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MisterE8 out of 11 EFF board members are what I'd classify as geeksSep 07 08:56
MisterEre: 07 08:56 | The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) Ought to Refocus on Crushing Software Patents, Not Patent Trolls or “Stupid Patents” | Techrights  [ ]Sep 07 08:56
MisterEwhile the advisory board is full of lawyers and I'd like to see that change a bitSep 07 08:57
MisterEbut I'm not sure about the part of that article that says “That’s the difference between organisations such as the EFF and organisations like FFII. The latter is run and managed by technical people.”Sep 07 08:58
MisterEI'm structuring a sizable donation to EFF and directing how I would like it to be used.Sep 07 08:58
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iophk 07 12:47 | GNU  |   Robert PogsonSep 07 12:47
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MisterEheySep 07 14:24
MisterEanyone have a comment on my question about EFF?Sep 07 14:25
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sebsebseb  Sep 07 15:28
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iophkA 30-year anniversary coming up in 3 weeks : 07 16:12 | Google Groups  [ ]Sep 07 16:12
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sebsebsebiophk: and someone I Know online is going ot the FSF partySep 07 17:07
iophkcoolSep 07 17:07
sebsebsebiophk: in fact been invited by them etc since working on a projectSep 07 17:07
iophkIt's hard to believe it is 30 years already.  I remember seeing the ads for Emacs tapes in the magazines back then.Sep 07 17:08
iophkWill the FSF party be held anywhere unusual? Or is it at MIT?Sep 07 17:10
sebsebsebiophk: in Boston it seemsSep 07 17:12
sebsebsebI wasn't even alive 30 years ago, or maybe i  was in some other life?Sep 07 17:12
sebsebsebiophk: also it means Stallman started FSF when he was 30Sep 07 17:14
sebsebsebor nearlySep 07 17:14
sebsebsebsince he's 60 nowSep 07 17:14
iophkyeahSep 07 17:14
sebsebsebmeans he started Free Software movmeent at that ageSep 07 17:14
sebsebsebschestowitz is now 30 and a still an obbsseisve micro blogger and bloggerSep 07 17:14
sebsebsebaltough one who's not here right now it seemsSep 07 17:14
sebsebseb,but he started that  years and years beforeSep 07 17:15
sebsebsebbeing 30Sep 07 17:15
sebsebsebiophk: do you think a hotle conference room is a good place for ai nstall fest? :dSep 07 17:15
sebsebsebonce that located at  a nice part of the city toSep 07 17:15
sebsebsebvery central as wellSep 07 17:15
sebsebsebhotel above that isSep 07 17:15
sebsebsebiophk: I guess move most of the  chairs out and use it :dSep 07 17:16
iophkA hotel conference room might be OK if they have enough tablesSep 07 17:16
iophkStack up the chairs in a corner or have them remove them.Sep 07 17:16
iophkThey usually have storage.Sep 07 17:16
sebsebsebyeah bingo stack up in the corner or have removedSep 07 17:16
sebsebsebI mean  could do some speaking in there toSep 07 17:16
sebsebsebthen may want more chairs out again or somethingSep 07 17:16
iophkPart of hosting conferences is setting up tables in various configurations and arranging chairs.Sep 07 17:16
sebsebsebcan get a really nice room for a good priceSep 07 17:17
sebsebseb,but it's a theather style conference roomSep 07 17:17
sebsebsebwith a big projecter and what not to :dSep 07 17:17
sebsebsebtwo Plasma TV's etcSep 07 17:17
iophkI'd put a bunch of tables end to end along one wall to have a 'bar' of demo systems.Sep 07 17:17
iophkThen rows of tables with space around them for the installationsSep 07 17:17
sebsebsebput tables at teh back for demo's/ away from the projecter etcSep 07 17:17
iophkGetting power and network to the tables will be difficult I think.Sep 07 17:18
sebsebsebthen if want to do some public speakingSep 07 17:18
sebsebsebjust get the chairs out again or whateverSep 07 17:18
sebsebsebinto postionSep 07 17:18
sebsebseband yep? :)Sep 07 17:18
sebsebsebthey have some sort of wireless there, but I am thinking if goin for anythingSep 07 17:18
sebsebsebshould be set up to do a lot of stuff offlineSep 07 17:18
sebsebsebalso with installs dont' want to be doing those, get updates from Internet on install ooptionsSep 07 17:18
sebsebsebthat takes timeSep 07 17:18
sebsebsebpeople can install security afters them selves later at home, if they know what they are doing? right????Sep 07 17:19
sebsebsebnow days get options in distros where it will install loads of updates from net on the install, but then it takes much longer toSep 07 17:19
iophkI would set up a proxy cache inside of whatever network you are using.Sep 07 17:19
sebsebsebI think the room is goodSep 07 17:19
iophkThen before people show up, do an install of each distro to load the cache.Sep 07 17:19
sebsebseb,but yeah the Intenret etc I am not so sure hmmSep 07 17:19
sebsebsebwhat do you mean a proxy cache ?Sep 07 17:20
iophksquid or, for Debian/Ubuntu, apt-cacherSep 07 17:20
sebsebsebI think ideally we should have all ISO's that we are going to use or may use downloaded etcSep 07 17:20
iophkYou could also set up local repositories but that is a lot of overhead.Sep 07 17:20
sebsebsebon a computer and USB's etc,  have some blank CD's etc to, if going tom ake moreSep 07 17:20
iophkHowever, if you have local repositories or a local cache you  can do a net install far faster than from a DVD.Sep 07 17:21
sebsebsebiophk: I think the room we are being offered as a room is goodSep 07 17:21
sebsebseb,but then it's all the set up stuffSep 07 17:21
sebsebsebhow going to set things up etc etc, like we are chatting aboutSep 07 17:21
sebsebsebiophk: ah yes that's a idea to, have the repo's on a local server of some sort alreadySep 07 17:21
sebsebsebinstead of using from InternetSep 07 17:21
sebsebsebis that what you mean ?Sep 07 17:22
iophkyes that is one option and a fast one at thatSep 07 17:22
sebsebsebyeah I am not sure how to set that up, but would be goodSep 07 17:22
sebsebsebmeans people can nstall, and  then install programs to :)Sep 07 17:22
sebsebseband go homeSep 07 17:22
sebsebsebiophk: with a hotel wireless whatever they give us, may not be that relible I expectSep 07 17:23
iophkThen it is very important to have a local repository or some reserve network.Sep 07 17:23
sebsebsebcan the local repo's be used no problem,  over wireless or whatever though?Sep 07 17:23
iophkThe local repos can be used however.  Sep 07 17:23
sebsebsebiophk: not sure if going for the hotel, but  I am leaning towards it myself at the momentSep 07 17:23
sebsebseband it's in a really good location for people to get to and what notSep 07 17:24
iophkThe only gotcha I can think of is that after the installation is done, you have to go in and change the new system's settings to point to the real, official repository.Sep 07 17:24
sebsebsebwith distros now, they may even say on the installer, we recommend you are connected to the Internet whilst installingSep 07 17:24
iophkIf you forget that, then the users can't update once they get home.Sep 07 17:24
sebsebsebyes that's true, would then have to have it pointing to the real repo's after thatSep 07 17:24
iophkI would think of setting up your own LAN, either wired or wireless or both, and then connect that to the host's net.Sep 07 17:25
sebsebsebthere's some sort of wireless organisation who may help us get set up maybe I guessSep 07 17:25
sebsebsebplus there's a Linux using company who may help I guess, may even fund it for us, even if not at their venue, not sureSep 07 17:25
iophkCan someone provide switches and cables?Sep 07 17:25
sebsebsebprobably if we ask  Sep 07 17:26
sebsebsebso in this hotel conforence room,  loasd ofn ice things apparnatly, right, but in theater style it can have 100 people sitting downSep 07 17:26
sebsebseb,but instead of people sititng down, that's space we would use for installs and such I guessSep 07 17:26
sebsebsebif going for that roomSep 07 17:26
iophkI'd use one side of the room for demos and the other side for installs.  Leave a space in between the two and an aisle between the installs and the wall.Sep 07 17:27
sebsebsebiophk: I guess demo computers at the back like yiour sayingSep 07 17:27
sebsebsebinstalls in the middle, and some wehre for chairs to be put?Sep 07 17:27
iophk|     ==  Sep 07 17:27
iophk|   ==Sep 07 17:27
sebsebsebwhat's that ?Sep 07 17:27
iophkmy ASCII art sucksSep 07 17:28
sebsebseboh what was that meant to be?Sep 07 17:28
iophkDemo tables oriented north-south along the west wall.Sep 07 17:28
sebsebsebiophk: ,but this is  a conference room ther's a microphone etcSep 07 17:28
sebsebsebso may be worth doing a intro or something ?Sep 07 17:28
sebsebsebmight as well use that microphone a bit I mean :dSep 07 17:29
iophkYes, have an intro.  It should include a welcome and a 5 minute overview of what's going on.Sep 07 17:29
sebsebseb,but for that intro people would want to sit downSep 07 17:29
sebsebsebsame thing for a conclusion if havingo neSep 07 17:29
iophkIf the intro is short it can be done standing.Sep 07 17:29
iophkThere should be two or three chairs at the install stations.Sep 07 17:29
sebsebseb,but I guess the chairs would just be in bot hsides of the room, people can turn them round anywaySep 07 17:29
