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*sebsebseb (~sebsebseb@fsf/member/sebsebseb) has joined #techrightsAug 25 00:20
sebsebsebhiAug 25 00:20
MinceRhayAug 25 00:21
sebsebsebMinceR: oh your onAug 25 00:24
sebsebsebMinceR: I had a good day :)Aug 25 00:24
MinceRam i?Aug 25 00:24
sebsebsebLinux User Group meeting :)Aug 25 00:24
sebsebsebmore people than normal, and new people etc :)Aug 25 00:24
sebsebseb:)Aug 25 00:24
MinceR:)Aug 25 00:24
sebsebsebMinceR: may do a install fest of some srot next year to for that :)Aug 25 00:24
sebsebsebto go with the XP going end of life basicaly ,but before thatAug 25 00:25
MinceRniceAug 25 00:25
JimmyCarteri want to install linux but scared ill actually want windows backAug 25 00:25
sebsebsebJimmyCarter: oh?Aug 25 00:25
JimmyCarteron my gaming PCAug 25 00:25
sebsebsebMinceR: ,but  it's a bit debatel what distro, who to target it to, how to market it etcAug 25 00:25
sebsebsebJimmyCarter: dual boot with WIndows :)Aug 25 00:25
MinceRJimmyCarter: vista/8 will help with that :>Aug 25 00:25
sebsebsebJimmyCarter: have bohtAug 25 00:25
sebsebsebbothAug 25 00:25
MinceRand yes, dual boot helps with gamingAug 25 00:25
sebsebsebMinceR: older guy wants  people to hand in spare USB'sAug 25 00:26
MinceRusbs?Aug 25 00:26
sebsebsebMinceR: ,but in Feburayr I should be able to get a load of Mageia 4 discs at FOSDEM i guessAug 25 00:26
sebsebseband stickers and such :)Aug 25 00:26
sebsebsebyes  spare USB sticksAug 25 00:26
sebsebsebto put distros on that's his ideaAug 25 00:26
sebsebsebfor an install festAug 25 00:26
MinceRicAug 25 00:26
JimmyCarteryeah dualboot would be more effort.  i could start out by using an external hd or somethingAug 25 00:26
sebsebseb,but I think get offical  Mageia stuff :)Aug 25 00:26
sebsebsebmaybe get some Ubuntu dscs fomr some wehre even, as someone suggestedAug 25 00:26
sebsebsebJimmyCarter: no no trust me setting up a dual boot isnt' that dififcult :)Aug 25 00:27
sebsebsebJimmyCarter: with some help, if your not that sure about partitiingAug 25 00:27
MinceRyeah, multiple HDD dual boot would probably be saferAug 25 00:27
JimmyCarterbut i think ill probably just stay with windows or install linux over windows with no way to get backAug 25 00:27
sebsebsebMinceR: have you noticed that peopel coming here for support sometimes recently?Aug 25 00:27
sebsebsebthis by the latest guy thenAug 25 00:27
MinceRkeeps winblows from screwing up your bootloader and overwriting your dataAug 25 00:27
MinceRi guess soAug 25 00:27
JimmyCarterif i actuallyget higher fps in linux it would be huge victoryAug 25 00:27
sebsebsebJimmyCarter: no  you will want to dual boot with WIndowsAug 25 00:27
sebsebsebJimmyCarter: there will be certain games etc, that wont' realy wrok wtih Linux you seeAug 25 00:27
MinceRwith some games you probably willAug 25 00:27
sebsebsebJimmyCarter: set up a dual boot :)  and put the distro on as default :)Aug 25 00:28
sebsebsebdefault bootAug 25 00:28
sebsebsebJimmyCarter: or try some Live CD's and see if you like those distros like thatAug 25 00:28
sebsebsebthen isntall for real ideally :)Aug 25 00:28
sebsebsebor  do some virtual machines inside WIndows, but really  that's good for trying, but you still need to put on for real, for a proper Linux expereince :)Aug 25 00:29
sebsebsebJimmyCarter: http://virtuabox.orgAug 25 00:29 | NO TITLEAug 25 00:29
sebsebsebhttp://virtualbox.orgAug 25 00:29 | Oracle VM VirtualBoxAug 25 00:29
sebsebseb :)Aug 25 00:29 | Home of the Mageia projectAug 25 00:29
sebsebsebhttp://distrowatch.comAug 25 00:29 | Put the fun back into computing. Use Linux, BSD.Aug 25 00:29
MinceR 25 00:30 | CrunchBang - a nimble Openbox Linux DistroAug 25 00:30
sebsebsebJimmyCarter: oh and maybe this one to then :D http://linuxmint.comAug 25 00:30 | Main Page - Linux MintAug 25 00:30
sebsebsebMinceR: crunchbang for a newbie such as JimmyCarter  no I don't think so :dAug 25 00:30
sebsebsebJimmyCarter: a few links to get you started above ^Aug 25 00:30
MinceRwhy not?Aug 25 00:30
sebsebsebsince it has a strange GUI ?Aug 25 00:30
