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IRC: #boycottnovell @ FreeNode: August 25th, 2013

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schestowitz 25 10:08
schestowitz"For example, look at the infamous kill OS/2 multi-boot [] antitrust exhibit. Doesn't matter if MS actually did it, if they were desperate enough to think about such tactics, that proves my point."Aug 25 10:08 | Microsoft Needs a Catch-Up Artist - Slashdot  [ ]Aug 25 10:08
schestowitz> Hi, Roy,Aug 25 10:09
schestowitz> Aug 25 10:09
schestowitz> People are still finding the old site and not getting redirected toAug 25 10:09
schestowitz> the new site:Aug 25 10:09
schestowitz> 25 10:09
schestowitz> Aug 25 10:09
schestowitz> My knowledge of Apache is only elementary so there's not much I couldAug 25 10:09
schestowitz> really offer there in the way of advice.Aug 25 10:09
schestowitzWell, it's a real problem, I gave up. The same goes for the Wiki.Aug 25 10:09
schestowitz 25 10:10 Get #prism #satire #nsaAug 25 10:10
TechrightsBN-> | PRSM - The Sharing NetworkAug 25 10:10
schestowitz"There could be good separation between gmail and NSA because Google allows you to use reasonable clients and encrypt your mail yourself. I'm not sure you can still do this with Hotmail and the like. I do know that mail from Cox, a Microsoft partner, was maliciously withheld from me for weeks once, so no one should trust them."Aug 25 10:10
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schestowitz"Rianne has a Facebook account, but I don't. It's a surveillance tool and it helps people harm their 'friends' by informing on them. See details in my site, "Aug 25 23:34 | Main Page - TechrightsAug 25 23:34

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