iophkI'm not sure if the demo stations need chairs.Sep 07 17:30
sebsebsebthey do if they are going to be used for peple sitting down at the computerSep 07 17:30
sebsebseband trying stuff out them selvesSep 07 17:30
iophk(I guess the emacs adds were from 1986 or 1987 that I saw)Sep 07 17:30
sebsebsebnope not showing emacs :DSep 07 17:30
sebsebsebsorry Stallman, but noSep 07 17:30
iophkvi thenSep 07 17:30
iophk;)Sep 07 17:30
sebsebsebheh heh not vi eitherSep 07 17:30
MinceRvimSep 07 17:31
sebsebsebin fact let's do Gentoo for fun :dSep 07 17:31
sebsebsebat a demo stationSep 07 17:31
sebsebseband then do installs of itSep 07 17:31
sebsebsebheh hehSep 07 17:31
iophkgeany or kate is usually enough for most beginners interested in trying coding.Sep 07 17:31
*sebsebseb hasn't acstuly installed Gentoo, closed got to was nearly installing SabayonSep 07 17:31
sebsebsebcould have emcs and vi instaleld though I guessSep 07 17:31
sebsebseb,but this is aimed at general publicSep 07 17:31
sebsebsebnot so technical peopl that's the ideaSep 07 17:31
sebsebsebmarketitng is going to be key I think, or it's going to be a falur this eventSep 07 17:32
sebsebsebor not that successfulSep 07 17:32
iophkCan you do a test run first?Sep 07 17:32
iophkA tiny install fest for Software Freedom Day Sep 07 17:32
sebsebsebnot really or not easilySep 07 17:32
sebsebsebnope we can'tSep 07 17:32
iophkwould let you get an idea what is needed and how to do it.Sep 07 17:32
sebsebsebwe aren't preapred to have one at all at the momentSep 07 17:32
sebsebsebno venue sorted out properly, funding, sponsers, or donations etcSep 07 17:33
sebsebsebiophk: so basically we have untill when we do it in MarchSep 07 17:33
sebsebsebto sort things outSep 07 17:33
sebsebsebiophk: I think your right though split the room into two,  demo's type area and such,  and the installs areaSep 07 17:34
sebsebsebenough chairs there toSep 07 17:34
iophkYes and leave a gap for mixing.Sep 07 17:34
sebsebsebyep and some space in between toSep 07 17:34
sebsebseban aisleSep 07 17:34
iophkan aisle on the far side but at least a double aisle in between the demos and the installsSep 07 17:34
iophkyou want the room to pull people towards themSep 07 17:35
sebsebseband use the prejector to show stuff to I guess and plama TV's or whatever, if going for that romSep 07 17:35
sebsebseband have the intro, a conclusionSep 07 17:35
sebsebsebmaybe a re introdution after lunch as well of  some sort?Sep 07 17:35
sebsebsebif having lunch Sep 07 17:35
iophkYou could have a slide show advertising various apps and activities.Sep 07 17:35
sebsebseband even if going for a lunch brake, computers can be left to install stuff I guessSep 07 17:35
sebsebsebtwo types of buffet to choose from for that hotel per person, but  I assume the poeple the mselves just pay for that, not usSep 07 17:36
iophkYes the lunch break should be announced then there could be a welcome announcement after lunchSep 07 17:36
iophkjsut a minute or two, not longerSep 07 17:36
sebsebseblooks like going to start early if going for the hotel  Sep 07 17:36
sebsebseblike 10am or  whatever hmmSep 07 17:36
sebsebsebiophk: yes I can picture having the install fest in  that room I saw in a photoSep 07 17:37
sebsebsebeven more so now after what you put as wellSep 07 17:37
iophkYou should leave enough time to set up everything, including the network.  Would 2 hours do it?Sep 07 17:38
sebsebsebwell a instll fest advice site suggests one hour before for oganisers , but hmmSep 07 17:38
sebsebsebnot sure of the room times quite for the hotel yet, but I guess would be in there interest to reallySep 07 17:38
iophkYes but some of the setup crew will have to get there even earlier I thinkSep 07 17:38
sebsebsebI mean for everyone the event will beSep 07 17:39
sebsebsebthat's the ideaSep 07 17:39
iophkand then everyone gets drunk and people end up in the pool with their clothes onSep 07 17:39
sebsebseboh don't think that hotel has a pool actsuallySep 07 17:39
sebsebseb,but maybe the outside  dock/harbour/river what is waterSep 07 17:39
sebsebsebiophk: then the question also is how long is per day really?Sep 07 17:40
sebsebsebdoes that mean we can set up early and  start at like 10amSep 07 17:40
sebsebseband finnish at like 9pm ?Sep 07 17:40
sebsebsebor  even later maybeSep 07 17:40
iophkNot too late.  It will be a hard day and at least an hour will be needed for tear down.Sep 07 17:40
sebsebsebyeah that's waht I mean close at say 9pm or somethingSep 07 17:40
sebsebseb8apm 7pmSep 07 17:40
sebsebsebtidy up etc, have a drink, go homeSep 07 17:40
sebsebsebiophk: so like 10am to about 8pm maybe?Sep 07 17:41
sebsebsebreally I wanted like 1pm to 7/8/9pm :dSep 07 17:41
iophk8pm might work, you'd be ready to leave by 9Sep 07 17:41
sebsebsebI guess I have to check with the hotel what per day really means time wiseSep 07 17:42
sebsebseband if we really can get it for the price it seems can get it for :)Sep 07 17:42
iophkYes, they may want folks out by 6pmSep 07 17:42
sebsebsebbetwen that price and slightly later,  reduced from a massive priceSep 07 17:42
sebsebsebiophk: we still hav a funding issue, but if we all donated somethingSep 07 17:43
sebsebsebwe would have enough to book the roomSep 07 17:43
sebsebseband ideally with some other people to, I guess, if can't get a sponser or funding I meanSep 07 17:43
sebsebsebwell there is a possible funding option, but not sure if thati ncludes an event then being done at a hotelSep 07 17:43
sebsebseband open to everyoneSep 07 17:43
sebsebsebiophk: room hire sounded reasonable to me, but is still. quite a bit of cash reallySep 07 17:44
iophkCan you have some 10-minute demos for press?Sep 07 17:44
sebsebseb10 minute demos for press what do you mean?Sep 07 17:44
iophkI guess print media is dead but in the old days, I'd work out an arrangement that some newspapers have someone visit and get a tour of the event.Sep 07 17:44
sebsebseboh the local media yeah can maybe get that arrangedSep 07 17:45
iophkIt's to tell people that missed the event what went on.Sep 07 17:45
sebsebsebyep indeedSep 07 17:45
sebsebsebmaybe can show it on the local TV news for exampleSep 07 17:46
sebsebsebbriefly anwyaySep 07 17:46
iophkIf that can be arranged, that could help.Sep 07 17:46
sebsebseb,but that's for when the event is onSep 07 17:46
sebsebsebor after like you saySep 07 17:46
sebsebseband can advertise it it in the LInux magazines or something beofre hand, even though aimed at non technical peopleSep 07 17:47
sebsebseb,but yeah mrketing is key toSep 07 17:47
iophkThe non-Linux magazines would be your target audience I think.Sep 07 17:48
iophkThose reading the Linux magazines are probably taking care of themselves.Sep 07 17:48
sebsebsebthe non LInux ,but computer related?Sep 07 17:48
iophkyes, non-Linux but computer related.Sep 07 17:48
iophkThat costs, though.Sep 07 17:48
sebsebsebyeah well we'll seeSep 07 17:49
iophkGetting a writeup in the local paper after the fact is free though. Sep 07 17:49
sebsebseb,but veneu would be good for hotel I thinkSep 07 17:49
iophkThey usually want to cover local events.Sep 07 17:49
sebsebseb,but goign to have to set up this and that our selves in that case thenSep 07 17:49
sebsebseb,but I think that applys to like anwyehre anwyaySep 07 17:49
sebsebsebiophk: I think that's a great idea having our own repo'sSep 07 17:49
sebsebsebset upSep 07 17:49
iophkYour own repos will work best if you have your own LAN or WLAN.Sep 07 17:50
sebsebseband also a ISO's download server or somethingSep 07 17:50
sebsebsebyeah going to need some help probably from  what I mentioend arlier possbilySep 07 17:50
sebsebsebprobablySep 07 17:50
sebsebsebif we can get the LInux using company porpelry on board, that should bel ike everything sorted :)Sep 07 17:50
sebsebsebsomeone else was in contact with them, and they said they were interested, but were like can we have it at our offices,  but  that's far away from the centre soSep 07 17:51
sebsebseb,but hopefuly they will  sponser or something :)Sep 07 17:51
sebsebseband even if we go for a venue some where elseSep 07 17:51
iophkIf people are expected to bring their own machines,they probably will come with their own transportation.Sep 07 17:51
sebsebsebyep indeedSep 07 17:52
iophkAlso, I can't see anyone wanting to lug home a computer through Saturday night crowds.Sep 07 17:52
sebsebseband the hotel will give a 50% disccount on the car parkSep 07 17:52
iophkSo the ending time has to be reasonable.Sep 07 17:52
sebsebsebpeople expect to pay for car parking in the centre of the citySep 07 17:52
iophkIs it easy to get to by car?Sep 07 17:52
sebsebseb50% discount on the hotel car parkSep 07 17:52
sebsebsebyes very easy to get to by car once in the citySep 07 17:52
sebsebsebeasy to get to via public transport ot, well a walk from the bus staiotn, but yeahSep 07 17:53
iophkI suppose people won't be expected to bring their own monitorsSep 07 17:53
iophkso you will need a variety of adapters.Sep 07 17:53
iophkDoes your town have some kind of events schedule published?Sep 07 17:53
sebsebsebiophk: it's the kind of area, where may be another suitable venue, if paying or whatever, but an area that loads of stuff or whatever I was going to typeSep 07 17:53
iophkMany have a guide of what's happening during the month.Sep 07 17:53
