[NSFW] SCO is a Blast

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YouTuber’s craze

Reluctantly enough, several months ago we included an embedded video where Xandros products get shot (yes, literally). The days of SCO are numbered and it now turns out that a similar type of video exists for SCO’s Linux. In case you’re interested, here it is.

Ouch! This sits on the verge of violent content (and nothing that we endorse).

Will Xandros et al ever receive treatment which is similar to SCO’s? That seems unlikely because the immediate reaction did not go as far as DDOS attacks. However, one thing to be aware of is that the Asus Eee, which will be released next month, runs a variant of Xandros and it should therefore be avoided.

Keep your hand off products that give credibility to arguments that patent tax needs to be paid to Microsoft, for unsubstantiated FUD and some payola. “Payola,” you ask? Yes, indeed. Linux companies received money from Microsoft, rather than paid Microsoft. They were paid to support a divide-and-conquer strategy, so it’s a short-term loss for Microsoft and a long-term loss for Linux.

Some problems will end if distributors who sold out are shunned.

Novell’s Identity Crisis Makes Linux an Expensive Second-class Windows

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Novell Tux

Previously, Shane talked about Novell’s mixed source identity crisis. Today, let’s focus on another aspect, which is Novell’s assimilation to Microsoft. This makes Linux an obedient, passive second-class citizen rather than a leader.

To reiterate some old (yet very important) points:

  • Fact: Novell hires .NET developers
  • Fact: Novell makes its Linux desktop more .NET-oriented
  • Fact: Miguel de Icaza, who heads the Mono project, acknowledges that patents are a concern
  • Fact: Miguel de Icaza, a Novell VP, opines that OOXML is a “superb standard”
  • Fact: Novell gets access to Microsoft source code (visibility)
  • Fact: Novell works on interoperability in isolation with Microsoft
  • Fact: Novell perceives patent ‘protection’ as a competitive advantage
  • Fact: Novell implements Moonlight, which harms Linux by giving the illusion that Linux is fully supported (it is not)
  • Fact: Novell’s implementation of an OOXML translator have assisted Microsoft’s fight against ODF policies in the United States and elsewhere
  • Fact: Novell’s exclusionary work on ‘interoperability’ has helped Microsoft escaped scrutiny in the EU
  • Fact: Novell’s exclusionary work on ‘interoperability’ has provided Microsoft with an excuse that helps them evade federal oversight in the US
  • Fact: Novell pays Microsoft for Linux and open source software.

    [Brad Smith, Microsoft:] But, as you’ll see in the press release it makes clear that on the patent side, we dealt with both of these sides of the equation. We dealt with the need for an up-front balancing payment, a balancing payment that runs from Microsoft to Novell, reflecting among other things the large relevant volume of the products that we have shipped. And you’ll see, as well, an economic commitment from Novell to Microsoft that involves a running royalty, a percentage of revenue on open source software shipped under the agreement

If you want Linux to stay Linux (as in “Linux is not Windows”), then do not choose Novell. Playing catch-up with Microsoft is the worst possible strategy. Paying Microsoft for Linux is a sin.

Say No to Novell

Neelie Kroes: It’s Not Done (the Video)

Posted in Europe, Interoperability, Videos at 1:22 pm by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

The press covered this following appearance by Kroes quite extensively a few days ago and a video of this appearance is finally online.

In this short video, Kroes passes judgment on the fact that the US government got involved (vocal criticism) in independent ruling outside its scope.

Europe will ensure that interoperability will not be restricted to those who make ‘special’ deals with Microsoft.

Also see: Neelie Kroes of the European Commission Discusses Microsoft (Video)

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