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Sosumi 03 00:22 | Iran's Cyber Warfare Commander Assassinated | Zero Hedge  [ ]Oct 03 00:22
Sosumicourtesy of prince Bandar Bin Sultan and the five dancing israelisOct 03 00:22
JimmyCarteri dont remember if i cried when i read about our raided site.  but something touched me deep inside, the day the silk road died.  =(Oct 03 00:23
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DaemonFCThose credit card reward programs have been scaled back quite a bit.Oct 03 03:22
DaemonFCMy bank called me and told me that they were going to downgrade my card to one with no rewards program, so I called them and told them that if they wanted to do that, they could cancel my account. So they ended up moving me to a card with a better rewards program.Oct 03 03:23
DaemonFCThey know that people get junk mail all the time and probably wouldn't even have read that.Oct 03 03:23
DaemonFCThen they won't notice that their annual rebate check stopped coming in the mail.Oct 03 03:24
DaemonFCIt only happens once a year so it's probably easy to miss.Oct 03 03:24
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roy_1 03 07:15 reshared: ![Alt text]( 03 07:15
roy_1"Well, I'm from Brazil and live in Brazil. Unfortunately I can assure you it is true. Sad, but true. =("Oct 03 07:15
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roy_1 03 08:34 Apple is ruining standards, #eu rightly upset 03 08:34
TechrightsBot-tr-> | EU Committee Votes to Make All Smartphone Vendors Utilize a Standard Charger - HotHardware  [ ]Oct 03 08:34
roy_1"|Nokia is no more, hail to Jolla :D|"Oct 03 08:35
roy_1 03 08:35
TechrightsBot-tr@schestowitz: Red Hat leads way to certify OpenStack pros  #redhat the #gnu #linux backer wants them to use RHELOct 03 08:35
TechrightsBot-tr-> | Red Hat leads way to certify OpenStack pros | ZDNetOct 03 08:35
roy_1 03 08:42
TechrightsBot-tr@schestowitz: Nutritional promises 03 08:42
roy_1 03 08:45
TechrightsBot-tr@schestowitz: Edward Snowden’s E-Mail Provider Defied FBI Demands to Turn Over Crypto Keys, Documents Show  #fbi #emailOct 03 08:45
TechrightsBot-tr-> | Edward Snowden's E-Mail Provider Defied FBI Demands to Turn Over Crypto Keys, Documents Show | Threat Level | Wired.comOct 03 08:45
roy_1 03 09:02
TechrightsBot-tr@schestowitz: NVIDIA, Red Hat Partner Up For New Graphics Project #nvidia #linux #JeromeGlisseOct 03 09:02
TechrightsBot-tr-> | [Phoronix] NVIDIA, Red Hat Partner Up For New Graphics ProjectOct 03 09:02
TechrightsBot-tr@schestowitz: The Klaus Knopper Interview #knopper #knoppix #gnu #linuxOct 03 09:02
TechrightsBot-tr-> | The Klaus Knopper Interview ~ Everyday Linux UserOct 03 09:02
TechrightsBot-tr@schestowitz: Debian Project News - September 30th, 2013  #debian #gnu #linuxOct 03 09:02
TechrightsBot-tr-> | Debian Project News - September 30th, 2013Oct 03 09:02
roy_1 03 09:02
TechrightsBot-tr@schestowitz: SolydX 201309 Review: Simple, effective and efficient, as good as Linux Mint! #debian spinOct 03 09:02
TechrightsBot-tr-> | Linuxed - Exploring Linux distros: SolydX 201309 Review: Simple, effective and efficient, as good as Linux Mint!Oct 03 09:02
TechrightsBot-tr-> | Linuxed - Exploring Linux distros: SolydK 201309 Review: Rock-solid Debian spin offering KDE 4.11.1Oct 03 09:02
TechrightsBot-tr@schestowitz: Tales from Linux Kernel 3.11 Development – The Kernel Column #linux #kernelOct 03 09:02
TechrightsBot-tr-> | Tales from Linux Kernel 3.11 Development – The Kernel Column | Linux UserOct 03 09:02
TechrightsBot-tr@schestowitz: Open source snapshot: GhostBSD #ghostbsd #unix #bsdOct 03 09:02
TechrightsBot-tr-> | Open source snapshot: GhostBSD - open source, FreeBSD - GNOME - Open Source - TechworldOct 03 09:02
DaemonFC 03 09:05 | Fedora 20 Alpha MATE/Compiz Screenshot Tour  [ ]Oct 03 09:05
DaemonFCHeisenbug?Oct 03 09:05
DaemonFCI guess that was inspired by Breaking Bad?Oct 03 09:05
DaemonFC"A man opens his door and gets shot, and you think that of me!?"Oct 03 09:06
DaemonFC"I am the man who knocks!"Oct 03 09:06
DaemonFCB-)Oct 03 09:06
DaemonFC 03 09:09 | Breaking Bad - The Bathtub: 10 Baddest – AMC  [ ]Oct 03 09:09
DaemonFC 03 09:12 | breaking bad acid scene - YouTube  [ ]Oct 03 09:12
DaemonFCoh damn itOct 03 09:12
DaemonFCWhy do people on Youtube have to add that stupid song to everything?Oct 03 09:13
iophkzero-day is just a marketing term : 03 09:30 | Microsoft IE Zero-Day Flaw Exposure Widens  [ ]Oct 03 09:30
iophk 03 09:35 | Lavabit got order for Snowden’s login info, then gov’t demanded site’s SSL key | Ars Technica  [ ]Oct 03 09:35
iophkno mention of the real weak point being Windows, even not counting the intentional back doors, it is the weak spot in both security and maintenance  : 03 09:39 | Former NSA CIO slams Fortune 100 companies' security -  [ ]Oct 03 09:39
prurigroiophk: how is zero day a marketing term?Oct 03 09:47
iophkthe flaw has always been there and many people know about itOct 03 09:49
prurigrooh, you mean in this caseOct 03 09:49
iophkthe marketers like to pretend it is a surpriseOct 03 09:49
prurigrozero day doesn't mean new thoughOct 03 09:49
prurigroit means no exploit has been built for itOct 03 09:49
iophkthey like to pretend it is new, also there are often exploits for it, as we learn after the factOct 03 09:49
prurigroor rather, nothing has been built to exploit it, or however that should be worded :)Oct 03 09:49
iophkusuallyOct 03 09:49
prurigroand word, well, no known exploitsOct 03 09:50
iophkor rather, nothing the vendor is willing to admit toOct 03 09:50
prurigroif someone's come up with one that isn't in the wild yet, that's the risk you take using something with an unpatched zero dayOct 03 09:50
iophkthere have been many instances of vendors (especially one in particular) pretending that exploits are not available and not in use when they really have beenOct 03 09:51
prurigroare you special enough for someone to out their exploit? can the exploit be used en masse all at once?Oct 03 09:51
prurigroword, I'd argue its more likely that noone knows yet, publically, so obviously the best angle for PR is to assume exploits don't exist and haven't been usedOct 03 09:52
prurigrothough I've definitely heard of companies covering up having had their own servers attacked due to exploits to keep their users feeling safeOct 03 09:52
iophkyes, the PR goes from the lie that exploits don't exist and haven't been used, when all that really means is that there is none that the vendor is currently willing to faceOct 03 09:52
iophkpubliclyOct 03 09:52
prurigrowho knows how much stuff like that spreads behind doorsOct 03 09:52
iophkbehind doors at the vendor, and behind "doors" in the black hat communitiesOct 03 09:53
prurigrothe good thing about open source is that people are more concerned with getting things fixed than PROct 03 09:53
iophkyes, that is a strong advantageOct 03 09:53
prurigroblack hat communities are often more trade/payment based in respect to exploits; otherwise people sit on them without discussing their existenceOct 03 09:54
iophkM$ has been manipulating the stats for years, a decade maybe, to hid the slow incompetent responsesOct 03 09:54
prurigromost corporations that hide behind closed doors do this, I wouldn't single M$ out-- many are guilty, and its a good reason to use foss stuff in generalOct 03 09:55
iophkI would expect that the really good exploits are held closely guarded and not used when less valuable ones can be used insteadOct 03 09:55
prurigronot even to mention purposefully inserted backdoors and suchOct 03 09:55
iophkyes many vendors, M$ may be worst, but others are bad too.Oct 03 09:55
prurigrowhy do you say M$ is the worst?Oct 03 09:55
iophkhistorically they have beenOct 03 09:55
iophkor would it be Cisco now?Oct 03 09:55
prurigroI mean, this is a situation where we know many companies have done this, but don't know how often or how much any company hasOct 03 09:55
prurigroAdobe: flash?Oct 03 09:56
iophkLOLOct 03 09:56
iophkI forgot Flash.Oct 03 09:56
iophkand AdobeOct 03 09:56
iophkthey might be worst of allOct 03 09:56
prurigro<3Oct 03 09:56
iophkI am surprised that Flash has not been actively purged from the net.Oct 03 09:57
iophkYet people still use it and act as if nothing is wrong with it.Oct 03 09:57