sebsebsebI have thought about that, maybe they should be expected to bring their own monitors, if bring a desktop ?Sep 07 17:54
sebsebsebI have also thought what if someoen has hardware issues, would we want to do that,  no not really?  ,but  sometimes  a sofwtare issue is really a hardare issue etcSep 07 17:54
sebsebsebyep 50% discount on car parkSep 07 17:55
sebsebseband they can pay for a buffet lunch if wanting it, but I got given two options, so I wonder if that means, both are available, and people just pay them selves for which one they want?Sep 07 17:55
iophkHow do people find out about concerts in your town?Sep 07 17:55
sebsebsebyeah there's website for the citySep 07 17:55
sebsebsebI live outside of it :dSep 07 17:55
iophkare there any print guides any more?Sep 07 17:55
sebsebseband some print type  things to yepSep 07 17:55
iophkget into the print things  and the web pages.Sep 07 17:56
sebsebsebyepSep 07 17:56
iophkThe print might have a 2-month lead time.Sep 07 17:56
iophkSo that means having a locale booked and a time set by januarySep 07 17:56
sebsebseb50% discount on the car park, paying for their own lucnh if htey want it, paying for their own snacks  and tea or coffe if wanting that as well, sound reasonable to meSep 07 17:56
sebsebsebneed a big sponser if going to give all that to people for free toSep 07 17:56
sebsebsebplus it's in a area of the city where they can quite easilly eat else where if they want to first or after etcSep 07 17:57
iophkPeople should cover food themselves, but you might consider providing tea and coffee, if the budget allows for it.Sep 07 17:57
iophkIce water is a bare minimum.Sep 07 17:57
sebsebsebice water  was avaialbe in the conference room or whatever htey saidSep 07 17:57
sebsebsebnot sure if that's for everyone though, or just a speaker, but I guessSep 07 17:57
sebsebsebiophk: there's even a bar that can be opended for usSep 07 17:58
sebsebsebthat we can have private as wellSep 07 17:58
sebsebseb,but people have to pay in cash it seemsSep 07 17:59
iophkIf it ends early enough you won't need the bar.  You might schedule a meet up afterwards for a local pub.Sep 07 17:59
iophkSay start at the pub an hour after the installfest closes.Sep 07 17:59
sebsebsebiophk: I don't want it to end early persoanlySep 07 18:00
sebsebsebI don't want it to start ot early eitherSep 07 18:00
iophk10am is probably the earliestSep 07 18:01
sebsebsebyeah exactly, but still means the set up crew have to be there an hour or maybe two before hand Sep 07 18:01
iophkare there traditional activity hours on Saturday?  e.g. market from 8am-2pm?Sep 07 18:01
sebsebsebseems quite a lot of stuff noramlly closes at like 5 or 6 on a Saturday for some reasonSep 07 18:01
iophkIf you start later, people might be tempted to have lunch first.Sep 07 18:01
sebsebsebI was thinking 1pm startSep 07 18:02
iophk1pm might be good.Sep 07 18:02
iophkBut closing at 5 or 6 might be wise too.Sep 07 18:02
sebsebseb1pm to say 7/8/9pm or maybe a bit later, or a bit later, but  only really for those neededSep 07 18:02
sebsebsebor we don't do any last installs untill say before 9pm or somethingSep 07 18:02
sebsebseb,but maybe can hve the place untill say 11pm leaving time to tidy up?  and a drink for organisers?Sep 07 18:02
sebsebsebno I think 5 or 6 is  quite early to closeSep 07 18:03
sebsebsebI think main thing is to not close to early, and to not start to late as wellSep 07 18:03
sebsebsebiophk:going to need about 8 hours for installs reaolySep 07 18:03
iophk9pm puts some potentially there from 8am to 10pm, that's a long day.Sep 07 18:03
iophkOk 8 hoursSep 07 18:03
sebsebsebiophk: I don't want to be there until say 1pmSep 07 18:04
sebsebseb or mid day or somethingSep 07 18:04
sebsebsebiophk: I guess the hotel has there times for lunchSep 07 18:04
sebsebsebwhich will be like all afternoon ?Sep 07 18:04
sebsebsebwhat about us when are we going to eat lunch if going to?Sep 07 18:05
iophkCan you have split shifts?  Some organizers for the first half and others for the second half?  One or two will still have to oversee the wholething from start to finish.Sep 07 18:05
sebsebsebmaybe should start setting up at say 11amSep 07 18:05
sebsebseband then ope nat 1pm ?Sep 07 18:05
sebsebsebiophk: we need more organiswers to at the momentSep 07 18:05
iophk1pm allows for lunchSep 07 18:05
sebsebsebonly got five including myself at the moment uhSep 07 18:05
sebsebsebwell I was thinking mid day to 1pm would be lunch ?Sep 07 18:05
sebsebsebthen start the event at 1pm ?Sep 07 18:05
iophk1pm is probably wise thenSep 07 18:05
sebsebsebI don't want to get up to early on that daySep 07 18:06
sebsebsebif I can avoide it :)Sep 07 18:06
sebsebsebit takes quite a while to get into the city from hereSep 07 18:06
sebsebsebplus time to get ready etcSep 07 18:06
sebsebsebiophk: anyway it was very much so if you watn lucnh we have....Sep 07 18:06
sebsebsebiophk: 11am  first organissers get there tc, start setting up?Sep 07 18:07
sebsebseblunch around mid day ?Sep 07 18:07
sebsebseb1pm event start?Sep 07 18:07
sebsebseblunch around mid day for event organiswers? 1pm event start?Sep 07 18:07
sebsebsebiophk: hopefuly can advise it as they hotel has lunch availbe all afternooniSep 07 18:08
sebsebsebif you want it  you can get someSep 07 18:08
iophkYeah lunch around mid daySep 07 18:08
sebsebsebI mean for guests, they  may want to buy lunch, but  we don't need an hour set up for lunch reallySep 07 18:09
sebsebsebas part of the eventSep 07 18:09
sebsebseb1pm would give people enough time to get lunch first, or at the hotle I guess?Sep 07 18:09
sebsebseband may need about two hours to set up before hand as you say as wellSep 07 18:09
sebsebsebsome people would get there early no problem, since they live nearer and what not, so uhmm maybe set up should be like 10am to mid day?Sep 07 18:10
iophkDepending on setup, lunch may be leisurely or hurried.Sep 07 18:10
sebsebseblunch may be nice or horrid ?Sep 07 18:10
iophkI'd do a dry run of the infrastructure a week early at someone's house or workplace.Sep 07 18:10
sebsebsebyepSep 07 18:11
sebsebsebiophk: 10am start means setting up at 9am or 8amSep 07 18:11
sebsebsebuhSep 07 18:11
sebsebseb1pm start means setting can  start to set up at 10amSep 07 18:12
sebsebseband have lunch about mid daySep 07 18:12
sebsebseband people can join us if htey want, pre event lunch with event organiswers at mid day....Sep 07 18:12
sebsebseband  after event drinks with event organiswers after tidying up ?Sep 07 18:12
sebsebsebiophk: can then chat to early people whilst having a buffet about stuffSep 07 18:13
sebsebseband then start the event properly ?Sep 07 18:13
iophkYeah I'd make the pub meet-up part of the agenda but maybe not in the published announcementSep 07 18:13
sebsebseband also chat with late people after the installs are over?Sep 07 18:13
iophkWho in your area has already done installfests in recent years?Sep 07 18:14
sebsebsebthis group, but itwas years agoSep 07 18:14
sebsebsebI wasn't there thenSep 07 18:14
sebsebsebiophk: I think make it clear to people that lunch is at ..... or somethignSep 07 18:14
iophkI expect that most people getting help with the installation would run home and try their new systems out as soon as they can.Sep 07 18:14
sebsebsebdoesn't it make sense to have lunch and get to know some people a bit at least, befoer starting the event properly ?Sep 07 18:14
iophkProbably not for the visitors.Sep 07 18:15
iophkFor the organizers it would be good.Sep 07 18:15
sebsebseb1pm to 8pm/9pm whatever would give people enough time for people to come, leave, and come back if nessarey toSep 07 18:15
iophkI still think 8pm is a little over ambitious.Sep 07 18:16
sebsebsebI don't if the event properly starts at 1pmSep 07 18:16
iophkIf most activities in town end by 5 or 6, then there might not be so many coming in after that.Sep 07 18:16
sebsebseb11am to mid day set up, or maybe 10am to set up?  mid day to 1pm  klunch for organisers and other people to or whatever?Sep 07 18:16
sebsebsebiophk: not most dependsSep 07 18:17
sebsebsebthe day stuff I meantSep 07 18:17
sebsebsebthe day stuff closes at like 5pm 6pm a lot of it it seemsSep 07 18:17
sebsebsebthen got the evening stuffSep 07 18:17
sebsebsebso I think 1pm to 8pm is ok for the installs thenSep 07 18:18
sebsebsebincluding a intro,  and a conslusion thing?Sep 07 18:18
sebsebsebunoffically or  whatever, could have the room for a bit longer to,  so if  a install isn't done or something?Sep 07 18:18
sebsebsebor we say like last installs before 8pm ?Sep 07 18:18
iophkI'd have the last install start no later than 30 - 60 minutes before closing.Sep 07 18:19
sebsebseban hour or so to tidy up whatever ir takes, may have other volunteers then.  then after drinks at least, and go homeSep 07 18:19
iophkremember it's not just an install, you're also walking the people through the new systemSep 07 18:19
sebsebsebyep indeedSep 07 18:19
sebsebseb1pm to 9pm, with drinks at the end? for organiswers and other people maybe?  the like after party?Sep 07 18:20
sebsebsebmaybe get some pizza or something at the end to ?Sep 07 18:20
iophkYeah something like thatSep 07 18:20
