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schestowitz__ 15 00:29
-TechBytesBot/ Guess who's beating the drums of war for US intervention? 15 00:29
-TechBytesBot/#techbytes--> | Syria: Where Snipers Shoot the Children - WSJ [ ]Jun 15 00:29
-TechBytesBot/#techbytes--> | Extremist Iraq Offensive Pressures Obama on Air Strikes - Bloomberg [ ]Jun 15 00:29
schestowitz__"I won't be caught again in that, the West was horrified by supossed Ukrainian government's snipers killing demonstrators but the new Ukrainian government shelling whole cities so far has been fine."Jun 15 00:29
schestowitz__ 15 00:30
-TechBytesBot/ America is Rapidly Being Transformed into a "Controlled" State they say they wish to spread freedom and democracyJun 15 00:30
-TechBytesBot/#techbytes--> | Article: America is Rapidly Being Transformed into a "Controlled" State | OpEdNews [ ]Jun 15 00:30
schestowitz__"Jun 15 00:30
schestowitz__I lived in Japan for six months some time ago, and one time the police stopped me riding a bicycle; stealing bicycles is the most common crime in Japan and Latin American foreigners are the main suspects. Anyway, while I was showing proof of ownership I saw the policemen very close: one of them was unarmed, and was so skinny that I might have knocked him out in a punch, the other had a small gun but was shorter than me and weared noJun 15 00:30
schestowitz__protective armor, police in Japan is more or less like this.Jun 15 00:30
schestowitz__So I think US people might feel very protected with policemen carrying heavy weapons and roaming in armored vehicles unlike the Japanese ones.Jun 15 00:30
schestowitz__"Jun 15 00:30
schestowitz__In the uk policemen rarely if ever carry any firearmsJun 15 00:30
schestowitz__ 15 08:15
-TechBytesBot/ Pew is push-polling: "collection of telephone and internet data as part of anti-terrorism efforts?" loaded questionJun 15 08:15
-TechBytesBot/#techbytes--> | Table 4.6 NSA Surveillance | Pew Research Center for the People and the Press [ ]Jun 15 08:15
schestowitz__"It's appropriate that the logo the auto link picked up is Facebook."Jun 15 08:15
schestowitz__ 15 08:16
-TechBytesBot/ My parents in law finally had their Windows PC 'fixed'. Couldn't get around lockout for wrong password, 'specialist' formatted whole drive!Jun 15 08:16
schestowitz__"I hope he formatted it with something nice like Trisquel after rescuing pictures, email and other important things."Jun 15 08:16
schestowitz__ 15 08:16
-TechBytesBot/ 2nd Cir. Affirms That Creation of Full-Text Searchable Database of Works Is Fair Use #copyrightJun 15 08:16
schestowitz__"such small progress. we are not yet free to share."Jun 15 08:16
-TechBytesBot/#techbytes--> | 2nd Cir. Affirms That Creation of Full-Text Searchable Database of Works Is Fair Use | Bloomberg BNA [ ]Jun 15 08:16
schestowitz__Sharing kills kittensJun 15 08:16
schestowitz__ 15 08:20
schestowitz__"I read <a href="">the New Republic's long article</a> and I'm not sure there's real plagiarism here. There are things that are poorly paraphrased but most of it seems to come with attribution. The point of publishing is to get people talking, so I don't like paraphrasing called "stealing". This could be a smear campaign."Jun 15 08:20
-TechBytesBot/ "When a reporter fabricates stories, or passes along government lies as truth, people can get killed." 15 08:20
-TechBytesBot/#techbytes--> | Plagiarism: Why It Matters [ ]Jun 15 08:20
schestowitz__"You have to remember how many other journalists on the left are in jail or dead."Jun 15 08:20
-TechBytesBot/ | Chris Hedges is a Pulitzer Winner, a Lefty Hero, & a Plagiarist. | New Republic [ ]Jun 15 08:20
schestowitz__Indeed, he's a targetJun 15 08:20
schestowitz__ 15 17:49
-TechBytesBot/ Some #manchesteruniversity sub-sites are reporting their visitors to #facebook - who designs such Web pages?! 15 17:49
-TechBytesBot/#techbytes--> | Facebook To Use Your Web Browsing History for Targeted Ads, Here's How To Opt-Out Now - The Hacker News [ ]Jun 15 17:49
schestowitz__"So, cookies and history. Wow. Also on privacy browsing? (I don't know how is called in English the Ctrl + shift + P mode on Firefox)"Jun 15 17:49
