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MinceRgnSep 15 01:01
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pookitoWhat is up guys?Sep 15 01:22
pookitoI am backSep 15 01:22
pookitoLatest news that I read: 15 01:23 | Facebook Permanately Deletes Social Fixer's Page « FOSS ForceFOSS Force  [ ]Sep 15 01:23
pookitoWhy do people keep on developing and using facebook?Sep 15 01:24
pookitoif they know these type of situations are going to happened?Sep 15 01:24
pookitojust a thoughtSep 15 01:24
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DaemonFC 15 01:57 | Crying Kids on Planes Spawn Child-Free Zones, Flight Nannies - Yahoo Finance  [ ]Sep 15 01:57
DaemonFCLOLSep 15 01:57
DaemonFCFor an extra $12 you can avoid the screaming kid that kicks the back of your seat for 5 hours.Sep 15 01:58
DaemonFCWell worth it.Sep 15 01:58
tessierYepSep 15 02:05
DaemonFC 15 02:35
*DaemonFC is going to check into this.Sep 15 02:35
DaemonFCThat's a sharp car.Sep 15 02:35 | 1999 Mercury Sable for sale in Columbia City - 1MEFM53S4XG631679 - City Automall  [ ]Sep 15 02:36
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DaemonFCPaul-Richard GM CenterSep 15 04:28
DaemonFC"I called about a Ford Windstar van that they listed yesterday. While I was waiting to hear back from the first salesman I called (Kevin Black), I decided to call again, because it had been about an hour. The second salesman lied to me and told me they took it to an auction. Why would you list something on several websites and take lots of pictures if you were going to take it straight to auction? ISep 15 04:28
DaemonFC think the reason they wanted rid of me was because I was asking if I could buy it with my credit card. The second salesman I spoke to (forget his name) was extremely rude. I said "Why would you take pictures and list the van on several websites if you were going to take it to an auction the next day?" His response, in a really hateful and snotty tone of voice, was "Is there anything else I can helpSep 15 04:28
DaemonFC you with?" I will never do business with Paul Richard GM. You guys need to learn to treat your potential customers a lot better, even if they're only buying a used van. You never know if they'll be back to buy a newer car, or what they'll tell their friends, family, and other potential customers. It's going to cost you a lot more than a 2% credit card fee."Sep 15 04:28
DaemonFCThey hate credit card customers.Sep 15 04:29
DaemonFCThey want everyone to show up cash in hand so they don't have to pay a few bucks in processing fees.Sep 15 04:30
DaemonFCThe processing fee is like $30 on a van that they probably marked up at least several hundred dollars.Sep 15 04:30
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DaemonFCI got into an argument with a salesperson at a car lot today.Sep 15 04:46
DaemonFCHe said "Your credit is good, but you have some unpaid medical bills."Sep 15 04:46
DaemonFCI go "Well, yeah, those are from 2008/2009 when I had no insurance...."Sep 15 04:46
DaemonFCHe's like "Well, we have a program where certain cars are eligible to be rented.".Sep 15 04:47
DaemonFCI said "Well, by certain cars, I'm sure you mean ones that are falling apart and had the crap beaten out of them by someone, and it's only going to cost me $250 a month, and I'll never own the ####ing thing...."Sep 15 04:47
DaemonFC"Let me tell you a little story before I leave here. I already have that car and I don't owe anything on it. By the way, I know you did business with a former neighbor of mine named Dawn. She never had any money she wasn't smoking or drinking. She left that apartment owing MY landlord over $4,000. You guys repossessed her car.... And then you approved her on a different car two weeks later."Sep 15 04:49
DaemonFC"So don't fucking pretend you're doing me a goddamned favor, pal, because I know the kind of people you deal with, and it's not the ones that have a couple years of bad luck but normally pay all their bills."Sep 15 04:50
DaemonFCI'm so mad about this. If I buy a newer car, most of it is going to have to go on my credit card.Sep 15 04:51
DaemonFCThe godawful thing about that is that Capital One is offering to 1. Extend me that amount of credit, unsecured. and 2. They'll do it at a better interest rate.Sep 15 04:52
DaemonFCThat's messed up.Sep 15 04:52
DaemonFCSo, I'm just going to stay within myself and probably get someone else's well-used van.Sep 15 04:53