MinceRi've already introduced it to a newbie and he liked itAug 25 00:30
sebsebsebcompared to what people  normally use ?Aug 25 00:30
MinceRi didn't find it to be strange :)Aug 25 00:30
MinceRbesides, one can install multiple DEs and WMs there all the sameAug 25 00:31
JimmyCarteri think steam is only officially supported on ubuntuAug 25 00:32
sebsebsebJimmyCarter: wrongAug 25 00:32
sebsebsebJimmyCarter: actusaly  well yes only offically supported on UbuntuAug 25 00:32
sebsebsebhoweverAug 25 00:32
sebsebsebmany other distros can run it now as well :)Aug 25 00:32
MinceRit will probably work on many other distrosAug 25 00:32
sebsebseband easily from tehir repo's :)  so Mageia etc :)Aug 25 00:32
MinceRdistros that will probably give you a better experience than ubuntu couldAug 25 00:32
sebsebsebJimmyCarter: so Steam isn't a issueAug 25 00:32
sebsebsebJimmyCarter: take Magiea for eaxmle its' in the resporitires as of Mageia 3 :)Aug 25 00:33
sebsebsebyep you can run Steam in most distros now :)Aug 25 00:33
sebsebsebnot just Ubuntu or distros based on itAug 25 00:33
sebsebsebjust yes offically Steam only really support Ubuntu,  however that doesn't matter, since how Steam is done on Linux :)Aug 25 00:33
sebsebsebJimmyCarter: it's packaged up into something for easy install into many distros, by packagers :)Aug 25 00:33
sebsebseband gets tested etcAug 25 00:34
sebsebsebso Steam is not a issue :)Aug 25 00:34
JimmyCarterwhy do you guys like other distros better than ubuntu?Aug 25 00:35
JimmyCarterwell trodden path seems prudent to meAug 25 00:35
sebsebsebJimmyCarter: I used to use UBuntu for years as my choosen dsitro,  startd off with Fedora Core 2 and 4 in 2004 though :)Aug 25 00:36
qu1j0t3when I started using Gentoo, I don't think Ubuntu existed. :)Aug 25 00:36
MinceRbecause they're more reliable and don't push stuff i don't like so muchAug 25 00:36
sebsebsebJimmyCarter: ,but from the second release in 2005 untill  some time in 2009 I was a happy Ubuntu UserAug 25 00:36
qu1j0t3but Gentoo has more sophistication in package management anyway.Aug 25 00:36
MinceRi don't like the direction ubuntu took a while ago, so i looked for other distrosAug 25 00:37
sebsebsebJimmyCarter: in 2009  it was the start of Ubuntu going in a direction that many ways I did not like, you can hear a pod cast episode form September 2011 where I discuss this and LInux in general and so on, if your interestd, it's rather long thoughAug 25 00:37
sebsebsebJimmyCarter: some people hate/dislike Ubuntu, because of the Unity interface,  I don't really dislike Ubuntu, because of that, it's what came before the Unity interface, that made me move more away from itAug 25 00:37
sebsebsebJimmyCarter: changing GNOME 2  doing stuff I didn't want,  the former interface,  putting in features, that removed features that should have been there, and things like that, but those same features in Unity is okAug 25 00:38
sebsebseb,but Unity is a diffenret interface,  not  some changes to GNOME 2 that uhAug 25 00:38
sebsebsebalso other things I didn't liike about Ubuntu much to such as branding since 10.04 and so on, but yeahAug 25 00:38
sebsebsebJimmyCarter: also it's a productAug 25 00:38
sebsebsebit's  got a for profit company behind itAug 25 00:38
sebsebsebit's a product not a project reallyAug 25 00:39
sebsebsebthe distribution I Use and acstauly contribute to a bit here and there, is a project :)  what's more it's  a 100% community distribution, only volunteers :)Aug 25 00:39
sebsebsebbasically :)Aug 25 00:39
sebsebsebno for profit companies behind it, dictating the direction of it etcAug 25 00:39
sebsebsebJimmyCarter: it's all personal choice, but Ubuntu is a load of hype really as well, and always has beenAug 25 00:39
JimmyCarterwhat alternatives to unity do people prefer?Aug 25 00:40
sebsebsebJimmyCarter: welll really Unity was going to be for net books onlyAug 25 00:40
MinceRXFCE, OpenBoxAug 25 00:40
sebsebsebback with Ubuntu 10.10Aug 25 00:40
sebsebsebOctober 2010 releaseAug 25 00:40
sebsebsebthat being the first  Ubuntu release with Unity, and made for netbooksAug 25 00:40
