Two Quick Things – Censorship & SCO (v.)

Posted in Ron Hovsepian, SCO at 1:18 pm by Shane Coyle

First, there have been comments and hate mail regarding censorship on this site. Nope. All comments are posted, immediately, I will do some mild moderating if it is spam – all opinions are welcome, if Mr Hovsepian (sp?) would like a login for his own response page, that is cool.

The ‘all opinions are welcome’ policy also applies to advertisers, some folks complained about SuSE ads showing up on the site, so what? Don’t click on it if you don’t want to, remember there are pro-ms and pro-novell folks who visit the site too.

The other thing was an absolutely mint posting on the RedHat Executives blog:

SCO, the VERB:

Main Entry: sco
Pronunciation: sko
Function: verb
Etymology: Middle English, from Old English screw, that is, to stick it to some one
transitive verb
1 : to threaten your customers with IP infringement
2 : to drive your customers to other vendors
3 : to treat your customers with contempt

Novell is SCO-ing the community, do not support them. Boycott Novell.


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