schestowitz__"So, cookies and history. Wow. Even on privacy browsing? (I don't know how is called in English the Ctrl + shift + P mode on Firefox)"Jun 15 17:49
schestowitz__ 15 17:50
-TechBytesBot/ Firefox risks user backlash by adding search box to new tab page this is the least of issues in #firefox or #mozillaJun 15 17:50
-TechBytesBot/#techbytes--> | Firefox risks user backlash by adding search box to new tab page - Computerworld [ ]Jun 15 17:50
schestowitz__"i expect this to be chromebook-like. :("Jun 15 17:50
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schestowitz__ 15 20:05
schestowitz__"Couple of little noises I'd like to make -- 1. Chemotaxis evolved in ancient microbes along with ion channels. 2. Comb jellies and sponges are evolutionary side streets. They did not really lead to higher life forms. Annelid worms did."Jun 15 20:05
-TechBytesBot/ reshared: ![]( #Image #Picture #Science - #Brain #EvolutionJun 15 20:05
schestowitz__ 15 20:05
-TechBytesBot/ #us is fearing #china for several reasons: China is not only a fast producer (e.g. of weapons) but is also the parts maker of US planesJun 15 20:05
schestowitz__"Looks like the oligarchic merger is not going as well as idiots like Gates and flunkies like Romney thought it would. Protect your freedom or prepare to be assimilated."Jun 15 20:05
schestowitz__ 15 20:06
-TechBytesBot/ Making oneself a nuclear target by becoming the 'host' of nukes #holland 'hosts' dozens of them (for US) alsoJun 15 20:06
schestowitz__ 15 20:06
-TechBytesBot/#techbytes--> | Exclusive: UK to step up collaboration with US over nuclear warheads | World news | The Guardian [ ]Jun 15 20:06
schestowitz__ 15 20:08
-TechBytesBot/ Curious thing is, when I was in Imperial War Museum last week demo of nuclear impact on Manchester implies nuke descent from west (America)Jun 15 20:08
schestowitz__"More likely a submarine from minilove."Jun 15 20:08
schestowitz__>>> It's not obvious from Kolab's documentation how it handles IMAPS forJun 15 20:16
schestowitz__>>> clients.  It looks like it might be one of those things that goesJun 15 20:16
schestowitz__>>> without saying and thus has gone unsaid.  Do you know, through your workJun 15 20:16
schestowitz__>>> or otherwise, how Kolab can use IMAPS with mail clients and where it isJun 15 20:16
schestowitz__>>> written up?Jun 15 20:16
schestowitz__>>Jun 15 20:16
schestowitz__>> I have installed roundcube, which I think Kolab develops, for a fewJun 15 20:16
schestowitz__>> clients, but I have no direct experience with Kolab. Kmail has beenJun 15 20:16
schestowitz__>> mostly made useful for me (could not set this up with the shitty KDEJun 15 20:16
schestowitz__>> indexers), so Kolab is just not for me, I guess...Jun 15 20:16
schestowitz__>Jun 15 20:16
schestowitz__> Ok.  I was thinking specifically how the Kolab software that one wouldJun 15 20:16
schestowitz__> run one's own server would interact with IMAPS mail clients.  The onlineJun 15 20:16
schestowitz__> documentation implies that IMAP is used for a lot by Kolab, not justJun 15 20:16
schestowitz__> mail, but then elsewhere only POP3 is mentioned in regards to mail.Jun 15 20:16
schestowitz__>Jun 15 20:16
schestowitz__>> PJ recommended Kolab. Does she use it now? When did she last madeJun 15 20:16
schestowitz__>> contact with 'the world'? She shut down almost a year ago (interesting IJun 15 20:16
schestowitz__>> dreamed about Groklaw and related stuff last night), now it's rare toJun 15 20:16
schestowitz__>> hear anything from her or about her....Jun 15 20:16
schestowitz__>Jun 15 20:16
schestowitz__> I used some Groklaw links a few months ago and was really missing theJun 15 20:16
schestowitz__> site's analysis on new cases yesterday.  I haven't heard of anythingJun 15 20:16
schestowitz__> since she departed.  I have her new public address but haven't written,Jun 15 20:16
schestowitz__> being still on gmail myself.  I guess it's a combination of her freakingJun 15 20:16
schestowitz__> out over threats as well as having earned her retirement.Jun 15 20:16
schestowitz__>Jun 15 20:16
schestowitz__> BTW I notice now that there's not a single commercial journal that I canJun 15 20:17
schestowitz__> find that is anything other than pro-M$ propaganda.  In that I includeJun 15 20:17