sebsebsebhowever could also run that UNity on   a desktop computer etc to if wantedAug 25 00:41
MinceRand many othersAug 25 00:41
sebsebsebJimmyCarter: however then they decided to go woti Unity for the desktop and so on toAug 25 00:41
sebsebsebinstead of using the GNOME Shell interface of GNOME 3Aug 25 00:41
sebsebsebhttp://gnome3.orgAug 25 00:41 | GNOME 3 | GNOMEAug 25 00:41
sebsebsebhttp://gnome.orgAug 25 00:41 | GNOMEAug 25 00:41
sebsebsebJimmyCarter: GNOME and KDE being the two biggest players for many many many years, when it comes to interfaces,  but also graphical programs for Desktop LInuxAug 25 00:42
sebsebsebhttp://kde.orgAug 25 00:42 | KDE - Experience Freedom!Aug 25 00:42
MinceR 25 00:42 | Xfce Desktop EnvironmentAug 25 00:42
sebsebsebGNOME and KDE are proper upstream projects, so are LXDE and  XFCE and so on toAug 25 00:42
sebsebsebXFCE and LXDE being the two most popular interfaces after GNOME and KDEAug 25 00:42
sebsebsebhttp://xde.orgAug 25 00:42 | xde.orgAug 25 00:42
sebsebsebuh that's wrongAug 25 00:42
sebsebseb,but sure there's xde I guess as well  Aug 25 00:43
sebsebsebhttp://lxde.orgAug 25 00:43 | | Lightweight X11 Desktop EnvironmentAug 25 00:43
sebsebsebJimmyCarter: most distributions take upstream projects, and put them togetherAug 25 00:43
MinceRno, is just a domain squatter siteAug 25 00:43
sebsebsebJimmyCarter: and do branding changes here and there, and some other things here and thereAug 25 00:43
sebsebsebJimmyCarter: Ubuntu are going in certina ways in  more their own diretion, ignoring upstream and doing their own thingAug 25 00:43
sebsebsebdistributions being down streameAug 25 00:43
sebsebsebto confuse things distributiosn can become upsteram to or the companies behind them, so Canonical with Unity for exampleAug 25 00:44
sebsebsebJimmyCarter: a good example would be how most distribtuiosn are soon to replace Xorg  used  as the graphical server,  for  the  interfaces etc, with WaylandAug 25 00:44
sebsebseb,but  Ubuntu  will be using Mir instead their own display server, where as pretyt much every toher distro will use WaylandAug 25 00:44
sebsebseband Wayland being started by the developers of Xorg as well, a project that is like over 30 years old Aug 25 00:45
sebsebsebsince Unix used it toAug 25 00:45
sebsebsebJimmyCarter: so if you want to tread the well trodden path well  then  for distributiosn it's,  Xorg being replaced wity Wayland,  not Xorg being replaced with MirAug 25 00:45
sebsebseband Mir will be like Unity,  a Ubuntu only thing or pretyt much, probablyAug 25 00:46
MinceRmir being based on surfaceflinger interests me, thoughAug 25 00:46
sebsebsebJimmyCarter: at times they do things that annoy the upstream developers of pr oject,s such as GNOME, or XOrg, or whatever it is at the timeAug 25 00:46
sebsebsebrather than callaborating with them, they do their own thing at timesAug 25 00:47
sebsebsebsometimes doing their own thing isn't so bad, but at times, it's hmmAug 25 00:47
sebsebsebdependsAug 25 00:47
JimmyCartercool thanks for infoAug 25 00:47
sebsebsebJimmyCarter: they apparnatly want to take Linux to the main stremae or I should say UbuntuAug 25 00:47
sebsebseband they generally don't mind annoying loads of other developers  whilst they are at itAug 25 00:47
MinceRthey don't say the L word :>Aug 25 00:47
sebsebsebof  of projects they have been using etcAug 25 00:48
sebsebsebJimmyCarter: and also like Android they don't have the Linux in the nameAug 25 00:48
MinceRthey also praise m$ and crApple while attacking other GNU/Linux distributionsAug 25 00:48
sebsebsebAndroid has a LInux kernel in it as wellAug 25 00:48
sebsebsebhowever Android does not have GNUAug 25 00:48
sebsebsebhttp://gnu.orgAug 25 00:48 | The GNU Operating SystemAug 25 00:48
sebsebsebgo to the philseopy section if you watn to read interesting articles about what all this kind of stuff is really about to :)Aug 25 00:48
sebsebsebetcAug 25 00:49
sebsebsebI mean free software, free as in software freedom!Aug 25 00:49