iophkEven stupider people base public services on it.Oct 03 09:57
prurigrowe need to wait for everyone to rewrite everythingOct 03 09:57
prurigroin html5Oct 03 09:57
prurigroflash has already been declared dead by adobe iircOct 03 09:57
iophkThe decision to use Flash instead of video is only made by jackasses, but then there is no shortage of those.Oct 03 09:58
prurigrokinda like netflix and silverlightOct 03 09:58
iophkThat's another decision that makes no sense.Oct 03 09:58
prurigrowell I mean, some guy wants a website with videos and knows enough to look for some package he can drop on his site or somethingOct 03 09:58
prurigrofinds a flash based video player and it seems to work, so he goes with itOct 03 09:59
prurigronot everyone's paying attention to all the politics and changesOct 03 09:59
prurigroand word, netflix using silverlight does make sense because silverlight has good drmOct 03 09:59
iophkIf one wanted to attribute sinister motives to the whole thing, there are groups with an interest in getting backdoors on users' machines.  Flash does that nicely, gives control of the mike and the camera, too.Oct 03 10:00
prurigrothey really just need to write their own browser plugin until html5 gets its drm extension though imoOct 03 10:00
prurigroword, yeah, I definitely don't run flash on my compyOct 03 10:00
iophkdrm in HTML5 is not set yet, that may be a 3rd party add onOct 03 10:00
prurigroon that note, is fantastic :)Oct 03 10:00 | YouTube Flash to HTML5 :: Add-ons for Firefox  [ ]Oct 03 10:00
prurigroI thought the w3 decided for sure that it was in, but as a separate spec?Oct 03 10:00
iophkYoutube does not have a large percentage of HTML5 videos yet.  many are still in FlashOct 03 10:01
prurigrodid you see the plugin I just pasted?Oct 03 10:01
prurigroconverts flash videos to their html5 counterpart and then loads them in the youtube html5 video player :)Oct 03 10:01
iophkInteresting.  Thanks.Oct 03 10:01
prurigrowell, all of that simultaneouslyOct 03 10:01
MinceRgeekingsOct 03 10:02
prurigroreason youtube keeps some in flash btw, is because their ads only work with flashOct 03 10:02
prurigroMinceR: ahohohoyOct 03 10:02
MinceRj0h0h0Oct 03 10:02
prurigroand a bottle of rumOct 03 10:03
gulag2013I was playing with Minitube for Ubuntu, that seems to work fine without the use of flash. Is it me are do videos appear to load faster without flash?Oct 03 10:03
MinceR:)Oct 03 10:04
prurigrothere might be hardware decoder for non-flash versions?Oct 03 10:04
prurigrowhichever format the browser you're talking about is usingOct 03 10:04
gulag2013Ya, not sure I know that the XBMC addon for youtube works fine too. Oct 03 10:05
prurigroincluding videos that are normally using flash?Oct 03 10:05
prurigroyoutube-dl works nicely too on a side noteOct 03 10:06
prurigroif you have a little disk spaceOct 03 10:06
gulag2013Oh yes, that is if you just want to download them and watch later right?Oct 03 10:06
prurigroor right now then delete them, in whatever formatOct 03 10:06
prurigroeven if its strictly flv, mplayer and vlc both play that nicelyOct 03 10:07
prurigrono flash requiredOct 03 10:07
prurigroyou could even download to /tmp (assuming its a ramdisk) if you didn't want any additional writes, thinking about itOct 03 10:07
gulag2013Cool thanks, I haven't tried to stream them. I was learning how to set the formats.Oct 03 10:07
prurigro(thinking SSDs here)Oct 03 10:07
prurigroyou mean with youtube-dl?Oct 03 10:08
prurigroin my bashrc I have: alias yt-dl='youtube-dl -t --max-quality mp4'Oct 03 10:08
gulag2013Yes, I know the defaults were high qualityOct 03 10:08
prurigrosaves with the title, uses the max quality and prefers mp4 (which most devices have a hardware decoder for)Oct 03 10:09
prurigrois high quality the default?Oct 03 10:09
gulag2013I believe so, the files were large. Oct 03 10:09
prurigroword, there was a time when it wasn't, but maybe that's changedOct 03 10:09
prurigrothe lowest quality on that note is sometimes hilariously smallOct 03 10:09
prurigroI was 'borriwing' wifi once and didn't want to suck up too much bandwidth, so I dl'd minimum quality and the resulting video was barely the size of 12pt fontOct 03 10:10
gulag2013Oh, well we are all on the same path. I have tried everything from gnash to a viewtube greasemonkey plugin. Sill have flash on my machine. For now anyway. Oct 03 10:11
prurigrodid you see that plugin I pasted?Oct 03 10:11
prurigroassuming you use firefox (which you should)Oct 03 10:12
gulag2013Was that the HTML5 one?Oct 03 10:12
prurigro 03 10:12 | YouTube Flash to HTML5 :: Add-ons for Firefox  [ ]Oct 03 10:12
gulag2013I did install it, Thanks just haven't found were it is on my firefoxOct 03 10:12
prurigrooh, like, you disable/uninstall flashpluginOct 03 10:12
prurigroand magically any youtube videos that weren't html5 before will be converted on the flyOct 03 10:13
prurigro(disable the popup complaining you don't have flashplayer)Oct 03 10:13
gulag2013Ya, I'm used to seeing that popup, ha haOct 03 10:13
prurigroI thought you had flashplugin? :)Oct 03 10:13
gulag2013I do, I was speaking from my past attempts trying other plugins Oct 03 10:14
prurigroahh, touche hahaOct 03 10:14
prurigrowell, this one works for nowOct 03 10:14
gulag2013Nagging you to install the flash spywareOct 03 10:14
prurigrololOct 03 10:14
prurigrofirefox is supposed to sandbox flash right?Oct 03 10:15
gulag2013can we use your camera and mic, and then change those settings everyday back to defaultOct 03 10:15
prurigrolol, hopefully it doesn't know how to enable your camera without turning the light on too :)Oct 03 10:16
gulag2013I'm a little crazy and leave the built in cam covered. I have trust issues. Oct 03 10:18
prurigrololOct 03 10:18
prurigroif you're using a fully foss OS and software, you should probably be ok; probably :)Oct 03 10:19
gulag2013In windows it was fairly easy to disable in device manager, not sure what I'm doing in Ubuntu yet. Oct 03 10:19
prurigrooh hrm, ubuntu might not be the best distro if you have trust issues hahaOct 03 10:20
gulag2013Really, well it's better you tell me now. Oct 03 10:20
prurigrore:windows, I definitely wouldn't trust anything I've done to be the case if anyone they're friends with don't want it to be anymoreOct 03 10:20
prurigroubuntu, by default, sends the stuff you type in searches for programs and files to ubuntu, who then forwards them to amazonOct 03 10:21
prurigro 03 10:21 | Ubuntu Spyware: What to do? — Free Software Foundation — working together for free software  [ ]Oct 03 10:21
prurigroyou can disable it, but when it comes to open source, I feel like using a particular project is akin to voting with your wallet for capitalismOct 03 10:22
gulag2013That started in 12.10. What are the odds that is happening in 12.04. I don't use the Dash much, but I appreciate the warning. Oct 03 10:22
prurigroahh, you're still on an older one eh? odds are lower, though ubuntu is still a poor example of a free OS in a number of waysOct 03 10:22
prurigrofedora on the other hand, is particularly shiningOct 03 10:23
prurigroif you want something that's still user friendlyOct 03 10:23
gulag2013I do have my privacy settings set. Yes you are right, Fedora is clean?Oct 03 10:23
prurigroit's really secure by default too-- firewall, selinux etcOct 03 10:23
gulag2013Is that what Selinux is based from Fedora?Oct 03 10:24
prurigroit's clean, 100% foss by default (you'll want to add a repo if you want binary graphics drivers and the like), and has some pretty secure defaults while staying user friendlyOct 03 10:24
prurigroselinux is actually developed by the NSA, but its 100% foss and has been reviewed many many times-- the NSA also uses it interallyOct 03 10:24
gulag2013The use Yum? What are the packages, what do you use at the moment?Oct 03 10:24
prurigrorpm are the packages, and fedora is the free distro by redhat, one of the biggest companies in linux, and most responsible in terms of respecting and contributing to foss/linuxOct 03 10:25
prurigroI use archlinux, which is an amazing distro in a number of ways, but not necessarily something one should start on as its more complex (and its benifits are more for those who like to hack around)Oct 03 10:26
gulag2013I'm going to have to check it out, I really haven't spent much time with Fedora, I tried Suse. Oct 03 10:26