sebsebsebso basically the bar is closed whilst the event is on, but at the end, we open it up and :)Sep 07 18:21
sebsebsebthrough the event, they can buy tea or coffee or home made snacks thoug,  or even go to lucnh some where  at hte hotel or otherwise?Sep 07 18:21
iophkI'd have the drinks near by but at a different location if possible, unless the hotel has a nice bar.Sep 07 18:21
sebsebsebas part of the suite get a barSep 07 18:21
sebsebsebiophk: it has a adjacent barSep 07 18:22
sebsebsebwhatever the word adajcent meansSep 07 18:22
sebsebsebI think try and finnish installs by 8/9pm and then open the bar up untill say  11pmSep 07 18:23
sebsebsebmake this into a social thing to, at the end at least?Sep 07 18:23
iophkYeah social at the end.Sep 07 18:23
iophkto unwindSep 07 18:23
sebsebsebyepSep 07 18:23
iophkbut everything has to be packed up first.Sep 07 18:23
sebsebsebexactlySep 07 18:23
iophkAre there enough card?Sep 07 18:23
iophk*Sep 07 18:23
iophk*carsSep 07 18:23
sebsebsebso maybe the bar isn't opended t henSep 07 18:23
sebsebsebuntill the room is tidied up?Sep 07 18:24
sebsebsebpeople may help us then?Sep 07 18:24
iophkYes it should be opened only after the work is donw.Sep 07 18:24
iophkdoneSep 07 18:24
sebsebsebyep indeedSep 07 18:24
sebsebsebnow 1pm to  9pm sounds good doesn't it?Sep 07 18:24
sebsebsebfor installsSep 07 18:24
sebsebsebwith the bar afterSep 07 18:24
sebsebseb10am to mid day for set up,  mid day to 1pm lunch for organiswers?Sep 07 18:25
sebsebsebor something like thatSep 07 18:25
sebsebsebmight even help peopel try and keep the room reoasnbly tidy all the way throughSep 07 18:25
sebsebsebif htey know the bar wil oepn at the end :dSep 07 18:25
iophkYeah.  One person should get to the locale a bit before 1pm in case there is someone who arrives earlySep 07 18:25
sebsebsebthe locale ?Sep 07 18:26
iophkWhere you have the computers set up for installs and demos.Sep 07 18:26
sebsebsebmaybe can some how ask for volunteers at hte begining to help set up?Sep 07 18:26
iophkYou can't start before 1pm but you can welcome any early birdsSep 07 18:26
sebsebsebsome early birds might help us get set up, if they know thoughSep 07 18:26
sebsebsebneed snaks sure, but pizza is good to at the end or something like that I thinkSep 07 18:27
iophkNot that early, I'm thinking folks that had good luck with the traffic or somethingSep 07 18:27
sebsebseb,but they are hotel so should sort us out for anything like that :dSep 07 18:28
sebsebsebas long as they get paid of course :dSep 07 18:28
sebsebsebiophk: how long for the after party?Sep 07 18:30
sebsebseban hour? two hours? three hours?Sep 07 18:30
sebsebsebiophk: 8pm to 11pm or so?  once tidyed up ?Sep 07 18:30
iophkmaybe an hour if it is dependent on the hotelSep 07 18:30
sebsebsebI think can have it quite lateSep 07 18:30
sebsebsebthe roomSep 07 18:30
sebsebsebiophk: ,but usauly pubs only really allow alchole to be served untill 11pm hereSep 07 18:31
sebsebsebplus 11pm is quite lateSep 07 18:31
sebsebsebwant to beg oing home I thinkSep 07 18:31
iophkAlso, people drive because they have to carry equipment in their carsSep 07 18:31
sebsebsebif brinigng desktops yesSep 07 18:32
sebsebsebif lap tops maybe notSep 07 18:32
iophkYes maybe these days it is all laptops.  But there will be switches and cables, I expect.Sep 07 18:32
sebsebsebI gues the after party can be tea and coffee and biscuts to :d  I mean I went had a meal thereSep 07 18:32
sebsebsebwe had alchole ,but we still got offered tea or cofee later and some kind of biscuit :dSep 07 18:32
sebsebsebI think need some sort of food at the end for after party ideally, even if just pizza or crisps or somethingSep 07 18:33
sebsebsebfor purchase Sep 07 18:33
sebsebsebiophk: an hour isnt' much for a socialSep 07 18:34
sebsebsebtwo hours isn't that much eitherSep 07 18:34
sebsebseb8pm to 11pm after party I am thinking, people will probably leave before 11 most of them thoughSep 07 18:34
iophkIt might be enoughSep 07 18:35
sebsebsebiophk: will have to dsicuss all this with other event organisers, but yeah this sounds good to meSep 07 18:35
iophkBetter to end before people are worn outSep 07 18:35
sebsebsebmaybe go on after 8pm a bitSep 07 18:35
sebsebsebto finnish off some installsSep 07 18:35
sebsebseband to start tidying up of courseSep 07 18:35
sebsebseband then open the bar when the room is tidyed up enough?Sep 07 18:36
iophkYeahSep 07 18:36
sebsebsebcan still finnish off some remaining installs in there thoughSep 07 18:36
iophkI'm not sure that mixes.  Sep 07 18:36
iophkYou'll still need the net for an installSep 07 18:37
iophkThat means at least one switch and the cablesSep 07 18:37
iophkand the local reposSep 07 18:37
sebsebsebhmm true yeah, if doing it that waySep 07 18:37
iophkthe local repos can be on a notebook thoughSep 07 18:37
iophkYou have 2 groups to reach.Sep 07 18:37
sebsebseb2 groups ?Sep 07 18:37
iophkOne group is obviously those that want help getting an install done.Sep 07 18:38
iophkThe other group is anyone merely curious to see what is avaiableSep 07 18:38
sebsebsebothers is ones who may want to take a Live USB?Sep 07 18:38
iophkThere should be people to see the demos only.Sep 07 18:38
iophkYes, they could take a live USB or a live DVDSep 07 18:38
sebsebseband stickers and yeahSep 07 18:38
sebsebsebiophk: true some hotel guets may come along for exampleSep 07 18:38
sebsebsebwho didn't really know about itSep 07 18:39
sebsebsebso didn't have their computer alongSep 07 18:39
sebsebseb,but may still be interestd in taking somethingSep 07 18:39
iophkThink of it as part showcase.Sep 07 18:39
iophkShow off what FOSS can do.Sep 07 18:39
sebsebsebyep indeed :)Sep 07 18:39
sebsebsebiophk: that's also why it needs to be at a suitable venueSep 07 18:40
sebsebsebI think a univeristy or colelge not souch a good idae peole will think it's for studentsSep 07 18:40
iophkI guess soSep 07 18:40
sebsebsebif we have to aim the event at the poor, becasue of some sponswer/funder, I don't think that's that good either reallySep 07 18:40
sebsebsebFOSS is for everyone!Sep 07 18:40
iophkIt depends on how tight that college is with the business community.Sep 07 18:40
iophkIn some places there is a lot of crossoverSep 07 18:40
sebsebseb,but this isn't aimed at hte businses community Sep 07 18:40
sebsebsebwell is to some extnetSep 07 18:40
sebsebsebit's aimed at average people you knowSep 07 18:41
sebsebsebthe kind of people who walk down the street, that's who it is aimed at!Sep 07 18:41
sebsebsebthe average consumer etcSep 07 18:41
iophkYou'll also need a zero-tolerance policy for Windows problems and Windows talk.Sep 07 18:41
iophkThere might be some tha twill try to turn the conversation into free Windows support.Sep 07 18:42
sebsebsebwell   one guy thinks we should only do single bootsSep 07 18:42
iophkSingle boot is the way to go if you can.Sep 07 18:42
sebsebseband maybe a dual boot in some situationsSep 07 18:42
iophkdual boot can lead to fiddling with Windows which is a waste of time.Sep 07 18:42
sebsebsebyep exactlySep 07 18:42
sebsebsebunless they have a very speicival program that they really needSep 07 18:42
sebsebseband there is no proper alternativeSep 07 18:42
iophkI've seen a few student projects sabotaged that way (not dual boot though)Sep 07 18:43
sebsebseb,but no in 99% of cases that won't be Adobe Photoshop or any of that CS5 or whatever stuff for exampleSep 07 18:43
sebsebsebplus people who actsauly need thatSep 07 18:43
iophkI'd first see if WINE works for themSep 07 18:43
sebsebsebplus people who astauly need that stuff, usauly are reaonsbly technical anywaySep 07 18:43
sebsebsebI think it's ok to try some Windwos software in Wine, and explain how it depensd, it's hitt and miss, it's about luckSep 07 18:43
sebsebseba program running in Wine,  will to them look like a native Linux app, once usedSep 07 18:44
sebsebsebiophk: main thing is doing a OS switc that's the pointSep 07 18:44
sebsebsebif that means running a few Windows programs in Wine or for the time being though, so be itSep 07 18:44
iophkYes, the base OS is LinuxSep 07 18:45
sebsebsebiophk: also don't really want to be setting up Windows virtual machines there, but  that's another way to get Windows stuff workingSep 07 18:45
sebsebsebI guess can mention thatSep 07 18:45
sebsebseb,but no time to set one up :dSep 07 18:45
sebsebsebdoing LinuxSep 07 18:45
sebsebsebcan metnion that with erasonSep 07 18:46
sebsebsebwhat aws that about student projects?Sep 07 18:47
sebsebsebiophk: ?Sep 07 18:47
iophkI've seen several torpedoed by getting distracted by Windows problems even if Windows should not play a roleSep 07 18:48
sebsebsebohSep 07 18:48
sebsebsebiophk: I guess should be clear about that in the introductionSep 07 18:48
iophkIt has infinite problemsSep 07 18:48
sebsebsebnot doing WIndows installs.... Sep 07 18:48
sebsebsebwe are diong this, but not doing this, but might do this with good reason kind of thing or wahteverSep 07 18:48
iophkand any of them can easily expand to consume the time available.Sep 07 18:48
iophkWe do one thing for you with windows, we help you erase it.Sep 07 18:48
sebsebsebyep true once doing stuff with WindowsSep 07 18:48
sebsebsebit can take hours toSep 07 18:48
sebsebsebsort things out when things go wrongSep 07 18:49