sebsebsebJimmyCarter: with the distribution I contribute to here and thereAug 25 00:49
sebsebsebJimmyCarter: I get a sayAug 25 00:49
sebsebseb:)Aug 25 00:49
sebsebseband there's no dictaterAug 25 00:49
sebsebsebthe community decides :)Aug 25 00:49
sebsebsebon the direction of it etcAug 25 00:49
sebsebsebwith Ubuntu Canonical decide!Aug 25 00:50
sebsebsebJimmyCarter: and can go to events and meet people from the distros, as a mere user, or some kind of contributer, and well get treated like someone from that distro :),  there isn't some oh I am better than you, because I do this, and you only do this, in general :)Aug 25 00:51
sebsebsebJimmyCarter: how did you find this channel of interest? :)Aug 25 00:52
MinceRgnAug 25 01:04
JimmyCarteri found this channel by searching the freenode bot for channels with wikileaks in their topicAug 25 01:13
JimmyCartershortly after joining schestowitz comments confirmed good chan to idle in :)Aug 25 01:14
sebsebsebJimmyCarter: what did schestowitz say?Aug 25 01:14
sebsebsebJimmyCarter: and he'so bbssed about stuff like that :dAug 25 01:15
JimmyCarterdon't recall comment, probably something about decline of privacy / rule of law Aug 25 01:16
JimmyCarterbbss?Aug 25 01:17
sebsebsebJimmyCarter: you shold probably listen to Techbytes, but yeah  I guess starting with the episode I was a speical guest on, with him :dAug 25 01:17
qu1j0t3obsessed*Aug 25 01:17
sebsebsebqu1j0t3: yep thatAug 25 01:17
sebsebsebJimmyCarter: plus you find out about my Ubuntu opinos at the time a bit and such if you do that :dAug 25 01:18
JimmyCarterill check it out sebsebseb, what's the link?Aug 25 01:18
sebsebsebJimmyCarter: then got another nice podcast episode, a Mageia speical :d  done on another pod cast iwth a former co host of TechbytesAug 25 01:18
sebsebseb,but this one you should listen to first with schestowitzAug 25 01:18
sebsebsebit's rather long though including the music, but well worth the listen :)Aug 25 01:18
sebsebsebtalked about a lotAug 25 01:18
JimmyCarteri listen to a lot of podcasts Aug 25 01:19
sebsebsebbefore I joined any Magiea teams toAug 25 01:19
sebsebsebJimmyCarter: ok well how about 3 hours and 20 minutes or so episode then :dAug 25 01:19
sebsebsebincluding the musicAug 25 01:19
sebsebsebme and schestowitz ?Aug 25 01:19
JimmyCarterwow thats decentAug 25 01:19
sebsebsebhe asked me if I wanted to cut it down afterAug 25 01:19
sebsebseband I was like NO!Aug 25 01:19
sebsebseb:)Aug 25 01:19
JimmyCartermaybe you should edit themAug 25 01:19
JimmyCarterhahAug 25 01:19
sebsebsebI took the oppertunity to be on there and yeah :)Aug 25 01:19
sebsebsebfirst time podcassting acstualyAug 25 01:20
sebsebseband I knew I woudn't be on there again for probably quite a long time if at all realy so yeahAug 25 01:20
sebsebseb 25 01:21 | TechBytes Episode 61: Sebastian on Mageia and the GNU/Linux Desktop | Techrights  [ ]Aug 25 01:21
sebsebsebJimmyCarter: from September 2011, but still good to listen to for sure :)Aug 25 01:22
JimmyCartercool. will check itAug 25 01:24
sebsebsebgood :)Aug 25 01:24
sebsebsebgoing to liten to it now? :)Aug 25 01:24
JimmyCarterjust started pilot of breaking bad.  but probably tonightAug 25 01:25
sebsebsebok nice :)Aug 25 01:25
sebsebsebwell wehn your done with that one and told me whaty ou thought etcAug 25 01:25
sebsebsebI'll link you to another one with me as well :dAug 25 01:25
sebsebsebthe Mageia speicalAug 25 01:25
sebsebsebJimmyCarter: oh it's the 25th here nowAug 25 01:27
sebsebseb,but so it's basically just over two years old then!Aug 25 01:27
sebsebseboh wait noAug 25 01:27
sebsebsebit's August :dAug 25 01:27
sebsebsebnot September yetAug 25 01:28
sebsebseb,but yeah the 24th August it wasAug 25 01:28
sebsebseb2013Aug 25 01:28
sebsebseb25th here nowAug 25 01:28
sebsebseb24th for you still I thinkAug 25 01:28
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iophk"Mayer’s lateness was a pain, sure. But by the early fall of 2012, Mayer’s staff had grown used to it. In fact, they were actually glad when she’d show up late to a meeting, because that meant at least she hadn’t blown it off entirely."Aug 25 09:06