schestowitz__> even the late /. despite it's recent Perens interview.  They throw aJun 15 20:17
schestowitz__> bone like that out just often enough to keep from being dismissed offhand.Jun 15 20:17
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*pidgin_log ( has joined #techbytesJun 15 23:30
schestowitz__ 16 09:54
-TechBytesBot/ reshared: **WTF is this truck doing in the water?** ![]( #gifJun 16 09:54
schestowitz__"I'm guessing that part of this story is a flood."Jun 16 09:54
schestowitz__ 16 09:54
-TechBytesBot/ reshared: ![]( #comicJun 16 09:54
schestowitz__"And one day it will taste delicious."Jun 16 09:54
MinceR:)Jun 16 10:06
schestowitz__ 16 21:13
-TechBytesBot/#techbytes-Not a Diaspora post?Jun 16 21:13
schestowitz__"Ooops. Please take care of yourself!"Jun 16 21:13
schestowitz__MinceR:  ^ dodgy things have been happening hereJun 16 21:13
schestowitz__Just saying... in case something happensJun 16 21:13
schestowitz__here as in our buildingJun 16 21:13
MinceRThe post you are trying to view is not public, or does not exist!Jun 16 21:13
schestowitz__YeahJun 16 21:13
schestowitz__Unless one is mutually-connectedJun 16 21:13
schestowitz__anyway, in 2010 I shared with you concern that I was under surveillance by a moleJun 16 21:16
schestowitz__That still stands and some people in Wikileaks/Snowden circles are now awareJun 16 21:17
schestowitz__Now there's more dodgy stuff going onJun 16 21:17
schestowitz__ 16 21:47
schestowitz__"Hey man! Take care of you!"Jun 16 21:48
schestowitz__MinceR: I need an alibiJun 16 21:48
schestowitz__Let me paste something here, just in case something happens:Jun 16 21:48
schestowitz__"URGENT: Crime in our buildingJun 16 21:49
schestowitz__Dear RMG/Urban Splash,Jun 16 21:49
schestowitz__I am writing regarding a very serious matter which seems more seriousJun 16 21:49
schestowitz__now that the police reports gunshots near our apartment in Christabel.Jun 16 21:49
schestowitz__Yesterday my wife was assaulted inside our building, Christabel. TwoJun 16 21:49
schestowitz__young boys stalked her in the elevator and then followed her to theJun 16 21:49
schestowitz__bin room. When she entered they locked her inside and propped the doorJun 16 21:49
schestowitz__locked with a broom. She yelled for help and a nearby neighbour cameJun 16 21:49
schestowitz__to the ground floor and scared the boys away after they had admittedJun 16 21:49
schestowitz__they did not even live in the building.Jun 16 21:49
schestowitz__My wife was horrified.Jun 16 21:49
schestowitz__A couple of hours later we both saw two dodgy-looking people in theirJun 16 21:49
schestowitz__40s or 50s hanging about in a nearby apartments building (marionette)Jun 16 21:49
schestowitz__waiting to be demolished. Their behaviour could be described as oddJun 16 21:49
schestowitz__and we thought about calling the police though saying two people areJun 16 21:49
schestowitz__"up to no good" is a spurious complaint (the police would notJun 16 21:49
schestowitz__appreciate it). I had other menacing incidents like this in the paste,Jun 16 21:49
schestowitz__but never a gunshot (domestic violence across the hall, intruder in myJun 16 21:49
schestowitz__house, and the nearby building routinely had ambulances and policeJun 16 21:49
schestowitz__vans next to it). At 11pm  gunshot was fired at a window (the policeJun 16 21:49
schestowitz__confirms this) and this morning the road below us was closed by theJun 16 21:49
schestowitz__police with two vans, including TAU, parked at both ends. One of theJun 16 21:49
schestowitz__guys we saw last night (one of the two dodgy-looking one) was carriedJun 16 21:49
schestowitz__to a police van in a wheel chair. The police does not say much aboutJun 16 21:49
schestowitz__the incident except the gunshots. This is far from reassuring. We nowJun 16 21:49
schestowitz__feel unsafe even inside our house.Jun 16 21:49
schestowitz__I demand that you investigate all these incidents and inform residentsJun 16 21:49
schestowitz__what exactly was happening. If you fail to do so, you are liable and IJun 16 21:49
schestowitz__shall then spread the word about what happened in this area, holdingJun 16 21:49
