DaemonFCNo real reason to have one.Aug 18 12:14
DaemonFCI did recently buy dozens of bottles of dish soap, among other consumables...Aug 18 12:15
DaemonFCThe grocery store had one of their loss leader sales, and they still double coupons up to 25 cents.Aug 18 12:15
DaemonFCSo I was buying big bottles of Dawn for less than $1 each. :)Aug 18 12:15
DaemonFCI buy massive amounts of things like that when I can get it cheaply.Aug 18 12:16
JimmyCarterthe fed owns 30% of bonds outstanding for multiple categoris of treasury bondsAug 18 12:17
JimmyCarterand its increasing at 1% a monthAug 18 12:17
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iophkOracle knuckling under to its competition 18 15:44 | Who Are the Real Winners in the Microsoft-Oracle Deal?                               -  [ ]Aug 18 15:44
iophk 18 15:46 | The Daily Dot - I asked the NSA for its file on me, and here's what I got back  [ ]Aug 18 15:46
iophkold - 18 16:07 | Streetcar Shooting: Toronto Police Officer Suspended, Video Capturing Death Of 18-Year-Old Sammy Yatim Goes Viral [VIDEO]  [ ]Aug 18 16:07
qu1j0t3old, but still a fucking unforgiveable use of excessive forceAug 18 16:20
iophkThe video is pretty clear cut about that, though it's not necessarily recommendable to watch it.Aug 18 16:21
iophkI am surprised that the epidemic of that behavior has spread even to Canada.Aug 18 16:22
qu1j0t3Canada has a long-standing police problemAug 18 16:49
qu1j0t3not just the Toronto police -- the RCMP is batshit as wellAug 18 16:49
qu1j0t3there is actually  a string of police shootings in TO, this is only the latestAug 18 16:49
qu1j0t3the G20 was in 2010 ... pretty much every police misbehaviour was documented there, it was a miracle nobody was killedAug 18 16:50
qu1j0t3it was a show of force to intimidate and dissuade people from protesting G20 agendasAug 18 16:51
qu1j0t3many assaulted, mistreated in detentionAug 18 16:51
iophkadd to that the problem that the news did not cover the reasons for the protestsAug 18 16:51
qu1j0t3horse charges of sitting protesters ... not the sort of thing one expects to see on TO streetsAug 18 16:51
qu1j0t3right. only one paper in TO kept to the issue, and brought some accountability to the copsAug 18 16:51
qu1j0t3the statements made by the right wing freakshow that runs Canada were absolutely disgustingAug 18 16:52
iophk 18 17:04 | Sarah Stillman: The Use and Abuse of Civil Forfeiture : The New Yorker  [ ]Aug 18 17:04
iophkanother example of the abuse of 'plea' dealsAug 18 17:06
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g4mbit!seen patr|ckAug 18 17:43
g4mbithmmAug 18 17:43
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sebsebseb Aug 18 17:46
schestowitzhAug 18 17:52
sebsebsebschestowitz: BT aren't so bad now it seemsAug 18 17:59
sebsebsebschestowitz: giving Sky Sports proper competition :)Aug 18 17:59
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schestowitz 18 18:04
TechrightsBot-tr@laurelrusswurm: @schestowitz But @expatpaul didn't say you did it constantly, Roy, he was commenting on the ironyAug 18 18:04
schestowitzsebsebseb: sports are cool, to participate in..Aug 18 18:04
schestowitzSky Sports is a couch sportAug 18 18:04
schestowitzBT is also trying to appeal to the massesAug 18 18:05
sebsebsebschestowitz: a couch sport?Aug 18 18:05
sebsebsebyou mean sitting down and watching sportAug 18 18:05
sebsebsebrather than doing it?Aug 18 18:05
schestowitz 18 18:05 | Laurel L. Russwurm (laurelrusswurm) on TwitterAug 18 18:05
sebsebsebschestowitz: the intresitng this is they refuse to sell  BT Sports and ESPN which they now own toAug 18 18:05
sebsebsebto SkyAug 18 18:05
sebsebsebas wholesale channelsAug 18 18:05
schestowitzsomeone else pointed out a privacy flaw, I shared some image that spoke of it by hitting "share"Aug 18 18:05
sebsebsebso Sky customers ha\ve to get a seperate BT subscription for itAug 18 18:06
sebsebsebat the momentAug 18 18:06