iophk 25 09:06 | Marissa Mayer Biography - Business Insider  [ ]Aug 25 09:06
iophkIcahn gutted Yahoo for M$ so there's not much for her to try to save.Aug 25 09:09
schestowitz 25 09:10
TechrightsBot-tr@CandidCanon: @TechRights Take on the GAO Troll Report: @schestowitzAug 25 09:10
TechrightsBot-tr-> | US Government Accountability Office Refutes White House on Patent Reform, Identifies Software Patents — Not Trolls — as the Key Issue | TechrightsAug 25 09:11
schestowitziophk: bio?Aug 25 09:11
schestowitzI though she did for a momentAug 25 09:12
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iophkShould software freedom extend also to macro commands or macro programming?  Lots of reviews complain about LibreOffice's macros but all of those that do fail to notice that LibreOffice can do javascript or python.  Both are Free languages and commonly known.Aug 25 09:25
iophk 25 09:27 | Scripting LibreOffice - LibreOffice Help  [ ]Aug 25 09:27
iophkan M$ apologist : 25 09:38 | Microsoft's Russian Bribery Problem Is That In Some Places Bribery Is Endemic - Forbes  [ ]Aug 25 09:38
schestowitz 25 10:06
TechrightsBot-tr@CDSRV: @schestowitz : And a few juicy stock tips on the side, just for fun @BloombergNewsAug 25 10:06
schestowitzMakes as much sense as Trump News, or Ballmer NewsAug 25 10:06
schestowitz 25 10:40
schestowitz 25 10:45
*cubelog1 ( has joined #techrightsAug 25 10:46
schestowitzIran has no nuclear weapons. The yellow sign is misplaced. It should be in Dimona.Aug 25 10:46
*cubelog2 has quit (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)Aug 25 10:46
iophk 25 10:47 | Untitled Document  [ ]Aug 25 10:47
iophk 25 10:48 | Letters: Mordechai Vanunu's suffering | World news | The Guardian  [ ]Aug 25 10:48
schestowitz 25 11:31
TechrightsBot-tr@AntiSoftwarePat: @schestowitz Adobe must be sick of Patent Trolls by this stage #Adobe #Photoshop #Patent #TrollAug 25 11:31
schestowitz 25 11:34 Aug 25 11:34
TechrightsBot-tr  Photo by 25 11:34
TechrightsBot-tr  Photo by 25 11:34
schestowitz"Sure ,because Israel wants to destroy other countries and say its every time, because Israel threaten all other countries! Having a nuclear power does not caused for that! Have you some doubt if Iran will use the nuclear weapon? The country , that supports terror all over!!! Also you can comment other countries, sure it is Israel! so bad Jews they make problems! :)"Aug 25 11:34
schestowitzI waSs just commenting on the accuracy of this map. Moreover, some of those inner conflicts are fuelled by the Israeli allies, or the CIAAug 25 11:35
JimmyCarterimma become algo trader.  if you cant beat em join em.Aug 25 12:39
JimmyCarteri used to love playing Tradewars2002 with TWHELPER.EXE an automated trading platformAug 25 12:40
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iophk 25 12:55 | Trade Mordechai Vanunu for Jonathan Pollard | Cato Institute  [ ]Aug 25 12:55
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sebsebseb Aug 25 14:57
cubezzzseems like fics was hackedAug 25 15:16
iophk 25 15:18 | www.freechess.orgAug 25 15:18
cubezzzhead admin account was compromisedAug 25 15:21
qu1j0t3:[Aug 25 15:23
iophk 25 15:25 | » Snowden: UK Government Intentionally Leaking Harmful Information To Blame Whistleblowers Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!  [ ]Aug 25 15:25
iophk“I have never spoken with, worked with, or provided any journalistic materials to the Independent.”Aug 25 15:25
cubezzzI think the backup server at is working thoughAug 25 15:25
cubezzzyup, it's workingAug 25 15:26
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iophk 25 15:51 | Snowden: UK government now leaking documents about itself | Glenn Greenwald | Comment is free |  [ ]Aug 25 15:51
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BustychettocksRoyston hello?Aug 25 18:53
BustychettocksDid you get back ok?Aug 25 18:53
Bustychettockshi roy, whats happening?Aug 25 18:55
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Christablelanybody homeAug 25 19:02
Christableltechrights has diedAug 25 19:26