schestowitz__accountable those who are not doing enough to protect the residentsJun 16 21:49
schestowitz__(we pay a lot of money for RNG to do so every year). There is a riskJun 16 21:49
schestowitz__to life here and since intruders assaulted my wife inside the buildingJun 16 21:49
schestowitz__we cannot tolerate this.Jun 16 21:49
schestowitz__Cooperation with the police has proved useless in the past (in fact itJun 16 21:49
schestowitz__put me at risk because the criminals then perceived me as theirJun 16 21:49
schestowitz__enemy), so I am approaching you first. You have extensive CCTV footageJun 16 21:49
schestowitz__inside the building and around it. Given the separation of just 4Jun 16 21:49
schestowitz__hours between these events there is likelihood that they are relateJun 16 21:50
schestowitz__and one took place right inside Christabel.Jun 16 21:50
schestowitz__Please do not share my identity with the police (it would most likelyJun 16 21:50
schestowitz__not help as much as my testimony to you). I recently thought aboutJun 16 21:50
schestowitz__buying this property, but after these incidents I have other, lessJun 16 21:50
schestowitz__favourable plans.Jun 16 21:50
schestowitz__Please confirm receiving this E-mail. People's safety seems to be atJun 16 21:50
schestowitz__stake, not just your reputation.Jun 16 21:50
schestowitz__"Jun 16 21:50
schestowitz__MinceR:  ^ in case anything happens...Jun 16 21:50
schestowitz__I hope it's just irrational paranoia, but this coincides with me having to go to a lawyer over a nuisance case, which is ridiculously unjustJun 16 21:50
schestowitz__ 16 21:50
-TechBytesBot/ Why does #nsa treat #huawei like some kind of terrorist organisation? Does helping Huawei set up a Web site (hi!) make one a "terrorist"?Jun 16 21:50
schestowitz__"Everything makes you one. Even thinking about it."Jun 16 21:50
schestowitz__I helped make a site of theirs secureJun 16 21:50
schestowitz__ 16 21:52
-TechBytesBot/#techbytes-Not a Diaspora post?Jun 16 21:52
schestowitz__"God, how I hate guns. I'd shovel it up the asses of people who use it."Jun 16 21:52
schestowitz__ 16 21:55
schestowitz__Kt/Jun 16 21:55
-TechBytesBot/#techbytes-@angrymofo: @schestowitz More likely reciprocal tit for tat diplomatic crap. Chinese make us do it so we make them do it. It never ends...Jun 16 21:55
schestowitz__it's unfair for innocent people (the 99%)Jun 16 21:56
schestowitz__ 16 21:56
schestowitz__"Please let us know if something odd happens to you, and take care."Jun 16 21:56
schestowitz__There's some legal nuisance going weeks back (threatening my wife also, based on totally bogus grounds), which is separate. It would be wise not to publicise it until it's over. it's the use of citizenship of a 'weapon'.Jun 16 21:58
schestowitz__ 16 21:59
schestowitz__"take care for yourself and let us know that you and your wife are ok!"Jun 16 21:59
MinceRschestowitz__: scaryJun 16 23:27
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schestowitz__ 17 07:55
schestowitz__"Please take care of yourself and family."Jun 17 07:55
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schestowitz__ 18 03:20
-TechBytesBot/ Why is #bloomberg (Wall Street) trying to portray #bitcoin -- not status quo banks -- as facilitator of tax evasion in remote islands?Jun 18 03:20
schestowitz__"Classic misdirection."Jun 18 03:20
schestowitz__ 18 03:21
-TechBytesBot/ Phones with malware like #facebook or #ios far more powerful a tracking tag that #rfid could ever become. Camera+mic (remote) included.Jun 18 03:21
schestowitz__"It's all bad and like a mesh, each new part makes it harder to pass freely. RFID catches people who don't own phones and they are plans to put them in everything. Conceivably, our neighbor's phones can also track us by RFID. Software freedom goes a long way to reverse the problem. A free phone with RFID transponders could be used as a privacy protection device by blocking or forging unwanted queries. It is only by cooperating as aJun 18 03:21
schestowitz__community that we can begin to remove the malice from the devices that surround us."Jun 18 03:21
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schestowitz__ 19 01:24
