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sebsebseb Sep 20 01:11
schestowitz_mob 20 01:32 $500,000 Sweetheart Deal for Koch-Tied GOP Lobby Group Moves Forward "promoting hunting" (killing)Sep 20 01:32
TechrightsBot-tr-> | $500,000 Sweetheart Deal for Koch-Tied GOP Lobby Group Moves Forward | PR Watch  [ ]Sep 20 01:32
schestowitz_mob|Gosh, sometimes I can't believe things like this. Lets start with Promoting hunting. Only make the grant available to a certain group without public knowledge or the competing groups. What is wrong with our government! Gosh.|"Sep 20 01:32
tessierROFL: 20 02:07 | FSFE objects to claims of 'predatory pricing' in Free Software  [ ]Sep 20 02:07
tessierAs usual, they get ZERO sympathy from me. Sep 20 02:07
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DaemonFCI went to the dealership today and test drove that Pontiac Montana...Sep 20 03:45
DaemonFCIt had filthy engine coolant, filthy oil, sludge in the engine, and transmission fluid that was probably due to be replaced a few years ago.Sep 20 03:46
DaemonFCTest drove it.Sep 20 03:46
DaemonFCThe transmission had trouble shifting from gear 2 to gear 3.Sep 20 03:46
DaemonFCI brought it up to the salesman and mentioned that it would probably be the torque converter clutch solenoid.Sep 20 03:47
DaemonFCThat's a $500 repair.Sep 20 03:47
DaemonFCDidn't buy the van.Sep 20 03:47
DaemonFCHe just got in a new one that I'm looking over though.Sep 20 03:47
DaemonFCBasically the same kind of van, it's just called an Oldsmobile Silhouette instead.Sep 20 03:48
DaemonFCThe pictures look good, but Carfax says this one has been in two accidents, including a deer strike.Sep 20 03:48
DaemonFCSo when I go back there tomorrow I'm going to say to the salesman "If you can make me an offer on this van that's in the ballpark of the price you wanted on the Montana, and I look it over and test drive it and like it, I will consider this one."Sep 20 03:49
DaemonFCSomeone repaired the accident damage. They did a decent job too.Sep 20 03:49
DaemonFCBut it's something to bring up when you're talking price.Sep 20 03:49
DaemonFC 20 04:21 | 2004 Ford Crown Victoria for sale in Columbia City - 2FAFP74W24X115791 - City Automall  [ ]Sep 20 04:21
DaemonFCAlso looking at this.Sep 20 04:21
DaemonFCI looked at it today.Sep 20 04:21
DaemonFCI pointed out that it has an exhaust manifold leak and possibly a bad ABS sensor.Sep 20 04:22
DaemonFCThe guy said it's close to going to an auction.Sep 20 04:22
DaemonFCAsked him what he'd get for it at an auction. He said "Probably $2400 to $2500.".Sep 20 04:22
DaemonFCSo I think I can lean on him and get him down to 24 or 25 myself so he doesn't have to auction it.Sep 20 04:22
DaemonFCThe leaking exhaust manifold is a $650 repair. The ABS sensor job is probably $150-200.Sep 20 04:23
DaemonFCI'm having my mechanic check it out tomorrow.Sep 20 04:23
DaemonFCIf that's all it is, and I can get the salesman down to 24 or 25, I'll probably buy it.Sep 20 04:24
DaemonFCGM vehicles have serious reliability problems.Sep 20 04:29
DaemonFCA few common ones seem to be failure of the fuel tank sensor (causes the gas gauge to go from reading full to empty and never telling you how much gas you really have), failure of windshield wiper motors, questionable transmissions, and various engine problems, especially with the earlier 3400 V6 where the intake manifold gaskets.Sep 20 04:31
DaemonFCI've never seen a Ford that does weird shit like that.Sep 20 04:31
DaemonFCNobody can afford to drive a GM vehicle really.Sep 20 04:31
DaemonFCIt's another $500 repair every month.Sep 20 04:32
DaemonFCMinceR, I was telling my mother how Ford and Nissan cooperated to design a van.Sep 20 04:32
DaemonFCOne became the Nissan Quest and one became the Mercury (which was a Ford brand) Villager.Sep 20 04:32
DaemonFCI told her that the Quest was made in Japan and the Villager was made in Ohio.Sep 20 04:33
DaemonFCI said "I'd rather have the Nissan Quest".Sep 20 04:33
DaemonFCShe said "Aren't they the same van?"Sep 20 04:33
DaemonFCI told her "Yeah, basically, but when I think about the Japanese, I don't think of a 400 pound man picking his butt and smoking a cigarette, saying 'I can assemble this shit backwards and upside down all day and you can't fire me because I'm in a union!'".Sep 20 04:34
DaemonFCAlthough.... I would much rather drive a Ford van than a GM van.Sep 20 04:34
DaemonFCsame goes for carsSep 20 04:34
DaemonFCStuff does break/wear out on Fords, but it's not usually something else every week, or "I replaced this same part three times this year!".Sep 20 04:35
DaemonFCFord just makes better stuff. It's a fact.Sep 20 04:35
DaemonFCAnyone can go on and pull up a vehicle and compare reliability.Sep 20 04:36
DaemonFC 20 04:39 | Exhaust Manifold Leak Repair Cost: Average Prices to Expect - CarsDirect  [ ]Sep 20 04:39
DaemonFC"An exhaust manifold leak can be very damaging to your engine if it's not taken care of in a timely manner. A leaking exhaust manifold gasket can cause a burned exhaust valve, which can cause exhaust from the combustion chamber to flow the wrong way into the the intake manifold."Sep 20 04:39
DaemonFCYeah, well, my Ford Taurus has had an exhaust manifold leak that I've never fixed.Sep 20 04:40
DaemonFCIt has been leaking for about 5 years now.Sep 20 04:40
DaemonFCThe car still runs. :)Sep 20 04:40
DaemonFCNow how stupid would I feel right now if I paid $650 to fix it? :)Sep 20 04:40
DaemonFCPretty damned stupid.Sep 20 04:40
DaemonFCIn the end though, I am on a budget, so what I drive will be what I can get the best deal on.Sep 20 04:42
DaemonFCI guess I can check into that van. They're asking too much, but from what I know about the guy, he'll come down.Sep 20 04:51
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DaemonFCIt's almost impossible to find a low mileage used van.Sep 20 04:59
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DaemonFC 20 06:19 | The Awful Green Things From Outer Space - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia  [ ]Sep 20 06:19
DaemonFCOne of my favorites.Sep 20 06:19
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DaemonFC 20 06:56 | Coca-Cola Apologizes for Offensive Bottle Cap - ABC News  [ ]Sep 20 06:56
DaemonFCLOLSep 20 06:56
MinceR:)Sep 20 07:18
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DaemonFCMinceR, Back to wheeling and dealing tomorrowSep 20 07:28
DaemonFCI think I can get a good deal on this van.Sep 20 07:28
DaemonFC:PSep 20 07:28
*DaemonFC goes to bed.Sep 20 07:28
MinceR:)Sep 20 07:29
MinceRo/Sep 20 07:29
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