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sebsebsebhiAug 25 19:33
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Christablelno roy?Aug 25 20:16
Christablelwhatabout the pdf's we talked about?Aug 25 20:16
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sebsebsebwb dyfet I guessAug 25 22:43
dyfetthanksAug 25 22:43
dyfetI think ;)Aug 25 22:44
sebsebsebdyfet: yes rembmered the name I ThinkAug 25 22:45
sebsebsebnot so much the personAug 25 22:45
sebsebsebif at all realyAug 25 22:45
sebsebseb,but the name sureAug 25 22:45
sebsebsebit seemsAug 25 22:45
dyfetwell, I advocate for free software & communication privacyAug 25 22:46
dyfetand develop secure voipAug 25 22:47
sebsebsebdyfet: yep I remember that you were all into free softwareAug 25 22:47
schestowitzI use secure VOIP all the timeAug 25 22:51
schestowitzthanks for the hard work, dyfetAug 25 22:51
schestowitzSecure voip and OTR conversations are more secure than landline, cellphone, email, SMS, etc.Aug 25 22:51
sebsebsebschestowitz: no no you used Skype from what I rememberAug 25 22:52
sebsebsebnot even MumbleAug 25 22:52
dyfetWe need to continue to make these things easy to use and help people recover their privacy & libertyAug 25 22:52
schestowitzwon't be long before another carpet gets pulled to suppress use of secure SIP with encAug 25 22:52
schestowitzTor is under attack ATMAug 25 22:52
schestowitz!google bans use of ip evade blockAug 25 22:52
TechrightsBot-tr[1] - Wikipedia:Blocking policy - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia | 25 22:52
TechrightsBot-tr[2] - Wikipedia:Banning policy - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia | 25 22:52
TechrightsBot-tr[3] - Judge: Evading IP Ban Violates Anti-Hacking Laws | DSLReports ... | 25 22:52
TechrightsBot-tr[4] - Company Using Proxy To Evade Craigslist Block Violated CFAA ... | 25 22:52
sebsebsebschestowitz: and more UK Internet censorship coming in 2014 it seemsAug 25 22:52
schestowitzsee [3]Aug 25 22:52
schestowitzanti-Tor precedentAug 25 22:52
dyfetyes, tor is under attackAug 25 22:53
schestowitzsebsebseb: we get the best of ChinaAug 25 22:53
schestowitzcontainers full of policies, censorship boxes from Huweai, and Xmas gifts aplentyAug 25 22:53
schestowitzThey 'own' us, and they generally feel this wayAug 25 22:53
schestowitzSnowden's laptop donned a Tor sticker, it's already getting to be a dirty word.... as if Tor means trouble for companiesAug 25 22:54
schestowitzTor was used in 2009 to DDOS teachrithts actuallyAug 25 22:54
schestowitzbrbAug 25 22:54
schestowitzI see some friends of mine (IRL) came here earlier to tease and taunt in public..Aug 25 22:55
sebsebseboh?Aug 25 22:55
sebsebsebschestowitz: the PDF thing etc you mean?Aug 25 22:55
dyfettor is largely effective at doing what it was intended to do, which is break surviellence, so yes, they will make it a "public enemy"Aug 25 22:56
sebsebsebdyfet: yeah and proxies and  VPN's etc will become illegal to, unless they have control over it some howAug 25 22:57
sebsebseband so much of the web will be blocked by defaultAug 25 22:57
sebsebsebthat it will be like  loads of shopping sitesAug 25 22:57
qu1j0t3think of the children!Aug 25 22:57
sebsebseband dumbed dwown Wikipedia and that's about itAug 25 22:57
dyfetwell, I gather Microsoft's vpn's, at least, are backdoored, and have defective encryption, so I suppose those will continue ;)Aug 25 22:57
sebsebseband all, becaus eof the children yeahAug 25 22:57
sebsebseband freedom of speech like is done here in #techrights a lot and on podcasts  Linux ones etcAug 25 22:58
sebsebsebno no that will be illegal toAug 25 22:58
sebsebsebnot alloweed to say certain things online etc etcAug 25 22:58
qu1j0t3sebsebseb: your mother is a hamster and your father smelled of elderberries!Aug 25 22:58
sebsebseboh and if you think your chatting to a kid online well  then your not alloweed to talk to them, unless you have parentrol permission or somethingAug 25 22:59
sebsebseband that will be the new InternetAug 25 22:59
sebsebsebof the future!Aug 25 22:59
