Technical Sites Do Not Have an Obligation to Express Any Political Stances

Posted in Free/Libre Software at 8:54 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

Golang politics
Go(lang) politics (Rust silences critics of Microsoft monopoly)

Summary: With pure politics creeping into every aspect of our lives (sometimes even our code) let’s take a moment to examine what it means

THE #techrights channel is full of politics today. It is divisive and sometimes toxic. The “tech” in techrights could serve as a subtle clue, but we often bog down or turn to politics, somehow…

“This subject is generally a difficult one to address. Merely mentioning this subject is inherently political.”There have been lots of ‘politics’ (or ‘political creep’) lately, not only in technology; “ESR has his panties in a bunch over go developers putting ‘black lives matter’ on their website,” one person told us, citing a thread in Google Groups. Some people aren’t necessarily unhappy with sympathy for black lives; they just don’t think there’s a need for the project to deal with political matters where there’s no need to. These things can backfire. Then there’s that discussion about terms we use in technology. There are more and more blog posts about it this week. It became a controversy which focuses not on technology, not even remotely.

For those who don’t know, English football (Premier League) resumed yesterday. There was a big football match across the road last night (Manchester City v Arsenal) and all the players wore a shirt that said “Black Lives Matter” at the back. Yes, all of them. I’ve come across people right here in Manchester who say “Black Lives Matter” is a terror group. This always shocks me somewhat. It’s really so divisive a topic. And now it’s in tech, it’s in sport, and who knows what else…

Being apolitical isn’t always a choice. But where nobody demands an intervention in politics it seems spurious and potentially harmful, dividing one’s spectators or audience or coding community based on politics rather than practical/technical matters.

This subject is generally a difficult one to address. Merely mentioning this subject is inherently political.

Mr. ‘Microsoft Loves Linux’: Call Me Crazy. Me: OK.

Posted in GNU/Linux at 7:58 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

IDG and CBS (ZDNet) pushing their self-fulfilling prophecies?

Call me crazy

Summary: Mr. SJVN (he is often known by his initials) from ZDNet seems to be advancing an agenda not exactly helpful to GNU/Linux; he has been doing this for years

THE last straw that led me to 'quitting' Twitter was a deliberate distortion of what I had said. It caused some people to get angry (over something I hadn’t said). SJVN claimed that I called him anti-Linux, which is untrue. I called his publisher/employer, ZDNet, anti-Linux. Hardly the same thing.

SJVN was kind and helpful to us. A decade ago he covered the DDOS attacks against it, dubbing that “burying the truth,” but in recent years his analysis became increasingly erratic, including obvious lies like “Microsoft loves Linux” (see screenshot at the top). I’ve repeatedly advised him to not depend on the censorious and biased management of ZDNet (CBS), which was obviously in Microsoft’s pockets. I also chastised him for defaming RMS (Stallman) 9 months ago in ZDNet, falsely claiming that RMS was defending Epstein when RMS actually called him “serial rapist” (repeatedly even).

“…history will tell and the record will show who was right and who was wrong.”Associates of ours and even my wife nowadays raise a brow when they see articles from SJVN (as recently as this morning). But he helped us, I insist, he was supportive…

Readers can draw their own conclusions. I am not looking for a fight or a foe, certainly not with SJVN, whom I still consider to be pro-Linux, albeit misguided and brainwashed by his employer. The Linux Foundation nowadays promotes similar lies. Well, good luck to them; history will tell and the record will show who was right and who was wrong.

Using Humour to Counter Deception and Googlebombing Campaigns

Posted in Deception, GNU/Linux, Humour, Microsoft, Vista 10, Windows at 5:15 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

Linux at Google News

Summary: Microsoft’s effort to dominate over GNU/Linux (or hijack its very alternative, its competition) hasn’t gone unnoticed; sites like OMGUbuntu! and Phoronix seem not to understand just how much they help Microsoft by giving ‘free press’ to the utter failure that not many people even use; it’s better to not mention that failing effort or mention it responsibly

THE tactics of Googlebombing aren’t new; they predate Google too, of course… (but named differently; “Googlebombing” was coined over a decade ago)

There’s no single aspect to Googlebombing; one can break it down or split it into several branches of techniques. The one Microsoft has used in recent years is similar to trademark hijacking — apparently similar to what goes on at the EPO. People who search for information about one’s archrival are instead directed to the very opposite. It’s a form of entrapment (entrapping minds) and it games familiar words or phrases. Remember when “VistA” was a Free software system for veterans rather than an appalling version of Windows? There are dozens of examples like that, recently "MAUI".

“What companies state publicly is almost never the same as what is true.”We’ve recently been discussing a number of topics that needed to be dealt with; one was Microsoft claiming to be sensible by renaming “master” in GitHub. Another is the WSL nonsense that has flooded news sites over the past 24 hours (and probably will later today as well). We don’t want to link or send traffic to sites/articles that spread misinformation; we also wish not to amplify their misleading claims (mischaracterising the problem). So instead we use humour. Not many people know how Conservative or Republican Microsoft is; even Bill Gates has his affinity for these people. A lot of people who work for Microsoft lean to the right; it’s hardly surprising that Microsoft works so hard to get Pentagon and ICE contracts. Those aren’t accidents. Microsoft as a company believes in what it does. Regarding WSL, there’s no goodwill there; it’s an attack and if one researches the views of people who work on WSL, then one quickly discovers that they actually dislike GNU/Linux. They want to dominate (as in control/tame) it, not to support or help it. Misusing words like “love” is the perfect deception; look what they did ahead of the GitHub takeover.

What companies state publicly is almost never the same as what is true. Being distrusting, dismissive and sceptical of their marketing/PR people is a survival skills. Ask not what they want you to ‘know’ (think is the right term, it’s perception management) but what they desperately try to hide, especially when they feel pain.

Beware Mozilla and Rust, They’re Not Friends of Free Software or Even of Free Speech

Posted in Microsoft at 3:41 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

Rust at Reddit

Summary: Mozilla’s Rust has come to the point where its CoC isn’t (or should not be) its controversial aspect; the relationship with Microsoft (where Rust development is taking place) and censorship of Microsoft sceptics is perhaps the bigger scandal

THE above screenshot is of an IRC thread/session from yesterday (the logs were published a short while ago). Sadly, the evidence has been deleted since (Reddit is censorious), so we leave it as is for readers to assess and reach their own conclusions. It does not look particularly good for Mozilla and Rust, which technically may be good but politically a mess.

[Humour] Maybe DirectX is to WSL What ACPI ‘Extensions’ Were to Windows (Against Linux)

Posted in Deception, GNU/Linux, Microsoft at 2:55 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

Sorry, Microsoft, we know that trick…

“One thing I find myself wondering about is whether we shouldn’t try and make the “ACPI” extensions somehow Windows specific.

“It seems unfortunate if we do this work and get our partners to do the work and the results is that Linux works great without having to do the work.

“Maybe there is no way to avoid this problem but it does bother me.

“Maybe we could define the APIs so that they work well with NT and not the others even if they are open.

“Or maybe we could patent something related to this.”

Bill Gates

Batman and Joker: You realise people increasingly reject Windows, right? Yes, but what do they want instead? GNU/Linux is a lot better and doesn't cost a dime. Maybe we can call Windows 'Linux', then add the APIs of DirectX as they work well with Windows and not the others.

Summary: Microsoft wants its competition to adopt a proprietary (and heavily patented) Microsoft trap with platform exclusivity; some people foolishly celebrate this as it is ‘proof’ that Microsoft “loves Linux”

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