DaemonFCThankfully, I'm more or less capable of fixing most common problems myself because I've always driven cars like this.Sep 15 04:53
DaemonFCMinceR, That Bill Engvall... You ever watch him?Sep 15 04:54
DaemonFCThe guy that says "Here's your sign!".Sep 15 04:54
DaemonFCI have one of those myself.Sep 15 04:54
DaemonFCOne winter, my car broke down on the side of the freeway on the way back from a trip to a family member's house for Thanksgiving.Sep 15 04:55
DaemonFCA few minutes later, a state police officer pulls over behind me and says "Car trouble?".Sep 15 04:55
DaemonFCI said "Yeah.".Sep 15 04:55
DaemonFCSorry, I meant Christmas... btwSep 15 04:56
DaemonFCWhat I was thinking was "No. I'm sitting here by traffic that's going by at 80 miles an hour in the middle of a blizzard with my hazard lights on because it's what I do for fun." lights onSep 15 04:56
DaemonFCHere's your sign.Sep 15 04:56
DaemonFCThey'll let anyone be a cop won't they?Sep 15 04:57
DaemonFC"Did you call someone?"Sep 15 04:57
DaemonFCThinking: "No, I'm just standing here doing nothing while I freeze to death."Sep 15 04:57
DaemonFCSo Officer Useless sticks around until the tow truck arrives.Sep 15 04:58
DaemonFC:)Sep 15 04:58
DaemonFCEver since then, when there's a family get together, I go by one of the Ford or Chevy dealerships and pretend I'm loaaaaaded.Sep 15 04:59
DaemonFCAnd ask if I can test drive a car for a couple of days.Sep 15 04:59
DaemonFCAnd what I find interesting is the number of car dealerships and banks that are in this town when they turn away 90% of the people who want a car and need a loan.Sep 15 05:00
DaemonFC17,000 people in this town and like three dozen banks.Sep 15 05:01
DaemonFCThey just built another bank a few months ago.Sep 15 05:01
DaemonFCI also "test drove" a brand new Ford F-350 a few years ago when my aunt was moving and couldn't afford to rent a van.Sep 15 05:03
DaemonFCThose car lots have some nice salesmen, when they think they smell money.Sep 15 05:03
DaemonFCSo every 5-7 years, I get another old car that's so far gone that nobody wants it anymore, and get to drive it around while it's trying to commit suicide or a murder-suicide.Sep 15 05:04
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iophkOld - 15 08:43
iophk" Now that the world is watching, it's time for us to start teaching  them about Free Software. Notice, I said Free Software, _not_ Open  Source."Sep 15 08:43
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amarsh04something is wrong with my electricity supply - it's been stable - Sep 15 09:28
amarsh04System Uptime: 2373 hours 7 minutesSep 15 09:28
amarsh04^ ADSL router uptime, and ADSL connection has been up Sep 15 09:30
amarsh04Connection Status pppoe Connected 695hr 47min 40secSep 15 09:30
amarsh04must be some kind of record for meSep 15 09:30
iophkOn astroturfers and shills : 15 09:39
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iophk,0,1216597.storySep 15 11:08
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MinceR055426 < DaemonFC> MinceR, That Bill Engvall... You ever watch him?Sep 15 13:12
MinceRnope.Sep 15 13:12
MinceRgeekingsSep 15 13:29
iophk 15 13:38
iophk 15 13:56
iophkAnother article forgetting the rising OS, Meego.Sep 15 13:56
MinceRindeedSep 15 13:57
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iophk 15 14:08
oiaohmReally it would be super funny if MS does release an Android phone.Sep 15 14:11
oiaohmIts about the only thing MS has not attempted yet to try to disrupt it.Sep 15 14:11
iophkWould they charge royalties internally?Sep 15 14:11
iophkI guess they could pull what they did with Java and release something broken and not quite Android yet still call it Android.Sep 15 14:11
oiaohmiophk: the answer is no.Sep 15 14:12
oiaohmiophk: so 8 dollars cheaper than its competitors.Sep 15 14:12
oiaohmiophk: yes pull a java again.   Remember there is a .net version of Android made by the mono project.Sep 15 14:13
iophkIckSep 15 14:13
oiaohmiophk: yes it was one of those things to attempt to prove how supperier .net was and died out.Sep 15 14:15
iophkSuperior at being slow and crashy from what I read.Sep 15 14:17
MinceRin the case of java, they had an OS near-monopoly to build it on, thoughSep 15 14:17
iophkYes, they were caught breaking a contract and trying to EEE JavaSep 15 14:17
iophk 15 14:20
iophkIts "version of Java" was not Java. Sep 15 14:21
oiaohmiophk: yep that lead to .netSep 15 14:30