dyfetwell, the surest way to loose the Internet is to accept defeat...Aug 25 22:59
qu1j0t3I, for one, welcome our new billionaire overlords. Oh wait, welcome our old billionaire overlords...Aug 25 22:59
sebsebseboh and if you chat bad about polotiosns online, you go to prisiohn maybe to for it dependsAug 25 23:00
dyfetWhat they want is either silence or violence...that is how all thugs operateAug 25 23:00
dyfetWe need to make sure to give them neitherAug 25 23:00
sebsebsebin fact under the new Internet laws and rulesAug 25 23:01
sebsebseb will brake so many lawsAug 25 23:02 | Main Page - TechrightsAug 25 23:02
sebsebsebthat it  gets blocked by ISP's by defaultAug 25 23:02
MinceRdepends on jurisdictionAug 25 23:02
MinceRthough it might need to move off .org :>Aug 25 23:02
sebsebseband schestowitz might go to prision under new laws, becasue of his  many articles etc etcAug 25 23:03
sebsebseboh and no  writing bad about big companies such as Microsoft, Google, or Apple, totally illegal to put that online, under new laws!Aug 25 23:03
sebsebseboh and quite a lot of open source / free software will be seen as a threat, so  yeah they will say certain stuff is illegalAug 25 23:03
sebsebsebTor of course would be one of those thingsAug 25 23:04
dyfetretroactive laws as well as other forms of due process abuse seem plausable too.Aug 25 23:04
sebsebseboh and torrents forget torrentsAug 25 23:04
sebsebsebthere won't be any oh torrents are ok, because can download legal stuff toAug 25 23:04
dyfetI should note that AETA for the first time defined in the US that interfering with the profit-making ability of a pvt enterprise as terrorismAug 25 23:04
sebsebsebit will just be torrents NO NO  used to much for piracy, now illegalAug 25 23:04
dyfetSo that is not a theoretical possibilityAug 25 23:05
MinceRwhat's AETA?Aug 25 23:05
sebsebsebthey will reolise it takes to much effort to monitor torrents and what people are actsauly downloading, and so they will just ban torrents completly, make it illegalAug 25 23:05
dyfetAnimal Enterprise Terrorism ActAug 25 23:05
sebsebseboh and downloading in fact might get so bad when it comes to this, that only alloweed to download from trusted govermetn run servers and such,  forget the whole nearly anyone can have a FTP or HTTP download of this and that,  NO NOAug 25 23:05
dyfetSo if you work at a farm and go on strike, you can be charged under federal terrorism lawsAug 25 23:05
MinceRicAug 25 23:05
dyfetIf you report on animal abuse to/in the press, too...Aug 25 23:06
sebsebseboh and those Internet archeives, they will block access to old things that have been archeived as well,  from whenever it was, if  it goes against the new rules and system! and lawsAug 25 23:06
sebsebsebor  in some cases demand for history to be removed from the netAug 25 23:07
dyfetThey were simply I think the first industry to get their own terrorism laws.  I think there will be many more that will try to now.Aug 25 23:07
sebsebsebin fact things might get so bad that most of the world can't  talk to MinceR online legally :d  ,because he's in Hungary and  that country isn't run  like the UK enough in certain ways and USA and such, so yeah yeah NO NO  chatting to Hungary people online legally bye bye Mincer :dAug 25 23:08
dyfetbulkanization of the Internet is happening too...some of it directly in response to US actionsAug 25 23:08
MinceRi'll move out of hungary anywayAug 25 23:08
MinceRbut it sounds like it's time to start building mesh networksAug 25 23:09
qu1j0t3dyfet: maybe not the first. TSAAug 25 23:09
sebsebsebMinceR: no no they will block you tehre or try and bock you there, by closing the borders!  so the only way to escape would be illegallyAug 25 23:09
qu1j0t3dyfet: but definitely a trend to watch :|Aug 25 23:09
MinceRi'm planning to leave before they close the bordersAug 25 23:09
sebsebsebMinceR: thing is the bordering counteries under the new system etc, won't want you either,  so if you get caught  there, you may get sent back to!Aug 25 23:09
dyfetI had been spending a lot of time on the rez the past few years...Aug 25 23:10
