Linspire 6.0 Released – Now with Patent Protection!

Posted in GNU/Linux, Linspire, Microsoft at 12:55 pm by Shane Coyle

I’m not going to spend much time talking about a completely irrelevant distro, but for the sake of completeness of coverage…

San Diego, CA – October 10th, 2007 – Linspire, Inc., developer of the Linspire commercial and Freespire community desktop Linux operating systems and CNR.com, a free Linux software delivery service, today announced the immediate availability of Linspire 6.0, the latest commercial release of the desktop Linux operating system. Building on the best of open source software using Ubuntu as its base line, Linspire 6.0 adds licensed proprietary drivers, codecs, and software in its core distribution to provide a better user experience. The first commercial release from Linspire, Inc. in over two years, Linspire 6.0 continues its traditional focus on ease-of-use and bundles proprietary software where there are no viable open source alternatives, providing improved hardware, file type, and multimedia support, such as MP3, Real, Java, Flash, ATI, nVidia, WiFi, and many more. Linspire 6.0 is also the first commercial release to incorporate several technologies from Microsoft including Windows Media, True Type Fonts, as well as Open XML translators that allow OpenOffice to open and edit Microsoft Word .docx formatted documents.

Well, this should be a boon for the folks from Linspire, as it is well known throughout the Free World that the biggest impediment to GNU/Linux adoption has been an overwhelming fear of potential IP infringement suits from our friends in Redmond, in addition to the lack of "Times New Roman" by default. Right.

Dell, Lenovo to Preload SUSE Desktops

Posted in Deals, Dell, Hardware, Interview, Lenovo, Microsoft, Novell, Ron Hovsepian at 10:49 am by Shane Coyle

in China

Recently, Ron Hovsepian has spoken with SiliconRepublic.com regarding the Microsoft deal and it’s effects on the woebegone Novell. Honestly, there are very few ‘new’ pieces of information to be gleaned from the interview, but there were perhaps a couple of notable assertions by the CEO.

Up to 17 New Collaboration Project Areas

Hovsepian said that as part of the pact both Microsoft and Novell would meet on a quarterly basis to review the current status of the project and that this has resulted in up to 17 new potential project areas emerging.

“These really came from the customers who are driving this. We’ll be meeting later this month to discuss these new projects and some of these we’ll make public in the not-to-distant future.”

Preloaded SUSE Desktops

“The desktop element is particularly critical”, he added. “PSA Peugeot has selected us to replace over 20,000 desktops with SUSE Linux. In India, Tamil Nadu Electronics have chosen us to replace over 30,000 desktops with SUSE Linux. Dell in China and Lenovo have both committed to pre-load SUSE Linux so our desktop strategy is getting stronger and stronger.

I would be remiss to not remind readers of Lenovo’s recent deal with Microsoft, as Roy so presciently deduced at the time, it seems to have finally enabled them to deliver on their repeated promises of SUSE preinstalls. Kinda sounds like when Dell got permission from our friends in Redmond to sell, er I mean meet (but not create) customer demand, for GNU/Linux.

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