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schestowitz 11 09:19 Back home, will take a while to catch up with #techrights input/articles, might post vacation photos soon. #Nokia officially dead now.Sep 11 09:19
schestowitz"Good, me was wondering if you had been reduced to silence by microsoft/NSA/MI5 or if you had fled to south America . :D"Sep 11 09:19
schestowitz"D* was pretty soulless without your presence, admittedly! ;-))) Welcome back..."Sep 11 09:19
schestowitz"Glad to see you again dude :)"Sep 11 09:19
schestowitz"Welcome back, Roy. You were missed."Sep 11 09:20
schestowitz 11 09:20 Setting up dual-head laptop from which to SSH to main workstation and work from bed. Very time-consuming. #wubi helped w/ #kubuntuSep 11 09:20
schestowitz"|What's the hold up? Ouch, bad pun."Sep 11 09:20
schestowitz 11 09:20 The only use of Windows is that it's a platform from which to download and install GNU/Linux (the laptop is, sadly, coming with Windows)Sep 11 09:20
schestowitz"buy your laptop on (french website) ... there is laptops without OS. Fortunately it exists :) "Sep 11 09:20 | PC portable  LDLC  sans Système d'exploitation : achat / vente PC portable sur  [ ]Sep 11 09:20
schestowitzToo late. I already got one, from which I'll work around 4 hours per day (the rest will be from my desktop)Sep 11 09:21
schestowitz 11 09:21 ## #Google about the #privacy of #Gmail users: They have none!Sep 11 09:21
schestowitz"PGP helps that process considerably."Sep 11 09:21
schestowitz> The page Sep 11 10:12
schestowitz 11 10:12
schestowitz> has a dead link that goes to Sep 11 10:12
schestowitz 11 10:12 | SUSE is Being Abandoned | Techrights  [ ]Sep 11 10:12
TechrightsBN ( status 404 @ )Sep 11 10:12
schestowitzZonker did major changes in the site, a lot of old content is gone. He now works for Red Hat.Sep 11 10:12
schestowitz>>> schestowitz and schestowitz_log seem to have dropped out of IRCSep 11 11:29
schestowitzYes, my main workstation had its FS set to read-only again, which made KDE go wonky. I am having a lot of FS errors these days, forced fsck at reboot, seemingly FIXED when it attempts to fix found errors (inodes with no reference or something). Is it time to dodge this HDD as soon as possible? Is silent data corruption likely?Sep 11 11:29
schestowitzAppr (KDE package manager) keeps crashing for weeks, but it has no practical effect on operation. I am already commissioning a new laptop in case it comes to worst outcome. Should I dodge this machine now assuming physical issue (HDD is 5+ years old)?Sep 11 11:29
schestowitzSuggestions appreciated.Sep 11 11:29
MinceRdoes sound like a hdd issueSep 11 11:31
MinceRyou could try checking the logsSep 11 11:31
schestowitz 11 11:31 Saudi Arabia’s “Chemical Bandar” behind the Chemical Attacks in Syria? Turf Wars and accusationsSep 11 11:31
TechrightsBN-> | Saudi Arabia’s “Chemical Bandar” behind the Chemical Attacks in Syria? | Global Research  [ ]Sep 11 11:31
MinceRand/or dmesgSep 11 11:31
schestowitz"It is well known among journalists that the answer to any headline that ends in a question mark is 'No'"Sep 11 11:31
MinceR:>Sep 11 11:31
schestowitzMinceR: tried it beforeSep 11 11:31
schestowitzNot much found there that gave me an ideaSep 11 11:31
schestowitzexzcept that inodes go wonkySep 11 11:32
schestowitzand that appr crashesSep 11 11:32
schestowitzevery now and then, sometimes silentlySep 11 11:32
schestowitzbeen weeks, the computer chugs along for nowSep 11 11:32
schestowitzWe're buying some new electrical equuipment today to make a good work environment in the master bedroom, as a fallbackSep 11 11:32
schestowitz"Marc Andreessen is rooting for Microsoft, thinks you should too"Sep 11 11:52
schestowitz 11 11:52 | Marc Andreessen is rooting for Microsoft, thinks you should too | Mobile - CNET News  [ ]Sep 11 11:52
schestowitzI can't think of any work he has done for Microsoft. Odd one to explain...Sep 11 11:52
schestowitz 11 11:54
MinceRmaybe he had an aneurysm and most of his brain diedSep 11 11:55
MinceRor he got a lot of cash from m$Sep 11 11:55
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schestowitz> On 11.09.2013 13:52, Roy Schestowitz wrote:Sep 11 21:53
schestowitz>> "Marc Andreessen is rooting for Microsoft, thinks you should too" Sep 11 21:53
schestowitz>> 11 21:53
schestowitz> Sep 11 21:53
schestowitz>>  I can't think of any work he has done for Microsoft. Odd one toSep 11 21:53
