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MinceR 04 07:23 | NO TITLEOct 04 07:23
gulag2013Interesting. It's to bad I don't allow cookies. Oct 04 07:25
MinceR:)Oct 04 07:26
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MinceRgeekingsOct 04 09:04
schestowitz_bed"All religion, my friend, is simply evolved out of fraud, fear, greed, imagination, and poetry."Oct 04 09:15
schestowitz_bed—Edgar Allan PoeOct 04 09:15
MinceR:)Oct 04 09:15
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iophk 04 13:07 | How a telecom helped the government spy on me | Ars Technica  [ ]Oct 04 13:07
iophkmore "metadata"Oct 04 13:07
iophk"The point here is that now Berners-Lee has officially blessed the idea of locking down HTML, it will be hard if not impossible to resist calls for the same technology to be applied in other ways."Oct 04 13:26
iophk 04 13:26 | Time to Fight Against a DRM'd Web - by Forking It - Open Enterprise  [ ]Oct 04 13:26
iophkI don't get why he promoted DRM.  He once promoted an open WebOct 04 13:26
iophkand designed it to be open from the beginning.Oct 04 13:26
iophkIt sure would not have grown into anything significant if it had been DRM'd from the beginning or in any other way closed.Oct 04 13:27
iophkIt's too early to fork the WWW IMHO, not until the fight is over.Oct 04 13:28
iophk" If we want to keep the open Web, it looks like we are going to have to fight for it - and, sadly, against its inventor."Oct 04 13:28
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iophkWindows?  It does mention a reboot, 04 14:05 | Oh, shoppin’ HELL: I’m in the supermarket of the DAMNED • The Register  [ ]Oct 04 14:05
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iophk 04 14:07 | Active Directory glitch blamed for IT failure at Scottish hospitals -  [ ]Oct 04 14:07
iophkWTF was AD doing in the infrastructure?Oct 04 14:16
MinceRmaking it unreliable, insecure and a lot more costly, obviouslyOct 04 14:17
MinceRas for the supermarket, i don't trust self-service checkoutOct 04 14:17
MinceRthey can't even make vending machines reliableOct 04 14:18
iophkYeah, it's probably there to increase costs and decrease efficiency.  However, Kerberos has fared even less well under M$ influence.Oct 04 14:20
iophk 04 14:24 | Automated mailout of CVS source tree changes  [ ]Oct 04 14:24
iophk 04 14:26 | Whistleblowers – Hearing on NSA & Mass Surveillance, European Parliament 30 Sept 2013 [Video+MP3] | Christian Engström, Pirate MEP  [ ]Oct 04 14:26
DaemonFC 04 14:43 | Microsoft Reportedly Looking To Put Windows Phone On Android Devices, Starting With HTC  |  TechCrunch  [ ]Oct 04 14:43
DaemonFCThey have the patent threats as leverage.Oct 04 14:43
DaemonFC"Put this OS that nobody wants on your phones or we'll sue you over Android."Oct 04 14:43
MinceRindeedOct 04 14:44
MinceRtime for device makers to gang up on m$Oct 04 14:44
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SosumiEdgar Allan Poe ftw!Oct 04 15:20
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DaemonFC ZOMG PINK PONIES says:Oct 04 16:16
DaemonFCGiven that more than half of the members of the House and a supermajority of the members of the Senate are millionaires or billionaires, does anyone think that having their pay withheld for a few weeks is going to put them in a bind?Oct 04 16:16
DaemonFCThey're not the 78%. (If you have no debt and ten dollars in your pocket, you're richer than most Americans.) Oct 04 16:16
DaemonFC ZOMG PINK PONIES says:Oct 04 16:17
DaemonFCNow, maybe if they'd pass a "No government gets the obstructionists removed from office" bill, the crisis would be over in less than an hour. Oct 04 16:17
iophk 04 16:34 | Microsoft Said to Ask HTC for Windows on Android Phones - Bloomberg  [ ]Oct 04 16:34
iophk 04 17:19 | French police move from Windows to Ubuntu Linux  | ZDNet  [ ]Oct 04 17:19
iophkmoving slowly, but movingOct 04 17:20
iophk 04 17:26 | FSFE Newsletter - October 2013  [ ]Oct 04 17:26
iophk 04 17:43 | NSA and GCHQ target Tor network that protects anonymity of web users | World news |  [ ]Oct 04 17:43
