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IRC: #boycottnovell @ FreeNode: August 28th, 2013

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schestowitz> It's not anything I want to promote by linking to on IRC but itAug 28 01:31
schestowitz>>> is worth noting that /. is really playing along with the softers Aug 28 01:31
schestowitz>>> these days.Aug 28 01:31
schestowitz>> Aug 28 01:31
schestowitz>> Well, is that from MS Nick?Aug 28 01:31
schestowitz> Aug 28 01:31
schestowitz> It's from samzenpus.  I don't know which one that is.  I'd like toAug 28 01:31
schestowitz> think there is a way around the problem but it might very well haveAug 28 01:31
schestowitz> been corrupted from the inside.  Malda did have to leave and it wouldAug 28 01:31
schestowitz> be interesting to know more about the situation then.Aug 28 01:31
schestowitzMalda works for Bezos/CIA now at the CIA Outpost, a government propaganda site which is also appointed as outpost to beam propaganda to China for the Chinese government (capitalist).Aug 28 01:31
schestowitz>> Either way, they have done this for years, "engaging".Aug 28 01:31
schestowitz>> Aug 28 01:31
schestowitz>>> PS.  About the machine that overheats, is it possible that the Aug 28 01:31
schestowitz>>> heat sink has come loose from its mounting?Aug 28 01:31
schestowitz>> Aug 28 01:31
schestowitz>> I took 10 hours today to reorgainise the house.Aug 28 01:32
schestowitz> Aug 28 01:32
schestowitz> My girlfriend does that at least 3 times per year and moves nearlyAug 28 01:32
schestowitz> everything around.Aug 28 01:32
schestowitzThat's good. Artificial changes.Aug 28 01:32
schestowitz>> I might start working from a laptop. The old computer is not so Aug 28 01:32
schestowitz>> reliable anymore.Aug 28 01:32
schestowitz> Aug 28 01:32
schestowitz> Laptops are ok if you get used to them.  Do you need it support splitAug 28 01:32
schestowitz> screen?Aug 28 01:32
schestowitz> Aug 28 01:32
schestowitz> I've used them on and off as a main computer since 1997, first at homeAug 28 01:32
schestowitz> then later at work by 2002.  The main thing now is getting goodAug 28 01:32
schestowitz> battery life out of Gnu/Linux and (depending on circumstances) findingAug 28 01:32
schestowitz> good Wi-Fi support.  I get only 2 hours of battery with *buntu.  WithAug 28 01:32
schestowitz> the Wi-Fi, my OpenBSD router only supports A/B/G but Ubuntu only hasAug 28 01:32
schestowitz> partial B/G support.  The range on the 2.4 GHz band is crapola.  I canAug 28 01:32
schestowitz> move around a few rooms but not outside.  For that it seems I have noAug 28 01:32
schestowitz> option but the 3G modem and for some reason it is not working onAug 28 01:32
schestowitz> Lubuntu though it is fine with the same hardware in Kubuntu.Aug 28 01:32
schestowitzI have A 15-meter Ethenet cable my sister bought for me 3 years ago. It gives high bandwidth. I could buy a fourth monitor to act as a dual-head extension, I guess. It's not ideal, I'll test some configurations and see if it works for me.Aug 28 01:32
*mk|little has quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)Aug 28 01:59
schestowitz 28 14:30 Moving from OS X to Linux: Day One #apple #osux #gnu #linuxAug 28 14:30
TechrightsBN-> | Moving from OS X to Linux: Day One |  [ ]Aug 28 14:31
schestowitz"Says a lot about Rackspace."Aug 28 14:31
schestowitzThey're not too bad in my experienceAug 28 14:31
schestowitz 28 14:57 Schools that use 'cloud' like Microsoft/Google for #email help the #nsa spy on 10 y-o who in 10 years will work or enter politics [1/2]Aug 28 14:57
schestowitz"Aug 28 14:58
schestowitzCheck out Edmodo, it's really nasty, while pretending to be kid friendly and casual. Here's part of a letter that I sent to a teacher about it last year,Aug 28 14:58
schestowitzEdmodo's terms of service are too long and vague for me to really comprehend but the site makes a lot of demands and claims little responsibility for their actions. The five page document is called a "binding contract" and it links to at least five other contracts. In so many words, the company grants permission to sell student information and shields itself from responsibility. Aug 28 14:58 | Edmodo | Terms of Service  [ ]Aug 28 14:58
schestowitzTeachers, for example, are made responsible for COPPA act compliance, and mandatory arbitration is demanded if there's a dispute. The privacy policy, included by reference, also pushes responsibility for Edmodo's actions onto teachers and parents. They demand your consent for collection of personal information and then grant themselves permission to publish whatever they want to sell Aug 28 14:58 | Edmodo | Corporate Privacy Policy  [ ]Aug 28 14:58
schestowitzthings,Aug 28 14:58
schestowitz"Aug 28 14:58
schestowitz"Several of my colleagues use Edmodo. But several of us use our school's installation of Moodle instead."Aug 28 14:58
schestowitzKids write about their family, and they don't know what NOT to say. Their privacy is arguably more important than adults'.Aug 28 14:58
*schestowitz has quit (Quit: Konversation term)Aug 28 15:48

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