-TechBytesBot/ "Glenn Greenwald spoke via Skype" #facepalm 19 01:24
-TechBytesBot/#techbytes--> | Greenwald, Snowden take on Big Brother state | Green Left WeeklyJun 19 01:24
-TechBytesBot/#techbytes--> | Skype is Spy Campaign - Techrights [ ]Jun 19 01:24
schestowitz__"ah..."Jun 19 01:24
schestowitz__ 19 01:24
-TechBytesBot/ I stopped a ten million dollar robbery 19 01:24
-TechBytesBot/#techbytes--> | I stopped a ten million dollar robbery - Boing Boing [ ]Jun 19 01:24
schestowitz__"I am in the process of trying to prevent a 2.5 million pound heist within metres of where I live. It can be an uphill struggle."Jun 19 01:24
schestowitz__ 19 01:25
-TechBytesBot/ Via Miguel Ungooglable: "What is... the nation that contributed the #most to the defeat of #germany in 1945?" 19 01:25
schestowitz__"Had Russia not were a douche maybe more countries would had embraced socialism."Jun 19 01:25
schestowitz__ 19 01:59
-TechBytesBot/ My post hated bug (design bug) in #drupal 6 is that it silently deletes files in unpublished nodes 24 hours later. Just lost some work. ಠ_ಠJun 19 01:59
schestowitz__"I'm sorry to hear that."Jun 19 02:00
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schestowitz__ 20 01:47
-TechBytesBot/ 'George W. Bush...on September 20, 2001 said, "Either you are with us, or you are with the terrorists."',_or_against_usJun 20 01:47
-TechBytesBot/#techbytes--> | You're either with us, or against us - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia [ ]Jun 20 01:47
schestowitz__"One never know when the State will regard you as a terrorist."Jun 20 01:47
schestowitz__ 20 01:50
-TechBytesBot/ Crushing the domestic population using robots 20 01:50
-TechBytesBot/#techbytes--> | This drone shoots crowds with pepper spray paintballs | The Verge [ ]Jun 20 01:50
schestowitz__"Video tape makes wonderful kite tails. If you can't get your kite or kite string stuck in those props, you might have to drag or drop video tape from your own drone."Jun 20 01:50
schestowitz__ 20 01:52
-TechBytesBot/ reshared: hipsters taking pictures of their food... ![hipsters taking pictures of their food...]( #hipsters #food #instagramJun 20 01:52
schestowitz__"I used to take pictures of my meals ... when I was visiting India. Taking pictures of Western food would be foolish."Jun 20 01:52
schestowitz__ 20 01:53
-TechBytesBot/ reshared: Shut the NSA's Backdoor to the Internet 20 01:53
-TechBytesBot/#techbytes--> | Shut the NSA's Surveillance BackdoorJun 20 01:53
schestowitz__"Make sure you ask super nice."Jun 20 01:53
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roy_Just gor a new client:Jun 21 08:00
roy_"Jun 21 08:00
roy_I'm delighted to hear from you. Last time we properly spoke was before I started my Ph.D. because you gave me advice. Now I work with some British government departments and am very happy with your advice to me (I still have the E-mail you sent me).Jun 21 08:00
roy_As a start, here is what I suggest:Jun 21 08:00
roy_- Think carefully of the domain name you want for your site. This is a very important decision because changing domains later is a complicated process. Availability of a domain can be checked in the site www.whois.netJun 21 08:00
roy_Make sure the domain is short, memorable, and probably a .comJun 21 08:00
roy_- 'Shop around' for site designs that you fancy. The most important thing is that the site template will be one that suits you. It will be easier for me to design a template by mimicking something in existence. The template can later be refined, enhanced, etc. but the base structure, colours etc. we need to get right from the start.Jun 21 08:00
roy_When we have both the above items then we can start working with mockups and put seminal content in. There will be a feedback loop. :-)Jun 21 08:00
roy_"Jun 21 08:00
roy_"Jun 21 08:03
roy_You told me you want to create a simple website at this time, simply to be in compliance with the new Health Care laws. Then, between the grace period of July 1st and January 2015, when those physicians who offer patients no access to their records will be subject to fines, you will do upgrades.Jun 21 08:03