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DaemonFCI just took an interview about how I feel about the minimum wage in this country and employers that pay close to it.Oct 04 18:05
DaemonFCI said that I think that the minimum wage should be raised to $10.72 an hour and that employers should be required to give food service workers a few paid sick days per year and at least catastrophic care health and dental insurance.Oct 04 18:06
DaemonFCand that I disagree with restaurants that require customers to tipOct 04 18:06
DaemonFCthey should pay their employees and build the price of their wages into the menuOct 04 18:07
DaemonFCschestowitz, I mentioned Dawn.Oct 04 18:08
DaemonFCI told the interviewer that I knew that her employer didn't give her any sick days and so when she had the flu, they had her in the back washing dishes.Oct 04 18:08
DaemonFCI told the interviewer that this is disgusting, but probably pretty common, and that I agree with the cities that are passing laws to give food service workers a few paid sick days.Oct 04 18:09
DaemonFCI told him that I don't know how people even survive that.Oct 04 18:10
DaemonFCThat kind of employment.Oct 04 18:10
DaemonFCThe minimum wage for restaurant servers is only $2.12 per hour, and they rely on how generous their customers happen to be to make up the slack.Oct 04 18:10
DaemonFCSo some of them might do well, and others may not. They might work very hard and not make very much money. It's more or less just luck.Oct 04 18:11
DaemonFCHe asked me if I'd heard of the strikes and I told him yes.Oct 04 18:12
DaemonFCHe asked how I felt about them. I said that I support the workers in principle, but that their employers will just get away with hiring scabs and strike breakers, so it will probably just end up costing them their jobs.Oct 04 18:12
DaemonFCI don't think that people who do entry level/service jobs should be paid an exorbitant amount of money. $15 an hour is too much.Oct 04 18:14
DaemonFCBut they shouldn't be making $7 or $8 an hour either, because you can't live on that.Oct 04 18:14
DaemonFCHe asked whether that impacts my choice to eat at those restaurants. I told him that I don't go there as much as I'd really like to because of that. I go a few times a year when it's someone's birthday or something, and I tip well, but that I generally avoid them the rest of the time.Oct 04 18:15
DaemonFCI think it's ridiculous when a restaurant charges you $25 for a steak dinner and $5 for a bottle of beer and the waitress is making minimum wage.Oct 04 18:16
DaemonFCYou might have 7-8 people sitting at that table, and a bill for over $200 when you leave the restaurant, and the wait staff are not even making $3 an hour if they don't get their tips.Oct 04 18:17
DaemonFCI said that expecting the customer to pay your employees is vulgar.Oct 04 18:17
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DaemonFCThey asked me what difference I thought the Bush Tax Cuts made for the working poor.Oct 04 18:50
DaemonFCI said "Probably none at all. The way those employers think, if their employees get a $500 a year tax cut, it's justification to pay them $500 less every year."Oct 04 18:50
schestowitz_bed 04 19:12 Is Slackware, The Oldest Remaining Linux Distribution, Right For You? #slackware #gnu #linuxOct 04 19:12
TechrightsBot-tr-> | Is Slackware, The Oldest Remaining Linux Distribution, Right For You?  [ ]Oct 04 19:12
schestowitz_bed"Once you've become "Slacker" (slackware addict), any other distro feels like wearing handcuffs - restrictive and clastropobic. The article isn't good - one has the suspicion that the author hasn't even bothered to install slackware - let alone use it. He certainly didn't bother finding out, by asking on, WHY Slackware has such a solid community."Oct 04 19:12
schestowitz_bed"Once you've become "Slacker" (slackware addict), any other distro feels like wearing handcuffs - restrictive and claustrophobic. The article isn't good - one has the suspicion that the author hasn't even bothered to install slackware - let alone use it. He certainly didn't bother finding out, by asking on, WHY Slackware has such a solid community and hence why it is the way it is."Oct 04 19:16