iophkand then it's too late in the day to start a Linux installSep 07 18:49
sebsebsebyepSep 07 18:49
iophkLinux with a local repo can get installed in 10 minutesSep 07 18:49
sebsebsebiophk: maybe should make that clear in the talk though,  the reasoning etc, and explain t hat we don't hate Micrsofot or something you knowSep 07 18:49
iophkI have heard that Windows takes hours.Sep 07 18:49
sebsebsebiophk: it's just we know the alternative software is generally better for most people, and so our doing thei nstall festSep 07 18:50
iophkNah.  Just not mention it and change the topic when it is brought upSep 07 18:50
sebsebsebwith Windows it's uhmm isntall, do service pack etc uhSep 07 18:50
sebsebsebloads of securit yupdates etcSep 07 18:50
sebsebsebyep hoursSep 07 18:50
sebsebsebiophk: yep isngle bootsSep 07 18:51
sebsebsebdual boot with very good reasonSep 07 18:51
sebsebseb,but usauly noSep 07 18:51
sebsebseband hopefly no WIndows 8 machines :d or not so manySep 07 18:51
sebsebsebgot messa round with UEFI secure boot or whatever if thatSep 07 18:51
iophkyou'll have to be prepared for UEFISep 07 18:51
sebsebsebsome people going ot have to say no to I guess, depending on there set ups etcSep 07 18:52
sebsebseband what they want to do, and so on Sep 07 18:52
iophkthat's one barrier that M$ has put in place for novicesSep 07 18:52
MinceR"this is uefi. go buy a real computer." :>Sep 07 18:52
sebsebsebiophk: well I guess just disable in the  settings hopefulySep 07 18:52
iophkbuy a real computer or a I taze you againSep 07 18:52
MinceR:)Sep 07 18:52
sebsebsebiophk: and get back the old BIOS settings, and put on Linux distor?Sep 07 18:52
sebsebsebit's dual oboting where it will be come more comoplexSep 07 18:52
sebsebsebiophk: also don't want to leave peple comety in the dark once installed,  what if htey want support?Sep 07 18:53
sebsebsebcan show them online stuff, but may want to come back to us hmm?Sep 07 18:53
sebsebsebof course with a Linux distro, it geenrally works well :) unless they want to run stupid WIndows appsSep 07 18:53
iophkIs there a local linux shop that you can point for paid support?  I'd include an overview of the appropriate forums when showing users their new systemsSep 07 18:54
sebsebsebnope no  local Linux shop around here it seemsSep 07 18:54
iophkMaybe walk them through getting a login and helping them not be afraid to post questions.Sep 07 18:54
sebsebsebyes wa going to show them onlien support options :)Sep 07 18:54
iophkOnline support is a foreign concept for Windows users.Sep 07 18:55
sebsebsebIRC,  forum, wiki's, maybe even mailing lists?Sep 07 18:55
iophkIRC is a waste of time but wikis and especially forums are good.Sep 07 18:55
sebsebsebso is an alternative OS unless it's  say Androdi pre installed on the phone they boughtSep 07 18:55
sebsebsebor a MacSep 07 18:55
sebsebsebIRC can be a waste of time dependsSep 07 18:55
iophkThere is but I suppose various distros have their ownSep 07 18:55
sebsebsebcan be rather useful toSep 07 18:55
sebsebsebMageia is on to I thinkSep 07 18:55
sebsebsebas a kind of like offical   non Magiea forum section or whateverSep 07 18:56
iophkcoolSep 07 18:56
sebsebsebsince they asked about that before LInuxquestions and yeahSep 07 18:56
sebsebsebsomething got sorted outSep 07 18:56
sebsebsebwith I can't log back into my old account from 2005/4Sep 07 18:56
iophkSo is Mageia with XFCE on the menu?Sep 07 18:56
sebsebsebwhen I looked before my old posts were still thereSep 07 18:56
iophkfor the insall?Sep 07 18:56
sebsebsebsadly only from the classical install media where  can select other de's such as XFCE,  or  get it later from the repo'sSep 07 18:57
iophkdo you have your old mail address still, that would do a password reset for youSep 07 18:57
sebsebseb,but the XFCE implementaiton looks rather nice same for LXDESep 07 18:57 under a competly diffenet one I thinkSep 07 18:57
sebsebsebthat don't have access toSep 07 18:57
sebsebsebI don't use forums anyway :dSep 07 18:57
sebsebsebanymoreSep 07 18:57
sebsebsebexcept to read sometimesSep 07 18:57
sebsebsebiophk: Mageia 4 is getting Mate and Cinnamon :)Sep 07 18:58
sebsebsebalready has those in developmentSep 07 18:58
sebsebsebwhich is also why it's going to be in March one of the reasons, I am waiting for the Mageia 4 final release :)Sep 07 18:58
sebsebsebthat should be ready at the end of Janruary, but won't be public untill 1st Februrary for FOSDEMSep 07 18:58
sebsebsebalpha 2 released yesterdaySep 07 18:58
sebsebsebiophk: distros we will have this probably.  Mageia 4 :),  Ubuntu 13.10, Mint version based on Ubuntu, and Open SuseSep 07 19:00
iophkPlease no SuseSep 07 19:00
sebsebseband maybe some PUppy Linux or whatever there to just in case htat's theo nly way certian computers can go LInux :dSep 07 19:00
iophkThe others are greatSep 07 19:00
sebsebsebyeah I don't really use Open Suse myself, butSep 07 19:00
sebsebsebthere's a guy from the LUG who does and he's also going to help orgnaise the event, and I think he would want Open Suse reallySep 07 19:01
iophk 07 19:01 | Novell/SUSE is Microsoft in Linux | Techrights  [ ]Sep 07 19:01
sebsebseband yes I know about  the  Suse  and Attachmate and Microsoft stuffSep 07 19:01
sebsebseb,but Open Suse is the community versionSep 07 19:01
sebsebsebit's like Fedora, instead of the enteprise onesSep 07 19:01
sebsebsebiophk: Open Suse is still better than WindowsSep 07 19:01
iophkYes, but there are still better options for an install fest.Sep 07 19:02
sebsebsebyep Mageia 4Sep 07 19:02
sebsebseband even Ubuntu I guessSep 07 19:02
iophkIf the question were an either-or dilemma between Windows and (Open)Suse then it can ride.Sep 07 19:02
iophkBut when the choice is from the best, why not choose the best.Sep 07 19:02
sebsebsebwhat was that?Sep 07 19:02
sebsebsebUbuntu isnt' really the bestSep 07 19:03
sebsebseb,but it is for those thatl ike UnitySep 07 19:03
sebsebseband it's aimed at non technical peopleSep 07 19:03
sebsebsebwell let's see if non technical peole really do like Unity, at this event then :dSep 07 19:03
sebsebsebpersoanlly I don't think there's much point with Mint either, if going with UbuntuSep 07 19:03
iophkYes, it will be interesting to see what people choose if they are making their choices based on what they see at the demo stations.Sep 07 19:04
sebsebsebwhat's the point in Mint,  Ubuntu can run Cinnamon and Mate, and so can Mageia 4 etcSep 07 19:04
iophkRemember to clean mono from MintSep 07 19:04
iophklast I checked it was infected.Sep 07 19:04
sebsebsebuhmm say what you want  to this, but uhmm Banshee is good so is F-spot tere are good alternatives thoughSep 07 19:04
MinceRor just use crunchbang, that is not infectedSep 07 19:04
sebsebsebMint has like hardly any point at all now reallySep 07 19:04
iophkHow is #! for regular users?Sep 07 19:04
MinceRlike debian, but with saner defaultsSep 07 19:05
sebsebsebMate and Cinnamon  in other distrosSep 07 19:05
sebsebsebcodecs easy to put into Ubunt uand other distros most of them easy enough realySep 07 19:05
sebsebsebMint orignally made codecs easy to isntall with Ubuntu, then became  a Unity haters distro and such reallySep 07 19:05
sebsebsebloads of the former Ubuntu users who dislike Unity went MintSep 07 19:06
iophkI thought Unity was the cause of the rise in popularity of XFCE?Sep 07 19:06
MinceRit probably contributed to itSep 07 19:06
MinceRalong with gnome3 and kde4Sep 07 19:06
sebsebsebthis older guy only wanted three distros really, well how about this then?  Mageia 4, Ubuntu,  and uhmmm uh  is ther eany point having a 3rd? :dSep 07 19:06
sebsebsebmaybe PC  Linux OS would maek a nice 3rd :)Sep 07 19:07
iophkTwo might be enoughSep 07 19:07
sebsebsebalso really with Mint for examle what is shownSep 07 19:07
sebsebsebgreen?Sep 07 19:07
sebsebsebI mean Mate and CInmaon can be shown in Mageia 4 :)Sep 07 19:07
sebsebsebwith Ubuntu I think should show them Unity and that's about it reallySep 07 19:07
sebsebsebif people are going for Ubuntu, they should like Unity, I meanSep 07 19:07
sebsebsebif they want KDE or XFCE or LXDE or whatever, they should run it in say Mageia 4 instead really :)Sep 07 19:08
sebsebsebunless they want the software centre maybeSep 07 19:08
sebsebsebiophk: newbies will go on look, and not really care about hte restSep 07 19:08
sebsebsebthey should pick UBuntu only really if they like Unity I thinkSep 07 19:08
iophkThat's why the demo machines are good.Sep 07 19:09
sebsebsebhowever might be worth haing kubuntu and what not instaled, onto the ubuntu one anyway hmmSep 07 19:09
iophkDescribing the systems has no effect on noobs.Sep 07 19:09
iophkThey also don't get that non-Unity systems can be customized.Sep 07 19:09
sebsebseb,but if someone doesn't like UnitySep 07 19:09
sebsebsebthey shoudn't realy be using Ubuntu nowSep 07 19:09
sebsebsebthat's my opinionSep 07 19:09
iophkBack in the day, customization of the desktop was a status symbol.Sep 07 19:09
sebsebsebunless they are going ot buy stuff from the software centre for exampleSep 07 19:10
iophkXubuntu and co are not bad.Sep 07 19:10
sebsebsebyes, but my point is may as well run XFCE etc in another dsitro, unless, what I put aboveSep 07 19:10
sebsebsebaltough GNOME Shell Remix can be useful Sep 07 19:10