gulag2013Arch is way over my league Oct 03 10:26
prurigrosuse, at least when I was looking at it in the late 90s and early 2000s was pretty heavily based on redhat (now fedora)Oct 03 10:27
prurigrowhen you're looking at fedora, you download an installer for a particular desktop, so you might want to look at the ones available and decide in the mean timeOct 03 10:27
prurigroyoutube videos and the desktops' respective websites and suchOct 03 10:27
gulag2013Are you saying they are different sizes. I looked at a Debain download that was over 4 gigs. Oct 03 10:28
prurigrokde and gnome are the heavier more complete desktops, and xfce is still pretty user friendly while being lighter on the resources (though more like windows xp than windows 8)Oct 03 10:29
prurigrothey're different sizes too, though if you have a modern computer I'd decide based more on the type of environment you picture yourself usingOct 03 10:29
prurigroKDE: GNOME: and XFCE: 03 10:30 | KDE - Plasma DesktopOct 03 10:30 | GNOME 3 | GNOMEOct 03 10:30 | Screenshots - XfceOct 03 10:30
prurigro(look at the 4.10 ones for xfce)Oct 03 10:30
gulag2013Okay, I will have to research that, but I would like to get familiar with some Redhat based distros. KDE had way to many options for me. Oct 03 10:31
prurigro <- different desktopsOct 03 10:31 | Fedora Project - Get Fedora: Desktops, Other Formats, Spins, Cloud Images or Secondary Arches.  [ ]Oct 03 10:31
prurigrohaha, yeah, I personally like gnome 3 the mostOct 03 10:31
iophk 03 10:32 | Richard Stallman on the Painful Birth of GNU - Open Enterprise  [ ]Oct 03 10:33
prurigrothe configuration exposed by default is really simple and makes up the core of what you'd likely really want to tweak, but its also almost infinitely extendable (has a regedit type settings system + 03 10:33 | GNOME Shell ExtensionsOct 03 10:33
gulag2013I was just going to say, I may go with gnome Oct 03 10:33
prurigroword, well then :)Oct 03 10:33
prurigroit was unpopular at first, so I'm always apprehensive about suggesting it, but I really like it so yeah hahaOct 03 10:33
prurigrofor someone who needs to go through every single config option, KDE is a mess :)Oct 03 10:34
prurigroit also doesn't look nearly as good somehowOct 03 10:34
gulag2013This is nice to have choices. Na, I was running Elementary a few weeks ago, I like minimalism Oct 03 10:35
prurigroahh, so you've played around with desktops a bit then eh?Oct 03 10:35
prurigrowhat distros?Oct 03 10:35
prurigroor all ubuntu?Oct 03 10:35
gulag2013A few mostly all Ubuntu, Oct 03 10:35
prurigrowordOct 03 10:36
gulag2013Would you say Debian based distros?Oct 03 10:36
prurigrofor ubuntu?Oct 03 10:36
prurigroor ubuntu derivatives?Oct 03 10:37
prurigroI suppose ubuntu derivative somewhat implies debian based as wellOct 03 10:37
gulag2013Is mint considered a ubuntu derivative/Oct 03 10:37
prurigrolast I checked they had one directly based off debian and on based off ubuntuOct 03 10:37
prurigronot sure if that's still the case thoughOct 03 10:37
prurigroahh yeah, seems it isOct 03 10:38
prurigrolinux mint debian would be the debian based oneOct 03 10:38
prurigrodirectlyOct 03 10:38
gulag2013Okay, it does get a little confusing, with all the desktops. Oct 03 10:39
prurigrogood thing about fedora btw, is that it uses systemd for services and other backend stuff, which is becoming a standard many distros are moving to (meaning universal graphical config utils too) as well as a much more solid way to manage things, and it also uses packagekit for its package management guisOct 03 10:39
prurigrowhich plug into pretty much any distro's package managerOct 03 10:40
prurigroso you're learning one distro, but you'll be able to switch to quite a few others with the same skills you pick upOct 03 10:40
prurigroinstad of only other debian based ditrosOct 03 10:40
gulag2013Thanks, I'm still learning the file structure etc.. I was concerned about learning only one flavor of linuxOct 03 10:43
prurigrothe file structur is very similar across the boardOct 03 10:43
prurigroprograms are split into a few key areas of /usr, system config is in /etc, personal files and user config goes into respective home directories in /home etcOct 03 10:44
iophkgulag2013: 03 10:45 | FHS | The Linux Foundation  [ ]Oct 03 10:45
iophkNot as good as the old site.  try "man hier" in the terminal, that gives about the same overview.Oct 03 10:46
prurigroservices used to (and still are by debian and a few others) be done using scripts that could be run to start/stop them and temporary files with an ID number for a process stored somewhere to keep track, but systemd has created a framework that keeps track of everything, so services that die can alert you or restart automatically and logs can be loadedOct 03 10:46
gulag2013iophk, Thank you for that, I'm very overwhelmed, but I don't want to give up. Oct 03 10:47
prurigrodebian wants to avoid systemd because its not compatible with BSD, and gentoo developed its own similar but different systemd-like setupOct 03 10:47
gulag2013Wait a second, BSD is Unix isn't it?Oct 03 10:47
prurigrogulag2013: if you want to actually learn the basics in a much more simple setup like those of us who started back in the day were lucky enough to have been able to doOct 03 10:48
prurigroyou should get and load it into a VMOct 03 10:48 | ttylinux homepageOct 03 10:48
prurigroBSD is unix, yesOct 03 10:48
iophkThe LinuxFoundation has some serious usability issues with their FHS part of the site. Oct 03 10:49
gulag2013That guy on Jupiter Network Allan Jude is always talking about BSDOct 03 10:49
iophkHere is the latest standard:Oct 03 10:49
iophk 03 10:49 | FHS 2.3 Specifications  [ ]Oct 03 10:49
iophkMost of the distros try to follow that, even if they end up deviating in practice.  Oct 03 10:50
prurigrogulag2013: BSD is a bit of an underdog and carries a rather different philosophy on open source than linux, so sometimes you'll find users making a lot of noise about it since linux is typically the default choice new users move towardsOct 03 10:50
gulag2013You said you were lucky with learning, what did you mean by that. I know I would benefit from some hands on real world stuff. Oct 03 10:52
prurigrolike, back in the day there was less to linux than there is today, or at least it feels that way-- and there was also less built ontop to make things easier, which meant all the user friendly guides floating around were structured to configuring /etc/fstab and stuff like thatOct 03 10:55
gulag2013Anyway, I appreciate being pointed in a few directions. Oh so it wasn't as compartmentalized as it is today?Oct 03 10:55
prurigrottylinux is a very very minimal distro (no graphics, almost the minimum set of packages required for a system to run etc), which is why its a good distro to show you the key aspects of a working system (vs the extra stuff)Oct 03 10:55
gulag2013That is what I need to be doing, and with nautilus I'm not forcing myself to learn that. Oct 03 10:56
prurigroits always been compartmentalized, being opensource and such-- there are just more layers nowOct 03 10:57
prurigroI used to have a sheet of paper with terminal commands and what they do written on them sitting beside the computersOct 03 10:57
prurigrocomputer*, and I'd add to it each time I looked something upOct 03 10:57
prurigroeventually they just sank inOct 03 10:57
roy_1[10:49] <gulag2013> That guy on Jupiter Network Allan Jude is always talking about BSDOct 03 10:57
roy_1Juniper is occupied by MicrosoftOct 03 10:57
roy_1it also FUDs AndroidOct 03 10:58
prurigroAndroid has FUD? I thought the facts were pretty creepy already lolOct 03 10:58
gulag2013What is that? Jupiter has been compromised by Ms?Oct 03 10:58
iophkHP; Juniper and Cisco are all M$ now.  Are there any networking companies not M$ now?Oct 03 10:58
iophkgulag2013: Juniper: 03 10:59 | 12 Microsoft Execs Who Made the March to Juniper Networks -- Redmond Channel Partner  [ ]Oct 03 10:59
iophkLike roaches, where there is one, there are many.Oct 03 10:59
gulag2013Ha ha, no i think we are talking two different things. :"The Linux Action showOct 03 10:59
prurigrololOct 03 11:00
gulag2013Jupiter broadcasting Network. Oct 03 11:00
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roy_1Linux Action Show is quite FOSS-hostile at timesOct 03 11:01