schestowitz_bediophk: thanks for the linksOct 04 19:16
schestowitz_bedadded for laterOct 04 19:16
schestowitz_bedcurious stuff about HTCOct 04 19:16
schestowitz_bedBut they also tried Blubboxes or whatever it was called to port Android apps to WindowsOct 04 19:17
schestowitz_bedThose strategies never quite workOct 04 19:17
schestowitz_bedIf they offer discounts on Android tax for installs of Windows, that's bribery on top of extortionOct 04 19:17
schestowitz_bedwhich adds to Elop's crimeOct 04 19:17
schestowitz_bedMicrosoft is still a very criminal companyOct 04 19:18
schestowitz_bed"Oct 04 19:20
schestowitz_bedMy total distaste goes back to the 1980's when I saw in the US consulate an old man - an Iranian - being refused a visa to visit his family in the USA - coa he was Iranian (so was the Shah!).Oct 04 19:20
schestowitz_bedPrior to that - this will make you laugh - in the 1970s - Cold War - a Finnish friend was refused entry - despite guaranteed employment etc. - because Finland was regarded as "suspect".Oct 04 19:20
schestowitz_bedMy experience of being pissed off has to do with filling out a form, then being asked the same questions that were on the form before departure and being asked the same questions on arrival - despite having a "lifetime" visa - yup - back in the 1980's. Each time the official acting like a nazi.Oct 04 19:20
schestowitz_bedI spent a month's holiday within 100m of the Soviet border requiring both Finnish and Soviet special permission - and it was less buraucratic than the USA - and far more polite.Oct 04 19:21
schestowitz_bedI now travel to te UK only by train and boat - it's beautiful compared with the Eurostar and I refuse to fly - so no one can tell me to take my shoes off :)Oct 04 19:21
schestowitz_bed"Oct 04 19:21
schestowitz_bed 04 19:21 This is why myself and some friends of mine aren't even interested in visiting the US anymore 04 19:21
TechrightsBot-tr-> | Ilija Trojanow, German Writer, Banned From US For Criticizing NSA  [ ]Oct 04 19:21
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DaemonFC 04 20:03 | 2001 Dodge Caravan for sale in Columbia City - 2B8GP54L01R293736 - City Automall  [ ]Oct 04 20:03
DaemonFCI don't know if I'm interested in this or not.Oct 04 20:04
DaemonFCGood: It seems like the body is in good shape. It's my favorite color. I do like minivans. Carfax actually has records that prove it was maintained.Oct 04 20:04
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DaemonFCBad: It's a 13 year old van with 130,000 miles on it. Carfax reports it was sideswiped, but it looks like it was repaired.Oct 04 20:05
DaemonFCThe thing about impact damage being repaired is that they can make the vehicle look right, but it might not ever be right again.Oct 04 20:05
DaemonFCMy car was in a front end collision and it didn't do any damage to the front of the car that was visible, but someone jury rigged some things.Oct 04 20:07
DaemonFCI ended up having to put a new headlight mounting bracket on it.Oct 04 20:07
DaemonFCThey also neglected the coolant system, so that's pretty much all been replaced.Oct 04 20:08
DaemonFCI don't want to end up with a vehicle like this again. It's been a money pit.Oct 04 20:08
DaemonFCThis is why I hate car shopping.Oct 04 20:09
DaemonFCYou can take two identical vehicles and give them to two different people and one will be ready for the junkyard at 100,000 miles, and the other will be ready for another 150,000.Oct 04 20:09
MinceRthis is part of why i'd hate to shop for used carsOct 04 20:09
DaemonFCMinceR, Exactly. It can be almost impossible to tell what kind of car you have until AFTER you already own it.Oct 04 20:10
DaemonFCOf course, you can also end up with a bad new car.Oct 04 20:11
DaemonFCIt's less likely, but it happens.Oct 04 20:11
DaemonFCMy mom said she bought a new Volkswagon Rabbit back in the late 1970s.Oct 04 20:11
DaemonFCAnd it only had like 30,000 miles on it when the engine caught fire and destroyed it.Oct 04 20:12