dyfetThe whole world is becoming like a giant reservationAug 25 23:11
sebsebsebwhat do you mean?Aug 25 23:11
dyfetAmerican Indian reservationAug 25 23:11
sebsebseboh?Aug 25 23:11
dyfetIt can be very isolating.  Many live without electricity or running water, let alone connectivity...Aug 25 23:12
sebsebsebconnectivity the Intenret you mean?Aug 25 23:12
dyfetyep, no power makes it harder ;)Aug 25 23:13
MinceRthat's what she said.Aug 25 23:13
sebsebsebyep no power no InternetAug 25 23:13
dyfetWe once had a tethered blimp that we used to inter-connect some in pine ridge with rosebud for a summer...Aug 25 23:14
dyfetSo we "ballooned" long before google ;)Aug 25 23:15
MinceRgnAug 25 23:20
*sebsebseb has quit (Remote host closed the connection)Aug 25 23:25
schestowitz[22:55] <sebsebseb> schestowitz: the PDF thing etc you mean?Aug 25 23:38
schestowitzThat was RL friend, MikeAug 25 23:38
schestowitzhe and I spent all day with his nephew in some museum and then chatted a lot. I told him how surveillance works and how activists like WeAreChange get framed by fake emails with child pr0n in themAug 25 23:38
schestowitzSo Mike joked he'd mail me Mein Kampf, Anarchist handbook, Brevik's manifesto etc. to my email, saying, "here's the bunch of PDF you asked for"Aug 25 23:39
schestowitzHe likes to do that just to tease, to pretend that he can make watching me more justified, just for the sake of trolling the spooksAug 25 23:40
dyfetthe answer is simply not to be silent or afraidAug 25 23:44
*DaemonFC has quit (Remote host closed the connection)Aug 25 23:45
schestowitz[23:47] <schestowitz> or assassinatedcAug 25 23:49
schestowitz[23:47] <schestowitz> <Couldn't come up with example of murdered journos in the UKAug 25 23:49
schestowitz[23:47] <schestowitz> Only USAug 25 23:49
schestowitz[23:47] <schestowitz> But maybe I was missing somethingAug 25 23:49
schestowitz[23:48] <schestowitz> I said, they make it look like a suicide when it's simpleAug 25 23:49
schestowitz[23:48] <schestowitz> i.e. when the journo has some past with depressionAug 25 23:49
schestowitz[23:48] <schestowitz> if not, then they need to pubicly kill and make it look legitAug 25 23:49
schestowitz[23:48] <schestowitz> no time to doctor the scene of the 'suicide' to make it look naturalAug 25 23:49
schestowitz[23:49] <schestowitz> Hasting's death seems like a murder, esp. as more info comes outAug 25 23:49
schestowitzbrbAug 25 23:49
dyfetThe US does have history of targeted killing of journalists, particularly independent correspondents during Iraq warAug 25 23:50
*sebsebseb (~sebsebseb@fsf/member/sebsebseb) has joined #techrightsAug 25 23:50
sebsebseb Aug 25 23:50
sebsebsebbackAug 25 23:50
schestowitzHastings's g/f?Aug 25 23:50
sebsebsebhd computer issuesAug 25 23:51
schestowitzwhat's her name?Aug 25 23:51
schestowitzHe wrote a book about it, but she died not because of the US, not directly anyway, AFAIKAug 25 23:51
sebsebsebschestowitz: Magei 4 install fest next year?Aug 25 23:51
sebsebsebschestowitz: before the end of life of XPAug 25 23:51
sebsebsebschestowitz: yeah hopefuly :dAug 25 23:51
schestowitzHe wrote some book like, "I lost my love in Baghdad"Aug 25 23:51
sebsebsebMageia 4 aboveAug 25 23:51
schestowitzcoolAug 25 23:51
sebsebsebschestowitz: I don't know quiteAug 25 23:52
sebsebsebschestowitz: there's the idea giong round to do some kind of install fest for the LUGAug 25 23:52
sebsebseb,butAug 25 23:52
sebsebsebthen the usaul isues,  venue, who is really interestd,  etc etc, marketingAug 25 23:52
sebsebsebschestowitz: what I have been thinking though is maybe can combine it with some kind of Mageia 4 release party type thing or install fest :dAug 25 23:52
sebsebsebget some UK Magiea people to jion LUG people and :)Aug 25 23:52
sebsebsebhopefulyAug 25 23:52
sebsebsebschestowitz: and maybe I can get enough Magiea stuff to do something porper as well :)Aug 25 23:53
sebsebseband put in some Ubuntu and MInt in there to if people want thatAug 25 23:53

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