roy_1But with Bryan out there's hope for improvementOct 03 11:01
prurigroin what way?Oct 03 11:01
roy_1Matt Hartley is not that badOct 03 11:01
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gulag2013Bryan was an arrogant something Oct 03 11:01
roy_1prurigro: just watch what they say about RMS, FSF, GPL, etc.Oct 03 11:01
roy_1!google linux action show techrightsOct 03 11:02
TechrightsBot-tr[1] - Is Jupiter Broadcasting's Linux Action Show Anti-GNU ... - Techrights | 03 11:02
TechrightsBot-tr[2] - Links 16/8/2013: Tropico 5 for GNU/Linux, KDE 4.11 ... - Techrights | 03 11:02
TechrightsBot-tr[3] - TechBytes Episode 86: Debian GNU/Linux and Firmware | Techrights | 03 11:02
TechrightsBot-tr[4] - Novell/SUSE is Microsoft in Linux | Techrights | 03 11:02
prurigroroy_1: haha, well I mean, it sounds like they like their BSD license according to gulag2013, so I'd say that's pretty par for courseOct 03 11:02
prurigrothe fsf and rms are far from perfect, tooOct 03 11:03
JimmyCarterim depressed they busted DPR, i thought that guy was like John Hancock.Oct 03 11:03
JimmyCartermaking me realize what i moral outrage i think drug prohibition isOct 03 11:03
JimmyCarter_so many_ persecuted.  (for pursuit of happiness, heh)Oct 03 11:03
prurigroand the gpl has arguments against it; whether you agree with those arguments or not is a matter of personal philosophy though of courseOct 03 11:03
prurigroJimmyCarter: yeah :( I was watching the storycorps interview with him and his friend earlier tonight and he seemed like such a friendly, intelligent, creative guy 03 11:04 | StoryCorps Interview with Rene Pinnell and Ross Ulbricht (DreadPirateRoberts of Silk Road) - YouTube  [ ]Oct 03 11:04
prurigromore like persuit of avoiding hard questions and maintaining obedience (depending on which drug you're talking about)Oct 03 11:05
JimmyCarter"happiness"Oct 03 11:07
JimmyCarterhehOct 03 11:07
prurigroat the end of the storycorps interview, he talks about where he'd like to be in 5 years and 20 years, and his answers were respectively having a family and changing the world for the better in some wayOct 03 11:09
prurigromade me sad :(Oct 03 11:09
JimmyCarterseems political groups subject to inversionary forces (like repbulicans being liberal and democrats conservative, and over history switching).  now christians are the anti-christ.  and government is anti-government.Oct 03 11:12
prurigroI feel like whoever is in charge likes the elimination of privacy because they have control over the information gleaned from said scenarioOct 03 11:12
prurigroand whoever's no in charge is horrified by the "other party" having access to this information, so they're against the elimination of privacyOct 03 11:13
prurigronot*Oct 03 11:13
JimmyCarteror government is anti-people.Oct 03 11:13
prurigrohence inversionary when the party in power flipsOct 03 11:13
JimmyCarterfor gods sake could we simply stop persecuting each other and maybe even pay the billsOct 03 11:14
prurigrogovernment in the US has grown unchecked to a point where it seems like many decisions are about self preservation (in the form its in) rather than for the peopleOct 03 11:14
prurigrogovernment itself isn't inherently eitherOct 03 11:14
prurigroand it can be goodOct 03 11:14
prurigroI'm glad I down live down there either wayOct 03 11:14
JimmyCartermaybe after US defaults on debt for first time something will changeOct 03 11:25
JimmyCarterpeople and the market will care more about electing reasonable peopleOct 03 11:25
prurigroI don't see good things happening if the US defaults on debt and the gov't collapsesOct 03 11:26
JimmyCarteri dont knwo exact details but think they can default "a little"Oct 03 11:27
roy_1 03 11:27
TechrightsBot-tr@schestowitz: The #NSA must really love #Microsoft right now 03 11:27
TechrightsBot-tr-> | Microsoft IE Zero-Day Flaw Exposure WidensOct 03 11:27
TechrightsBot-tr-> | Microsoft and the NSA - TechrightsOct 03 11:27
TechrightsBot-tr@schestowitz: The #nsa thinks that companies are easy to infiltrate (i.e. crack). It would know; that's what the NSA does. 03 11:27
TechrightsBot-tr-> | Former NSA CIO slams Fortune 100 companies' security - ComputerworldUK.comOct 03 11:27
TechrightsBot-tr@schestowitz: Richard Stallman on the Painful Birth of GNU #gnu #fsf #historyOct 03 11:27
TechrightsBot-tr-> | Richard Stallman on the Painful Birth of GNU - Open EnterpriseOct 03 11:27
TechrightsBot-tr@schestowitz: "I still use Linux on my main PC because I enjoy the flexibility and power it offers." #gnu #linuxOct 03 11:27
TechrightsBot-tr-> | A Mac for a Linux user - Manila Standard TodayOct 03 11:27
JimmyCarteronly the bonds coming due each day until agreement reachedOct 03 11:27
roy_1 03 11:28
TechrightsBot-tr@schestowitz: Reviews: First look at Tiny Core Linux 5.0 "this is not a "turnkey" distribution for general purpose use."Oct 03 11:28
TechrightsBot-tr-> | Put the fun back into computing. Use Linux, BSD.Oct 03 11:28
TechrightsBot-tr@schestowitz: New Firefox 25 Beta Launched on All Available Platforms strong brand, still? 03 11:28
TechrightsBot-tr-> | New Firefox 25 Beta Launched on All Available PlatformsOct 03 11:28
TechrightsBot-tr-> | No One Knows What the Firefox Logo is, and Last Night's Jeopardy! Proved It | ComplexOct 03 11:28
TechrightsBot-tr@schestowitz: Nouveau Keeps Pushing Forward With Improvements #linux #graphicsOct 03 11:28
TechrightsBot-tr-> | [Phoronix] Nouveau Keeps Pushing Forward With ImprovementsOct 03 11:28
TechrightsBot-tr@schestowitz: SUSE is a goner 03 11:28
TechrightsBot-tr-> | Red Hat Doesn't See SUSE Linux as a Major Competitive Threat - InternetNews.Oct 03 11:28
prurigroshame they didn't shut down the NSA datacenter while the gov't was closedOct 03 11:28
prurigrothat takes a couple million in power each dayOct 03 11:28
roy_1prurigro:  what's with this shutdown meme?Oct 03 11:29
roy_1Some 4chan joke?Oct 03 11:29
roy_1 03 11:29
TechrightsBot-tr@schestowitz: Fedora Linux 20 Gears Up to Be a Big Data Server better use CentOS. #fedora #redhat #gnu #linuxOct 03 11:29
TechrightsBot-tr-> | Fedora Linux 20 Gears Up to Be a Big Data ServerOct 03 11:29
TechrightsBot-tr@schestowitz: Debian Edu / Skolelinux Wheezy — a complete Linux solution for your school #debian #educationOct 03 11:29
TechrightsBot-tr-> | Debian -- News -- Debian Edu / Skolelinux Wheezy — a complete Linux solution for your schoolOct 03 11:29
TechrightsBot-tr@schestowitz: Is Slackware, The Oldest Remaining Linux Distribution, Right For You? #slackware #gnu #linuxOct 03 11:29
TechrightsBot-tr-> | Is Slackware, The Oldest Remaining Linux Distribution, Right For You?Oct 03 11:29 is still down. I don't follow what is going on with the United States Corporation anymore. Oct 03 11:29
JimmyCarteryup... or shutdown the fbi targeting libertinesOct 03 11:30
JimmyCarteri would like to see fbi and cia agents in jail, congress members in jail, lobbyists in jail, bankers in jailOct 03 11:31
JimmyCarternsa agents in jailOct 03 11:31
iophkmanagers insteadOct 03 11:31
iophkthose are the decision makersOct 03 11:32
prurigroroy_1: shutdown meme? it literally shutdown (aside from manditory services)Oct 03 11:32
prurigroof which somehow the NSA is oneOct 03 11:32
JimmyCarterinstead the feds are busy hunting hacker kidsOct 03 11:33
gulag2013and Raw milkOct 03 11:33
JimmyCarterheres a helpful guideline for decidign who you should prosecuteOct 03 11:36
JimmyCarter1. are they hurting anyone?  2 are they abusing special privilege?  (ie looting public office to loot pension funds)Oct 03 11:37
gulag2013I started waking up a few years after 9/11. You don't want to wake up. Stay asleep. You can't have conversations  with family and friends anymore. Oct 03 11:37
iophkI'm not sure its a reliable source, but it is interesting : 03 11:37 | Piracy Isn’t Killing The Entertainment Industry, Scholars Show | TorrentFreak  [ ]Oct 03 11:37
prurigrogulag2013: you think? I find it makes for good convo with some folks- others who aren't interested still have intersets you can talk about :)Oct 03 11:40
roy_1[11:32] <iophk> those are the decision makersOct 03 11:40
roy_1Nurmberg trialsOct 03 11:40
iophkboth areOct 03 11:40
iophkI should clarify that the managers should be included even if they are not getting their hands dirty directly.Oct 03 11:41