roy_My perception is that a high percentage of your patients will be looking at their records for a multitude of reasons. Furthermore, the old adage..."you can't judge a book by its cover," is a myth, up until the point that they actually get to read the book.Jun 21 08:03
roy_People refer to you as "my doctor" and they start judging you "my doctor, " at first by appearances...does he have a classy office, skilled staff, a pleasant personality, modern equipment, an easy to use outstanding website and then, sadly, comes your ability to diagnose his illness, ease his pain and prescribe a pill that ameliorates or cures whatever ails him/her.Jun 21 08:03
roy_By now you've guessed that I think you should start with as good a website as possible and the during the next 6 months do your upgrades.Jun 21 08:03
roy_A teacher of mine back in middle School used to preach..."Keeping above the average is what keeps the average up!" So, please, don't be Dr. AverageJun 21 08:03
roy_"Jun 21 08:03
roy_> I don't know how your website will be finalized to your satisfaction; I imagine there will be a trial sample for you to critique before it's nailed down. If that is so, I would like to have a look at the preview.Jun 21 08:07
roy_> I email Roy at but he may prefer you to send to a different address. You both need to start  communicating.Jun 21 08:07
roy_> I received your email just /after/ I had mailed you "My Opinion."Jun 21 08:08
roy_>Jun 21 08:08
roy_> After browsing the Valdosta, Georgia, website, I must say...I like itJun 21 08:08
roy_> very much.Jun 21 08:08
roy_>Jun 21 08:08
roy_>  It looks like an excellent template to build on.Jun 21 08:08
roy_> I received your email just /after/ I had mailed you "My Opinion."Jun 21 08:14
roy_>Jun 21 08:14
roy_> After browsing the Valdosta, Georgia, website, I must say...I like itJun 21 08:14
roy_> very much.Jun 21 08:14
roy_>Jun 21 08:14
roy_>  It looks like an excellent template to build on.Jun 21 08:15
roy_I think it's a site that I saw earlier and from a World Wide Web point of view, it's very 90s-esque. There are many other templates one can build on, choosing usability over clutter. One famous site I can think of is:Jun 21 08:15
roy_ 21 08:15
-TechBytesBot/ | Mayo Clinic - Mayo ClinicJun 21 08:15
roy_I don't think it's a great design, but it's not bad and it comes across as professional. It's also easy to structure the content around.Jun 21 08:15
roy_It's possible to present the site as a clinic rather than the practitioner to give the impression of magnitude and improve professionalism.Jun 21 08:15
roy_But at the end it's all down to the preference of the practitioner and his/her perception of what the patients (current and prospective) will look upon more kindly.Jun 21 08:15
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roy_ 21 20:54
-TechBytesBot/ The Supreme Court is about to decide what police can do with your phone #scotus #privacy hostileJun 21 20:54
-TechBytesBot/#techbytes--> | The Supreme Court is about to decide what police can do with your phone [ ]Jun 21 20:54
roy_"I don't keep very close track of SC decisions, but they seem to have a recent track record of making pro-one-percent, pro-corporate decisions"Jun 21 20:54
roy_ 21 20:54
-TechBytesBot/ #twitter halts its #censorship for #islam only after pressure from Twitter users 21 20:54
-TechBytesBot/#techbytes--> | Twitter ends censorship of 'blasphemous' tweets after #TwitterTheocracy campaign | Christian News on Christian Today [ ]Jun 21 20:54
roy_"Religion is such a wonderful way to divide and conquer people who should be working together."Jun 21 20:55
roy_That's why people in power use religionJun 21 20:55
roy_ 21 22:17
-TechBytesBot/ I know #security professionals who use #apple Macs (with #OSux ). It's incredibly hard to trust Apple 'security' given range of NSA collabs.Jun 21 22:17
roy_"I love OSuX :-D"Jun 21 22:18
roy_"Good ol' Crapple."Jun 21 22:18
roy_ 21 22:20
-TechBytesBot/ #Nouveau Re-Clocking Is Way Faster, Shows Much Progress For Open-Source #NVIDIA 21 22:20
-TechBytesBot/#techbytes--> | [Phoronix] Nouveau Re-Clocking Is Way Faster, Shows Much Progress For Open-Source NVIDIA [ ]Jun 21 22:20
roy_"Now that's how to say, "FU Nvidia". ;-}"Jun 21 22:20
roy_ 21 22:20
-TechBytesBot/ Less impact and reach for the #propaganda war of #idg (partner of #bsa and copyright monopoly) 21 22:20