DaemonFCIt stranded her in Illinois.Oct 04 20:12
MinceR:>Oct 04 20:12
DaemonFCWell, it's funny NOW.Oct 04 20:13
DaemonFCBut I'm sure it wasn't exactly hilarious when you're standing right beside a new car that you're still making payments on while it's on fire.Oct 04 20:13
DaemonFCI said oh jesus it's a fire!Oct 04 20:14
DaemonFCI said lord jesus it's a fire!Oct 04 20:14
DaemonFCJesus Jesus Jesus it's a fire!Oct 04 20:14
DaemonFCAin't nobody got time for that! Ain't nobody got time for that! Ain't nobody got time, ain't nobody got time, ain't nobody got time for that!Oct 04 20:14
DaemonFC 04 20:15 | Ain't Nobody Got Time for That!-Original - YouTube  [ ]Oct 04 20:15
DaemonFC 04 20:15 | Ain't Nobody Got Time For That (Original + AutoTune) - YouTube  [ ]Oct 04 20:15
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DaemonFCMinceR, It's almost impossible to find a good used minivan.Oct 04 20:18
DaemonFCPeople run them into the ground and then sell them.Oct 04 20:18
DaemonFCAlmost all of them I see for sale have more than 200,000 miles on them.Oct 04 20:19
DaemonFCI wouldn't pay much more than crush value for a vehicle over 200,000.Oct 04 20:19
DaemonFC 04 20:22 | 1999 CHRYSLER CONCORDE LXi - Leather - Sunroof - DRIVES GREAT! $1990  [ ]Oct 04 20:22
DaemonFCRebuilt title. I wonder what happened.Oct 04 20:22
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DaemonFCThere's a lot of those floating around. Flood damage and stuff.Oct 04 20:22
DaemonFCMesses up the car's electrical system but sometimes doesn't leave any visible damage.Oct 04 20:22
DaemonFCI don't know exactly why, but a lot of these newer cars (2000 and later) have severe rust problems.Oct 04 20:24
DaemonFCI suspect that they're designed to start rusting after several years to destroy the remaining value.Oct 04 20:25
DaemonFCMinceR, The funniest thing I've ever witnessed in regards to vehicle damage was when I was leaving a bar with a friend and he backed into someone's Cadillac DeVille.Oct 04 20:40
DaemonFCLooked pretty new.Oct 04 20:40
DaemonFCHim: "Shit! Did anyone see that?" *drives off*Oct 04 20:40
MinceRdidn't fundies rage about the name of that car? :>Oct 04 20:40
DaemonFCI was giggling about that for days.Oct 04 20:40
DaemonFCMy grandmother drives one.Oct 04 20:41
DaemonFCShe bought it by mortgaging her house.Oct 04 20:41
DaemonFCHer house is in such disrepair that she owes more to the bank than what it's worth.Oct 04 20:41
DaemonFCShe took the mortgage out on it when we were in the middle of the housing bubble.Oct 04 20:41
DaemonFCShe was bragging about having a Cadillac one day and I told her "I don't think they have any parking spots in hell.".Oct 04 20:42
MinceR:>Oct 04 20:44
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Cirrus_MinorThis MPD server be runnin 24/7 feelfree to add it to yr media players, wurks on all devices  mplayer 04 21:35
Sosumionly roasted meat in hellOct 04 21:38
Sosumiand spartans having dinnerOct 04 21:38
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MinceR 04 21:41
Sosumi:)Oct 04 21:45
Sosumi 04 21:45
Sosumihope the crackers release the source code of adobe's trash playerOct 04 21:46
SosumiI really don't understand the whole hackerspace thing, we have one at my university, but it's idioticOct 04 21:50
Sosumiplaying with arduino, rasperberry Pis for trivial stuffOct 04 21:51
Sosumiinstead of focusing on common things that actually have useOct 04 21:51
Sosumino AI lab, no computer penetration and security, no signals intelligenceOct 04 21:54
JimmyCartersignals intelligence?Oct 04 21:58
SosumiyesOct 04 21:58
JimmyCarterwhat would that hackspace activity consist of?Oct 04 21:58
Sosumimy proposal was to create a android app to filter the celullar networkOct 04 21:59
JimmyCarterare any not encrypted?Oct 04 22:00
Sosumiso the user could, for now manually, select which signals he would want to connectOct 04 22:00
Sosumiyes and inform if they are encrypted, or notOct 04 22:00
Sosumiand also teach algos, to create a signal strenght to noise ratio for position inside the campus using the internal wifi networkOct 04 22:01