gulag2013In a venue like this it's encouraged. I felt very alone with my views. Oct 03 11:41
roy_1same for organised religionsOct 03 11:41
prurigrothere should be oversight departments that keep others in checkOct 03 11:41
*gnufreex ( has joined #techrightsOct 03 11:41
roy_1Falwell ewt al.Oct 03 11:42
prurigrogulag2013: do you live in the US? up here in Canada people are pretty reasonableOct 03 11:42
roy_1Those who laugh like little devils while their peons abuse societyOct 03 11:42
gulag2013United States yes. Oct 03 11:42
roy_1prurigro: for nowOct 03 11:42
roy_1wait until the falwell's leave the bankrupt US and buy homes in Canada or China or Singapore etc.Oct 03 11:43
roy_1China as in HK or MacauOct 03 11:43
roy_1they wouldn't want their hands dirty in mainland china, only the globalist islands like seoul and japanaOct 03 11:43
roy_1*japanOct 03 11:43
prurigroroy_1: who are these falwells?Oct 03 11:43
roy_1*falwellOct 03 11:44
roy_1or *falwellsOct 03 11:44
roy_1I am tying while lying, so..Oct 03 11:44
roy_1prurigro: or cheneysOct 03 11:44
roy_1sociopaths who rally crowds or easily impressionable peopleOct 03 11:44
roy_1rallying for wars, theft, etc.Oct 03 11:44
prurigrooh hm, are there enough of them to influence an entire culture?Oct 03 11:44
prurigrowe got the equivalent of fox news up here (sun news) and absolutely noone watches itOct 03 11:45
prurigropeople were worried at first that it would start eroding our brainsOct 03 11:45
roy_1using captailist orgs also, to motivate people to work for under-minimum-wage jobs (inc. military) and serve someone else's interestsOct 03 11:45
roy_1Ther corporate media grooms those 'leaders'Oct 03 11:45
roy_1Canada doesn't have many Trumps yetOct 03 11:46
roy_1But there are those French-like types who are getting thereOct 03 11:46
roy_1in Quebec I thinkOct 03 11:46
roy_1and some magnatesOct 03 11:46
prurigrowe have a number of extremely rich, though yes, we're far more balanced re: middle classOct 03 11:46
prurigrowe're also the most educated country in the worldOct 03 11:46
roy_1In thre US, look at the richesy cityOct 03 11:46
roy_1iot's ruled by one of those sociopathsOct 03 11:47
roy_1he cracked the voteOct 03 11:47
roy_1and now the thieves rule itOct 03 11:47
roy_1Bloomberg and his mates in WSOct 03 11:47
roy_1It's like Gotham city, but not renamedOct 03 11:47
roy_1prurigro: Scandinavia probably well ahead of CanadaOct 03 11:48
prurigrowhich?Oct 03 11:48
prurigroahead in which*Oct 03 11:48
roy_1DenmarkOct 03 11:48
roy_1Their academic output is impressiveOct 03 11:48
iophk 03 11:48 | Portuguese government: Bye-bye Wintel  |   Robert Pogson  [ ]Oct 03 11:48
prurigroroy_1: ahh, well, I guess it depends whether you trust Time 03 11:50 | And the World’s Most Educated Country Is… |  [ ]Oct 03 11:50
prurigro(and other publications that printed the same story)Oct 03 11:50
gulag2013Wait a tick, United States is #4? I would have imagined  it much lower. Good going Canadians!Oct 03 11:53
prurigrogulag2013: hmm yeah, I guess we can thank community colleges down there eh? those are actually priced to allow people to pay off the debt eventually right?Oct 03 11:54
roy_1prurigro: depends how you measure itOct 03 11:54
roy_1Time is PROPAGANDAOct 03 11:54
gulag2013Ha ha, it's still way to expensive. Oct 03 11:55
roy_1as anyone with life experience knowsOct 03 11:55
roy_1Time is one of the worstOct 03 11:55
roy_1US higher education is excellentOct 03 11:55
prurigroroy_1: its measured based on the % of the population with post secondary educationOct 03 11:55
roy_1butOct 03 11:55
roy_1you have to count only the top schoolsOct 03 11:55
roy_1Europeans too would go thereOct 03 11:55
prurigroUS higher education is ridiculously expensive without a scholarshipOct 03 11:55
roy_1and no unis in the EU except few (Oxbridge for example) can compete with the redbrick US unis that attract students who are brightest in India, China, and become leaders in such nationsOct 03 11:56
prurigroyou can go to school, rent an apartment and eat for the year here for less than the US charges to go in the first place, and its still considered pretty pricey up hereOct 03 11:56
gulag2013You can't write off Student loan debt. Oct 03 11:57
roy_1The US would also rank high amond Western nations for stupidityOct 03 11:57
roy_1lots of lower class thereOct 03 11:57
roy_1no middleOct 03 11:57
roy_1literacy is high in the US because the lang is easy in relative terms and there's only one languageOct 03 11:58
prurigrothe lower class is likely at fault for not scoring better on that comparisonOct 03 11:58
prurigrothere's also manditory schooling for both sexesOct 03 11:58
prurigrothat itself does a lotOct 03 11:58
roy_1In countries that have many well ecucated people the working class comes from abroadOct 03 11:58
roy_1Like in SingaporeOct 03 11:58
roy_1So that gives a better meaure of % that is well educatedOct 03 11:59
roy_1South Korea might be also, but also high on suicide ratesOct 03 11:59
prurigrosorth korea has a different style of education- same with chinaOct 03 11:59
prurigromore acheivement basedOct 03 11:59
roy_1prurigro: only compared to non-Western nations, about 90% of the worldOct 03 11:59
gulag2013Sigh, what are the reasons for the suicides?Oct 03 12:00
prurigrothey're worked wayyy too hardOct 03 12:00
prurigroand their entire life revolves around schoolOct 03 12:00
prurigroimagine failing when the only thing measuring the value of your life as far as anyone you know is concerned is schoolOct 03 12:00
prurigrotheir social time with friends are often in the form of study groups, and they join clubs to allot time away from studyingOct 03 12:02
gulag2013That is awful. We are  all trained from an early age competition. It sounds even worse SKOct 03 12:02
prurigroyeah, SK is one of the worst from what I've readOct 03 12:02
prurigroapparently university is really easy, in contrast, assuming they have the marks to get inOct 03 12:03
prurigroand sometimes this causes students to crash, not having constant work to doOct 03 12:03
prurigromaybe that's why so many people end up into serious gamingOct 03 12:03
prurigrohigh reward activity they can focus on when there's nothing else to doOct 03 12:04
gulag2013So you are talking more  about dopamine ?  Is the gaming  free will?Oct 03 12:05
prurigrothe dopamine system is very complex and is involved in all sorts of short term and delayed reward type behaviousOct 03 12:06
prurigrothere's also no such thing as free willOct 03 12:06
gulag2013No free will for the Gamers, or in general? Can you clarify?Oct 03 12:09
prurigroin generalOct 03 12:09
prurigrohow could there be free will? actions are either cause and effect, or they're randomOct 03 12:10
gulag2013Now you are making me think. :).  I meant that I personally have choices and I'm not being forced to participate in an activity or face pain and injury. Oct 03 12:12
prurigroyou definitely have choices, but those choices are decided by a complex network of chain reactions occuring in your body and brainOct 03 12:13
prurigroif you hit rewind on time and stopped at yesterday, then hit play, everything would happen the exact same as it did the first timeOct 03 12:14
prurigroall the same variables are in place and physics still work the same, so everything will play out just as it had previouslyOct 03 12:15
prurigronot that time exists as we understand itOct 03 12:15
prurigrobut we're talking about our own experience of things so I think we can speak as though it didOct 03 12:15
MinceRthat's one view of thingsOct 03 12:16
prurigroI'm open to counter arguments :)Oct 03 12:16
MinceRfor example, as far as i know, nuclear decay is still an unpredictable processOct 03 12:17
prurigroI mean, we're assuming reality exists as we're seemingly able to meausure it, for some of the more far reaching statements, but that said, I've yet to hear anyone describe a possible universe where free will could be trueOct 03 12:17
roy_1 03 12:17
TechrightsBot-tr@schestowitz: Portuguese government set on increasing use of open source more jobs for FOSS experts there. #portugalOct 03 12:17
TechrightsBot-tr-> | Portuguese government set on increasing use of open source | JoinupOct 03 12:17
