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IRC: #boycottnovell @ FreeNode: September 20th, 2013

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schestowitz> I get a lot of pages about techrights when nothing seems to be wrong, althoughSep 20 00:57
schestowitz> there is occasionally a real problem. Often I get pages that the website isSep 20 00:57
schestowitz> unreachable but when I check it the website is almost always fine. This morningSep 20 00:57
schestowitz> I am getting disk full pages and just got a high load page. The load is comingSep 20 00:57
schestowitz> down from 6 now but / is 98% full. Can I put your emailSep 20 00:57
schestowitz> address on the list of emails to get these notifications? That way you will beSep 20 00:57
schestowitz> aware of issues as soon as they happen also and perhaps can help meSep 20 00:57
schestowitz> troubleshoot some of these annoying false positives.\Sep 20 00:57
schestowitzThis morning I upgraded Wordpress. In the process I backed up to the wrong partition.Sep 20 00:57
schestowitzYes, please send the noise and signal my way. I don't want you distracted by this. :-)Sep 20 00:57
schestowitzThank you so much again for everything you do !!Sep 20 00:57
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schestowitz> Hi, Roy,Sep 20 10:44
schestowitz> Sep 20 10:44
schestowitz> This interview got buried: not only is it locked away in Flash, thereSep 20 10:44
schestowitz> was no transcript provided.  Normally they have provided transcriptsSep 20 10:44
schestowitz> when doing video interviews.Sep 20 10:44
schestowitz> Sep 20 10:44
schestowitz> 20 10:44 | Meet the Director of the Software Freedom Conservancy (Video) - Slashdot  [ ]Sep 20 10:44
schestowitz> Sep 20 10:44
schestowitz> I don't suppose that many will take time or even remember to check backSep 20 10:44
schestowitz> in a few days when the video or the transcript might be ready.Sep 20 10:44 has at least ensured preservation of old pages and URL, unlike SourceForge/NewsForge and others. Video always have the problem of access, esp. with plugins that come and go like Shockwave (thanks, Elop!)Sep 20 10:44
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