sebsebsebgiven away free to BT broadband customers, and Virgin Media made a deal for millions or whateverAug 18 18:06
sebsebsebfor three years so that's good :) got itAug 18 18:06
sebsebsebschestowitz: they spent like a billion on content already for those channelsAug 18 18:06
sebsebsebthey seem  good for sports channelsAug 18 18:06
sebsebseba lot of Live stuff at the momentAug 18 18:06
sebsebsebschestowitz: Sky needs proper competitionAug 18 18:07
sebsebsebcome on BT Aug 18 18:07
sebsebsebschestowitz: whole idea is to try and get BT broadband sold more as well with these channelsAug 18 18:07
sebsebseb,but I guess Virgin isn't much of a threat, that's cabled, BT is phone lineAug 18 18:08
sebsebseband they needed Virgin to get more viewers realy, Sky is the big competiitonAug 18 18:08
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schestowitz 18 18:19
TechrightsBot-tr@jahkarta: civil forfeiture (cops seize property instead of prosecuting) helps fuel #drugwar corruption via @schestowitzAug 18 18:19
TechrightsBot-tr-> | Sarah Stillman: The Use and Abuse of Civil Forfeiture : The New YorkerAug 18 18:19
schestowitz 18 18:32
TechrightsBot-tr@laurelrusswurm: @schestowitz Pointing out a !privacy flaw is a public service.Aug 18 18:32
schestowitzbasically, now that we know of PRISM and Amazon is signing agreements with the CIA some worry about CDN hostingAug 18 18:33
schestowitz 18 18:45
TechrightsBot-tr@laurelrusswurm: @schestowitz I have no doubt Canadian hosting is insecure.  Our government is just as bad as theirs... Encryption,  encryption,  encryptionAug 18 18:45
schestowitz 18 19:24 | DuckDuckGo, the p...  [ ]Aug 18 19:24
schestowitz"source?"Aug 18 19:24
schestowitz 18 19:25 | Amazon and CIA ink cloud deal -- FCW  [ ]Aug 18 19:25
schestowitz 18 19:27 | Noam Chomsky: "Obama está ejecutando la mayor operación terrorista de la historia" – RT  [ ]Aug 18 19:27
schestowitz 18 19:27
schestowitz 18 19:34 | ITC Orders Import Ban on Some Samsung Devices -  [ ]Aug 18 19:34
schestowitzWith Obama's helpAug 18 19:34
schestowitz,0,7642144.storyAug 18 19:39 | Bezos' Washington Post deal comes as tech focuses on news business -  [ ]Aug 18 19:40
schestowitz"PJ: I don't think that is enough. There has to be a way to replace the money from ads, particularly classified ads, which used to be the bread and butter that funded news in print. News can't be self-sustaining, because people won't pay for it, particularly not for in-depth reporting on stories they need to know but don't find irresistable. And that's where Bezos can work some magic, I think."Aug 18 19:40
schestowitz 18 19:46 | The free Web program that got Bradley Manning convicted of computer fraud  [ ]Aug 18 19:46
schestowitz"This doesn’t mean he used wget to hack into the system – Manning already had access to the files. It means that he used this tool to download the files more efficiently. Illegally taking and distributing the files are covered under separate charges."Aug 18 19:46
schestowitz 18 19:49
TechrightsBot-tr@JPBarlow: @cben @_cypherpunks_ 3m @joncallas I regret my first reaction to Silent Circle shutting down. It's not self-censorship. It's common sense.Aug 18 19:49
schestowitz 18 19:54 | Innovation under Austerity - Transcript - Software Freedom Law Center  [ ]Aug 18 19:54
iophk 18 19:57 | Microsoft Continues Its Anti-competitive Behaviour  |   Robert Pogson  [ ]Aug 18 19:57
schestowitz 18 19:57
TechrightsBot-tr@schestowitz: DuckDuckGo, the pseudo-pro-privacy search, is now sharing server space or patrons with CIA. Things change after PRISM and Amazon/CIA deal.Aug 18 19:57
schestowitz> 18 19:58
schestowitz 18 20:04 | IBM profiling cit...  [ ]Aug 18 20:04
schestowitz 18 20:05
TechrightsBot-tr@EllieAsksWhy: @schestowitz Initial concern was the negative impact on US-domiciled PaaS cloud providers. It is broadly applicable, as you confirmed.Aug 18 20:05
schestowitziophk: thanks, addedAug 18 20:05
schestowitzdaily links, as I covered it twice beforeAug 18 20:05
