Let’s Ban Bombings, Not Words (Corporations Taking Away People’s Freedom of Speech So They Can Bomb ‘in Peace’)

Posted in FSF, GNU/Linux, IBM, Microsoft at 1:59 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

The quotes below (on the right) are real quotes from Linus Torvalds

Chris Jericho and Dean Ambrose: 'If you want to travel around the world and be invited to speak at a lot of different places, just write a Unix operating system.' '...the Linux philosophy is 'laugh in the face of danger'. Oops. Wrong one. 'Do it yourself'. That's it.' Linux Foundation: You can't say bastard; 'See, you not only have to be a good coder to create a system like Linux, you have to be a sneaky bastard too.'

Summary: Companies that are bombing people or provide the technology to bomb people (always in countries where ‘white’ people don’t live or are a very small minority) tell us that offensive words are the real problem

THE POLICING not only of behaviour but also of speech (even outside work) is a problem to free-as-in-freedom software along with free speech rights. Freedom of expression issues have already ousted RMS from MIT and then from the FSF. It’s not like RMS did what Hans Reiser did. But those things don’t seem to matter anymore. They tell us that (mis)use of words is aggression and the moral equivalence of physical violence. If you ‘hurt’ someone’s feelings (purely emotional harm, even where/when one deserves it), then you’re a schoolyard bully.

“If you ‘hurt’ someone’s feelings (purely emotional harm, even where/when one deserves it), then you’re a schoolyard bully.”Hours ago a group that pushed very hard to oust RMS from the FSF (Mr. Kuhn was also in the FSF’s Board at the time) published the following: “Existing versions of Git are capable of working with any branch name; there’s nothing special about ‘master’ except that it has historically been the name used for the first branch when creating a new repository from scratch (with the git init command). Thus many projects use it to represent the primary line of development. We support and encourage projects to switch to branch names that are meaningful and inclusive, and we’ll be adding features to Git to make it even easier to use a different default for new projects.”

“Disagreement is bigotry.”Remember that in the context of Git repos there’s no “slave”; so these people basically side with Microsoft (GitHub), which keeps bombing people and profiting from internment camps (and separating babies from their parents). But hey, Microsoft will rename branches to “main”, so the bombings and the crimes against humanity are all forgiven now.

It’s all about ethical priorities, right? If you don’t agree with them, watch out! They’ll oust you, too. Disagreement is bigotry.

Protecting minorities from physical harm (like wars) is a lot more important than protecting them from feeling unwelcome; we’re sadly seeing a bunch of groups siding with a diversionary plot to not talk about so-called ‘brown’ people (or black people or Muslims or latinx) being massively and systemically harmed by large corporations such as Microsoft and IBM; instead they talk about how “blacklist” might be misinterpreted as racism. Oh, wait, some of these groups take money from Microsoft

Christine Lambrecht and Ajit Pai: Twins Separated at Birth and Their Political Horse Trading

Posted in Deception, Europe, Patents at 1:17 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

Previously: How to Tell the German Ministry of Justice and Consumer Protection (“BMJV”) That Violating the Constitution is Not Acceptable | Reminder to German Readers: Please Lodge Polite Complaints Against the Ministry of Justice and Consumer Protection (“BMJV”) Trying to Undermine the Constitution

Logo of BJVM
Horse trading or justice?

Summary: The behaviour of the Ministry of Justice and Consumer Protection (“BMJV”) has become somewhat reminiscent of Ajit Pai’s FCC; what takes the toll of such behaviour is institutional reputation and (dis)trust in one’s government

POLITICAL figures ought not be put in charge of justice (another branch of governance). Politics are dirty and bribes are seen as acceptable there (if framed ‘professionally’ — or justified using doublespeak).

One year and 5 days ago, according to Wikipedia, Christine Lambrecht took the responsibilities (at least prospectively; effective 1 July 2019) at the BMJV, as “justice minister Katarina Barley [...] moved to Brussels to serve in the European Parliament.”

Christine LambrechtLambrecht joined SPD (Social Democratic Party) when I was born. She was the deputy leader of the SPD a decade ago. And now she seems to be working for Team UPC. That a department of so-called ‘justice’ (or ‘ministry’ to that effect) is willing to lie, to distort the law and to violate the German constitution is worrisome; it’s an absolute disaster and a constitutional crisis like what we’ve become accustomed to in ‘Trumpland’ (where the department of ‘justice’ is like presidential guard and little else). Seeing each and every comment in this new thread, there’s nothing positive at all. People who work in the field of patents are somewhat shocked. As “MaxDrei” put it two days ago:

People old enough to have reached positions where they decide the question UPCA Y/N? will well remember Simon & Garfunkel back in the 1970’s singing “A man hears what he wants to hear and disregards the rest”. No different, I would say, between hearing, seeing and selective memory. The cognitive dissonance of the human brain is a timeless wonder, not least in the corridors of power in Brussels.

As an Englishman in Germany, I find it striking, how difficult people find it, to distinguish fact from the opinion of the leading expert. It seems to be a bit of a “chicken and egg” situation. Is it the predisposition to trust the expert that comes first? Or is it the self-confidence with which the experts deliver their opinion that predisposes people to accept them?

And why the English scepticism (even ridicule) of self-important pontifications of experts? Perhaps it comes from our adversarial system of civil litigation, where expert evidence is a staple but where it is inevitable, at trial, under cross-examination, one or other of the opposing experts is going to be exposed as unconvincing. Knowing this already, even before they deliver their written report/opinion, experts giving witness evidence in civil litigation in England, are extremely cautious, in every word they write, for their very reputation, the basis of their exalted status, is at stake.

I recall that old story about the English, busy losing the Boer War and the reporter on site for the London Times sending back to London one gloomy report after another. Exasperated, his Editor sent him a cablegram which read “Send news of victories”. I wonder, does Mr Tilmann (consultant to Hogan Lovells, one of the world’s most prominent international litigation law firms) sometimes feel a bit like that reporter?

Readers, I heartily recommend the current issue of der Spiegel and its eyebrow-raising report on the activities of Philipp Amthor, in pursuance of his employment as Consultant to another large international law firm, White & Case, extremely well-embedded in government circles, notably in Brussels.

Brussels is mentioned twice and the lies told by Tilmann are blasted not only in this comment. This whole episode of “lobbyism” may spell the end of Lambrecht’s political career; maybe she’ll even get a high-paying job in some legal firm after that fiasco. Hey, Hogan Lovells, are you hiring?

Los Angeles Times Examination of the Gates Foundation (2007)

Posted in Bill Gates, Microsoft, Videos at 12:23 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

Dark cloud over good works of Gates Foundation

Summary: This clip about the Gates Foundation coincided with an article many people already forgot about; as more of the media receives bribes from the Gates family it is less likely that similar investigations will be initiated by what’s left of investigative journalists (expensive endeavour and increasingly rare; Bill Gates also muzzles and spikes articles of his critics, proactively discouraging findings like the above)

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