TechrightsBot-tr@schestowitz: "London School of Economics...urging the UK Government to look beyond the lobbying efforts of " MAFIAA 03 12:17
TechrightsBot-tr-> | Piracy Isn’t Killing The Entertainment Industry, Scholars Show | TorrentFreakOct 03 12:17
TechrightsBot-tr@schestowitz: Rather than 'teach' people specific SW tools, train them Free SW repos. Rather than have them memorise menus, give them free apps lists.Oct 03 12:17
TechrightsBot-tr@schestowitz: BT thinks that E-mail addresses with just one character before the @ sign are not valid E-mail addresses. Are they hiring IT-savvy people?Oct 03 12:17
MinceRit may be entirely deterministic or notOct 03 12:17
prurigroMinceR: free will requires randomness first of allOct 03 12:17
MinceRafaik there is randomness in certain processesOct 03 12:17
MinceRalso, some determinists seem to define free will differentlyOct 03 12:17
prurigrobut they've actually mapped previously random quantum physical processes to predictable system, recentlyOct 03 12:18
MinceRthere also seems to be undecidedness in some processesOct 03 12:18
MinceRurl?Oct 03 12:18
prurigrogetting...Oct 03 12:19
prurigro 03 12:19 | Physicists Discover Geometry Underlying Particle Physics | Simons Foundation  [ ]Oct 03 12:19
MinceRi remember reading about this but i don't remember anything about it proving determinismOct 03 12:20
prurigrotop comment here summarizes it nicely 03 12:20 | Physicists have discovered a jewel-like geometric object that dramatically simplifies calculations of particle interactions and challenges the notion that space and time are fundamental components of reality. : Futurology  [ ]Oct 03 12:20
MinceRi'll re-readOct 03 12:20
prurigroit doesn't prove determinism, but it explains what was previously seen as an example of randomnessOct 03 12:20
prurigrofuture random behaviour could still be uncovered disproving determinsm, of course-- the door never closes because we can never be sure we know everything about everything :)Oct 03 12:21
MinceRit was previously already known that the behavior of larger number of particles together is less weird to us and seems more deterministicOct 03 12:22
prurigrothat said, determinsm or not, randomness is not free will anymore than determinismOct 03 12:22
MinceRi think that randomness by itself is sufficient for free willOct 03 12:22
MinceR(as in the two being indistinguishable for an outside observer)Oct 03 12:22
prurigrorandomness implies rewinding time won't necessarily end up back at this moment when you hit play again, it doesn't mean someone has the ability to rise above causality and make a truly free choice, just that one choice was selected or anotherOct 03 12:24
MinceRthe whole point of randomness is that something doesn't entirely depend on causesOct 03 12:25
prurigrothat said, this new model encompases the past, present 'and' future in modelling the outcome, so if the future is undecided, I wonder how this could be the caseOct 03 12:25
MinceRyou know that a nucleus is unstable and you still won't be able to predict when it will decayOct 03 12:25
MinceRwell, certain physical processes were already independent on the arrow of timeOct 03 12:26
MinceRs/t on/t of/Oct 03 12:26
prurigroyou're argueing determinsm, which I think is probably the case but can't be 100% sure (and thereore I agree to an extent), but I'm talking free will, which implies something like deterministic choice making without the determinism, which I feel almost definitely doesn't exist (or at least the mechanism for a possible example of how this would work hasn't been described to me)Oct 03 12:27
prurigroan inability to predict doesn't preclude random eventsOct 03 12:27
MinceRthat does seem to be an impossible definitionOct 03 12:28
MinceRbut i wouldn't define free will that wayOct 03 12:28
prurigrothere are certainly more than one definition in philosophyOct 03 12:29
prurigroI suppose you'd be what this wiki article calls a "compatibilist" 03 12:29 | Free will - Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaOct 03 12:29
MinceRi'm actually unsure of physical determinism being trueOct 03 12:30
MinceRi'm not sure if i've thought about whether determinism would preclude free will :)Oct 03 12:31
prurigroI feel like compatibilism renders the idea of free will to simply be a more in depth description of "decision" and "choice" thoughOct 03 12:31
prurigroand well, I mean, "free will as unpredictability" uses some bad foundations, but I don't think the ideas it poses are necessarily so different from your nuclear decay exampleOct 03 12:32
prurigroI agree with "Free will as a pragmatically useful concept" too, I mean, we can't operate as if we lack it, even if we in fact doOct 03 12:34
MinceRi'm not sure if we can do anything with the concept of free will at this level anywayOct 03 12:34
MinceRwe'll just do what we do and experience it as acting freely or notOct 03 12:35
prurigroyeah, which is basically what the pragmatism theory statesOct 03 12:35
MinceRmaybe if we somehow prove determinism or nondeterminism, we will be able to grasp the idea betterOct 03 12:35
prurigroits more like how Decartes described solipsism; a useful mental excercise to understand where things stand, but not something you'd actively enable the use of in your lifeOct 03 12:36
MinceRthey did say it was philosophy :>Oct 03 12:36
MinceRthat's trueOct 03 12:36
MinceRand yet solipsism may be trueOct 03 12:36
MinceR(it's just that fact (if it is) won't be practically useful)Oct 03 12:36
prurigroit certainly is, if you want a logical definition of what we can knowOct 03 12:37
prurigroypOct 03 12:37
prurigroyup*Oct 03 12:37
prurigrobut it's good to know what we can know when looking at other things-- it's a good foundation for science, for exampleOct 03 12:37
prurigrosomething 'proven' is only proven based on the foundation of assumptions that were required for that proofOct 03 12:37
MinceRyes, but some (or all) of those assumptions might be empirical dataOct 03 12:38
*pidgin_log has quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)Oct 03 12:39
prurigroyup, which are based on some pretty core assumptions that we've generally decided to assume as 'fact'Oct 03 12:39
prurigroif it turns out reality is a simulation with some hilarious values plugged into the physics variables, we'll realize those assumptions aren't the case, and more likely if we find that elsewhere in the universe what we currently think of as static values turn out to be variables we can edit the modelOct 03 12:41
MinceRthey will be true about the contents of the simulation, at least for some timeOct 03 12:41
*pidgin_log ( has joined #techrightsOct 03 12:42
prurigroyup- and to be honest, either way, the values we're interacting with allow us to manipulate what we see as reality, so they're useful regardless of their universal truthOct 03 12:43
MinceRindeedOct 03 12:43
*nj3ma has quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)Oct 03 12:52
*eebrah_ has quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)Oct 03 12:52
*eebrah ( has joined #techrightsOct 03 12:53
*eebrah is now known as Guest60148Oct 03 12:53
*nj3ma ( has joined #techrightsOct 03 12:54
*gulag2013 has quit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)Oct 03 13:21
DaemonFC 03 13:24 | Bryan Cranston - Malcolm in the middle - I'm so full of bacon - YouTube  [ ]Oct 03 13:24
*DaemonFC wished that Fedora would package some decent GTK3 themes.Oct 03 13:34
*DaemonFC wonders if anyone ported Nimbus or Nodoka...Oct 03 13:34
roy_1 03 13:46
TechrightsBot-tr@schestowitz: Patent Reform Drafted, Addressing Wrong Matters, Unlikely to Resolve Litigation Epidemic #swpats #politicsOct 03 13:46
roy_1 03 13:46
TechrightsBot-tr-> | Patent Reform Drafted, Addressing Wrong Matters, Unlikely to Resolve Litigation Epidemic | TechrightsOct 03 13:46
TechrightsBot-tr@schestowitz: Microsoft’s Monopoly is Not Sustainable, Monopolist and Monopoly Abuser Bill Gates is Being Pushed Out 03 13:46
TechrightsBot-tr-> | Microsoft’s Monopoly is Not Sustainable, Monopolist and Monopoly Abuser Bill Gates is Being Pushed Out | TechrightsOct 03 13:47
iophk 03 13:49 | Ex-Microsoft privacy advisor: I don't trust Microsoft, thanks to PRISM | ZDNet  [ ]Oct 03 13:49
DaemonFCThe brakes on my car haven't been quite right ever since the shop "fixed" them.Oct 03 14:06
