Coverage of Bruce Perens’ GPLv3 Event (with Audio)

Posted in Audio/Video, Boycott Novell, GNU/Linux, GPL, Novell at 8:31 pm by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

Previously we covered Bruce Perens’ efforts to steal Novell’s thunder. Head over to pthree.org which offers the most comprehensive coverage (photos and audio at xmission.com) of Bruce’s small-yet-loud event.

Roundup: NASDAQ Warning, Novell Training, GPLv3 Roadmap, and Anti-Linux Efforts

Posted in Boycott Novell at 6:41 pm by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

Novell continues to play with the NASDAQ’s patience as it collects another non-compliance notice. Meanwhile, the flood of press releases from Novell shows no signs of abatement, so they clearly invest a lot of money in getting the word out. It is not just the announcement of new products. It’s a lot of ‘fluff’, based on what I see in the feeds.

In other news, Novell still tries to lure in Red Hat administrators and the GPLv3 suffers obnoxious delays. The next draft, which is just around the corner, intends to isolate Novell successfully.

Lastly, here is some food for thought. As people begin talking about Microsoft latest anti-Linux campaign, Novell gets a mention as well. Here is one such example:

Microsoft is blatantly anti-Linux

A few years ago, they launched the Microsoft Get the facts campaign, where they often make outrageous and unfounded claims, backed by so-called proof that is clearly unfounded. Now, they’ve taken it one step further with the Linux Personas website, a site where they profile customers who are currently using GNU/Linux and other Unix or Open Source environments, and how to get them to buy Microsoft products replacing the non-Microsoft products. And check what it says on the front page of that site… “Winning against Linux the smart way”. Against Linux. Microsoft is against Linux.


And the plot thickens… previously I blogged about the Digital Freedom Expo, well, today I read Novell is canceling their stand at the expo. The reason? Budget constraints. Budget constraints? When you’ve just been paid millions and millions of US dollars by Microsoft? And you don’t have a few thousand dollars budget for what’s going to be the biggest Open Source event in Africa this year? Wow Novell, is that really what you mean by being committed to Open Source?

Another Nasdaq Non-Compliance Notice

Posted in Finance, Nasdaq, Novell at 5:33 pm by Shane Coyle

Once again, as expected, Novell was hit with a Nasdaq non-compliance notice due to their latest filing delay.

In response to the first notice of non-compliance, Novell requested a hearing before a NASDAQ Listing Qualifications Panel (the “Panel”). On Jan. 9, 2007, the Panel granted Novell’s request for continued listing subject to the requirements that Novell 1) provide the Panel with certain information relating to the Audit Committee’s review on or about March 1, 2007, which was submitted to the Panel, and 2) become current in its delinquent reports and file any necessary restatements by March 13, 2007. On Feb. 20, 2007, Novell received a letter from the NASDAQ Listing and Hearing Review Council (the “Listing Council”) indicating that the Listing Council had called for review the Jan. 9, 2007 decision of the Panel and had determined to stay the Panel’s decision and any future Panel determinations to suspend Novell’s securities from trading pending further action by the Listing Council.

In connection with the call for review, the Listing Council has provided Novell with the opportunity to make an additional submission for
the Listing Council’s consideration by May 4, 2007 describing Novell’s plan for filing the necessary periodic reports. NASDAQ has also provided Novell with the opportunity to make a submission by March 22, 2007 specifically addressing the delay in filing its First Quarter Form 10-Q. The Company intends to timely provide both submissions to NASDAQ.

The Company is working diligently to complete all necessary filings and thereby demonstrate compliance with all applicable requirements for continued listing on the NASDAQ Global Select Market; however, there can be no assurance that the Listing Council will determine to grant the Company a further extension following its review of the forthcoming submissions.

I am considering creating a boilerplate template for these articles if this continues every quarter…

Hovsepian Denies Microsoft Takeover

Posted in Antitrust, Deals, Finance, Microsoft, Novell, Ron Hovsepian at 8:02 am by Shane Coyle

Really, there isn’t much meat to this entry, but I wanted to post this and make sure that we can link back to it later…

I have more than once wondered aloud Why didn’t Microsoft just buy Novell?, and many feel that the eventual acquisition of Novell by Microsoft is indeed possible, including Bruce Perens. Well, Ron Hovsepian scoffed at the suggestion:

Perens, the critic, said he would not oppose this union if it were simply a technological partnership. But in his view, Microsoft is using it to destroy competition, compelling Novell to abandon its former allies – small- and intermediate-level software developers in the open-source community – in return for protection from Microsoft attacks.

What Novell did is not illegal but it is a matter of bad faith, Perens contended. The result could doom Novell to becoming a Microsoft subsidiary, he said, because Novell does not write its own software but gets it instead from those small independents.

Hovsepian scoffed at that scenario. “Them [Microsoft] buying us? I think that’s deep in the conspiracy theory bucket.”

Time will tell, time will tell…

A Load of Press Releases from Novell, Despatched Throughout BrainShare

Posted in Finance, GNU/Linux, NetWare, Novell, SLES/SLED at 6:49 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

For those who wish to keep track of products and services announcements:

Good-bye NetWare, Hello OES 2

Novell announced the next generation of its OES (Open Enterprise Server) operating system, at its annual BrainShare tradeshow March 19. OES 2 adds 64-bit Xen-based virtualization, dynamic storage support, and Windows domain support, and marks the final transition from Novell NetWare to SLES (SUSE Linux Enterprise Server).

Here is another bunch (self promotional):

Finally, some financial analysis of Novell does not seem entirely encouraging.

Birinyi Associates checks out Novell on the Ticker Sense blog and finds that the software firm is the only stock in the S&P 500 that is up at least five days in a row. Novell has had five-day winning streaks 11 times in the past five years, but on the sixth day it’s been ugly — an average drop of 2.06%, according to Birinyi. How’s it doing this time? On a big day for many stocks, Novell’s barely staying true to form — down one cent to $7.

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