sebsebsebdependsSep 07 19:10
sebsebsebiophk: they won't undersatnd that can run the same de's usauly in like all the distros thoughSep 07 19:10
sebsebsebwith the exception of UnitySep 07 19:10
sebsebsebwhich is tighed to Ubuntu realySep 07 19:11
iophkGnome has outlived its purposeSep 07 19:11
iophk 07 19:11 | KDE - KDE Free Qt Foundation  [ ]Sep 07 19:11
sebsebsebso that's the thing what to show on the demo computers?Sep 07 19:11
sebsebsebalso  all Open Suse would be doing is showing KDE or  GNOEM as well like MageiaSep 07 19:11
iophkI'd show Mageia with XFCE, Ubuntu with Unity, and maybe Mageia with MateSep 07 19:12
sebsebsebiophk: to them itw ould look like the same thing or pretty muchSep 07 19:12
sebsebsebif seeing it in both distrosSep 07 19:12
iophkI'd only have one machine per DESep 07 19:12
iophkregardless of distroSep 07 19:12
sebsebsebI was thinking more have a Magie instlal with  Mate, Cinmaon, KDE, GNOME,  XFCE, and LXDE isntalled, maybe even enlightmentSep 07 19:12
sebsebsebexplain peopel can switch betwen and howSep 07 19:12
sebsebseband let them play :)Sep 07 19:12
sebsebseband could do the same for Ubuntu really as well and Minto r whatever iis there, but also explain which ones are the like default or major ones for the parituclr distrosSep 07 19:13
iophkIf you have KDE, I'd recommend having at least two tricked out accounts to show how customizable it is.Sep 07 19:13
sebsebsebso KDE and GNOME for Mageia,   and Unity for UbuntuSep 07 19:13
iophkReally I can't emphasize enough how little people get customization these days.Sep 07 19:13
sebsebsebtricked out? customised you mean ?Sep 07 19:13
sebsebsebyeah with KDE can show background changer slides shows and what notSep 07 19:13
iophkKDE and XFCE for Mageia (see Gnome comment above) and Unity for UbuntuSep 07 19:14
sebsebsebwith GNOEM as well, can show a default, but also an account with some extensions for exmaple or something :)Sep 07 19:14
sebsebsebiophk: GNOME for Mageia as well :)Sep 07 19:14
sebsebsebI like GNOMESep 07 19:14
iophkI thought that 's what mate was about?Sep 07 19:14
sebsebsebiophk: and like it or not might get aOpen Suse there as well hmmSep 07 19:14
sebsebsebdepending on that guy etcSep 07 19:14
sebsebsebthing is it's easy tog et open suse stuff from stands, probably would send a load for an instal fest toSep 07 19:14
iophkThat gets them hooked on M$ own LinuxSep 07 19:15
sebsebsebcould have Mint there to, showing Mate and CinnamonSep 07 19:15
sebsebsebbasically main message to get across is that it's nearly all the same softwareSep 07 19:15
sebsebseband here are some of the optionsSep 07 19:15
sebsebsebthey are all Linux distributionsSep 07 19:15
sebsebsebiophk: altough he did say before, that he would be happy with whatever distroSep 07 19:16
iophkPeople usually just want to look at their photos, send e-mail and surf the web.Sep 07 19:16
sebsebsebI am starting to think we only really need Ubuntu and Mageia though :dSep 07 19:16
sebsebseband that's two OS's not more than oneSep 07 19:16
iophkTwo is simpler than three.Sep 07 19:16
sebsebsebwith Ubuntu if showing Unity right ok good :)Sep 07 19:16
sebsebsebcan explain how it can also run KDE and such, but show it in Mageia ?Sep 07 19:16
iophkYou could have two distros for install with two demos each, for for demo stationsSep 07 19:17
sebsebsebor that there's Mint which whatever and might install that instead of Ubuntu in some cases?Sep 07 19:17
iophk*fourSep 07 19:17
sebsebsebyep can have a demo computer with more than one distro on it as well if that's what you meanSep 07 19:17
iophkI was thinking 2 or 3 with Mageia and 1 with UbuntuSep 07 19:17
iophkthe Mageia ones would each have a different DESep 07 19:18
iophkbut all 4 would have the same appsSep 07 19:18
sebsebsebor could do likeSep 07 19:18
iophkfor Ubuntu you will have to fix the search so that there is a modicum of privacy.Sep 07 19:18
sebsebsebor could do one computer for each DE with all beign showin in MageiaSep 07 19:18
sebsebsebwith the excepton of Unity where it's Ubuntu ?Sep 07 19:18
iophkI saw a privacy remix of Ubuntu but it's easy enough to turn off upon first boot.Sep 07 19:18
sebsebsebor could mention how there's that featureSep 07 19:19
sebsebsebwhist promting Mgeia heh hehSep 07 19:19
sebsebsebthis is popualr as well but.....Sep 07 19:19
sebsebsebiophk: yeah I think two otpons is easier than threeSep 07 19:20
sebsebsebtwo distrosSep 07 19:20
sebsebsebotherwise ti confsues,  how can that other distro, run the same thing as this one?Sep 07 19:20
sebsebsebhow can that other one, run the same interface as that one?Sep 07 19:20
sebsebsebplus it will all look the same to them realy, except for slight differences maybe, I mean show them KDE in Mageia ro Kubuntu for example, and it will look the same or pretty muchSep 07 19:21
iophkyes you want to present as simple choices as possible.Sep 07 19:21
sebsebsebreally even LXCE and XFCE would look slimilar, but yeahSep 07 19:21
iophkIf you have 2 KDE demos, you could have 5 stationsSep 07 19:21
iophkXFCE and LXDE are similar enough in their defaults that it is not worth havig bothSep 07 19:21
sebsebsebOpen Suse if having that could be another KDE and GNOME demoSep 07 19:21
iophkLXDE is less easily customizable thoughSep 07 19:22
sebsebsebor could have LXDE and XFCE on the same computerSep 07 19:22
sebsebsebthey can switch betwen, see if hte notice a differnece?Sep 07 19:22
iophkAnother reason to have 2 distros is that you will need to set up two local reposSep 07 19:22
*bluebomber ( has joined #techrightsSep 07 19:22
iophkif you have a 3rd distro, you will need a 3rd repoSep 07 19:22
sebsebsebyep indeedSep 07 19:22
sebsebsebwhich makes stuff more complexSep 07 19:22
sebsebsebhowever we could give out Live USBs' etc for more than on distro ?Sep 07 19:23
sebsebsebeven if nto installign thatSep 07 19:23
iophkbrbSep 07 19:24
sebsebsebiophk: is enlightmetn worth showing maybe?Sep 07 19:25
sebsebsebI mean it looks flashey ?Sep 07 19:25
sebsebsebmigh end up doing a dual boot at the eventSep 07 19:26
sebsebsebMageia  and Ubuntu :DSep 07 19:26
sebsebsebpeople might want both distrosSep 07 19:26
iophkI'm not sure you want to get into the pure Window ManagersSep 07 19:51
iophkthat's more confusion for the new userSep 07 19:51
sebsebsebtrue enlightimgint is mainly a wmSep 07 19:51
sebsebsebmain thing to show is, GNOME, KDE, Unity,  and XFCE and/or LXDESep 07 19:52
iophkI'd trim it even more: KDEx2, Unity and XFCE, maybe MateSep 07 19:52
iophkor CinammonSep 07 19:52
iophkHaving a simple menu will help the beginnersSep 07 19:53
iophkIf you have some power users show up, then you can talk Window ManagersSep 07 19:53
iophkWhen things are new, they are easily overwhelmingSep 07 19:54
iophkWith things that are very new, it is not possible to know which details to ignore, etc.Sep 07 19:54
sebsebsebiophk: that's why it's better to just go wit two distros I thinkSep 07 19:55
sebsebsebMageia and Ubuntu for UnitySep 07 19:55
iophk+1Sep 07 19:56
sebsebsebthere isn't a need to show another dsitro realy on the demo stations such as Mint or  Open SuseSep 07 19:56
sebsebsebalso there's no point as such showing KDE or whatever  with Ubuntu, use Ubuntu to show Unity and the software centre, and that's it reallySep 07 19:56
sebsebsebshow the rest in MgeiaSep 07 19:56
sebsebsebMagieaSep 07 19:56
iophkYes, that also helps clarify how distros are customized.Sep 07 19:56
sebsebseba older guy was like 3 OS's max, but I Think he meant more installsSep 07 19:56
iophkYou can show that  all 4 are Mageia.Sep 07 19:56
sebsebsebfor installs could do Mint or something like that to thoughSep 07 19:56
iophkthen maybe someone will ask questionsSep 07 19:57
sebsebsebdon't need to show mint on the demo machines thoughSep 07 19:57
sebsebsebiophk: yep I think that makes it simplerSep 07 19:58
sebsebsebshow it all in MageiaSep 07 19:58
sebsebsebexcept for Unity with UbuntuSep 07 19:58
sebsebsebfor demo machinesSep 07 19:58
sebsebseband then can have whatever Live USB's there to, that people can boot up on their own computers anwyaySep 07 19:58
sebsebsebdon't need to show everything that we might install in fact, on the demo machinesSep 07 19:58
sebsebsebiophk: ideally demo machines should be near the install area though I thinkSep 07 19:59
iophknear, but with an area for mixingSep 07 19:59
sebsebsebor make it so people can bring over lap tops at leastSep 07 19:59
iophkIt'll all be in the same roomSep 07 19:59
sebsebsebI'll go in Mageia top be the Magie guySep 07 19:59
sebsebsebso someone might want to  have that installed by me,  even if I am showing stuf to people on demo machines or somethign hmmSep 07 20:00
sebsebsebiophk: what about say install media for Fedora or whateverSep 07 20:00
sebsebsebis it worth  having some LIve CD's for that maybe to? offical ones if can get that?Sep 07 20:00
iophkFedora would be good but maybe not for beginnersSep 07 20:00
sebsebsebso basically people can stock up on LInux stuff whilst there as well?Sep 07 20:00
sebsebsebthat's  what I mean, we are like saying no to Fedora for beginnersSep 07 20:00
iophkIt's a great distro but has some experimental characteristicsSep 07 20:00
sebsebseb,but maybe worth having some sort of Live CD that someome can take if  they want it ?Sep 07 20:00
