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IRC: #boycottnovell @ FreeNode: June 22nd, 2008

Posted in IRC Logs at 7:38 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

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[H]omer Good morning Jun 22 10:52
[H]omer Anyone awake on this rainy Sunday morning? Jun 22 10:52
tessier Hi [H]omer Jun 22 10:52
tessier I’ma ke Jun 22 10:52
tessier awake Jun 22 10:52
[H]omer Hello there – what time is it with you? Jun 22 10:52
tessier I wish it was rainy here. It’s gonna be another 100F day here on the outskirts of San Diego Jun 22 10:52
tessier 3:01am here Jun 22 10:52
[H]omer Ah Jun 22 10:53
[H]omer 100F? Ouch! Jun 22 10:53
[H]omer I was going to do some gardening today … but no chance now. Jun 22 10:53
[H]omer It’s been a slow weekend. Not much happening at all. Jun 22 10:53
schestowitz Homer, mind if I repost you excellent message about OOXML (from COLA)? The one with 20 refs? I’ll attritute. Jun 22 10:54
[H]omer Go right ahead Jun 22 10:54
schestowitz ta. Jun 22 10:55
schestowitz I’ll also embed that movies of yours. ;-) Jun 22 10:55
schestowitz *movie Jun 22 10:55
[H]omer which one? Jun 22 10:55
schestowitz Do you have several vidz on OOXML? Jun 22 10:55
[H]omer erm … not that I remember Jun 22 10:56
schestowitz Ahh.. okay… Bollywood would fit well because BN.com has many Indian readers. Jun 22 10:56
[H]omer Oh *that* one Jun 22 10:56
[H]omer Yeah :) Jun 22 10:56
[H]omer Funny as Hell Jun 22 10:56
schestowitz MS India head jumped ship possibly due to the OOXML fiasco Jun 22 10:57
schestowitz They seem to have bribed charities, you know? Jun 22 10:57
tessier A Bollywood vid about OOXML? Jun 22 10:57
schestowitz H-P is essentially hiring a felon before conviction, I suppose. Jun 22 10:57
[H]omer Yeah, I was reading some old BN articles about that earlier Jun 22 10:57
schestowitz Yes, <tessier>. It’s in Homer’s homepage. I’ll link to it soon. Jun 22 10:57
schestowitz I’m not sure if it’s related to OSUSE’s release, but there has been a lot of pressure on the server in recent days (since a day before the release). Jun 22 10:59
[H]omer Here’s the code: Jun 22 10:59
[H]omer <embed src=”http://www.grapheine.com/bombaytv/bt.swf” width=”400″ height=”370″ ALLOWSCRIPTACCESS=”always” flashvars=”code= a221a5c05697436edabcd72358abc097″></embed> Jun 22 10:59
schestowitz Yes, got it earlier. Jun 22 10:59
schestowitz Did a “view source”. Jun 22 10:59
[H]omer ah Jun 22 10:59
schestowitz BTW. any words from that  Debian developer we heard from, who worries about Mono too? We need the truth, but Groklaw and others struggle because there’s lots of obscure stuff (no OSP). Jun 22 11:00
schestowitz Eben never returned an E-mail, so I’ll take that as “disinterest” Jun 22 11:01
schestowitz New comment in reply you, homer: http://boycottnovell.com/2008/02/15/m… Jun 22 11:01
[H]omer Either that or Eben is still looking into it Jun 22 11:02
schestowitz Just posted from Germany (maybe that troll) with an E-mail address that’s English. Jun 22 11:02
schestowitz The name he posts under is just some garbled mess of chars and code words. Jun 22 11:02
schestowitz I never spoke to Eben before. I spoke to Peter Brown and Stallman several times in the past, but never to Eben. I assume he knows me though. Jun 22 11:03
[H]omer http://boycottnovell.com/2008/02/15/mon… Jun 22 12:11
[H]omer When will these idiots stop claiming that I am “denying” or “forcing” people to do something? I’m not “forcing” anyone to embrace Freedom. Jun 22 12:12
schestowitz It’s spin doctoring. I’ve just found some good RMS quotes that describe exactly what you’re experiencing here. Jun 22 12:16
[H]omer What’s the URL for that “Freedom Vs Power” article on gnu.org (or fsf)? Jun 22 12:23
[H]omer Got it: http://www.gnu.org/philosophy/fr… Jun 22 12:24
schestowitz I posted a comment a few moments ago that related to this aspect as well. Jun 22 12:29
schestowitz Homer, I warmly recommend that you watch this talk: http://manchester.fsuk.org/blog/2008… Jun 22 12:29
[H]omer Not sure, but I think I may have seen it. I’ll have another look. Jun 22 12:49
[H]omer Yes, I’ve got it (and seen it). It starts out a bit slow and predictable, but it quickly gets better. Overall it’s excellent. Jun 22 12:52
[H]omer Funny ending too Jun 22 12:52
[H]omer I want one of those hats Jun 22 12:53
[H]omer :) Jun 22 12:53
schestowitz They don’t make them anyone. That’s what he says anyway. Jun 22 12:56
schestowitz *anymore Jun 22 12:56
schestowitz OOXML goes to Bollywood: http://boycottnovell.com/2008/0… Jun 22 13:08
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[H]omer I read the article Jun 22 14:57
[H]omer LOL! That’ll bring the shills out in full force Jun 22 14:57
[H]omer They’ll be frothing at the mouth Jun 22 14:57
schestowitz [Just got back from gym] I have another important one on the way. Jun 22 17:46
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schestowitz Here is an important new post. It’s off my chest now: http://boycottnovell.com/20… Jun 22 19:19
schestowitz Groklaw: http://www.newscientist.com/articl… ( Microsoft gains double-clicking patent ) Jun 22 19:23
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schestowitz I know this may be frowned upon, but one channel that occasionally discusses document standards (ODF) is also #oiic , in case someone ever wishes to join in. They were glad that Marbux wasn’t there to troll. Jun 22 20:14
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