Technical Review Calls OpenSUSE a “Beast”, Recommends Other Distros

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NOT much to see here except this conclusion:

To sum it all up: in my opinion openSUSE is not well suited for Linux newbies. Maybe businesses, but not newbies. Not even newbie businesses… unless they’re l33t Linux superh4xx0rz. And I just personally didn’t like openSUSE — just an opinion from a Linux newbie, so it shouldn’t reflect on whether openSUSE is good or not… but Linux Mint is WAY better.

This was the only OpenSUSE review that we found this week, in spite of the fact that many people (re)install a distribution over Easter.

Dead lizard

Novell Partners Promote Silverlight, Zeitgeist at Risk of Mono(polists)

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The red pill of mononucleosis

Summary: Microsoft software spreads from familiar places and enters some new places

Koenig, which works along with Novell [1, 2, 3], is promoting Silverlight right now. [all emphases in red are ours by the way]

Koenig Launches Silverlight Training


We are also authorized training Partner of Oracle, Cisco, Red Hat, Novell, EC Council and CWNP. We are also Authorized Testing Centre of Prometric and Vue.

Xenocode, which comprises a lot of former Microsoft employees [1, 2], not only has a patent deal with Novell but obviously it advances Microsoft, this time emitting evidence in this new article which also mentions Novell.

Running Silverlight and Any Other Windows Application in a Sandbo


Xenocode approach uses a virtualization solution which emulates core operating system functionality. An application is prepared in a running state and deployed through a click via XStream, a patent pending delivery technology licensed by Novell that works over the Internet, intranet or from USB storage devices. An application is made “ready” with Xenocode’s Virtual Application Studio 2009 which can prepare any Windows application to be virtualized. MSI setups, Novell AXT, and ThinApp configurations can be prepared with a single click.

Our reader ml2mst points out that more .NET security problems have just been found (text in Dutch) and he suggests avoiding Mono for this reason. We wrote about the issue before.

Additionally, tacone has warned us that while GNote takes Tomboy (and GNOME) in the right direction [1, 2, 3, 4, 5], a program called Zeitgeist is potentially going the other way because of a front end that someone is writing for it in Mono.

Jason Smith is working on a new project in Mono that uses the Zeitgeist engine.

Jason Smith will hopefully rethink the choice of a framework after TomTom lessons were learned. Mono is all about Novell, Microsoft, and the glue that connects them.

Star wars Vader
Picture by SubSonica

EU Commission: SCO’s “Contractual Relationship with Microsoft Invoking Restraints of Competition”

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“[Microsoft's] Mr. Emerson and I discussed a variety of investment structures wherein Microsoft would ‘backstop,’ or guarantee in some way, BayStar’s investment…. Microsoft assured me that it would in some way guarantee BayStar’s investment in SCO.”

Larry Goldfarb, Baystar, key investor in SCO

Summary: An interesting document from the past speaks about SCO and Microsoft

ONE of our readers sent us this pointer regarding SCO in 2000:

In 1997 Microsoft’s competitor Santa Cruz Operation (SCO), a Californian software company specialised in systems for network computing, complained to both DG COMP and the US Justice Department about its contractual relationship with Microsoft invoking restraints of competition due to the agreements and referred to Microsoft dominant position. We discussed the case with the US Justice Department. The Justice Department felt that it would take more time to address these concerns under US Law. They agreed to us moving first. A Statement of Objections was sent and Microsoft waived its rights under the contract clauses to which we objected before a scheduled oral hearing. These changes addressed the competition concerns in both the EEA and the US. The case was closed.

Guess which other company presently has a contract with Microsoft, which sort of prevents it from competing? SCO used to contribute to Linux, just like Novell.

According to this latest update from Groklaw, SCO’s days are definitely numbered.

I don’t know which of us will be happier when the SCO bankruptcy finally winds down, SCO or me. But faithful to the end, I have the latest bankruptcy documents for you.

SCO Group’s MOR for February [PDF] lists a book value for SCO China as of February 28, 2009 at zero. That’s on page 7 of the PDF. It was valued at $497,858 as of September 2007, when SCO initially filed for bankruptcy protection. And poof. It’s gone. Buh-bye.