*DaemonFC should probably check his brake fluid level today.Oct 03 14:06
roy_1 03 14:17
TechrightsBot-tr@schestowitz: The balconies galore 03 14:17
TechrightsBot-tr@schestowitz: Trans Pacific Partnership a euphemism for attack on partnerships of people across the Pacific 03 14:17
TechrightsBot-tr@schestowitz: Bieber 03 14:17
DaemonFCI'm trying to keep expenses down.Oct 03 14:47
DaemonFCI'll probably be saving back for a newer car for at least 8-12 months.Oct 03 14:48
DaemonFCI'm still trying to get a feel for what I should buy.Oct 03 14:48
DaemonFC$2,000 doesn't buy anything decent anymore.Oct 03 14:48
DaemonFCI've never spent more than $2,000 for a car.Oct 03 14:49
DaemonFCI was about to move in on a 1999 Mercury Sable LS last month. Someone had obviously kept it garaged. No rust, dents, dings, scratches. Only put 90,000 miles on it.Oct 03 14:54
DaemonFCIt was gone before I could even call about it. :POct 03 14:54
DaemonFCThose deals don't spring up very often. When they do, they're almost always sold before you can even call about it.Oct 03 14:54
DaemonFC 03 14:57 | 1998 Pontiac Bonneville 3800 series 2  [ ]Oct 03 14:57
DaemonFCThat's questionable...Oct 03 14:57
DaemonFC" no check engine light or any other light on since I put it together. I have a snap-on scanner if you want to check."Oct 03 14:57
DaemonFCSo there's the possibility that the Check Engine light was on, but he hooked up the scanner and cleared the code.Oct 03 14:58
DaemonFCObviously clearing the code doesn't fix the problem. The light will come back on at some point, but the Check Engine light will probably go away long enough to sell the car to someone.Oct 03 14:58
DaemonFCWhen my 1995 Chevrolet Corsica was getting ready to throw a rod, I poured some lucas oil additive in and that made it quiet down long enough to sell it to Gonad The Barbarian's daughter.Oct 03 15:00
DaemonFCHe was fucking pissed at me when the car broke down on her two weeks later.Oct 03 15:00
DaemonFCBut I had already cashed the check she had written me.Oct 03 15:00
DaemonFCShe filed a lawsuit against me in small claims court, but I told the judge that the sale was "as-is". I even showed him the bill of sale that she had signed that said "This vehicle is being sold as-is with no warranty included or implied."Oct 03 15:01
DaemonFCHe ended up ruling in my favor.Oct 03 15:01
roy_1LMAOOct 03 15:02
roy_1Gonad tghe Oct 03 15:02
DaemonFCThat was a nice little car while it lasted.Oct 03 15:03
DaemonFCit got me around for a few yearsOct 03 15:03
DaemonFCThe 3.1 liter V6 in a "compact car".Oct 03 15:03
DaemonFCIt didn't feel cramped. I'm 6' 4" and I was very comfortable in it.Oct 03 15:04
DaemonFCGM had to discontinue them after 1996 because the federal government decided that they weren't safe enough.Oct 03 15:04
DaemonFCWell, isn't that really for the buyer to decide?Oct 03 15:04
DaemonFCThey let alot of very unsafe vehicles get sold every day.Oct 03 15:05
DaemonFCThat Jeep Liberty that my aunt drove rolled over eight times and killed her.Oct 03 15:05
DaemonFCI would never drive something that rode that high above the ground.Oct 03 15:06
DaemonFCThe center of gravity makes it a rollover hazard.Oct 03 15:06
DaemonFCI think they still make them though.Oct 03 15:06
DaemonFCThe one she drove was a 2007. That was the year that Jeep lowered them by like an inch because the government was concerned about the rollover problem.Oct 03 15:07
DaemonFCSo they obviously did not fix that by lowering it an inch.Oct 03 15:07
DaemonFCThe government allows car manufacturers to make and sell death traps all the time.Oct 03 15:07
DaemonFCNow they're trying to convince people to go sub-compact because of gas prices.Oct 03 15:08
DaemonFCI'd rather pay a little bit more for gas and actually have some vehicle surrounding me if I get into an accident.Oct 03 15:08
DaemonFCIt doesn't matter how good of a driver you are, because you can't control what other people are doing.Oct 03 15:09
DaemonFCYou go to Fort Wayne or Indianapolis and people drive like maniacs.Oct 03 15:09
DaemonFCThey'll change lanes without signaling with about two inches to spare.Oct 03 15:09
DaemonFCPeople are fucking dumb.Oct 03 15:10
DaemonFCThat's why I really want a Crown Vic or something about that size.Oct 03 15:10
DaemonFCThe vehicle can be replaced. I'd rather that the vehicle gets destroyed saving my life.Oct 03 15:11
DaemonFCI can always worry about the money later.Oct 03 15:11
DaemonFCWalk away from the accident today and sue the crap out of their insurance company tomorrow.Oct 03 15:11
*jono ( has joined #techrightsOct 03 15:26
*jono has quit (Changing host)Oct 03 15:26
*jono (~jono@ubuntu/member/jono) has joined #techrightsOct 03 15:26
DaemonFCMy bank is pissing me off.Oct 03 15:44
DaemonFCI might switch banks todayOct 03 15:44
DaemonFCMom keeps telling me to join her credit union. That's not going to happen.Oct 03 15:46
DaemonFCThey'd charge me $72 a year just to  have an account.Oct 03 15:46
*gulag2013 ( has joined #techrightsOct 03 16:05
*oiaohm (~oiaohm@unaffiliated/oiaohm) has joined #techrightsOct 03 16:10
*gulag2013 has quit (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)Oct 03 16:19
*oiaohm has quit (Quit: Konversation terminated!)Oct 03 16:24
roy_1 03 16:44
TechrightsBot-tr@eee_eff: @schestowitz curious where this is...Oct 03 16:44
TechrightsBot-tr@eee_eff: @schestowitz curious where this was taken...?Oct 03 16:44
roy_1maybe computer-generated?Oct 03 16:44
iophk(12.57.33) roy_1: [10:49] <gulag2013> That guy on Jupiter Network Allan Jude is always talking about BSDOct 03 16:44
iophk 03 16:44 | About | BSD NowOct 03 16:44
iophkMaybe he should move on from the Linux show.Oct 03 16:45
DaemonFCroy_1, 03 16:51 | 2002 LINCOLN Town Car for sale in Peru - 1LNHM82W92Y650064 - Paul-Richard GM Center  [ ]Oct 03 16:51
DaemonFCWhat do you think?Oct 03 16:51
DaemonFCShould I buy it? B-)Oct 03 16:51
DaemonFCMy mom would shit if I pulled up in a Lincoln Town Car.Oct 03 16:52
DaemonFCIt's got 128,000 miles on it, but I've seen lots of cars with that engine up over 250,000.Oct 03 16:52
DaemonFCThose big V8s are pretty resilient.Oct 03 16:52
DaemonFCPlus it's rare to find a Town Car/Crown Vic/Grand Marquis that was abused.Oct 03 16:53
DaemonFCThey don't generally appeal to young people.Oct 03 16:53
DaemonFCPeople that drive these things are usually in their 70s or older.Oct 03 16:53
DaemonFCYeah, I'll go look at that Town Car if they still have it on their lot on Saturday.Oct 03 17:09
roy_1 03 17:30
TechrightsBot-tr@schestowitz: Oldest Actively-maintained Distribution of GNU/Linux, Slackware 14.1, is Coming Soon #slackware #gnu #linuxOct 03 17:30
TechrightsBot-tr-> | Oldest Actively-maintained Distribution of GNU/Linux, Slackware 14.1, is Coming Soon | TechrightsOct 03 17:30
TechrightsBot-tr@schestowitz: ‘Microsoft Linux’ (aka SUSE) No Longer a Threat to Red Hat #redhat #suse #novellOct 03 17:30
TechrightsBot-tr-> | ‘Microsoft Linux’ (aka SUSE) No Longer a Threat to Red Hat | TechrightsOct 03 17:30
TechrightsBot-tr@schestowitz: Fedora Turns 10, Release 20 Approaches #fedora #redhat #gnu #linuxOct 03 17:30
TechrightsBot-tr-> | Fedora Turns 10, Release 20 Approaches | TechrightsOct 03 17:30
TechrightsBot-tr@schestowitz: Don’t Buy GNU/Linux, Tizen, or Android From Samsung #linux #tizen #androidOct 03 17:30
TechrightsBot-tr-> | Don’t Buy GNU/Linux, Tizen, or Android From Samsung | TechrightsOct 03 17:30
TechrightsBot-tr@schestowitz: Spam and phishing pretending to be from LinkedIn finally seem to outpace spam from LinkedIn itself (the site that's a mess in one's inbox)Oct 03 17:30
TechrightsBot-tr@schestowitz: Even Microsoft Chief (Departed) Admits That Microsoft is a Very Serious Violator of Privacy #privacy #nsaOct 03 17:30
TechrightsBot-tr-> | Even Microsoft Chief (Departed) Admits That Microsoft is a Very Serious Violator of Privacy | TechrightsOct 03 17:30
iophk 03 17:54 | Lowering Your Standards: DRM and the Future of the W3C | Electronic Frontier Foundation  [ ]Oct 03 17:54
Sosumiyay samsung, I wouldn't buy their stuff nor any other android device with a fork of androidOct 03 17:57
Sosumisimply because I don't know what kind of telemetry tools the manufacturer as put on the thingOct 03 17:58
Sosuminot that I like android, but at least the thing is free soft and the nexus things come with the bootloader unlocked...Oct 03 17:59