schestowitzThe war on Google took priority againAug 18 20:05
schestowitzNot sure why nowAug 18 20:05
schestowitzThe old YouTube app sagaAug 18 20:06
schestowitzresurrected by the boostersAug 18 20:06
iophkand spun by boostersAug 18 20:06
schestowitzAnd then the Google Gmail privacy hypocrisy, antitrust..Aug 18 20:06
iophkM$ is in the wrong but is being painted as the injured party.Aug 18 20:06
schestowitzyes, but why now?Aug 18 20:06
schestowitzLike someone started Scroogled again and then cooredinated for more around itAug 18 20:06
iophkSomething they want a distraction from.Aug 18 20:06
schestowitzmaybe to distract from MS-NSA bed affair?Aug 18 20:07
iophkWhy does DDG get all the coverage and no mention of startpageAug 18 20:07
iophkDDG is in the US so its cooperation with the US agencies was only a matter of time.Aug 18 20:08
schestowitzAmazon-hostedAug 18 20:08
schestowitzCIA gets accessAug 18 20:08
schestowitzNSA I meanAug 18 20:08
iophkYes.  Prior to PRISM Amazon hosting looked like a good idea.Aug 18 20:08
schestowitzlater articles mentioned startpage as wellAug 18 20:08
schestowitzthey caught up a bitAug 18 20:08
iophkI'm kind of surprised that there is nothing in the Euro zone that provides that kind of hosting.Aug 18 20:09
schestowitzThere is..Aug 18 20:09
schestowitzbut maybe not subsidised by US governmentAug 18 20:09
schestowitza lot of US companies are paid for by public debtAug 18 20:09
schestowitzsubsidiesAug 18 20:09
iophkEach country has a small industried tied to the local economy and language(s) but no outreach to international EU marketsAug 18 20:09
iophkYeah especially tax subsidies.Aug 18 20:10
schestowitzit enables espionage, wars of conquest, basically running the empire as long as China is still willing to lend moneyAug 18 20:10
schestowitzChinese people think they "own" the USiansAug 18 20:10
schestowitzIn some senses they're rightAug 18 20:10
schestowitzThey make all their stuff and the US has debt to themAug 18 20:10
iophkThey own controlling shares via foreign debtAug 18 20:10
iophkIts 18 20:11
schestowitzThey will, sooner or later, outpace the US at everything. Not just Net users, also Olympic medals, economy (2016 is when they're expected to become #1)Aug 18 20:11
schestowitzNSA is spying on the ChineseAug 18 20:11
qu1j0t3olympic medals lolAug 18 20:11
schestowitzEven those that visit the US, revealed the latest reportAug 18 20:11
qu1j0t3soon they will outpace the US in Nobel Peace Prizes, schestowitz Aug 18 20:11
schestowitzqu1j0t3: sports mean a lot to common folksAug 18 20:11
schestowitznational pride and allAug 18 20:11
qu1j0t3yeah, well, fuq that ;-)Aug 18 20:12
schestowitznationalism through perceived physical superiorityAug 18 20:12
qu1j0t3stupid piled on stupid, in other wordsAug 18 20:12
schestowitzLike the Nazis and Japanese didAug 18 20:12
schestowitzqu1j0t3: no, not reallyAug 18 20:12
schestowitzOne CHinese man got itAug 18 20:12
schestowitzBut then ObamaAug 18 20:12
schestowitzObama is "as good" as himAug 18 20:12
schestowitzHe received it in anticipation of peace, he brought drone warfare to the mainstream, continues torture, did a lot of other heneious thingsAug 18 20:13
schestowitzheinousSo China doesn't need such "prizes"Aug 18 20:13
qu1j0t3schestowitz: umairh is about to start a tirade. follow now :)Aug 18 20:13
iophkChina owns about 23% of the US debt.  Japan, in second place, has 19%.  There after it is all low single-digit shares.Aug 18 20:21
iophkAt least of the foreign-held debt.Aug 18 20:25
iophkIt may be more complicated than just a single table.Aug 18 20:25
cubezzzqu1j0t3, you're missing a massive flamewar in #classiccmpAug 18 21:00
cubezzzit may never end :)Aug 18 21:00
iophk 18 21:06 | Facebook Hacker Breaks Into Zuckerberg's Timeline to Report Bug  [ ]Aug 18 21:06
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qu1j0t3cubezzz: why do you think I parted? ;-)Aug 18 22:50
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