MinceRor as i like to call it, "m$ visual java"Sep 15 14:30
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hp_mobile 15 15:11
hp_mobile"The funny thing is I hate Ballmer even though he made a real mess of Microsoft"Sep 15 15:12
hp_mobile"The man is all sizzle and no steak. He mishandled every single industry trend that came his way: the internet, mobile computing, application platforms, tablets, and on and on. My colleagues and I have stood back in awe at how quietly Microsoft has marched to irrelevance during Ballmer's tenure. In a century academics will be still be using him as an example of how to squander a huge competitive advantage."Sep 15 15:12
iophkGates was doing the same thing, it's just that the PR are trying to make him look better by ragging on Ballmer.Sep 15 15:12
hp_mobile"They hate him because they hate Microsoft and non free software. Every day, hundreds of millions of people stare for hours at Ballmer's virtual ass. It indexes all of their files for convenient, encrypted index upload to their boss, Microsoft/NSA and private partners, while restricting what people can record, read and share. It does so with all the grace, style and reliability of a Soviet automobile. If there was any gSep 15 15:13
hp_mobilerowth at Microsoft, it was not passed on to the relatively small number of privileged employees or investors. There is nothing to love because Microsoft is an entirely selfish imposition on the world. Mr. Ballmer's ignorance, stupidity and arrogance only make Microsoft's crimes that much more infuriating to technically competent people."Sep 15 15:13
hp_mobileiophk: yeahSep 15 15:13
MinceRit was more like an anticompetitive advantageSep 15 15:13
*hp_mobile is now known as hp_roySep 15 15:14
hp_royMinceR, I didn't like that phrasing eitherSep 15 15:14
MinceR:)Sep 15 15:14
hp_royiophk, server issues make it hard ti rerun for bots, for nowSep 15 15:15
oiaohmReally the war is only just starting againt Microsoft.Sep 15 15:17
oiaohmEU rules over samba are starting to damage Microsoft.Sep 15 15:17
hp_roy 15 15:18
hp_roy 15 15:18
hp_roy 15 15:20
hp_roy'Because of the exorbitant cost, I suspect that this so called breakthrough is not mathematical, but tactical."Sep 15 15:20
hp_royoiaohm, just that?Sep 15 15:20
hp_roy 15 15:20
iophkoiaohm: which rules in particular?  The one that M$ must publish documentation?Sep 15 15:21
hp_roy"What a dumb fool. He could have smacked her in the face good with that bike."Sep 15 15:21
hp_royiophk, maybe the patent thingSep 15 15:21
iophkFrom 2007 (according to the metadata) : 15 15:22
iophkI always thought that Samba was in part responsible for M$ getting a foothold in the server room.Sep 15 15:23
iophkSome of that came from snake like work against Novell, but Samba made managers think that M$ was in the server roomSep 15 15:23
iophkwhich then caused them to hire more M$ flunkies which then caused them to buy real M$ junk and getting rid of SambaSep 15 15:24
iophkThen they went into a negative feedback loop of more flunkies and more M$Sep 15 15:24
iophkLast I heard they go on about putting it all on "blades"Sep 15 15:24
iophkToo bad, if they'd only had just a little more money or more staff, they could have had it working.  Sep 15 15:25
iophkYeah right.Sep 15 15:25
oiaohmiophk: Microsoft and Samba must do join operations.Sep 15 15:38
oiaohmiophk: its not just documentation the EU rules forced.Sep 15 15:38
iophkSamba is an enabler of problems in some ways.  Sep 15 15:38
oiaohmiophk: Microsoft Must attend SMB compadiblity testing or cease using SMB protocol.Sep 15 15:39
iophkcan their cooperation be forced, though?Sep 15 15:39
oiaohmIt currently is.Sep 15 15:39
iophkManagement insists on M$ so they put one M$ box in the server room.  Then they demand performance and uptime so the staff unplug it and put in Samba.  Then those staff leave and M$ boosters come in with their negative feedback cycle.Sep 15 15:40
oiaohmEU courts found that SMB protocol includign Active Directory owns to the Standard that is SMB.  Samba is the appointed maintainer of the standard by IBM.Sep 15 15:40
oiaohmiophk: yes SMB is IBM's.Sep 15 15:40
oiaohmiophk: the simple reality Samba does not have to reverse stuff anymore.Sep 15 15:41
oiaohmiophk: instead can just directly ask Microsoft what they did.Sep 15 15:41
oiaohmiophk: of course if MS does not answer samba can just rule that the action is not SMB protocol.Sep 15 15:42