*Cirrus_Minor (~Cirrus_Mi@unaffiliated/cirrus-minor/x-6868843) has joined #techrightsOct 03 17:59
Sosumiactually, I don't like cell phones at all, netbook with umts/lte modem > allOct 03 18:00
*sebsebseb (~mageiause@fsf/member/sebsebseb) has joined #techrightsOct 03 18:09
sebsebseb Oct 03 18:09
sebsebsebjoin #unity-codersOct 03 18:09
sebsebsebnope nothing to do with Canonial Ubuntu Unty ^Oct 03 18:10
sebsebsebor that Unity 3D thingOct 03 18:10
Sosumibuuu, mark shutlewormOct 03 18:10
roy_1 03 18:10 Bieber 03 18:10
roy_1"You know in french Justin Bieber can be pronounced "Juste Imbibé" (say "Just um bibé") (in english : "just soaked") which means "just drunk" :D"Oct 03 18:10
sebsebsebroy_1: near you later this mnth again or kind of Oct 03 18:11
sebsebsebLiverpoolOct 03 18:11
roy_1so come to mancOct 03 18:12
sebsebsebroy_1: probably notOct 03 18:12
sebsebsebtrain already going to be expensieOct 03 18:12
roy_1 03 18:12 reshared: #beliefs #atheistOct 03 18:12
sebsebsebgoing to Liverpool and bacOct 03 18:12
TechrightsBot-tr  Photo by 03 18:12
sebsebseband  hotel will be expeise toOct 03 18:12
sebsebsebroy_1: come to OGG Camp maybe :dOct 03 18:12
sebsebsebroy_1: http://oggcamp.orgOct 03 18:13 | OggCampOct 03 18:13
roy_1"Why worry about commenting on other people's opinions on D*? Get over it, you weakling. ;-)"Oct 03 18:13
iophk"It's just surprising and disappointing to see the W3C and its Director  gamble against the precedent of their own success, as well as the fears  and consciences of so many of their colleagues."Oct 03 18:21
iophkold - 03 18:41 | LKML: Alan Cox: Re: [OT] DRM OSOct 03 18:41
*Sosumi has quit (Quit: Leaving)Oct 03 18:42
roy_1gotOct 03 18:43
roy_1questionOct 03 18:44
iophk?Oct 03 18:44
roy_1why is it that in kubuntu 13.04 firefox and thunderbird sometimes don't have spellcheck as you tyOct 03 18:45
roy_1It's a known bug in older versionsOct 03 18:45
roy_1and i preserved old settingsOct 03 18:45
iophkI stopped using KDE a while back, I'm passing though an LXDE phase.Oct 03 18:46
roy_1I tried all sorts of things, behaviour is not even consistent, sometimes it works. sometimes (most of the time) notOct 03 18:46
iophkDoes it happen even in other apps?  Oct 03 18:46
iophkMaybe also in a simple text editor.Oct 03 18:46
roy_1also, gtk GUI (coarse) in FirefoxOct 03 18:47
roy_1In some sites Firefox behaves OKOct 03 18:47
roy_1Anyway, I am still adjusting to this new systemOct 03 18:47
iophkDid you get the apps added ok?Oct 03 18:48
roy_1qt apps like kate work wellOct 03 18:48
roy_1ah!Oct 03 18:50
roy_1I've solved it for FirefoxOct 03 18:50
roy_1odd checkboxOct 03 18:50
roy_1Let's try thunderbirdOct 03 18:51
iophkWhy was the problem intermittent?  Which checkbox?Oct 03 18:51
roy_1wrote 7 posts today, but still spending days on many other thingsOct 03 18:51
roy_1need to choose a dictionaryOct 03 18:51
roy_1ohOct 03 18:53
roy_1and to make it more fscked upOct 03 18:53
roy_1in thunderbird the spellchecker always works OK in subject lineOct 03 18:53
roy_1a complete reversal compared to old versionsOct 03 18:53
roy_1where thunderbird didn't have the ability to do thisOct 03 18:53
roy_1having seen my colleague sending off a message to a client saying "hell andrew" today (not Hello), I do need this fixedOct 03 18:54
iophkThunderbird->Preferences->Composition->Spelling->Enable spell check as you type should have done it but it doesn'tOct 03 18:58
roy_1yes, but if only this was the issue...Oct 03 19:08
*sebsebseb has quit (Quit: Konversation terminated!)Oct 03 19:09
roy_1There are many bug reprots and reported fixes like 03 19:09 | Spell Check is not working, still...... | Firefox Support Forum | Mozilla Support  [ ]Oct 03 19:09
roy_1YouTube broke the video downloaders againOct 03 19:09
roy_1moving goalpostsOct 03 19:10
roy_1will post your EFF link re DRMOct 03 19:10
iophkcaching and autoplay are messed up too in YoutubeOct 03 19:10
iophkThere was some news a while back about the DRM, but it looks like nothing has changed since then.Oct 03 19:11
iophkT B-L of all people used to be for an open web.  He designed it that way and defended that design up until recently.Oct 03 19:11
roy_1I thinklOct 03 19:11
roy_1Android tends to serve via html5Oct 03 19:11
roy_1the  Web is getting more messy in  some areas  thoughOct 03 19:12
iophkFirefoxOS will use HTML5 appsOct 03 19:12
roy_1changed dictionaries, restarts, works now?Oct 03 19:14
*Sosumi ( has joined #techrightsOct 03 19:15
*roy_1 is now known as schestowitz_bedOct 03 19:20
Sosumiwhen does the US default on it's debt? drama is getting nauseatingOct 03 19:27
MinceRi think it's going to take quite a bit of thrashingOct 03 19:27
Sosumino MMA?Oct 03 19:28
Sosumiobama vs XOct 03 19:28
Sosumijoking aside, how many will suffer from beneficts cuts?Oct 03 19:29
schestowitz_bedthey can't cut benefitOct 03 19:30
schestowitz_bedit would rile up well armed peopleOct 03 19:30
schestowitz_bedmore militiasOct 03 19:30
schestowitz_bedThe plutocrats need to appease those people with at least soup kiutchenOct 03 19:30
schestowitz_bedor flee the country to their second home overseasOct 03 19:30
SosumiI seeOct 03 19:31
schestowitz_bedor make the unemployed join the armyOct 03 19:31
schestowitz_bedwhich post-wikileaks era is harder, people are better informedOct 03 19:31
*Cirrus_Minor has quit (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)Oct 03 19:31
schestowitz_bedthey turns against their government and those who run it (buy congress), not other races and immigrants, as Rupert Murdoch's Fox 'news' wants them tpoOct 03 19:32
schestowitz_bed(sorry for typos, not sitting down)Oct 03 19:32
schestowitz_bed!google ag holder worries anti governmentOct 03 19:32
TechrightsBot-tr[1] - AG Holder: Americans Not Worried Enough About Home-Grown ... | 03 19:32
TechrightsBot-tr[2] - AG Holder's 'see no evil' Muslim dilemma » Fresh Ink -- GOPUSA | 03 19:32
TechrightsBot-tr[3] - Dimon meets with AG Holder over DOJ probe | Crain's New York ... | 03 19:32
TechrightsBot-tr[4] - Politico: AG Holder Now Untouchable - Breitbart | 03 19:32
Sosumiwell, the shadow gov will keep things rolling while the drama play goes onOct 03 19:32
schestowitz_bedsee [1] aboveOct 03 19:33
DaemonFC 03 19:33 | Has anyone ever owned a Lincoln Town car? Did you like it - Straight Dope Message Board  [ ]Oct 03 19:33
DaemonFC"handling of a small ocean liner"Oct 03 19:33
DaemonFClolOct 03 19:33
schestowitz_bedhe calls unrest terrorismOct 03 19:33
schestowitz_bedalready calling USians "terrorists"Oct 03 19:33
schestowitz_bedI guess that's how he justifies droning at least 4 USians. 3 by accidentOct 03 19:33
Sosumi*facepalm* public unrest is a reflection of the crap the politicians and wall St doOct 03 19:34
Sosumiand well, dupping mentally chalenged folksOct 03 19:36
Sosumimore canon fodder for the prison industrial complexOct 03 19:36
Sosumiwill the new US assembled mac pro be shipped from a prison near you? lolOct 03 19:38
Sosumi 03 19:40 | Shots Fired Near US Capitol; Capitol In Lockdown; ‘Shelter in Place’ Ordered in - Live Feed | Zero Hedge  [ ]Oct 03 19:40
*Cirrus_Minor (~Cirrus_Mi@unaffiliated/cirrus-minor/x-6868843) has joined #techrightsOct 03 19:41
*DaemonFC has quit (Remote host closed the connection)Oct 03 19:49
Sosumiwho let the lsd guy out?Oct 03 19:49
Sosumiwith a gun :/Oct 03 19:50
*jono has quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)Oct 03 19:57
*jono (~jono@ubuntu/member/jono) has joined #techrightsOct 03 20:10
Sosumi 03 20:45
Sosumieverything's ok nowOct 03 20:45
Sosumi 03 20:46 | Shots Fired Near Nation's Capitol  | NBC4 Washington  [ ]Oct 03 20:46
Sosumi"lockdown" liftedOct 03 20:47
Sosumi 03 20:48 | HARDOCP - iPhone 5S Motion Sensors Are Totally Screwed Up  [ ]Oct 03 20:48
Sosumithat's what happens when you're on LSDOct 03 20:48
Sosumithat and Helvetica NeueOct 03 20:48
MinceRdoesn't matter, they'll buy it anywayOct 03 21:07
*iophk has quit (Quit: Leaving.)Oct 03 21:29
*jono has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)Oct 03 21:55
*jono (~jono@ubuntu/member/jono) has joined #techrightsOct 03 22:12
MinceRgnOct 03 22:20
*gulag2013 ( has joined #techrightsOct 03 22:27
*brendyn has quit (Ping timeout: 256 seconds)Oct 03 22:41
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