sebsebsebof Fedora ?Sep 07 20:00
sebsebsebfor eampleSep 07 20:00
iophkI'm not sure.Sep 07 20:01
iophkMaybe some kind of help for people that want to set up a live USB stickSep 07 20:01
sebsebsebiophk: if showing KDE in  say Mageia and say Open Suse that could confuseSep 07 20:02
sebsebsebpeople might think then, which one to go for?  Mageia or Open Suse?Sep 07 20:02
iophkexactlySep 07 20:02
sebsebsebsame thing for say Mate if done with Mageia and MintSep 07 20:02
iophklimit the choice to the "import" issues like DESep 07 20:02
sebsebsebwith Unity it's easy enough, no you have to use this other one Ubuntu, because  the other distros don't support Unity for various technical and polotical reasonsSep 07 20:02
iophkRight Unity == UbuntuSep 07 20:03
sebsebsebimport issues? important ?Sep 07 20:03
sebsebseb == means equals ?  Sep 07 20:03
iophkchoice of DE is the most important for the beginnerSep 07 20:03
sebsebsebyepSep 07 20:03
iophkit's the part of the system they actually interact withSep 07 20:03
sebsebsebmore so than distros in factSep 07 20:03
sebsebsebthe de choice is more imoprtant than the distro choice in generalSep 07 20:03
iophkthe underlying OS could be anythingSep 07 20:03
sebsebsebyes I think that's the way to do itSep 07 20:04
sebsebsebMageia and UbuntuSep 07 20:04
sebsebseband that's what we install toSep 07 20:04
sebsebsebunless really got to give someone Puppy or something, because there computer  is to old, but no showing that on the demo machinesSep 07 20:04
iophkYou could do everything on just ubuntu, but that won't get the idea across that there are different distrosSep 07 20:04
iophkand that it is OK to try another distroSep 07 20:05
sebsebsebyep exactlySep 07 20:05
sebsebseband that also distros can run more than one deSep 07 20:05
iophktwo is the bare minimum to get that idea acrossSep 07 20:05
sebsebsebor interface as they would see itSep 07 20:05
iophkyesSep 07 20:05
sebsebsebcould have something else installed on the  Ubuntu machine as well though such as Kubuntu though just to like prove that yes it can run that stuff toSep 07 20:05
iophkagain there is the set up issue with the repos.  A third distro would mean a third repo on the LAN/WLANSep 07 20:05
sebsebsebif someone doesn't quite belive it or somethingSep 07 20:05
sebsebsebyes exactly and makes it easier to only deal with twoSep 07 20:06
sebsebseblike thatSep 07 20:06
sebsebsebiophk: it feels ages awaySep 07 20:07
sebsebsebthe in perosn meeting about stuffSep 07 20:07
sebsebsebTuesday 17thSep 07 20:07
sebsebseb10 days awaySep 07 20:07
sebsebsebI could send a email to others about  this idea, or I just wait and talk in person about it hmmSep 07 20:07
sebsebsebplus one of them  the older guy, is going away tommorow for a weekSep 07 20:08
iophkIf you want to start right away, e-mail is the way to go.Sep 07 20:08
sebsebsebwell we been doing emails here and thereSep 07 20:08
sebsebseb,but the idea is to have a in perosn meeting about stuffSep 07 20:08
sebsebsebon the 17thSep 07 20:08
iophkYou can make the proposal in e-mail and hash out the details in personSep 07 20:08
sebsebsebyeah exactlySep 07 20:09
sebsebsebI am thinking of doing thatSep 07 20:09
sebsebsebsame thing for the room etc something about the set up etcSep 07 20:09
sebsebsebwhich remins me again, I was going to give you the size of the roomSep 07 20:09
sebsebsebso whatever about naturla day light right, it's  near the reception yep and it's got a in built 6 feet screen with a projector on the cielignSep 07 20:10
sebsebsebdvd  and audio in room,  can fiit 100 peole theater sytle yeah yeahSep 07 20:11
sebsebseband  it'sSep 07 20:11
sebsebseb19.8 x 7 mSep 07 20:11
sebsebsebquite big yeah?Sep 07 20:11
iophkYeah, Sep 07 20:11
sebsebsebthe price is awesome to, if it's true what I was told it got reduced fromSep 07 20:12
iophkhow many is it designed to hold?Sep 07 20:12
sebsebsebit can do 100 people sitting down theater style with front projectionSep 07 20:12
iophkso that's maybe 50 standingSep 07 20:12
sebsebseband a bit of space by the projecter etcSep 07 20:12
sebsebsebit seemsSep 07 20:12
sebsebsebthere's also the lounge outside thoughSep 07 20:12
sebsebsebon the photo I got it doesn't look like the one I had beforeSep 07 20:13
iophkThe projector can have a running show advertising the capabilities of various popular and desireable appsSep 07 20:13
sebsebsebyep indeed and I already thought of that already and put in my emailSep 07 20:13
sebsebsebcan show de's on it and suchSep 07 20:13
sebsebseb50 people standing you say,  including tables chairs etc?Sep 07 20:14
sebsebsebequipment ?Sep 07 20:14
iophkblender, firefox, sylpheed / thunderbirdSep 07 20:14
iophkequipment - LAN stuffSep 07 20:14
iophkpower cablesSep 07 20:14
sebsebsebso you think 50 in that room, once all set up ?Sep 07 20:14
iophkyes just a guessSep 07 20:14
sebsebsebshould be okSep 07 20:14
sebsebsebwith a lounge outside as wellSep 07 20:15
sebsebsebuse that area for registration and to give out some stickers and cd's etcSep 07 20:15
sebsebsebI guessSep 07 20:15
sebsebseb50 people including us though wasn't it?Sep 07 20:16
iophkwith 5 staff that will be 1 for demos/reception and 4 for isntallsSep 07 20:16
sebsebseband a lot of peopleSep 07 20:16
sebsebsebhpefuly an get a few more volunteers :)Sep 07 20:16
iophkany anticipation of what kind of special cases might turn up?Sep 07 20:17
iophkwireless is a problem on LinuxSep 07 20:17
sebsebsebspeical cases uhmm Windows 8 machinesSep 07 20:17
sebsebsebUEFI secure boot ?Sep 07 20:17
sebsebsebmaybe some Macs even ?Sep 07 20:17
iophkany more?Sep 07 20:17
iophkmacs are easySep 07 20:17
sebsebsebare they? I haven't installed LInux onto a Mac beforeSep 07 20:17
iophkthough the wireless is a problem for macs, at least the new onesSep 07 20:17
sebsebsebalso I thought they needed smoething speical done to themSep 07 20:17
sebsebsebyeah well may have to send some people awaySep 07 20:18
sebsebsebor  say  can't just do thatSep 07 20:18
sebsebsebanwyay if I had Mac OS X, I would probably keep that on it, of course might as a geek try and put Linux on toSep 07 20:18
sebsebseb,but for a non technical person, OS X isn't so bad really, ok it's propritary, but in general I meanSep 07 20:18
sebsebseban compared to Windows :dSep 07 20:18
iophkDual boot works on OS X if you partition before installing it.Sep 07 20:18
iophkThen you also need rEFItSep 07 20:18
sebsebseb50 eople stnading upSep 07 20:19
sebsebseba table for demo comptuers?Sep 07 20:19
sebsebseba table for installs ?Sep 07 20:19
sebsebsebhow many tables?Sep 07 20:19
iophkhow many fit?Sep 07 20:19
sebsebsebdon't know, but saw a photo they sent meSep 07 20:19
sebsebseblooks quite big from that photoSep 07 20:19
sebsebsebI think can also use the lounge for installs, lap tops anywaySep 07 20:20
iophkAs mentioned, I'd consider having a row against the wall with demos, then a double aisle, then a row of install tables (at right angle to the demos) and then a narrow aisleSep 07 20:20
sebsebsebif nessareySep 07 20:20
iophkyou want breathing space around the installsSep 07 20:20
sebsebsebyeah for lap tops can do them in the lounge if nessarey as well I thinkSep 07 20:20
iophkyou want an open area of sorts in between the demos and the installsSep 07 20:20
sebsebsebor  here's an idea, once people are done if having space issuesSep 07 20:21
sebsebsebthey can go out to the lounge with their newly set up computer :dSep 07 20:21
sebsebsebthe lap tops I meanSep 07 20:21
sebsebsebdesktops are a bit harder to  carry etc, but that's something else, people carrying in and out their desktops?Sep 07 20:21
sebsebsebgoing to need space to get out if that :d or in Sep 07 20:22
iophkIt's hard to know what people will bringSep 07 20:22
sebsebsebindeedSep 07 20:22
iophkold laptops as second computers are getting popularSep 07 20:22
sebsebsebI gues thats' there issue though to look after thier stuffSep 07 20:23
iophkthere are a lot of refurbishment shops around that buy up from business and install linux and resellSep 07 20:23
sebsebsebcarry in or out, make sure not kniced etcSep 07 20:23
sebsebsebnot in this country  it seems, for whaty ou just putSep 07 20:23
sebsebsebUK is very Windows, and then MacSep 07 20:23
iophkif you have your own monitors people won't have to bring theirs but you'll need to have adapersSep 07 20:26
iophkvga is still common but people might turn up with hdmiSep 07 20:26
iophkor dviSep 07 20:26
sebsebsebyeah indeedSep 07 20:26
sebsebsebnot quite sure what computers will be used for demo machines at the moment eitherSep 07 20:26
sebsebseb,but I got given a old one, that can put a hard disk in, and I guess that could be usedSep 07 20:26
sebsebsebfor exampleSep 07 20:26
sebsebsebI am thinking some lap tops for demos would be good thoughSep 07 20:27
sebsebsebeasy to put in and take out etcSep 07 20:27
sebsebsebmay want to lock them to the table with something thoughSep 07 20:27
iophknailgunSep 07 20:28
iophkmost come with some kind of lock point to fasten a cable, but it's been years and years since I've even seen such a cableSep 07 20:28
sebsebsebon the other hand if someome is keeping an eye on demos' etc all the time, may be okSep 07 20:29