schestowitz>> explain...Sep 11 21:53
schestowitz> Sep 11 21:53
schestowitz> Cases like these are puzzling.  There may be more here than meets theSep 11 21:53
schestowitz> eye.  I can't help but think that an insider could provide interestingSep 11 21:53
schestowitz> info as to how M$ manages to turn people.  One of the stranger casesSep 11 21:53
schestowitz> was Patrick Durusau who went from an intelligent, articulate opponentSep 11 21:53
schestowitz> of M$ who could cite technical details to someone who half-heartedlySep 11 21:54
schestowitz> repeated M$ talking points.Sep 11 21:54
schestowitz> 11 21:54
schestowitzGood link that...Sep 11 21:54 | Contra Durusau, Part 1  [ ]Sep 11 21:54
schestowitz> Hi Roy,Sep 11 21:56
schestowitz> Sep 11 21:56
schestowitz>  Sep 11 21:56
schestowitz> Sep 11 21:56
schestowitz> I hope you’re doing fine. I like your “Techrights | Free Software” site.Sep 11 21:56
schestowitz> Maybe you can post an offering to your readers, if they would beSep 11 21:56
schestowitz> interested in the idea of “unlocking their PC from the OS” forever?Sep 11 21:56
schestowitzI will post the article as is. Thanks!Sep 11 21:56
schestowitz> I replaced the damaged Kindle but no I get all my kndle on my Mac iPadSep 11 22:38
schestowitz> which has a larger screen and I think I am able to read faster. I haveSep 11 22:38
schestowitz> the most wonderful books that will last me a lifetime of pleasure. NeverSep 11 22:38
schestowitz> a day goes by that am not reading.Sep 11 22:38
schestowitzToday we saw many Kindles at the book store. Their main issue is DRM, i.e. the expiry of books. You don't want to read books using devices that burn books; physical copies would be superior...Sep 11 22:38
schestowitz 11 23:10
schestowitz"Actually, I’m a really weird designer. I dislike Apple and Adobe. I design for free & open source software and I also I use 100% free & open source software to create my designs"Sep 11 23:10 | About | Máirín DuffySep 11 23:10
schestowitz 11 23:11 Microsoft Jack is pushing Office360, too scared of LibreOffice to even mention itSep 11 23:11
TechrightsBN-> | PC or Mac: which laptop for university? | Technology |  [ ]Sep 11 23:11
schestowitz"none of them but GNU/Linux laptop of course .... don't promote monopolistics/capitalistics companies ...."Sep 11 23:11
schestowitz"None of them but GNU/Linux laptop of course, the one which allow you to do really what you wan't on your computer (laptop or desktop) ... Don't promote monopolistics/capitalistics companies .... Don't use closed OS with closed phylosophy and a false freedom"Sep 11 23:19
schestowitz 11 23:20 Saudi Arabia’s “Chemical Bandar” behind the Chemical Attacks in Syria? Turf Wars and accusationsSep 11 23:20
TechrightsBN-> | Saudi Arabia’s “Chemical Bandar” behind the Chemical Attacks in Syria? | Global Research  [ ]Sep 11 23:20
schestowitz"That article is a pile of unconfirmed suppositions that doesn't even make sense, much less any credibility. I don't know what motivates the author, but it certainly isn't a desire to do journalism."Sep 11 23:20
schestowitz 11 23:21 As part of the #BBC pro-war #propaganda a bad photo of a disgusting figure is used for smear by association tabloidSep 11 23:21
TechrightsBN-> | BBC News - BNP's Nick Griffin claims he 'influenced' Syria vote  [ ]Sep 11 23:21
schestowitz"how do you smear a government that has steered a country into civil war and murdered its citizens?"Sep 11 23:21
schestowitzIt's not that simple; you could say the same about Mubarak's Egypt and other nations. The rebels in Syria, however, are better funded and armed by the West and more violent.Sep 11 23:21
schestowitz 11 23:22 reshared: ### How To Install Secure Boot 3.1.99 On Ubuntu, Linux Mint And Elementary OS, In Order To Bypass The UEFI IssueSep 11 23:22
TechrightsBN  Photo by 11 23:22
TechrightsBN-> | How To Install Secure Boot 3.1.99 On Ubuntu, Linux Mint And Elementary OS, In Order To Bypass The UEFI Issue |  [ ]Sep 11 23:22
schestowitz"good to know, thanks"Sep 11 23:22
schestowitz 11 23:24
schestowitz"True. The original story was a proper piece of journalism: but the story has been pretty much shown to be wrong by HRW: "Sep 11 23:24 | EXCLUSIVE: Syrians In Ghouta Claim Saudi-Supplied Rebels Behind Chemical Attack  [ ]Sep 11 23:24 | Syria: Government Likely Culprit in Chemical Attack  | Human Rights Watch  [ ]Sep 11 23:24

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