Competing for Mindshare at Brainshare

Posted in Action, Boycott Novell, Deals, Deception, Free/Libre Software, FSF, GNU/Linux, GPL, LGPL, Marketing, Microsoft, Novell, Patent Covenant, Patents at 8:22 pm by Shane Coyle

The FSF Strikes Back Part II: A New Hope

Bruce Perens will be holding a press conference to coincide with Novell’s upcoming Brainshare conference, here is the announcement and a list of topics.

Bruce Perens, director of Action on Technology Policy and initiator of the Open Letter to Novell that has been signed by thousands, will hold a press conference during Novell’s Brainshare conference in Salt Lake City, Utah next week. The topics will be

  • The Microsoft-Novell agreement
  • GPL version 3 and how it will impede Novell from making use of new innovation by the Free Software community
  • Software patents vs. Free Software

The event is open to working press and to Open Source community representatives who will report the event online or help operate the event. There is an attendee list. For admission and event details, write to bruce at perens dot com.

This should be uncomfortable, too.

Full Speed Ahead on OOXML

Posted in Formats, ISO, Microsoft, Open XML at 9:54 am by Shane Coyle

Despite the numerous issues and contradictions already enumerated during the ISO Fast Track process, the secretariat of ISO’s Joint Technical Committee (JTC-1) on Information Technology, Lisa Rachjel, has apparently decided to continue with the Fast Track process for Microsoft’s Office Open XML document format anyhow.

According to an e-mail sent Saturday by Lisa Rachjel, the secretariat of ISO’s Joint Technical Committee (JTC-1) on Information Technology, the Open XML proposal, along with comments and criticism by nations that have already reviewed it, will be put on the ISO’s five-month balloting process….

Rachjel wrote that she decided to move Open XML forward after consulting with staff at the International Technology Task Force.

Novell Could Take a Lesson from New Zealand

Posted in Formats, Open XML, OpenDocument, OpenOffice, Standard at 5:32 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

In the latest objection to Microsoft’s OOXML, New Zealand explains why this format is not acceptable for adoption as a standard.

Standards New Zealand, our representative organisation in dealings with the ISO, objects on the grounds that Open Document has already been approved

Novell, are you listening at all? Or do you just obey Microsoft, on whom you are financially dependent? The good news is that OOXML is heading toward failure. However, with Novell’s incorporation of OOXML support into its branch of OpenOffice, Microsoft formats could gain and even retain a de facto status, which they so desparately crave. It would be virtually impossible to replicate all information/code that is contained within (and beyond) a 6,000-page document.

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