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Do-No-Evil Saturday – Part III: Novell in the Press

Posted in GNU/Linux, Identity Management, Interview, Marketing, NetWare, Novell, SLES/SLED, Virtualisation, Windows at 4:45 pm by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

Timely Mentions

The Inquirer takes a look at what it considers to be top firms in Utah and Novell is one of them.

2. Novell. Novell went into the 1990s with the lion’s share of the fledgling network operating system business but managed to louse up the franchise with a series of wrong moves including the Digital Research and WordPerfect acquisitions. Windows NT munched through NetWare and the company’s latest plan is based on Suse Linux and security and management tools. No longer based in Utah, Novell is now headquartered in Massachussetts. The company was named as a misspellling of the French word for “new”, according to popular lore.

John Dragoon, who is the main marketing man at Novell, gets a mention elsewhere and here is what he has to say.

Marketing Magnified: John, how is Novell marketing organized?

I believe form follows function and have structured marketing accordingly. Accountability is measured in three big buckets: awareness/brand, generating demand, and sales enablement. Our marketing organization structure reflects the skills necessary to execute against those three buckets. I’ve been at Novell for nearly four years and have put our current structure in place over that time. In June I tweaked our organization a bit to beef up our sales enablement capability. I have five direct reports who head teams organized by branding and communications, marketing strategy and planning, marketi


Subscription-only tutorials have been posted to the Web and here is one of them. Only hours ago, a promotional GroupWise video was brought to YouTube also.

Novell’s Roots and Partners

The legacy of Novell has it mentioned in a lot of places. One of the companies that have a dependency/relationship is IronKey.

IronKey Inc., a provider of secure portable computing products and Internet security services, announced today that the IronKey’s family of Intelligent Secure Flash Drives is now certified as fully compatible with Novell ZENworks USB/Wireless Security, part of the Novell ZENworks Endpoint Security Management set of solutions for securing remote devices. Enterprises can now use the incredible security and performance of the IronKey to carry and protect corporate data and provide a safe and secure online experience for enterprise users, no matter where they are.

E.ON UK has plans to work with Novell.

E.ON UK, a power and gas supplier to 4.9 million UK homes, has cut the time it takes to set up new users on its network from seven weeks to five days. This comes as the E.ON group gears up for a major expansion programme in Europe.

The company – which is expanding in the UK, Russia, Spain, Portugal and Turkey – plans to integrate its UK identity management system from Siemens with its European Novell identity management system by the end of the year. This will allow it to control access to buildings and IT systems for more than 70,000 employees outside the UK.

Tuxedo Softwar ties with Novell return to light.

It was invented inside Bell Labs in 1983 to solve AT&T’s multi-system transaction processing problems. It was then spun out as part of Unix Systems Labs. USL was purchased by Novell in 1993 and BEA bought Tuxedo from Novell in 1995.

Concurrent once again shows its commitment to Novell. This isn’t the first such evidence.

NightStar Debugging and Analysis Tools Now Available for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 and openSUSE Linux from Novell

3Com’s Linux/Open Source approach bring back stories about its relation to Novell.

By 1987, 3Com was competing with Novell in providing “workgroup computing” at a time when the word “Novell” was synonymous with “network”. A close relationship with Microsoft for a NetWare-competitor called LAN Manager to be run on OS/2 was undermined by the spectacular failure of

Entrigue sidles closer to Novell.

Entrigue Systems today announced it is now a Novell Ready Technology Partner in Novell’s PartnerNet program and Entrigue supports its Script Start application on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server from Novell.

Syncsort and Novell have a mention here.

Novell and Syncsort Integration

Promo-Soft, with offices in Barcelona, Spain is a Novell-centric solution provider. “As a strong Novell partner, we are committed to offering only solutions that will work seamlessly with Novell environments. That is why we are very happy to now offer Syncsort”s Backup Express,” stated Victor Galino, CEO for Promo-Soft.

Novell’s Products and Milestones

Novell has the following message to carry using a press release.

Furthering its commitment to delivering a single, real-time view of security and compliance activities across the enterprise, Novell today announced it has released a new service pack to improve its Sentinel 6 security information and event management (SIEM) product. Sentinel from Novell helps make sense out of collected event data, identifies security or compliance issues, and tracks remediation activities, streamlining previously error-prone processes and building a more rigorous and secure management program.

More details about the Sentinel enhancements can be found here.

Sentinel 6 from Novell gathers and correlates security and non-security information from across an organisation’s networked infrastructure…

Looking at Novell’s own turf, it has virtualisation to harp about.

If you’re looking for more information on virtualization, we aren’t letting you down. Novell just launched “Virtualization from Novell. Built to Innovate.” As the site says, “Only Novell gives you the ability to virtualize Linux, Windows and NetWare on one common Linux platform with complete support for all three operating systems.”

And like you’d expect from any self-respecting microsite, it has white papers, customer case studies and video interviews with technical gurus. Check it out.

Novell also has a supposedly-new page on creating the “ultimate Linux desktop” based on its products.

In this document I am presenting a solution based on SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10 SP1 with VMware virtualization. The outcome is a multi-boot (Linux/Windows) environment which allows user to load both systems natively and virtualized as well providing ultimate flexibility. Because the solution uses real hard drive partitions (not file images) the performance is very attractive.

There won’t be a digest next week because I’ll be away for 5-6 days.

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