Microsoft Advertises Linux Deal, Mentions “Intellectual Property”

Posted in Microsoft, Novell, Servers at 7:33 pm by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

In what appears to have become a pattern, Microsoft boasts deployments of SUSE Linux and does not neglect to add subtle, self-serving phrases.

Global bank selects SUSE Linux Enterprise as its standard Linux distribution, citing interoperability with Windows Active Directory and integrated Windows and Linux platform support.

You will find a few unnerving sentences if you carry on reading. Novell, did you not insist that “intellectual property” for Linux was irrelevant? Why was this press release issued by Microsoft? In other news:

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server With Xen Virtualization From Novell Available for SAP NetWeaver and mySAP Business Suite

Jointly tested by Novell and SAP, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server with Xen met or exceeded SAP’s stringent performance requirements for SAP applications in a virtualized environment.

Novell’s Virtualization Acquisition

Posted in Deals, Novell, Virtualisation, Xen at 10:43 am by Shane Coyle

We had surmised that Novell would be looking to buy a virtualization company with their thirty pieces of silver, with the focus of conjecture at the time being Xensource.

Apparently, Novell did pull the trigger on an acquisition in the virtualization arena, picking up RedMojo, but did not make a big deal about it at the time (it happened in November – busy month, huh?)

Novell in November quietly acquired a company whose resource virtualization software is being used to bolster the data center automation capabilities of Novell’s ZENworks management package.

The company acquired RedMojo for $972 million, though chose not to make an official announcement at the time.

Novell Loses Another Samba Developer

Posted in Novell, Samba, Servers at 5:34 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

Following Samba’s protest against the Novell/Microsoft deal, as well as Jeremy Allison’s departure, Guenther Deschner is leaving as well. Bruce Perens has the details.

A reliable Novell source has sent me Samba team member Guenther Deschner’s farewell email to Novell staff and a follow-up from Lars Mueller, another Samba core team member. Of course Deschner left over Novell’s agreement with Microsoft and the bad-faith actions that Novell has taken regarding its GPL-licensed software in connection with that agreement.

Will Novell Get Access to Microsoft’s “Undocumentation”?

Posted in America, Antitrust, Boycott Novell, Europe, Interoperability, Microsoft, Novell, Protocol, Red Hat, Servers, Windows at 12:45 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

Let us kick off this post by presenting a shocking exhibit from Comes vs. Microsoft:

A number of Microsoft ex-employees and certified developers have referred to much of Microsoft’s formal documentation as “undocumentation”

To many of us, this is unsurprising. The admission from Microsoft ex-employees, however, proves that none of this is accidental. It is most likely a business decision. Novell continues to seek interoperability with a vendor that deliberately misuses its dominant position and corrupts/depletes API documentation. And here is the latest find from yesterday’s news:

Microsoft Corp is still finding communications protocols that it should be licensing to rivals almost five years after it was ordered to do so following the US antitrust decision.

The details are revealed in the latest joint status report, which outlines the US Department of Justice’s concerns that the company is still finding protocols that should have been included in the Microsoft Communications Protocol Program but were “inadvertently overlooked”.

For such practices, Microsoft needs to face the courts rather than strike ‘deals’ with Linux vendors. To make matters worse, there are various efforts by Microsoft, backed by its press releases, to charge for access to its communication protocols — those which Europe describes as too trivial to be patentable.

In other news, Novell still hopes to grab Red Hat professionals.

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