-TechBytesBot/#techbytes--> | After 47 years in print, Computerworld finally goes digital-only | Ars Technica [ ]Jun 21 22:20
roy_"As print goes away, everything's just a blog if the web remains free. Cheers!"Jun 21 22:20
roy_ 21 22:20
-TechBytesBot/ Requirement of login to read article (paywall/university sub) basically eliminates right to anonymous reading. Many W-Fi nets equally bad.Jun 21 22:20
roy_"In most cases No Script takes care of paywalls. I post links and people are always like "WTF WHY DO YOU POST SHIT I HAVE TO PAY FOR". Because I'm better at the Internet than you, thats why. :P"Jun 21 22:20
roy_ 21 22:21
-TechBytesBot/ | Secret Collaboration Between the Power of Force and the Pursuit of Profit [ ]Jun 21 22:21
roy_ 21 22:21
-TechBytesBot/ | Halloween Document 11 [ ]Jun 21 22:21
roy_"Jun 21 22:22
roy_Yes, the NSA was working a campaign against "hactivists" as terrorists. It was derailed by Snowden, but they will get back to it. "Hactivists" is intended to smear all technically adept activists and to cover technical government attacks on dissent. It is, as Eric Raymond warned 10 years ago, Microsoft working to have all free software outlawed as supporting terrorism.Jun 21 22:22
roy_    I also expect a serious effort, backed by several billion dollars in bribe money (oops, excuse me, campaign contributions), to get open-source software outlawed on some kind of theory that it aids terrorists. We can only defeat that by making sure that national governments become so attached to open-source code that their military men and bureaucrats will short-stop the bribed legislators, rather than let their vital infrastructure beJun 21 22:22
roy_outlawed.Jun 21 22:22
roy_It is not enough to convince government to use free software, we must convince everyone to value their freedom. Government can be convinced that they can simply steal free software and have it maintained by the usual flunkies. We must convince them that the usual flunkies are not up to the task because, that the community will die without freedom and that Soviet style dysfunction will follow such a stupid move.Jun 21 22:22
roy_"Jun 21 22:22
roy_Right now they try to label FOSS as "mot secure", citing one examples from OpenSSL. Never mind the back doors in proprietary s/w.... the NSA gets headsup, so it's "OK"..Jun 21 22:23
roy_ 21 22:31
-TechBytesBot/ reshared: **Beating a dead horse** ![]( #gifJun 21 22:31
roy_"Jun 21 22:31
roy_This is the typical approach of all large corporations, universities, and government bodies to solving all problems. Tribal wisdom of the North American Plains Indians, passed on from generation to generation, says that:Jun 21 22:31
roy_"When you discover that you are riding a dead horse, the best strategy is to dismount." However, in corporations, universities & government more advanced strategies are often employed, such as:Jun 21 22:31
roy_1 Buying a stronger whip.Jun 21 22:31
roy_2 Changing riders.Jun 21 22:31
roy_3 Appointing a committee to study the horse.Jun 21 22:31
roy_4 Arranging to visit other countries to see how other cultures ride dead horses.Jun 21 22:31
roy_5 Lowering the standards so that dead horses can be included.Jun 21 22:31
roy_6 Reclassifying the dead horse as living-impaired.Jun 21 22:31
roy_7 Hiring outside contractors to ride the dead horse.Jun 21 22:32
roy_8 Harnessing several dead horses together to increase speed.Jun 21 22:32
roy_9 Providing additional funding and/or training to increase the dead horse's performance.Jun 21 22:32
roy_10 Doing a productivity study to see if lighter riders would improve the dead horse's performance.Jun 21 22:32
roy_11 Declaring that as the dead horse does not have to be fed, it is less costly, carries lower overhead and therefore contributes substantially more to the bottom line of the economy than do some other horses.Jun 21 22:32
roy_12 Rewriting the expected performance requirements for all horses.Jun 21 22:32
roy_And, of course... 13. Promoting the dead horse to a supervisory position.Jun 21 22:32
roy_"Jun 21 22:32
roy_Sounds like the approach of the energy and food sectorsJun 21 22:32

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