Red Hat Flirts with Microsoft Again

Posted in Interoperability, Microsoft, Novell, Red Hat at 6:47 pm by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

In what appears to be a bizarre move from Red Hat, the following was said the other day.

Speaking of Microsoft, we’ve got audio of Red Hat EVP Paul Cormier talking about why it would be beneficial for the Redmond software giant to cozy up to his company now that it has shipped version 5 of its Red Hat Enteprise Linux (kids, it’s not just an OS, it’s platform!). But, in Novell (with its SuSE distribution), Microsoft already has a Linux dance partner. Is Red Hat now feeling the pinch of those nuptials and is the olive branch out for a threesome? It sure sounds that way.

This isn’t quite the first time. While patents deals are out of the question, Red Hat is apparently interested in better interoperability.

Novell Criticism Hits from Two Fronts

Posted in Finance, Novell at 6:37 pm by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

The VAR Guy and Matt Asay have some harsh words for Novell. The former says that Novell’s numbers still don’t add up, and therefore they must rethink their strategy.

The VAR Guy thinks it’s time for Novell to change course. The company disappointed investors yet again this week by delivering weak financial results and a quarterly loss. As Reuters noted, Novell in every quarter for more than a year has either missed analysts’ targets, made disappointing forecasts or both. Ouch.

Matt Asay, marketing VP at Alfresco, takes a disturbing revelation which we recently mentioned a little further.

Who cares about the Novell/Microsoft patent deal?

Not their customers, apparently.


But then, Novell’s sales team isn’t, apparently, feeding the company. Microsoft’s sales team is. And that, my friends, should give every single Novell employee, partner, and customer pause. Why would your company’s success depend on the very company that most wants to obliterate you, once it takes care of Red Hat (which, by the way, it’s doing an amazingly shoddy job of). Foolish, foolish Novell.

New Virtualisation Pact: Novell and SWsoft

Posted in Boycott Novell, Deals, Novell, Servers, Virtualisation at 6:34 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

Shortly after Novell’s secret acquisition of a virtualisation company (gone public just days ago), Novell forms a pact with another virtualisation company.

SWsoft, seller of the Virtuozzo virtualization software, has begun a partnership to bundle its product with Novell’s Suse Linux operating system, the companies plan to announce Thursday.

Red Hat’s new Enterprise Linux (released yesterday) boasts multiple virtualisation technologies, including Xen from XenSource, with whom Microsoft and Novell collaborate.

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