JimmyCarterguess could also listen in on police scanners.  not sure for what purposeOct 04 22:01
JimmyCarterjust because 'signals intelligence' sounds cool hehOct 04 22:02
Sosumiyeah :)Oct 04 22:02
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Sosumilater could have them create a "snooper"Oct 04 22:02
Sosumiall for academic porpusesOct 04 22:03
*DanielIvanov is now known as ThistleWebOct 04 22:04
Sosumicould also have them build a stock market simulationOct 04 22:04
Sosumiand/or tap the chatter on the web to predict trends, rises, mood of the nation, etcOct 04 22:05
Sosumithe fun stuff of which they can learn something that'll be usable in real lifeOct 04 22:07
Sosumi 04 22:17
SosumiData Mining Reveals the Emotional Differences In Emails From Men and WomenOct 04 22:17
SosumiDatamining!Oct 04 22:18
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JimmyCarterwell you can work on whatever you want at a hackspaceOct 04 22:33
JimmyCartermaybe after you hangout there awhile youl meet others who want to help Oct 04 22:33
DaemonFCComcast keeps offering to help me save money.Oct 04 22:42
DaemonFCSomehow their definition of saving money is doubling your bill.Oct 04 22:43
DaemonFCI don't think I need that kind of help.Oct 04 22:43
DaemonFC"You save $10 a month on your internet when you bundle it with a TV package!"Oct 04 22:43
DaemonFCMe: "Yeah, but then I'm paying for a bunch of crap channels and all kinds of fees and equipment rental and tax."Oct 04 22:44
DaemonFCI actually had AT&T call a few days ago.Oct 04 22:44
DaemonFCI told the guy I hate money.Oct 04 22:44
DaemonFCI said I've got a whole pile of it and if they don't take it all, I'm going to go out back and burn it.Oct 04 22:45
DaemonFCI kept him going for a while before I got to that.Oct 04 22:45
DaemonFCEventually he caught on and hung up on me.Oct 04 22:45
DaemonFC 04 22:47
DaemonFCBut, if you're a parasite with a lot of kids on welfare, Comcast will give you internet for $10 a month with no modem rental fees.Oct 04 22:48
DaemonFCThey'll even sell you a computer below cost if you want one.Oct 04 22:48
DaemonFCMinceR, I just need to have like five or six kids I can't afford and then I'll be cleaning up. My problem is that I'm one of those people who was stupid and responsible and decided against having lots of kids.Oct 04 22:49
MinceRsave money -- for us! :>Oct 04 22:49
DaemonFCYeah. I calculated what my Comcast bill would be while the rep was on the phone with me and I told him that my bill would go from $52 a month for internet to $126 for internet and a crappy TV package.Oct 04 22:50
DaemonFCAsked him where the savings were.Oct 04 22:50
DaemonFC"What I'd like is for you to stop offering to bundle my internet with a bunch of things that nobody under 50 cares about."Oct 04 22:51
DaemonFC:)Oct 04 22:51
DaemonFCMy mom keeps complaining that her TV bill is high.Oct 04 22:51
DaemonFCIt's because Dave sits there on the couch in his underwear watching people shout at each other on the "news".Oct 04 22:52
DaemonFCand they suck another $70 a month out of you for that.Oct 04 22:52
DaemonFCJesus...Oct 04 22:52
DaemonFCI can't believe people actually pay for that.Oct 04 22:52
DaemonFCSilly old me, I'd rather have an extra $800 a year in my pocket.Oct 04 22:54
DaemonFCWhat could I possibly be thinking?Oct 04 22:54
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Sosumiho, no no noOct 04 23:04
Sosumithey coordenate the thingOct 04 23:05
Sosumilike, next week it's about playing with solidworks and 3d print the thing that was createdOct 04 23:06
Sosumion the week after it's about arduino and robots, hopefully they'll introduce the folks there to computer vision and pattern recognitionOct 04 23:07
Sosumithey have the thing delimitedOct 04 23:08
Sosumiinstead of the ppl gathering, discussing what they want to do, make groups, learn what they need in a "familiar" environment and finish their projectOct 04 23:13
Sosumiand ho well, dassault sistemes is one of the corporate patners anyways...Oct 04 23:14
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