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roy_1 03 12:34
roy_1'httpright for me"Oct 03 12:34
roy_1 03 12:37
roy_1"I’m serving on the advisory board of the Voice of the People project, which is developing innovative (and scientifically valid) ways to allow “Members of Congress to hear from a representative sample of their constituents on key issues facing Congress.” "Oct 03 12:37
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roy_1 03 13:42
roy_1"I was recently hired to teach a class at the nearest school, well, they want me to teach the kids how to use M$ office. Well, they got a surprised when I told them that I will teach in general terms, and the kids will also learned how to use other offices like #libreoffice #kofice among others."Oct 03 13:42
roy_1That's only fair. As a driving teacher you won't teach a person only how to drive a Mercedes Type EOct 03 13:43
roy_1 03 13:44
roy_1I pointed this out yesterday. Intel is for intelligence (not ours) and we should boycott IntelOct 03 13:45
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schestowitz_bed"Why does this read like a PR document written by Apple to sway public opinion? Both parties have come close or outright crossed the ethical lines in their various legal battles. Finger waving or sanctioning a lawyer here or there does not change the core issues. Rather is distracts from the core issues and gains sentiment (or attempts to)."Oct 03 19:39
schestowitz_bed 03 20:03
schestowitz_bed"Oct 03 20:07
schestowitz_bedThe article is a load of rubbish. The author and the commentators haven't for one second considered why Slackware is the way it is and why it has survived.Oct 03 20:07
schestowitz_bedA load of false statements and assumptions - as all Gentoo, Arch, LFS etc. users know - because they are all based on similar ideas to Slackware.Oct 03 20:07
schestowitz_bedAutomatic dependency testing is not good. It is bad.Oct 03 20:07
schestowitz_bedSome dependencies are optional, depending on what features you want. Others aren't even depencies at all - regardless of any features - they will include a library if it is available - if it isn't no sweat - so why include it if you don't want to? With automatic dependency checking you are relying on the distro administrators to decide for you what you need - and this is the heart of the matter.Oct 03 20:07
schestowitz_bedSince when has the most popular been the "best"? Basically, the popular "user-friendly" distros are catering for a dumbed-down consumer mentality. They want to frighten the user into thinking that computers and software are difficult - when is pretty easy.Oct 03 20:07
schestowitz_bedTo say you need prior knowledge of GNU/linux in order to use Slackware is a lie - I had NO knowledge of GNU/linux prior to Slackware - Slackware is indeed classified as being suitable for both beginners and experts - it is easier to install than most GNU/Linux - it was easier to install than W95 or W7 - and I was an expert at installing W95 !!!!Oct 03 20:07
schestowitz_bedInstalling packages is done by various methods - including installing binaries - but the usual method is by running a script - which can be done automatically using sbopkg or manually. This script then compiles the program. This means your binaries are CLEAN plus you can include and exclude any options which you wish - this is "advanced" - contrary to what te article said.Oct 03 20:07
schestowitz_bedThis is generally no slower than installing binaries, the exception being libraries.Oct 03 20:07
schestowitz_bedBasically - "user-friendly" distros are full of marketing hype when they talk about user friendliness - they are just treating you as dumb consumer and con you into thinking that everything they do automatically is awfully difficult to do by yourself.Oct 03 20:07
schestowitz_bedIn short - they dumb you down, lock you in and control you.Oct 03 20:07
schestowitz_bedFinally - to prove how third rate that article is. look at these quotes:Oct 03 20:07
schestowitz_bedthe most famous distros – from Ubuntu to Fedora to Mint – were born in the mid-2000′s.Oct 03 20:07
schestowitz_bed"Famous"? He means those that get the most publicity i.e. hype. Doesn't he know that Ubuntu is based on Debian from the 1990's? That Feodora is based on RedHat from the 1990's? What sort of child is he? Does this mean that he finds Debian too "difficult" - or he hasn't even tried it? Ubuntu is just hype. Like many (but not all) new distros - it is based on a solid distro from the 1990's (Slackware, Debian, Redhat) - but Oct 03 20:07
schestowitz_bedsometimes with no difference other than a different default window manager and wallpaper.Oct 03 20:07
schestowitz_bedSince then, the distribution honestly hasn’t changed much – it has updated more than it has “improved”. In other words, it hasn’t added any functionality on its own, but rather just replace system components with successors.Oct 03 20:07
schestowitz_bedWhat the author calls "functionality" (what would be no-funtionality? Wall paper?) are deviations from the basic standard GNU/Linux. Slackware is standard - if you understand Slackware, you will understand Linux and thus understand the basic underlying system of all all GNU/Linux systems - and you WILL understand it because Slackware is free of the unnecessary overhead which slow down other systems, make them bloated and cause Oct 03 20:07
schestowitz_bedadditional problems. In other words, the additional "functionality" of other distros is nothing more than a software burocracy.Oct 03 20:07
schestowitz_bedIf you know a "user friendly" distro, you just know it or it's distro-family user interface. Going to another "user-friendly" distro means learning their interface - but you still aren't getting to know GNU/Linux. In shirt you are little better off than a Windoze user - indeed some distros pride themselves that windoze users will hardly notice the difference :)))Oct 03 20:07
schestowitz_bedIt's the difference beween living at home and living in a hotel. Which is why I call other distros "Valet" distros.Oct 03 20:08
schestowitz_bedThe project started in 1992, a year after Linux was initially released, as a way to install a Linux system that already included some core packages: the kernel, an X window system, and more.Oct 03 20:08
schestowitz_bedThe author doesn't know the first thing about Linux - he did not even mention GNU !!!Oct 03 20:08
schestowitz_bed"Oct 03 20:08
schestowitz_log_"The author clearly didn't bother to ask Slackware or its users the simple question: WHY? But since he's never heard of GNU, it isn't surprising."Oct 03 20:55
schestowitz_bed 03 21:31

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