oiaohmiophk: hello hell that the EU ruling alows.Sep 15 15:42
oiaohmAll the sides to the EU ruling is a major MS wedgy.Sep 15 15:42
oiaohmiophk: remember if MS implementation does not conform to the standard its Java all over again.Sep 15 15:43
oiaohmiophk: yes funny right almost everything networking MS did is based on protocols MS does not own.Sep 15 15:44
oiaohmOr have the legal right to control.Sep 15 15:44
iophkYes but if the M$ implementation does not conform to the standard, it would drag on for another 7 years in court and take more money that Samba doesn't have.  I am quite skeptical of any situation that involves M$ actually helping.  It's a combination of a lack of competency and will.  Remember, the Samba team regularly advises M$ teams about the inner workings of SMBincluding how M$ own junk actually works.  Sep 15 15:48
iophkThere was a quote a while back about SMB2 being designed specifically to screw with Samba.Sep 15 15:49
iophkIt's orders of magnitude more chatty for example.Sep 15 15:49
MinceRm$ has already renamed SMB, though. does this affect that? :>Sep 15 15:57
iophkWhat's M$ calling it?  I expect that the rename is so that they can avoid the letter of the law.Sep 15 15:58
MinceRCIFSSep 15 15:59
MinceR"common" "internet" file systemSep 15 15:59
iophkIf the court orders don't say CIFS then, M$ won't have to give an inch, even if they were competent to.Sep 15 15:59
iophkAlso from what I understand CIFS / SMB won't work over the Internet, it is a LAN thing.Sep 15 16:05
iophkOr maybe that it's just not secure.Sep 15 16:05
oiaohmMinceR: the CIFS rename was IBM secondary name.Sep 15 16:06
oiaohmiophk: Also you are not talking about Samba projects money behind the EU case.   You are talking IBM money.Sep 15 16:08
oiaohmiophk: also IBM legal team is the ruling is heavily barbed wired to cover every possiblity.Sep 15 16:09
hp_royorlowski 15 16:27
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sebsebseb Sep 15 19:34
sebsebsebiophk: pingSep 15 19:40
iophksebsebseb: pongSep 15 19:40
sebsebsebyeah some peope live on IRC  it seems, except for sleeping :dSep 15 19:41
sebsebsebMinceR: being anotherSep 15 19:41
sebsebsebMinceR: pingSep 15 19:41
iophkJust good timingSep 15 19:41
MinceRsebsebseb: pongSep 15 19:41
sebsebsebyep thought he would be there toSep 15 19:41
sebsebsebanyway so uhmmSep 15 19:41
sebsebseblooks like I got a reason to sort out my netbook before Tuesday then :dSep 15 19:41
sebsebsebstill got a old Mageia 2 install on there that I upgraded to Mageia 3 RC  so yeah months ago nowSep 15 19:42
iophkXFCE?Sep 15 19:42
sebsebsebhas some issues with that install to as in broken pakcage manager etc,  plus  the XFCE wnot' load up right etcSep 15 19:42
sebsebsebhad been meaning to put on  Magiea 3 final, but just hadn't been bothered to yet, since I prefer Mageia 2 and  that's my using when out kind of computerSep 15 19:42
sebsebsebso I'll put that on tomorwo I think, been unwell this  weekendSep 15 19:42
iophkwi-fi working?Sep 15 19:43
sebsebsebstill not feeling quite rightSep 15 19:43
sebsebsebanyway after doing Magiea 3 Alpha 3  in virtual amchine and seeing that new welcome screen demo awesome :)Sep 15 19:43
sebsebsebthat's what i want to show them on Tuesday as well,  and I meant Mageia 4 aboveSep 15 19:43
sebsebsebso  I'll put Mageia 3 on and Magiea 4 Alpha 2 with the stuff I want and so on and :)Sep 15 19:43
sebsebseband hopefuly I am feeling better when it's this meetingSep 15 19:43
sebsebsebiophk: yep it works iwth the pub wifi that netbook, when logged into it, or what did you mean?Sep 15 19:44
sebsebsebiophk: now as long as this guy comes to pick me up as planned, then :)Sep 15 19:44
iophkDoes Mageia find and use wi-fi ok?Sep 15 19:44
sebsebsebanother organiser, but not met him yetSep 15 19:44
sebsebsebiophk: yep of course it finds and uses wifi ok in generalSep 15 19:45
iophka/b/g/n ?Sep 15 19:45
sebsebsebiophk: sure all the ones that most distros support I thinkSep 15 19:47
iophkn/ac are the only ones worth anythingSep 15 19:47
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Agnesihp........Sep 15 21:34
Agnesidon't tell me we have HP propagandists hereSep 15 21:34
hp_roynoSep 15 21:40
hp_royjust testing an HP laptop as main worksttationSep 15 21:40
hp_roybrbSep 15 21:40
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MinceRgnSep 15 22:23

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