sebsebsebon the other hand, that person gets distracted by someoneSep 07 20:29
sebsebseband someone else knicks the computer Sep 07 20:29
sebsebsebmaybeSep 07 20:29
iophkanchor cables would prevent thatSep 07 20:29
sebsebsebanchor like  a sailing boat?Sep 07 20:30
iophkno, to the hardpoint on the laptop or notebookSep 07 20:30
sebsebsebohSep 07 20:30
iophkthere is a standard shape but not a standard locationSep 07 20:30
sebsebseboh okSep 07 20:30
iophksome it is on the left, other on the right, still others on the backSep 07 20:30
iophkI'm not sure where you could borrow them from at allSep 07 20:31
sebsebsebyeah may have to buy something for thisSep 07 20:32
sebsebseb50 or so oin the room at once rightSep 07 20:32
sebsebseband the lounge outside to and :)Sep 07 20:32
iophk"kensington lock slot" might be the name of the hardpointSep 07 20:32
sebsebseb10am 11am event set upSep 07 20:33
sebsebsebmid day to 1pm or just before lunch for organissersSep 07 20:33
sebsebseb1pm startSep 07 20:33
sebsebseb8pm or so tidy up before the bar opensSep 07 20:33
sebsebseb11pm or so bar shut, go homeSep 07 20:33
sebsebseblike I sai earlier I have to check times with hotel etc, if going for them, but yeahSep 07 20:33
iophkwhere will you keep stuff while the bar is open?Sep 07 20:33
sebsebsebwell I should check that soon so  I knowSep 07 20:33
iophkIt's hard to be in a bar if you have to driveSep 07 20:34
sebsebsebdemonostration computers can be left  in the room lockedSep 07 20:34
sebsebsebuntill we finnish I think and anything else like thatSep 07 20:34
iophkOk.  The plan would be pack up and lock up.Sep 07 20:34
iophkBut leave stuff in the roomSep 07 20:35
sebsebsebnot sure can check with hotel, but may be able to just lock that room in fact toSep 07 20:35
sebsebsebthe whole roomSep 07 20:35
sebsebseband just have the lounge at the end, then come back get the stuff, and goSep 07 20:35
sebsebsebor use that room to as somewhere more quit or somethingSep 07 20:35
sebsebsebwon't be anything left in there though, except demonostration computers maybe I am thinking aome cables orsomethignSep 07 20:35
sebsebsebcan take stuff to cars anyway surely, before bar?Sep 07 20:36
iophkyes to the carsSep 07 20:36
sebsebsebthe main event organiser gets a complimentary parking space toSep 07 20:36
sebsebsebnow uhmmSep 07 20:36
iophkassuming the neihborhood  is okSep 07 20:36
sebsebsebI am the one who suggested the hotel etc, we haven't decided obviouslySep 07 20:36
sebsebseband I odn't drive, but may go with this other guy who's also going toh elp organise the event, so maybe in that case the space should be ours :dSep 07 20:37
iophkcarpooling is a good option Sep 07 20:37
sebsebsebI think it just means a free parking space, instead of paying thoughSep 07 20:37
iophkit will save also on parking costsSep 07 20:37
sebsebsebcarpooling ?Sep 07 20:37
iophkseveral people arriving in the same carSep 07 20:37
sebsebsebyeah thought you meant thatSep 07 20:37
sebsebseb,but what I am saying is the main orgnaiser gets a free spaceSep 07 20:37
sebsebsebwhere as everyone else would have to pay somethingSep 07 20:38
sebsebsebone guy lives around there anwyay it seems, so woudn't be going by car I guessSep 07 20:38
sebsebseb1 x Complimentery car parking space for the main event organiserSep 07 20:38
sebsebsebnot sure if that's me, but starting to look like I might become that or kind of Sep 07 20:39
sebsebsebwe were going to decide things like ta the meeting I  think to or talk about it or whatever, but yeahSep 07 20:39
sebsebsebiophk: imaigne a fight over the free spaceSep 07 20:40
sebsebsebno no it was me, so it's mine, no no it should go to us since...Sep 07 20:40
sebsebsebheh hehSep 07 20:40
iophkYou might find an amenable way of pooling the costsSep 07 20:41
sebsebsebno I will go with this guy I am thinking of, or arrange other travel arrangementsSep 07 20:42
iophkadd the parking costs and divide by the number of organizers.  Sep 07 20:42
sebsebseboh right I see hmmSep 07 20:42
iophkOr if there is loads of money in the budget, pay for the parking.Sep 07 20:42
iophkor half of the parkingSep 07 20:42
sebsebseb,but one guy lives  nearSep 07 20:42
sebsebseband I don't driveSep 07 20:42
iophkthere's no solution that works 100%Sep 07 20:42
sebsebsebI don't think will need to do thatSep 07 20:43
sebsebsebI Think people who will need to pay for parking, will do that etcSep 07 20:43
sebsebsebjust one of us will get a free space that's allSep 07 20:43
iophkdraw lots to see which driver  wins the free space?Sep 07 20:45
sebsebsebiophk: earlier you were saying that would need water at leastSep 07 20:45
sebsebsebwell the room hire is inclusive ofSep 07 20:45
iophkyes IMHOSep 07 20:45
sebsebsebMineral water and sweetsSep 07 20:45
iophkOK and they don't charge extra for that?Sep 07 20:46
sebsebsebStationerySep 07 20:46
sebsebsebVAT as well :)Sep 07 20:46
iophkI was thinking some pitchers and glasses or plastic cups would sufficeSep 07 20:46
sebsebsebComplimentary WIFI Sep 07 20:46
sebsebsebInbuilt 6ft screen and data projector, 2 x wall mounted plasma TVs, conference phone, PA system with one handheld microphone, DVD/CD Player with audio and flip chartSep 07 20:47
sebsebseblounge area yeahSep 07 20:47
iophkEven if your LAN uses the wifi make sure it can work even when it is downöSep 07 20:47
iophk*downSep 07 20:47
sebsebsebyeah sure inclusive will mean not paying extraSep 07 20:47
sebsebseb,but I am not sure if that means that all gusets will get water and sweets at least?Sep 07 20:47
iophkgood enoughSep 07 20:47
sebsebsebnot sure if the water and sweets is for everyone thoughSep 07 20:48
sebsebsebthe wifi may just be the public shared one for all guetsSep 07 20:48
sebsebsebnot sureSep 07 20:48
sebsebsebwhen I was on phone it seems that's all they had really,  maybe there is some other connection to thoughSep 07 20:48
sebsebsebI mean complimentary wifi uh right, but the one shared with all other guests to? hmmSep 07 20:48
iophkI can almost guarantee that it can't support the load of an installation, you'll need your own LAN with local reposSep 07 20:50
iophkthe wifi might be ok for grabbing the occasional web page thoughSep 07 20:50
iophkI'd set up squid with transparent proxyingSep 07 20:51
iophkthat *might* help in some casesSep 07 20:51
sebsebsebiophk: yep indeed  that's basically waht I was like on the phoneSep 07 20:52
sebsebsebwe want good Intenret, and she was like we have....Sep 07 20:52
sebsebseb,but exactly I dont' expect the wifi whatever is given, to be much good, except for loading up some webpagesSep 07 20:52
sebsebseband so that's all it should be used for really, loading up some webpages :)Sep 07 20:52
iophk54Mpbs is the theoretical maximumSep 07 20:52
sebsebsebpeople generally complain about venues having bad wifi toSep 07 20:53
sebsebsebespeically hotels it seemsSep 07 20:53
iophkbut it's probably plugged into a 1Mbps lineSep 07 20:53
sebsebsebyeah Sep 07 20:53
sebsebsebsomething like thatSep 07 20:53
sebsebsebI guessSep 07 20:53
sebsebsebshe did say something, but I don't rememberSep 07 20:53
sebsebsebquiteSep 07 20:53
iophkalso hotel wifi has multiple hotpoints and depending on the competency and frequencies, there can be lots of interferenceSep 07 20:53
sebsebsebhotpoints you mean where the signal is picked up the best?Sep 07 20:54
iophkstations that send and receive wifiSep 07 20:54
sebsebseboh ok I guessSep 07 20:54
sebsebsebiophk: I know and that's why we need  own repos ideallySep 07 20:54
iophkb/g is on 2.4GHz and a/n/ac is on 5GHzSep 07 20:54
sebsebsebcan't rely on the I nternet to download stuffSep 07 20:54
sebsebsebso it's either own repo's,  or  well no downloads I guess hmmSep 07 20:54
sebsebsebplus people going on whatever wifi on phone or whateverSep 07 20:55
iophkbut then within those bands there are *overlapping* channelsSep 07 20:55
iophkso if adjacent hotpoints are using overlapping, but different, channels, they can slow *way* downSep 07 20:55
iophkif they areboth using the same channel, then they just split the bandwidthSep 07 20:55
iophkwifi is overratedSep 07 20:55
sebsebsebwifi really sucks at times yesSep 07 20:55
sebsebsebhardwired is better :)Sep 07 20:56
sebsebsebnot sure if they would ethernet us some where thoughSep 07 20:56
sebsebsebif we had ethernet we could be all ok to use net :dSep 07 20:56
sebsebsebI think nice and good enough venue, but going to need to set up own stuff yesSep 07 20:56
sebsebseb,but I thought that yesterday to when emailing about it Sep 07 20:56
sebsebsebto othersSep 07 20:56
iophkthe LAN can be ethernetSep 07 20:57
sebsebsebyes, but I   meant a ethernet that is used for InternetSep 07 20:57
iophkLong before your installfest, you'll have to test setting up an ethernet LAN that connects via wifi to the Internet.Sep 07 21:00
sebsebsebyeah I guessSep 07 21:02
*sebsebseb going afk for a bit of quite a while dependsSep 07 21:02
sebsebsebgood chat though thanks :)Sep 07 21:02
sebsebsebiophk: might come back for more in a bit, not sure yetSep 07 21:02
iophkgtgSep 07 21:04
*iophk (~lars@unaffiliated/iophk) has left #techrightsSep 07 21:04
*ohama ( has joined #techrightsSep 07 21:29
*dyfet has quit (Quit: Konversation terminated!)Sep 07 23:51

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