Is it not fascinating? It has been over 5 years. The longer it goes on, the better an investment it is for Microsoft. The journanalysts it pays for absolutely love mentioning “SCO!” as a reason to be careful and wary of GNU/Linux. Laura DiDio, for example, did this not so long ago in CIO.com (IDG).

“…Microsoft wished to promote SCO and its pending lawsuit against IBM and the Linux operating system. But Microsoft did not want to be seen as attacking IBM or Linux.”

Larry Goldfarb, Baystar, key investor in SCO

Novell News Summary – Part III: Past, Present, and Former Novellers All Over the Place

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Old clocks

Summary: A look at Novell’s many activities in the past week

HERE is the last part of this week’s news roundup about Novell.

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Novell News Summary – Part II: SUSE in the News and More Presto from Xandros

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Summary: SUSE news (a roundup) and a little bit about Xandros


NOVELL’S presence in the press this week was not mere, so here are the bits which covered or referred to SUSE. Among the stories that mention Novell there is this one about Dutch schools and Free software.

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Novell News Summary – Part I: OpenSUSE on Shuttles and Sub-notebooks

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IT has been an ordinary sort of week for the OpenSUSE projects. To name some prominent HOWTOs that got published:

With the aim of unifying distributions, Jason Brooks from eWeek wrote this opinion piece which includes OpenSUSE.

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OOXML BRM Convenor Admits British Standards Organisation (BSI) is Essentially a Fraud

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Now that the gig is done, those who were responsible spill the beans

OOXML is fraud


Summary: Alex Brown admits the BSI is not doing its job

ALEX Brown [1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15], who was personally involved with the Microsoft-corrupted BSI, finally said the truth, which adds to a large amount of existing evidence. The BSI was already sued for it, but the plaintiff lacked funds to proceed.

Here is the latest summary of this ongoing corruption.

He may be wrong that this is the final proof of misconduct at the BRM under the lead of Alex Brown and its mission impossible to fix the standard. Following the shocking uncoverings Jesper Lund Stocholm, Alex Brown and Doug Mahugh are acting like little school girls with their gossip and giggles on Twitter. But there may be method to the madness. OOXML is already approved by ISO JTC1. Microsoft no longer needs to persuade the national bodies or influence the press or call out their business partners. It is enough for them to rely on social engineering in SC34, shmoozing, sponsorships, free dinners, free beer, etc.

The reporting of Groklaw about the Microsoft outbursts of unfiltered truth and sillyness made Alex Brown hit back to BRM allegations and he claims the British BSI did not do its job, didn’t review ODF properly:

Fact is though, we (the team) did NOT read ODF – we merely made a rapid pass through parts of the text over half a day, looking for obvious problems. Even so, the UK generated by far the greatest number of NB comments. This fact tells you all you need to know about the degree of scrutiny ODF got in its JTC 1 ballot. If you believe it was studied in detail in the UK, you are very wrong. … We learned from our ODF mistake, and rectified our errors [with open xml].

Pamela Jones of Groklaw answers to his flamebait:

Now, as it happens, I have formed the impression that you and the the MS elves want to “interoperate” with ODF so Microsoft forces can take it over, since even you must now realize that OOXML will never work and will never be adopted.

Microsoft is very busy talking about ODF in a service pack of Office 2007, but there will probably be MS-ODF, which isn't supposed to be fully compatible with the original. Remember Java?

“Don’t encourage new, cross-platform Java classes, especially don’t help get great Win 32 implementations written/deployed. [...] Do encourage fragmentation of the Java classlib space.”

Ben Slivka, Microsoft

Post #6,001

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It’s one small step in a big battle for Freedom

WE’VE ALREADY published 6,000 posts in this Web site, in addition to pages in other new sections*. The previous post was #6,000.

The tasks/challenges ahead will be:

  1. Carry on organising Comes vs Microsoft court exhibits
  2. Tidy up the material and create indexes to improve general navigation

All of this must be done while keeping up with the news. Some people volunteered to help us and we thank them. In the first half of this month we delivered about 100 GB of traffic, so we keep expanding.
* Hundreds more are not counted and Google claims to have indexed 8,730 pages.

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